An-Nahl (the Bee) Surah XVI 320

Surah “ISRA’E” (the Night journey) No. XVI 334









































































































This is an English translation of the late ayatullah Salehghaffari’s free translation/interpretation of the Koranic verses into the Persian language. It has to be pointed out that it is by no means possible to convey the miraculous majesty, beauty, glamour and magnificence of Koran and its multilayer meanings through translation.

The author, a well versed scholar in Islamic studies, was born in 1926 in one of the villages of Sabzevar, province of Khorasan. He initially started his carrier as a teacher, but, after the demise of his brother who was an ayatollah [Shi’ite clergymen who are authorized to issue edicts (fatwa)], he decided to follow his late brother’s footsteps. He entered a seminary in the holy city of Mashhad, and once he had learned the best of what was being offered there, immigrated to the holy city of Najaf in Iraq that was an important center for the higher levels of religious education. Through hard work and by the blessings of Allah, he managed to earn several licenses from several grand masters [ayatollahs] who confirmed him as an ayatollah. Feeling that his fellow countrymen needed him, he returned to Iran and while doing his job as a clergy man in Tehran where he found loyal disciples, he started several development projects in his birth place where, while preaching Islam, he would work like a manual laborer himself together with the villagers and that led to the implementation of all of them at a minimum cost and without having to apply to the Shah’s regime for the unlikely help and assistance.


His thoughts and teachings are solely based on Koran, the words of the prophet (Salawatullah wa Salamuhu Alaihi- God’s blessings and greetings be upon him) and the infallible household of the prophet who were the prophet’s true successors.

To him, the glorious Koran is in fact a combination of three infinite books. The first book is the book of nature -whatever detectable by the five senses and includes the human beings’ body as a part of the nature. The second book is the book of humanity and its constitution that includes man’s soul, wisdom, knowledge and common sense, and also the angels and other metaphysical facts and God’s throne and the book and the pen of destiny and all the unseen realities that are not detectable by the five senses, but, rather can be detected through wisdom and the words of the infallible household of prophet Muhammad (SAWA) only. The third book is related to the essence of the High exalted being of God, His essential and existential purity and non-resemblance to His creatures in terms of existence, characteristics and attributes. These three books and the whole human history have been incorporated into this single scripture. Therefore, our Imam has described this book as a book that has a beautiful appearance and a profound core.

He would also heavily rely on the supplications and the most well-known texts of paying tribute to the infallible household of the prophet and his true successors (the twelve Imams) authored by themselves that the Shiites are recommended to read or chant in person or in groups in their gatherings and while going to their shrines as pilgrims. He believed that such texts contained valuable pieces of knowledge on the Islamic theology.

He led a Spartan life, was a staunch supporter of the Islamic revolution and its leadership, went to the war fronts as a preacher, used to encourage everybody to participate in the war and lost his beloved son there. He died in his ancestral village where he was rendering his usual services in 2008.

To be more precise, we hereby quote part of his comments on the deeper layer interpretation of Koranic terms:

1-The world has been created by Allah and not exuded or projected from Him as the mystical theology philosophers (pantheists?) assert. The theory of existential unity theorizes that God is like a fountain and whatever exists literally flows out of Him or like a sun that projects the beings. As per ayatollah Salehghaffari, the creatures existentially have nothing in common with God. They are existentially distinct and are simply dependent on the God’s word of command. (Koran, XXXVI – 82: “But His command, when He intended a thing, is only that He said unto it: Be! And it is”). There are three powers that are exclusive to God and cannot be transferred to anyone no matter how close he or she comes to Him, namely: bringing into existence in an absolute void from the naught, creating quiddity in them and finally turning the beings into naught.

2-In Koran, Allah declares Himself as the creator of darkness and light (i.e. Dark matter and light), so in the dawn of creation, Allah created two basic elements; matter and light; the former consisting of dark, unbound unattached, inactive, lifeless and powder like particles. The limits of each particle equal its volume; something like the geometrical dot that is described as something that lacks any dimensions.

Contrarily, light is uniform, abstract, and omnipresent, without any limits or divisions. It encompasses the whole universe and has no fabric. Allah combines the two and brings as we observe them into existence. Without such a combination none of the two are effective or observable. To him, luminescence, spirit, energy, gravity, etc. are all different demonstrations of light and it is the source of movement and life. Different levels of the concentration of light and its intensity in the matter (incremental charging), create a range of beings that begin with the simple particles and atoms and culminates in the creation of the exalted human being who represents God in the world. Binding together of the black matter and forming particles, atoms, molecules, etc. is the first stage (in this stage that force in the matter is called the spirit of attachment), then, a higher charge leads to the creation of vegetation (vegetative spirit), after that, the charge is elevated and animals are created (animate spirit) and lastly, the human beings come into being (human spirit). The ultimate concentration of light in the human beings leads to one’s heart brimming with the faith (the faith spirit). This augmentation of charge and creation of quiddity is exclusive to Allah. The combination of atoms in different formations within the same category just creates new creatures within the same type and is caused by quantitative alterations, while sprinting from one stage of creation to the higher one like turning the non-animate state of matter into animate one that is called creation of quiddity is solely a divine task. Nobody has a distinct spirit for himself or herself; what distinguishes people from each other is their self or soul (ego?), which is an ultra-delicate particle that is the center of one’s personality and source of feelings, logics, thoughts and memories. (The brain is only a tool for the soul and a conduit for what one’s senses perceive). Once somebody dies, it is this particle that survives and maintains his or her existence and not the spirit. The spirit is step by step de charged in the corps and the corps takes the reverse course by going into animate, vegetative and inanimate matter states. (It never completely leaves the matter.)

3-Unlike human beings, angels are not distinct personalities. They are the agents of creation and sometimes Allah creates temporary figures to appear like human beings and talk to the prophets (Like a radio or a television set or a hologram). They are not real personalities and once their task is fulfilled, become void. The only being that has personality and has the power to decide which direction to take (due to the simultaneous presence of evil and virtue in him or her),  is the human being and that it what makes his or her actions valuable to God and makes him or her accountable for what is done. For a being to have personality, the three elements of a real and suitable corps, spirit and soul is needed.

Likewise, devils or Satan too, are not extra ordinary beings that have a supernatural existence. The author interprets that there are two types of devil; one that is part of one’s self or soul or ego and feeds on the one’s internal evil tree and the external one that is one’s fellow human beings who tempt, seduce and mislead him or her.

The word Jinni in Arabic means concealed or hidden or covered, so the Jinni are certain human beings who are living outside the sphere of societies and have a secluded type of living. They too are not supernatural creatures.

4-Allah created the world in six stages and once it was ready to support the human life, Adam and Eve were created. God’s original plan for them was to deliver them to the infallible household of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) in the paradise and let them move towards perfection, assimilate themselves with their masters and finally be a suitable subject for being His representative in the paradise and then train their descendants and make them suitable for the celestial life. For this to materialize, the two were required to be totally obedient to their infallible masters and acquire from them their knowledge. But, being a creature of two contradicting characters of virtue and vice, which would give them the power to choose, they decided to take their fate into their own hands and be self-reliant (Eating the forbidden fruit). Hence they were expelled from the paradise and descended to the earth that is the place of the eternal battle between right and wrong and where everybody has to side with one of them. Man’s life became a life of struggles, sufferings, tyranny and finally happiness for those who take the right path.  This will continue till when all the human efforts take him into an impasse when they will see that only a divine personality (Imam Mahdi PBUH) can save them and so enthusiastically will welcome him.

5-His holiness’s rise will be the resurrection day and though the majority of human beings will instantly welcome him, the tyrants and cruel people who have imposed such a misery on the mankind will mentally or physically resist him, but his miraculous powers will instantly subdue them and they are relegated to the hell that they have themselves created. All the fires that have been ignited against human being from the dawn of history will be concentrated in their own bodies and will inevitably constitute their hell. Although they proclaim repentance, but it not a true one, but it is being subdued by a superior power and so they will suffer till when the good traits of their souls –if any, overtakes them and they make a true penitence. However, having been devoid of a true religious training, they will have to strive years and years in order to elevate themselves to the position of a celestial human being. The total duration of this procedure as per Koran, will be fifty thousand years. A small party of the hellish people are so metamorphosed that they cannot be rescued and they will dwell in that condition for ever.

In other words:

AA-The third world war in which nuclear devices will be vastly applied is inevitable. In this war, based on the narrations of our infallible Imams, more than two thirds of the world populace will be killed or will die and the rest will live in such a despicable condition that they will sincerely beg for the divine salvation. The rise of Imam Mahdi [the 12th Imam and successor of prophet Muhammad (SAWA) who is alive and lives incognito amongst the people] and the joining him of all the past prophets will lead to the willful embracing of his rule by all of the righteous people instantly. The wrong doers will be helpless and will be instantly subdued. All wars will end.  All the dead will be resurrected to be brought into account.

BB-The world will turn into a paradise for the righteous who will enjoy his miraculous powers while at the same time the wrong doers who have had a share in igniting the fires of wars will become totally powerless and while being deprived of all of the benefits of the nature, the heat of the wars they have ignited will be concentrated in their bodies and they will suffer the same torments that they have inflicted on humanity.

CC-Imam Mahdi (PBUH), enjoying the blessings of Allah and having been bestowed the divine power and authority, will order the dead to rise and share the same fate with their likes.

DD-The world will turn into a huge university where everybody’s task will be to shed impurities, atone for mistakes, purify himself,  attain the divine knowledge, and earn the highest possible qualifications.

EE-Earth and heaven will be under the reigns of the people of paradise that wherever they go, turn them into a rose garden. First they are bestowed with the cosmos of divine knowledge and power and then they use that realm of power over countless of back warded human beings who have to be trained.

EE-Amongst the people of hell, those who have any possibilities for salvation will be relieved from their torments once they have been purified and will join the righteous. Only a small fraction of them who are the most stubborn will dwell in their inferno forever.

It is noteworthy that the author disagrees with the mainstream school that maintains: Imam Mahdi (PBUH) will also be martyred after a few years of ruling and then the Imams who have preceded him will take his position one by one, and then everybody, including the angels and Satan will die, and finally the big siren will be blown and all the dead will go back to life [the author interprets this blowing of the siren as blowing into the corpses and to the ears of Imam Mahdi (PBUH)] and will be tried to settle in the large garden of paradise or the great crater of hell in accordance with their deeds. They also maintain that after the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), bloody wars between the armies of good and evil will ensue and the final triumph will be that of the good.

6-To the ayatollah, Koran has three layers; one that is superficial and can be translated by a translator, another that is deeper and takes into consideration the historical conditions in which the verse has been revealed and its relationship with other verses and s called the explanation. The third layer is too deep to be understood by such methods and needs the grace of Allah and a profound insight and introspection and a thorough knowledge of what the infallible members of the prophet’s household who are his successors have taught. For instance, objects mentioned in Koran do not represent the actual thing only, but they allude to some superior concepts that are contained in the narrations of the infallible Imams and the supplications and texts of paying tribute to them that Shi’ites have been recommended to recite in their gatherings.

A-Accordingly, Words like “the seas” have been interpreted to mean scientists or educated people while “land” refers to uneducated and ordinary people. “Mountains” mean religious and non-religious superpowers. Likewise “Sun” means the God’s messenger and his successors and “stars” mean the scientists. “Piercing meteor” and “stoning away of the intruders” are interpreted as the activities of the stars of guidance against the Satan; the hypocrites pick up the religious tenets and teachings and abuse them for their devilish goals but the scientists shoot them away by their teachings. “Night and day” mean the era of the non-observable life of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), and the era of his appearance and rule respectively.

B-The intersected letters in Koran (some surahs begin with alphabetical letters put together without any obvious meaning, and the readers of Koran read them letter by letter and not combined) represent the basics of creation, events, and training. The saying from the Imam that Allah has created the world from consonant letters -as narrated in the book “Usool e Kafi”, refers to such an interpretation.

C-The objects to which Allah swears in Koran mostly represents persons; as such the Tree of Tuba means God’s disciples and the Tree of Zakkum represents Allah’s enemies.

D-The Gardens of Eden underneath which rivers flow means the people of paradise’s spiritual prowess, since they are equipped with God’s will that once He utters: “Be thou!” It comes into existence. (The saying by the Imam narrating Allah as declaring: “My creatures are eternally approaching me by their voluntary prayers” is a testament to this).

E-The “ZAKKUM” fruit of hell and the snakes and scorpions lurking in it are in fact the people dwelling there because they are constantly stinging one another. Which beast has a bitterer sting than the evil man?

F- Everywhere in the Islamic tradition the Koranic words of “SA’AH” (the time, the moment} and “GHIYAMAH” (the resurrection day) have been interpreted to mean Imam Mahdi’s (PBUH) rise and all the expressions like “God’s promise” and  “ the one promised to all nations” mean him.

Also amongst the Koranic expressions noteworthy are:

G- “AFVE” (forgiveness) and “ISSYAN” (transgression) are related to the (intentional) sins of the guilty; such sins bring forth darkness of the heart and God’s forgiveness in this case means removing that darkness of heart.

H- “ZANB” (Offence)” and “GHUFRAN” (Elimination of existential imperfections and the emergence of wisdom and talent) are related to the offences of those who have failed to heed God’s recommendations due to certain disabilities and spiritual defects. In this case, God grants “GHUFRAN” which means giving the guilty the talent, power, and knowledge to avoid them. Such offences are like children’s offences that do not lead to heart darkness, and require the offender to ask for wisdom and talent from God by repeating the standard phrases recommended for begging pardon.

A discourse on the Shi’ism:

AA: The Shi’ism school of thought maintains that when prophet Muhammad  [SALAWATULLAH ALEIHI WA ALIH(SAWA)= ALLAH’S GREETINGS TO HIM AND HIS DESCENDENTS] when returning from his last pilgrimage to Mecca, in a place called Ghadir, asked all the pilgrims who were ahead of him to return and all those who were behind to join him, and then, when about 120,000 pilgrims had gathered together, made a sermon during which he raised the hands of Ali ibn Abitalib [ SALAMULLH ALAIH = PEACE  FROM ALLAH BE UPON HIM (PBUH)]- his cousin and son in law and proclaimed: “whoever I am his guardian, this Ali is his guardian”; in fact Imam Ali (PBUH) was appointed as his successor. (The sunny sect maintains that since the word “MAWLA” that he used means both a guardian and a friend; he meant that the Muslims had to love Imam Ali and nothing more).

BB: There is a verse in the glorious Koran that says: “O you who believe! Verily your guardians are Allah, His messenger and those believers who establish prayer and pay the poor due while in prayer”.  (5-55). This Ayah refers to Imam Ali (PBUH) who donated his ring to a beggar while praying. There is another ayah (verse) that says: “O you who believe! Obey Allah and His messenger and those who hold the guardianship of you…” (4-59). The Shi’ites believe that based on those two Ayahs and the Ghadir sermon and many other ayahs and narrations from the prophet, Imam Ali (PBUH) is not only the prophet’s immediate successor, but since his name has been mentioned as the guardian of Muslims after Allah and the prophet, he is infallible and his rulings are exactly those of Allah and prophet Muhammad (SAWA). (The Sunny sect maintains that the phrase “those who hold the guardianship of you” means whoever rules you -no matter how he has come to power- They maintain that the word “WALI” in the first ayah (verse) means friend only.

CC: The Arabic word “WALI” which together with its derivatives is frequently mentioned in Koran-including the above mentioned ayahs, and derivatives like “WILAYAH”, “MAWLA”, etc. mean both guardian and guardianship, and friend and friendship. For Shi’ites, whenever those words are used in reference to Imam Ali (PBUH) and his successors in Koran and the prophet’s words, it means the absolute guardianship of Imam Ali and his 11 descendants together with prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and his beloved daughter Fatima Zahra (PBUH). They are infallible and their words and deeds represent Koran and prophet Muhammad (SAWA). To Shi’ites, they are the sole sources who can transfer the prophet’s words and tradition to Muslims with full accuracy and interpret Koran properly. These successors of prophet were all martyred except the last of them who is Imam Mahdi (PBUH) who disappeared from the eyes of the people upon becoming an Imam subsequent to the martyrdom of his father and is alive and lives incognito amongst the mankind and is considered the anchor of the world and will someday rise and establish the divine rule in which man will give up his personal will and all the righteous will live in full compliance with God’s rules. Sin, misery and calamities will fully disappear from the earth.

DD-The glorious Koran is composed of verses called “AYAH” meaning “sign” Every few or several hundred ayahs form a “SURAH” (a walled city). There are 114 of such surahs in Koran. Koran is also divided into 30 sections “JUZ’E” of equal size. This latter division is artificial and is meant to make reference easy.


Here are comments made by one of the author’s disciples about what I have mentioned:

Allah is not the source or origin or starting point of the world. The world of creation has no existential similarity to God. The basic elements of the beings have been created by creation in an absolute void and without any precedent.

Those basic elements are the element of matter that is inherently non continuous and parting, and the element of spirit or light that is inherently continuous and omnipresent. The former constitutes the form and the latter the value. The world has come into being by the infusion of these two into each other. The world, whatever exists in it, is a combination of these two elements.

Values like life, movement, mass and color are not inherent in the matter and are the result of the infusion of the spirit to the matter. The whole world evolves on the basis of the addition of matter to matter in the shade of the infusion of spirit into matter.

The above inference is contrary to what the pantheism believes.


Angels are not independent personalities; they are basically the element of spirit and instruments of creativity and construction in the world. The names they bear solely represent their function at any given locality and time. It is like electricity that brings luminescence by a device and heat in another device and cool air at a third one. Likewise is Iblis or Satan. Jinn are uncivilized human beings who, due to lacking any civil personality are called so because the word means ‘hidden’ or ‘covered in Arabic.


What the creation of the world in six stages [that Koran asserts] means is the mental and scientific evolution of the human beings that materializes in six stages and starts with the creation of humans to their mental readiness to admit and accept the God’s rule.

In the final stage, humanity will enter the divine rule and so the terrestrial conditions of life evolve into a divine one that is the hereafter. Such an evolution starts with the perfect man who has already gained the readiness in and evolutionary course.

In order to obtain readiness for entering this stage, man has to reach a natural incapacitation because of the human over human rule.

Such an incapacitation will be possible only due to a debilitating war the characteristics of which are mentioned in Koran and narrations received from the Shi’ite sect’s Imams.






                           “JUZ’E (SECTION) 1



              SURAH “AL HAMD” (THE PRAISE); NO.I


            Surah “Al Hamd” has in fact seven names, all of which are fully compatible with its contents and the best of them is “UMMUL KITAB” (the mother -the essence- of the Book). Rather than being part of Koran, this surah is in fact an independent book –. In Koran, God tells the prophet: “We revealed unto you two books: the seven of the oft-repeated (verses) and the magnificent Koran. The former refers to this surah that has been referred to independently.


1-In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


2- Being praised and thanked is exclusive to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

3-Who, with His general and also exclusively allocated kindness and patronage, benefits everyone;

4-(And is) the ruler of the day of the absolute reign of the religion.

5-O Lord! We are exclusively obedient to you and exclusively seek help and learn from you. (Footnote no.1)

Footnote 1:

Being a worshipper, in the genuine translations/ interpretations of Koran has been interpreted as gaining knowledge through being fully obedient to Allah. Koran (51: 56) “I did not create man and jinn only that they worshipped Me” –or to know Me. This surah has also been named “the mother of the scripture” since it is the mother of knowledge in its totality and the whole facts. It presents God in His divinity, compassion and mercy and these names are the sources of all the blessings that He sends down to His worshippers in the world and hereafter. The word “name” in the first verse that has been mentioned as being an intermediary between God and His worshippers as a means to earn His help, has been interpreted to mean the 14 infallible members of the prophet’s household. They are the praised names of God; and human beings, in order to approach God and enter their heavenly lives, must utilize their guidance since they are the path towards Lord and without taking a path, nobody is going to reach any destination. It is neither possible for anyone to reach a destination through the wrong road nor it is possible for God to do so. The name: “The mother of the book” given to this surah fully corresponds to the blessed being of her holiness Zahra (PBUH) because the 12 imams are the talking Korans and she is not only their mother, but, as mentioned by the imams, she is the mother of “imamah” (the principle of the 12 infallible imams’ succession to the prophet). Accordingly, in fact she is the “Mother of the book” i.e. the personified meaning of this surah. The imams are the direct paths towards God and the paradise. Our lord imam Ali (PBUH), through his knowledge, purity and piety, his policy and justice is himself the path to the creation of the paradise. Is it possible to enter paradise without his love and guardianship? Of course any deviation from him is walking in a wrong path that leads to nowhere. The “right path” mentioned in this surah has been interpreted to mean Imam Ali ibni Abitalib (PBUH), and his followers are those who will be covered by his guardianship and blessings. It is the right guardianship that is the key to all of the blessings. Those who are outside of his sphere of guardianship are two types: If they are wrongdoers and oppressors, they are those who have earned God’s wrath, the rest are those who have gone astray (referred to in the last ayah).

An independent book named: the interpretation of surah “AL HAMD” has been written by the author in interpretation of this surah that contains its secrets and codes.

6-Hold our hands! And take us towards our destination through the right path!

7-The path of those who enjoyed the blessings of Your guardianship; not the wrongdoers who earned Your wrath nor the lost ones or the gone astray!




              SURAH: “AL BAGHARAH” (THE COW) NO.II


           In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


1-Alif-Lam-Mim (alphabetical letters) symbolizes the components of creation as the alphabetical letters are the components of words. The “hadith” (narration) in the book “AL KAFEE” saying: “Allah created the names by letters” points to the interpretation of such alphabetical letters that appear at the beginning of several surahs. (Footnote no.2)


The alphabetical combinations consisting of one or more letters appearing at the beginning of some surahs point to the basics of the world of creation. As letters constitute the basic elements of creation and the creatures, by letters the basic materials and elements for creation of the world and human beings are pointed at. In the same manner that the alphabetical letters are the roots of the words, the basic principles of creation are the roots of creatures. The world is God’s book of creation the basic elements of which are the letters of this book and the words therein. In the same manner that someone may know the basics of manufacturing a machine from A to Z and describe them, Koran, too, describes the machine of creation from the very basic elements to the final product as it has been and has evolved. It is as if Koran disassembles and reassembles the machine of creation and lets everybody know about the creation of the world and human beings. The narration in the book “AL KAFEE” saying: “Verily He created the name by consonant letters” is an explanation of the basics of creation.


2-It is only this Koran in which there is no doubt; guides those who ward off evil.

3-Those who believe in God, the hereafter and the 12th Imam (who lives incognito), all of which are unseen, establish contact with God by establishing prayer and let the others benefit from what has been bestowed upon them;

4-Those who believe in your religion and the religions revealed before you and are certain about the hereafter.

5-They are those who are walking in the God’s right path and they are those who enjoy salvation.

6-As for the disbelievers, whether you warn them against the outcomes of disbelief and sin or not, it is all the same for them: they will not be believers.

7-God’s guidance of them through their learning and listening has ceased; worldly goals have cast a curtain over their eyes and common sense. Finally a painful doom will befall them. (Footnote no.3)


“Sealing of the hearts” mentioned in this ayah means that the direct involvement of God in pushing them into the right path has ceased since He has used all tricks necessary to guide them, but it has led to nothing but exhaustion of all reasoning attempts. They have been cocooned in worldly goals and cannot see anything beyond that. This “sealing of the hearts” does not mean that God has put a lid on their hearts to prevent them from being guided; but rather, means the using up of all of the agents and activities necessary to guide them.

8-Some people pretend to be believers in God and the hereafter whereas they are not believers.

9-They suppose that they are deceiving God and the believers; but in fact, they are deceiving non but themselves because of unwittingly depriving themselves of the God’s mercy.

10-They have been paralyzed by the illness of disbelief and sin. Allah increases their illness (that is an inevitable result of walking in the wrong path) and in their path of hypocrisy, they will be afflicted with a painful torment. (Footnote 4)


In future comments, it will be proved that the disbelievers and hypocrites, all along the history have contributed to the creation of the universal fire in order to dominate the God’s friends and humanity and will themselves be caught in it. Therefore, their fate is nothing but creating the hell through which the heat of the very same fires will return from the bodies of the oppressed to the bodies of the oppressors and will be concentrated therein.

11-If you tell them: do not raise corruption in the society by your deeds, they will say: we are but reformers.

12-Be it known to you that they are those who cause corruption, but they do not perceive the wrongfulness of their deeds.

13-If you tell them believe like the others who have believed, they will say: just like these naïve and mindless people? Be it known to you that they are themselves mindless and naïve, but they do not know.

14-When they meet the believers, they pretend to be believers; but when they are alone with their devilish friends, they say: we are with you! We are just making fun of them!

15-It is Allah that through their wrong doing makes fun of them and lets them blindly walk the path of transgression and aberration.

16-They are those who bought aberration against their cash of guidance; they didn’t gain anything in this trade and were not guided.

17-They are like those who kindle a fire to be able to see, but God takes away the light and leaves them in the heat of fire and a darkness in which they cannot see anything.

18-They are too deaf and blind to comprehend life and religion and therefore are dumb and so will not return to the right path.

19-Or in comprehending the life, they are like passengers lost in desert in darkness and caught in lightning and thunderstorm so they push their fingers into their ears out of fear while God is dominant over them.

20-It is as if the lightning is taking away their sight; once their path is lightened by the lightning (they envisage a profit), they take a step forward; and as soon as the light goes away (and they see there is no profit for them), they stop. If Allah wills, He will take away their hearing and sight since God is ever so able to do anything.

21-O mankind, worship God only, the Lord who created you and your ancestors, so that you may ward off evil.

22-The One who has spread the earth and the foundation of life beneath your feet like a carpet, has made the heaven and the space of guardianship a solid protection for you, sends down upon you rain from the sky and knowledge from the position of guardianship and puts at your disposal so many material and spiritual riches. You know well that all these blessings come from God only, so do not ascribe partners to Him!

23-If you have any doubts in this Koran as being revealed from God, try to compose only one surah like [those in] it and enlist the help of everyone save God if you are truthful!

24-Now that you won’t make one -and never will, ward off the fire the igniters of which are man and stones. Such fire has been prepared for the disbelievers in their path of disbelief and sin. (Because the first wrong doer of the world killed his innocent brother by stone, God has named it as the igniter of hell).

25-Give glad tidings to the believers who do the right deeds that for them there are gardens (of knowledge and power) in which rivers of knowledge and wisdom flow. Whenever they witness a blessing there, they say: God’s grace in earning these blessings was granted to us before. All types of blessings identical to each other are at their disposal. They have spouses who are devoid of any corporal or spiritual contaminations and they will live such a life forever. (Footnote 5)


The gardens of Eden that God promises to provide for the righteous in the hereafter in all of the Ayahs are in fact a knowledge and power that the righteous will utilize to move everywhere and obtain everything. The righteous, by their accepted prayers and through miracle will make everything they want. God, in the famous narration utters: “My servants constantly elate towards Me so that I will be the ear by which they hear, the eye by which they see and the hand by which they charge”. Through this power the celestial life will be provided for them which is the same knowledge and power that constitutes –as is seen in all the relevant verses- “the gardens of Eden underneath which rivers flow”. If we put together the two verses of: “The gardens which are as broad as the earth and heavens” and: “The gardens of Eden underneath which rivers flow”, we will notice that it is appropriate to infer that man himself constitutes such a garden rather than possessing a garden!

26-Allah does not shy away from citing as an example a mosquito or something higher to explain the facts. Those who are blessed to believe, get the guidance through these examples and regard it as a way to discover the truth, but the disbelievers that are short sighted will object and say: What are these examples? What is the God’s intention by such examples that send a great number of people astray and guide a great number of others? In fact, nobody but the disbelievers and hypocrites are misled by such examples.

27-Mischief makers are those who break the covenant between themselves and God and cut relations with those with whom they are obliged to establish relation with and make mischief on earth; they are those who are in a great harm.

28-How can you disbelieve in God whereas you were lifeless in the soil before, then God gave you life and then puts you to death and finally resurrects you and you return towards Him?

29-He is the One who created for you whatever exists on earth and then attended to the heaven (the space of teaching) and arranged it in seven stages (seven stages of perfection); He is the knower, the Omnipotent. (In narrations from our Imams, sky has been interpreted to mean the source of knowledge and the earth as the hearts of God’s worshippers).

30-God, when creating mankind, told the angels: I am going to create on earth human who will be My representative. They said: why are You creating on earth someone who makes mischief and commits murder? Whereas we angels worship and exalt You! God replied: I know that which you do not know.

31-Then God created Adam and taught him the names of objects and people and then presented those names to angels saying: Tell me about these names if you suffice Me and if you are truly knowledgeable!

32-They replied: High exalted is Allah, we have no knowledge except of what You have taught us! Only You are the Knowing, the Aware!

33-Then Allah ordered Adam: explain to the angels the names! And he explained the names of God and His disciples. Once it was shown what God knew but they wouldn’t know, God said: Didn’t I tell you that I know the unseen in the heavens and the earth and know your outside and inside?

34-Once Adam was recognized as knowledgeable, God ordered all angels to be obedient to him. All of them except Satan obliged. Arrogance overcame him and refused to surrender to Adam, because he was a non-believer.

35-We told Adam: dwell here in paradise you and your wife and make full use of whatever you wish; but do not approach this tree of carnal desires since then you will be regarded as wrong doers.

36-Satan, -that is the terrestrial aspects of the human self, made them approach the evil tree of carnal desires and distanced them from the tree of guardianship; putting them in a terrestrial condition that is based on conflict and competition. So it became necessary for man to go through an educational course to learn how to live. (Nobody should say that Satan is an independent entity since in that case there would have been no place for such a being in the paradise. The real meanings of Satan are the carnal desires and the mischievous people).

37-Adam came to know his mistake and therefore sought refuge with the infallible members of prophet’s household [That is Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Husain (Peace be upon them all)]. God’s mercy covered him since God’s mercy falls upon the penitents.

38- Once their penitence was accepted, God said to them: Dwell in this place of exile where you will be provided with religion and guidance by Me. Whoever follows My guidance, will not suffer any fears or regrets.

39-And, whoever disbelieves and denies My signs, his destiny will be the hell to which he will be confined forever.

40-O you Children of Israel! Remember the riches I have bestowed upon you; fulfill My covenant so that I fulfill your covenant too and beware of opposing Me. (Footnote 6)


Children of Israel, according to their history, are examples of deviation from and resistance against the agents of guidance. So many times they were blessed through their prophets with God’s mercy, but, despite all the bounties they received from them, killed or at least disobeyed them! They harassed and tortured them and finally, due to their persistence in sins and transgression and obstinacy in the face of God’s religion -especially the last of the prophets (Muhammad SAWA) whom they were waiting to rise even before he actually rose, were doomed to God’s wrath and were expelled from the sphere of God’s mercy.

41-Believe in this Koran sent down by Me that confirms your religion. Do not be the first nation to be non-believers in Islam. Do not sell out My signs for trivia and refrain from opposing Me!

42-Do not clothe wrong with right; do not conceal the truth while you know!

43-Establish prayer and pay the poor due and pray in conjunction with the followers of monotheism. (“Tawheed” -monotheism is, being in unity with the people who believe in it. One has to recognize the caravan that is travelling towards God first and then join it).

44-Is it fair that you preach to people to move towards beneficence, but forget about yourselves? While you read in your scriptures that to religion, all the people are equal, so why don’t you use your wisdom?

45-Seek help through prayer, persistence and relation with God -though praying looks an arduous task save for those who perceive God’s Grandeur!

46-Those who are acquainted with the God’s grandeur are those who believe in meeting Him and their final return to Him.

47-O you Children of Israel! Be reminded of the favors I did to you whereby made you superior to the peoples of the world.

48-Be wary of the day when nobody will be punished for somebody else, nobody’s intercession will be accepted and no compensation for the sins is possible and you will not enjoy God’s assistance! (Everyone is accepted on the basis of his own merits and value.)

49-Be reminded of the day when I rescued you from the grip of the Pharaoh’s power that used to torment you in the harshest manner; used to kill your sons and spare your daughters. You were afflicted with a great calamity from your rulers.

50-And the other favors like when I opened up avenues in the sea for you; rescued you and destroyed the Pharaoh and his people in your plain view.

51-And the other favor  when I promised Moses to bestow upon him the scripture after 40 nights and days of mortification and praying in seclusion, but in the meantime you turned to calf worshipping and wronged yourselves.

52-Despite so much wrong doing, we forgave you so that you might be thankful to God.

53-We revealed unto Moses a scripture that differentiated between right and wrong so that you might be guided to the right path.

54-And when Moses told his people: You did wrong to yourselves by turning to calf worshipping; Therefore return to God and kill your carnal desires; that is something well perceived by God; His Mercy will envelope you; He is kind to His worshippers.

55-Again you were impudent enough to say: O Moses! We will not believe in you unless we see God with our own eyes! And due to such impudence you were punished by a thunder that annihilated you.

56-After that, we relived you again so that you might be thankful.

57-Then, when you were dwelling in the desert in the scorching sun, we made the clouds to shade you, sent down to you the heavenly foods of “mann” and “salwa” telling you: consume these foods. (Those who disbelieved) didn’t do anything wrong to Us, but, rather, they wronged themselves.

58-We said to you: enter these territories that are the legacy of Abraham the God’s friend! God’s blessings will be abundant for you wherever you go! Fall prostrate when entering the gate of religion, say O God! Shed our impurities! Then We would cleanse the contamination of sins from your hearts and bestow greater rewards to the benevolent amongst you. (Foot note 7)




Entering through the gate of religion while prostrate means that the basis of being religious is subservience and absolute obedience to religion and its true guardians. One has any right to be willful and self-centered in religion. There are three types of people in relation to religion. First group is God appointed guardians who are in a state of constant worshipping; they continuously receive God’s commands and put them into action. The second group is those who possess knowledge of religion and scripture and put them in action in accordance with their knowledge and abilities; no doubt, they will attain salvation. The third group is those who are fighting against the God’s religion and move in the opposite direction of what religion orders. They are walking in the path of the hell.


59-The sinners, mockingly altered God’s instructed word that was “HETT” –meaning forgiveness to “HENT” –meaning wheat! Against such recalcitrance, We imposed on them a rain of calamities.

60-In another case, you asked Moses for water, who in turn asked God for it: We told him: Strike the rock with your stick, and We let flow out of that rock twelve springs for the twelve Israelite clans so that each of them would have its own watering hole. We let them drink and eat (from the heavenly food) so that they wouldn’t make corruption on earth.

61-Then again, they said to Moses: we cannot content ourselves with just one food, so tell your God to send down for us terrestrial greens like vegetables, cucumbers, garlic, lentils and onion. Moses was upset at your ignorance and said: Are you asking the heavenly foods that are God’s grace to be replaced with terrestrial ones? Go to your own towns, where all what you have asked is ready for you! Humiliation and poverty engulfed them due to their abandonment of God’s grace and applying to His creatures. God’s wrath overcame them because they disbelieved in God’s signs, killed His messengers and were disobedient and transgressor.

62-Be it known to you that be it an ardent believer in Islam or just a plain Muslim or a Jew or a Christian or whoever is striving to discover the truth, if he or she is a believer in the three principles of belief in God, the hereafter and benevolence, his reward will be preserved by Allah; he should never be afraid or sorrowful. (Footnote no. 8)


All those who observe these three principles, even if they are short of sufficient religious knowledge and fail to know the true representatives of right, will finally be dragged towards the God’s religion and its true guardians. As long as they move in the path of finding the truth, they will be regarded as immigrants towards God and are prone to salvation.

63- Be reminded that We made a covenant with you by which you were obliged to protect the religion and in order to preserve it, We gave the authority to mount Sinai and its existential attributes –that is Torah, to rule you. You have an obligation to protect this scripture through Allah’s supreme power and know and recite its contents in order to gain virtues.

64-In spite of that, you abandoned the God’s religion! Weren’t it for God’s kindness and mercy, you would have been annihilated.

65-You witnessed God’s wrath when He destroyed the transgressors of the Sabbath tenets through metamorphosing them into monkeys;

66-And We made their fate a cause for humiliation and punishment for their contemporaries and those who followed them and a reminder for the virtuous.

 67-And [likewise] the story of the cow in the Children of Israel when Moses told them: God orders that in order to vivify the murdered person, you slaughter a cow, rub its flesh to the corpse of the dead man, and he will come back to life and will point at his murderer! You told Moses: are you kidding? And he replied: I seek refuge with God against being one of the ignorant!

68-You said to Moses: ask your God what type of cow is it that possesses such a power? (You were so ignorant about God that you thought it was the cow that possessed such a power!) Moses replied: God says that it is a cow not so young and not so old, but of median age; so go ahead and act according to His decree.

69-Still, you were wondering what type of cow it would be, so you told Moses: ask your God about its color! Moses replied: God says it is reddish yellow; a color that exhilarates the viewer.

70-Again you repeated: O Moses! Ask your Lord to give more details; we have found one and God willing, that is it! (Foot note 9)


The secret to such decrees in the first place is to make human beings make some effort and investment for gaining God’s mercy and value the blessings they have been given through God’s guidance and thank Him for that and secondly, by observing the absence of any cause and effect relationship in such cases, directly notice that it has been the God’s will that has been directly effective and not the preparations they have made. They must use their wisdom and ponder about the relationship between the tail of a calf and the revival of the dead man and the calf worshippers know that their idol has no relationship with their success in life. Unfortunately, the Children of Israel would not understand it.

71-Moses replied: God says it is a cow not so tame to plow the field or to irrigate; a healthy and flawless beast. You rejoiced and said: You are right (we found the life giving cow!) and got ready to slaughter it (They couldn’t understand that the revival was due to God’s will and not the power of the cow!)  

72-You murdered an innocent man, and then quarreled about his murderer; while God would reveal what you were covering up!

73-We told them: rub the cow’s flesh to the dead man’s corpse and watch the God’s power! This is how He revives the dead; May you put your brains to use?

74-In spite of seeing so many miracles, your hearts hardened and petrified and turned even harder than rocks! Water does drip out of some rocks and some rocks crack and let water flow through them and some fall down for God’s grandeur, (but no benefit or blessing is emitted from you Jews nor do you let the knowledge left with you flow to the future generations, and you never bow to the God’s Grandeur!). God is not unaware of your deeds.

75-You Muslims expect them to believe you; whereas large groups of them heard the truth but altered it in accordance with their carnal desires while they knew they were committing treason.

76-When they face Muslims, they claim to be believers, but in their intimate circles they tell each other: why do you reveal to them the signs of Muhammad (SAWA) the future prophet as mentioned in your scripture so that they adjudge you! Why don’t you use your common sense?

77-Don’t they know that God is well aware of their concealment of the truth? God is well aware of what you conceal and what you disclose.

78-Some of them are commoners who possess just the basic knowledge; they perceive the religion based on their hopes and wishes and through assumptions and conjecture and are submissive to their religious leaders without being certain.

79-Woe betides those who author scriptures and laws, then tell people that it is God’s revelation in order to profit from their lie making and religion trading. Woe betides them and their writings and their business!

80-They think and surmise that they will be punished for a short time only. Ask them: have you made a treaty with God? In that case God will not break it; or, it is just a lie you ascribe to Him?

81-Sure, he who persists in disbelief and sin, such culture will overtake his soul and he plunges into it so deeply that he will abide in the hell for ever. (Footnote 10)


Here, the reason for residing eternally in the hell is explained. It is when a culture of sinfulness and debauchery takes over one’s soul so that one regards the wrong as being 100 pct. right and vice versa. Persistence in disbelief and debauchery will finally turn man into an inherent disbeliever like an infant who has lived in dark from birth without being able to see any ray of light. It can never distinguish between light and darkness.

82-And all those who are people of belief and right deed are people of paradise in which they will dwell forever.

83-We made a covenant with the Children of Israel that they should worship no one save God, be kind to their parents and likewise talk kindly to their kinsmen, orphans, the poor and others, establish worship and pay the poor due; but save a few of you, the rest of you followed their carnal desires and distanced themselves from the religion.

84-We made a covenant with you Children of Israel that you shouldn’t shed each other’s blood or banish each other from your towns or excommunicate each other and you accepted all and bore witness to it. (Footnote 11)


Expelling someone from his native place has two meanings; one is banishment and the other is excommunication -that is more dangerous than the former. Excommunication happens when a group of religious authorities rightly or wrongly and based on groundless allegations regard someone as an apostate and issue a decree that sometimes means killing the accused and sometimes forbidding any communication with him. God had forbidden such banishment or excommunication, but the Children of Israel, just based on their desires, would harass God’s servants in this way.

85-Yet, you would murder each other, banish innocent people from their towns or excommunicated them, show enmity towards them and at the same time, if they were held captive by enemies, you would release them against ransom, whereas it was forbidden to you to banish or excommunicate them. Is it right that you believe in a part of the God’s revelations (freeing the captives) and disbelieve in others (banishing and excommunicating them)? The punishment of such a behavior is non but shame in this worldly life and a severest punishment in the hereafter. Allah is not oblivious to your deeds.

86-They are those who sold their hereafter for the world; their punishment will not be lightened nor God will help them. (Selling the hereafter for world means turning the essence of faith into heresy)

87-We revealed unto Moses the Old Testament and assigned other prophets after his death; We granted to Jesus scientific and miraculous powers and bolstered him up by the Holy spirit. Is it right that you Jews deal arrogantly with any prophet who is sent against your wishes, then disbelieve in some of them and kill others?

88-You say: our hearts are sheathed (we cannot conceive the truth), nay so, but that sheath is a sign of God’s wrath; No one of you will succeed.

89-Even when a scripture like Koran is sent down that confirms the contents of their scripture, they disbelieve in the prophet who is well recognized by them! (Although before the revelation, they would win their wars by reciting his name). God damns the disbelievers as they are the source of corruption.

90-How despicable is what they sold themselves for due to envy and objection to Allah’s revelation of the religion to whom He wishes while –as they wish, the messengers should all be chosen from the Sons of Israel! Accordingly, they moved through the circle of God’s anger that is being envious towards the circle of God’s wrath that means objection to His will. A demeaning torment has been decreed for the disbelievers.

91-When they are told: Believe in the religion and the scripture that has been revealed to Muhammad, they reply: We only believe in the religion and scripture that has been revealed to ourselves! They disbelieve in any scripture other than their own whereas Islam is the religion of truth and recognizes theirs. Tell them: If you are really believers in your own religion, so why did you kill your own messengers [who were descendants of Israel as you say]?

92-Moses showed you so many miracles, so why did you resort to calf worshipping during his life [and deviated from the right path after him]? In fact you did wrong to yourselves.

93-When We made covenant with you the Children of Israel and forcefully imposed on you the Mount Tour and its contents asking you to adopt them and act accordingly, you said: Yes, we hear but we disobey! Due to your disbelief in God and Moses, love of calf worshipping was imprinted on your hearts. Say: You will admit that you have taken the wrong path if you really believe in God. (Footnote 12)


The rising of the Mount Sinai over their heads means the rule of Torah and religious tenets over them, much like the rule of Ka’aba over the people on earth. People are free to believe in God or not and to observe His tenets or not; but if they decide to obliterate the religious tenets and symbols so that the road of religion becomes totally obscure and then no place like Ka’aba remains for people do they can seek refuge at, then God will react before they succeed and finishes them off in order to protect the monuments of the religion and let people to be guided if they wish. Whoever fights the religion will finally be annihilated. The Sons of Israel had intended to destroy the fruits of the Mount Sinai -that is the Ark of the Covenant and the religious tenets; so God confronted them and thwarted their plots.

94-Tell them: If the heavenly life is exclusively yours (and the others have no right to it), then beg God for death so that you enter paradise sooner if you are truthful!

95-Due to your committing so many crimes and treason, you dare not wish death; God knows well the wrong doers.

96-They are the most enthusiastic for the worldly life compared to the followers of other scriptures and idolaters; each of them would like to live a thousand years, yet even that long life will not save them from the hell; God is well Aware of what they do. (Foot note 13)


What this ayah says is that longevity is a chance for a sinner to awaken and repent and it persists till when God determines that there is no hope for him to do so, and if punished, he will have no arguments against God and cannot argue that if He had been given enough reprieve he would have repented, then his time will be over. That is why here when describing the Jewish people, He says: “Even if he lives for a thousand years, he will not keep himself away from the torments of hereafter”

97-They show animosity towards Gabriel, the trustee of the revelations. Tell those who are the enemies of Gabriel they should know that he brings down unto you Koran that recognizes its contemporary religions and scriptures and is a glad tiding and guidance for the believers.

98-All those who are enemies of God, the angels, the prophets, Gabriel and Michael must know that God is an enemy of the disbelievers.

99-We revealed unto thee so many signs (ayahs) and miracles; only a mischief maker and a hypocrite will disbelieve in these signs.

100-Whenever they make a covenant with God, a group of them breaks it; Most of the people of scripture do not truly believe in God.

101-Today when a messenger has been sent by God who recognizes their religion too, a group of the people of scripture throws away their own scripture (as a protest to its recognition of the emergence of the prophet of Islam) as if they are unaware of its contents.

102-They followed the hypocrites’ propaganda against Solomon and called him an apostate whereas it was not Solomon who was an apostate, but, it was the devil who was so by teaching the people sorcery. They also abused the teachings of the two angels who in Babylon used to teach people magic and used to tell their apprentices that they were only doing so in order to let them know the difference between magic and miracle, and not to disbelieve in God; but they disbelieved in God and used their teachings as a means to cast discord between husband and wife, whereas their magic would have no effect without the God’s permission (magic does not have any inherent connection to harm or benefit; its effects are exclusively based on the God’s permission). What they would get from the two angels was only what was not useful, but harmful; and they knew that their acts would not bring them any heavenly gains since the sorcerers are disbelievers. What a wrong course of action they took in which they sold their precious life for worldly gains, just if they would only know. (Foot note 14)


One of the God’s policies and measures to promote religion is by sometimes sending one of His agents –be it an angel or a man, to the people who have gone astray to pretend to be one of them, attract them and through communication, introduce the true religion to them. After prophet Solomon (PBUH) who had so much miraculous success passed away, the disbelievers and hypocrites, through their cultural activities, convinced people that those successes had been achieved through sorcery and made them forget about God’s will in enabling him to perform so many miracles, thereby promoted magic and sorcery! In order to neutralize their plots, God sent down two angels named Harut and Marut in the shape of human beings to establish magic and sorcery schools and attract people into their classes and while teaching them, show them the difference between magic and miracle and tell them that it is God who lets the sorcerers’ performance bear any fruits because He wishes to let people attain the goals they have worked for (whether they are right or wrong). In this way, they foiled their plots to smear the face of God’s religion that is based on ayahs (signs) and miracles and let people know that magic and sorcery was apostasy and the prophets had never been apostates. The two angels taught people the difference between magic and miracle. In relation to this ayah, tales have been circulating in Islamic circles that have no base in reality. For example it has been said that the two angels committed adultery and were imprisoned in a well in Babylon! In fact, when God wishes to teach people a fact, He sends down an angle –that in fact is light by nature, in the form of a human being to appear to them in their dreams or while they are awake to teach them something; whereas in fact it is God who is talking.

103-Had they taken notice and believed in God, they would have avoided doing sorcery; then their heavenly gains would have been much better for them.

104-O you who believe, don’t say the expression “RA’INA” [shepherd us -alluding to a Hebrew derogatory expression] to the prophet! But, do say to him: “UNZURNA” [observe us]. Listen to the word of God, since otherwise you will face a severe punishment in the hereafter. (The former word is an expression declaring slavery whereas the prophets don’t want people to be salves but they want free minded apprentices).

105-The disbelievers do not like any blessing or graces reach you from your Lord. It does not depend on their likes or dislikes; God bestows His blessings to whomever He wishes; God’s grace has no limits.

106-Whenever We abrogate an ayah or put it in limbo, it is a prelude to revealing a better or similar ayah; don’t you know that Allah is Capable of doing everything? (Foot note 15)


The meaning of removal and replacement of an ayah here is the taking away and installation of another of the God’s representatives. He takes away some of them and replaces them with others –Just like the taking away of prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and appointing Imam Ali (PBUH) as his successor. The reason is, when one of the God’s representatives achieves power and fame, people surrender to him anyway without really recognizing and knowing him and without doing it by free will. This compulsory surrender is not what God wishes. He doesn’t want people to be subdued by a prophet’s power and fame and then pretend to have converted without being true believers. So he replaces the former representative with a new one who apparently lacks the same fame and power. That is why after the prophet Muhammad (SAWA), people like Mu’awiyah who had first surrendered to him, disclosed their disbelief once he passed away.

107-Don’t you know that the kingdom of the earth and heavens is exclusive to God and you people of earth do not have any guardian and helper save Him?

108-It seems that you Muslims, like the Children of Israel, are going to ask absurd things from your prophet (like asking to see God and hear Him); He who turns his faith into disbelief, he has deviated from the right path.

109-Many of the people of scripture, due to envy, would like you to turn your faith into disbelief! All these wishes are made even after it is made clear to them that Islam offers the true guidance. Get along with them and forgive them until when the God’s kingdom is established; God is Able to do all.

110-Be obedient to God and serve mankind. Whatever good deeds you save for yourselves, you will enjoy them [in future]; God is well aware of what you do.

111-The people of scripture say: nobody save a Jew or a Christian can enter paradise! This is just what they presume! Tell them: offer your evidence if you are truthful.

112-Yes; whoever yields himself to God while he is charitable, his reward will not go away; he may not be scared or sorrowful.

113-Jews claim that the Christians and Christians claim that Jews do not practice a genuine faith; while at the same time both sects recite their heavenly scriptures. The ignorant too, make similar allegations against each other. It is God who will judge such conflicts in the hereafter.

114-Who is a greater wrong doer than he who bars people from remembering God in the mosques and attempts to put them in a state of ruin or keep the mosques empty of worshippers? They enter mosques with anxiety; they are disgraced in this world and will be afflicted with a severe torment in the hereafter.

115-Whether [you face] east or west, all orientations are towards God. Whatever direction you take, you will be facing God. He is the Triumphant, the Knower. (God is an infinite being who is dominant over time and space, so whatever direction you take, you are facing him

116-The people of scripture say that God has adopted Jesus as His son; He exalts over such attributes. Whatever exists in the heavens and earth is His property; all are subservient to Him.

117-He created the heavens and the earth without any example; whenever He wishes something, His wish comes into existence.

118-The ignorant say: Why doesn’t God talk to us or show Himself to us? All of the ignorant in history had such a wish. How similar are their foolish thoughts! We have made clear Our signs for those who believe. (Foot note 16)


The reason why God doesn’t openly demonstrate Himself is that such a demonstration before giving the prerequisite knowledge will not benefit the observer; but, rather, downgrades the position of the one who shows up. For long periods of time people were companions of their contemporary imams, but didn’t recognize them as they were, nor did they take advantage of their knowledge. Hence, God has given priority to granting people knowledge of Him and the imams through ayahs and signs so that anyone who is eager to see Him, attain that position through knowledge. Seeing God is only possible in one’s heart by His will and not by eyes or thoughts; as our imam Ali said: “The heart sees Him by the facts of faith”.

119-We gave you the mission to be a bearer of glad tidings for the virtuous and of warnings for the wrong doers; you will not be accountable for the people of hell!

120-Neither Jews nor Christians will be content with you unless you join their sects; tell them the true guidance is only that of God. If you join their sects now that the truthfulness of your message is obvious, you will be deprived of the divine help and triumph.

121-A group of the people of scripture who are devout followers of their scripture will believe in Koran and Islam, whereas those who disbelieve will incur a great loss.

122- O Sons of Israel, remember the blessings bestowed upon you by which I made you superior to the people of the world!

123-Beware of the day when nobody will be punished for someone else, nor any compensation or intercession is accepted for disbelief and sin and God will not bestow His blessings (because compensation or intercession will not change the nature of disbelief).

124-When Allah made Abraham face certain events and implemented his course of afflictions and teachings and then told him: I promote you to the position of “Imamah” [being an Imam]. He asked God: is this for my descendants too? Allah replied: I have no covenant with the wrong doers.

125-We established Ka’abah as a place of earning heavenly rewards and plucking the fruits of the right deeds and as a safe and secure place and told people: follow in the Abraham’s footsteps (i.e. take the Abraham’s path towards God). We made covenant with Abraham and Ismael that they should cleanse My house from impurities and superstition for those who practice circumambulation and pray therein.

126-Abraham communicated: O Lord! Make this house a safe and secure place and give Your blessings to those who are the people of this inviolable place of worship and who believe in God and the hereafter. God replied: Whoever becomes a disbeliever in God, We will give him some worldly gains and then will drag him towards the hell; what a despicable journey and fate it is!

127-When Abraham and Ismael raised the foundation of the house, they prayed: O God! Accept from us this construction of the house; You are the Hearer, the Seeing! (Footnote 17)


Here it is understood that Ka’abah has been established before Prophet Abraham because here God does not declare that Abraham and Ismael built Kaaba, but says that they raised its walls; also, when Abraham took his wife and child to the location, he uttered: O God! I leave my wife and son in Your inviolable place of worship. This shows that the place had been known as God’s inviolable place of worship before Abraham. God himself introduces the place as the first edifice that has been established for mankind by saying: “The first house built for people is the one in Mecca”. Kaaba has been the first place of worship established after the Adam’s descent in the form of a celestial tent. That’s why Mecca is called the Mother of the Cities because it is a reminder of Adam’s paradise.


128-O God! Let us surrender ourselves to You! And make our offspring a Muslim nation! Teach us the rituals of Hajj and be regardful of us; You are the Acceptor of repentance and the Merciful!

129-O Lord! Raise amongst this people a messenger from themselves who will recite unto them Your Ayahs, teaches them scripture and wisdom, cleanses their souls and trains them; You are the Omnipotent, the Knower.

130-Who, except an insane and ignorant will refrain from following Abraham’s path? We chose him in the world to be pure and clean and in the hereafter He will be one of Our eligible servants.

131-When God told him: Be subservient to God! He replied: sure, I am submitted to the Lord of the worlds.

132-Abraham recommended his offspring to follow Islam; likewise Jacob, too told to his children: O my children, God has chosen Islam as your religion, be careful not to depart the world save as Muslims!

133-Were you present when Jacob, on his death bed asked his children: whom will you worship after me? They replied: The Lord of your fathers Abraham, Ismael and Isaac, the only one God, to whom we all are obedient.

134-They were people who passed away along with their own deeds; you too will pass away with your own deeds; you are not liable for the past generations’ deeds.

135-The people of scripture say: You have been guided only if you are a Jew or a Christian; tell them: nay! But the righteous religion of Abraham, the God’s friend! He would never ascribe any partners to God!

136-Say: We Muslims believe in God and whatever has been revealed unto us and unto Abraham, Ismael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes; and whatever given to Moses, Jesus, and other prophets. We do not discriminate between them; we are subservient to God.

137-If, like you, the people of scripture believe in all of the prophets, then they are guided; but if they refrain, they are in a position of schism and division; God will soon deflect from you their evil and devilish plots; God is the Hearer, the Seer.

138-Everywhere, take the color of God and be one of those who are connected to Him! Who is better than those who are associated with God? We worship God only. (Foot note 18)


 The Arabic word “Sibqah” is derived from the infinitive “Sabbaqi” meaning painting. Here God says that since your creation is meant to evidence God’s power and knowledge, your knowledge and acts too, must result in and reflect your obedience to him so that anyone who sees you is reminded of Him. It is quoted from our Imams that when Jesus Christ was asked: whom should we befriend? He said: “whom his face reminds you of God, his word increases your knowledge and his act makes you enthusiasts for the hereafter.”

139-Say: do you argue with us the Muslims on God and theology whereas our God is the same and each one of us is bound to his own deeds and we purify our faith?

140-Are you saying that Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes were Jews or Christians? (Rather than relating yourselves to them, you are relating them to yourselves!).Who knows better that who is a greater wrong doer than he who conceals God’s testament, you or God? God is not inattentive of your deeds.

141-They were people who passed away together with their deeds; you too will pass away together with your own deeds; you the contemporaries are not liable for the past peoples’ deeds.

142-Very soon, the ignorant will say: what made the Muslims to deviate from their kiblah? Say: all directions, east and west belong to God; He guides him who wishes to the right path (The right path is the Abraham’s kiblah). (Foot note 19)


The principles and rites recommended by religion must function as a unifying force in the people’s journey towards God. One of these unifying symbols is Kiblah [the common direction of prayers]. The genuine and original Kiblah that unifies people from the first generation to the last one which all of the prophets up to Solomon have always turned their faces towards is Kaaba that has drawn Adam and his offspring towards itself. So, anyone who builds another Kiblah and tries to redirect people towards it, he has caused discord amongst them and that is against monotheism. The Kiblah that has unified the first up to the last generations is the one that has attracted Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and all other prophets descending from Abraham and it is Kaaba; whereas Jerusalem has been introduced as a Kiblah in the medieval eras. So it is imperative that God and his messenger redirect people towards what has been the Kiblah of Adam and his offspring and has been a road sign of the right path. In the last phrase of this ayah we read: “And God guides whom He wishes to the right path”. Accordingly, we cannot assume that God’s prophet has begged Him to alter the Kiblah just because of his racial or tribal inclinations since it would have been contrary to his manners.

143-By changing the kiblah, We placed you Muslims in a position of perfect equilibrium so that you may be role models showing the right path and at the same time the God’s messenger be a role model for you. Changing the direction of kiblah while you were praying was meant to let it be known whom amongst you would follow the prophet and change his prayer direction immediately; though this change of direction while praying was insurmountable save for those whom God has guided! God will not put your faith to waste; He is kind and compassionate to people.

144-We noticed how you were turning to God expecting the diversion of kiblah; so We turned you towards the direction you liked. Turn your face towards the Holy inviolable Mosque and you Muslims too, turn your face towards the Holy Inviolable Mosque. The people of scripture do know that this change of kiblah is right and is based on divine inspiration (the Holy Inviolable Mosque has been the first kiblah for mankind). God is not unaware of their actions.

145-Whatever signs and miracles you present to the people of scripture, they will not follow your kiblah; you too should not follow their kiblah. They themselves do not follow each other’s kiblah. So if you follow their kiblah now that you know about the original and genuine kiblah, you will have done wrong to the God’s servants by depriving them of the original kiblah!

146-These people of scripture are familiar with this subject of altering Kiblah in the same manner that they are familiar with their children; but, some of them, despite knowing the truth, conceal it.

147-The truth is what your Lord says; beware of being doubtful!

148-Everyone has a goal and an ideal towards which he rushes; but, you rush and vie for doing charitable deeds since God will unify all in the path of benevolence; God is able to do it all.

149-Whereever you depart from, turn your face towards the Inviolable Place of Worship; you Muslims too, face the Inviolable Place of Worship since it’s the true Kiblah ordered by God, who is not unaware of what you do.

150-From whatever places you exit for prayer, face the Inviolable Place of Worship and you Muslims too, face the Inviolable Place of Worship [for prayer] wherever you live, lest the people of scripture save those of them who are wrong doers and in any case will charge against you baselessly and without offering any clear proofs, argue against you for following their Kiblah. Do not care about them but care about God; My will is to make your religion complemented by altering your Kiblah so that you may find guidance by facing the God’s genuine one.

151-It is pursuant to Our will for raising amongst you for the sake of religious and cultural independence a prophet who recites for you Our signs (ayahs), trains you, teaches you scripture and wisdom and other kinds of knowledge that you would not have acquired had We not sent down upon you the prophet.

152-Therefore, be mindful of Me so that I, too be mindful of you. Remember My blessings and do not be ungrateful to Me.


153-O you people of the faith! Seek help from God by establishing prayer and through patience and forbearance since God is with the forbearing.  (Foot note 20)


Seeking help from patience and prayer is the best way to make one’s spiritual tree grow. Man’s being is like a land in which the seeds of services and prayers are sowed and later they will grow into love for God and His disciples. Persistence in serving mankind and praying is an element of growth for man’s tree of life and love for God and His disciples help it to grow up to its full potential. These two loves are man’s capital in his life in this world and the hereafter. Man must be patient in the face of hardships and beg for God’s help so that He lets the seeds of services and prayers grow inside him and bear fruit.

154-Do not regard those who have been killed in the God’s path as dead; nay! They are alive but you cannot comprehend their lives. (Foot note 21)


God blesses and widens His servants’ path so that one day the tree of their religion that is God’s path bears fruit and the rule of God and His appointed guardians is founded and the celestial life is established. The time gap between death and resurrection is like falling asleep and once one is revived, it is as if he has been reborn in the paradise. Only the path of God and strife for Him bears positive results and elevates one. The sinners and disbelievers bear the tree of hell inside themselves.

 155-We put you to test through afflictions like enemies, hunger, deficiency of belongings and death of kinsmen and children. Glad tidings are for the forbearing who pass the tests;

156-Those who are steadfast in the face of tragedies and say: we are God’s servants and our journey is towards Him.

157-They are those who will be engulfed in God’s blessings and mercy and who are truly guided.

158-The Mounts Safa and Marwa ritual is God’s instruction, so whoever is performing the minor Hajj is allowed to perform the ritual. Whoever does the right deed on free will; God will notice and reward him. (Foot note 22)


Mounts Safa and Marwa, are symbols only and their essence is the tree of prophetic mission and guardianship. People must earn purity from the tree of prophetic mission and get nourishment from the fruits of the tree of guardianship that are the teachings of the infallible Imams for the sake of their own growth. People must always perform their duties under the shade of these two trees since stepping away from their shade is straying into deserts.

159-All those who withhold God’s guiding signs (ayahs) after having been revealed in His scriptures must know that God, together with all the cursers will damn them (for keeping people in the darkness of ignorance).

160-Save those who repent and take action to correct the people’s beliefs and explain to them the God’s scripture; I will accept their redemption; I am the Acceptor of redemption and the Merciful.

161-Those who become disbelievers and die a disbeliever, God, people and angels’ curse will haunt them.

162-They will be dwelling in torment forever; their torment will not be lightened and they will not be granted any freedom or respite in the hereafter.

163-Your God is the only one God; there is no god save Him; He is the Compassionate, the Merciful.

164-Creation of the worlds of sky and earth, interchanges of the day and night lengths, sailing of the ships in the seas to benefit people, pouring down of the rain from the sky that enlivens the dead earth, spread of so many diverse beasts all over the earth, climate diversities, control of the clouds between the earth and the sky, are all signs for the wise to perceive God’s grandeur.

165- Some people worship objects rather than God and love them in the same manner that they should love Him; but the believers’ love for God is superior to those people’s love for idols and tyrants. If you could just witness the condition of the wrong doers when they face the fire and when they see that all power belongs to God and that His punishment is so harsh, then you will see how despicable they are.

166-It is where the leaders disavow their followers and step away, they face the torment and all the worldly means are out of their reach.

167-Their followers, facing their leaders’ disregard for them, wish if they would just return to the world and abandon their leaders in the same way that they did. All their wrong doings are cause for their regret and none of them have a respite from the torment.

168-O mankind! Make use of God’s provisions in a clean and legitimate manner; throw away the Satan’s ways and instructions since he is your greatest enemy.

169-He instructs you to commit pervasive and sinful deeds; orders you to blindly ascribe wrong ideas to God and to paint your lies as truth.

170-If they are told: follow what God has revealed, they will reply: we will only follow the traditions and beliefs of our ancestors; haven’t they come to know that their ancestors have been ignorant and devoid of wisdom?

171-In the same manner that a donkey doesn’t understand anything but a sound when instructed, the disbelievers’ perception of invitation to the right path is nothing but a sound; they are deaf, blind and dumb and do not make use of their wisdom.

172-O believers! Make use of the clean and legitimate blessings of God; be thankful to Him if you are His true worshippers.

173-God forbids you from consuming carrion, pork, blood and whatever has been slaughtered for any purpose not related to God. If out of desperation -but not greed and transgression you were forced to consume some to avoid starving, it will be forgiven since God is the Forgiver, the Compassionate. (Foot note 23)


Any kind of investment against the God’s religion and for challenging God sent guardians is what has been referred to here as “what has been sacrificed in the name of non-God” and the results of such investment are untouchable just like dog flesh or pork. That is because such activities drag people towards disbelief and mischief. Accordingly, the food offered by tyrants like Mu’awiyah is forbidden.

174-The religious leaders who conceal the God’s revelations to gain some profit, it is as if they are consuming fire. God will disregard them in the hereafter, does not cleanse them of their impurities, but rather, a painful torment is prepared for them.

175-They are those who paid the cash of guidance to buy aberration and bought torment by selling God’s mercy; how will they be able to cope with the fire?

176-God has rightly revealed His religion and scripture; all those who went astray got themselves into trouble and distanced themselves from the truth.

177-Doing right does not mean turning your face to the east or the west; but it is the belief in God and the hereafter and angels and scriptures and prophets. Spend from your endeared belongings for the kinsmen and orphans and the destitute and travelers who have failed to reach their destination and for providing the needs of the needy and freeing the slaves. Establish prayer and pay the poor due, adhere to your undertakings and be patient in the face of hardships, illness and war; such people are truthful and benevolent.

178-O people of belief! Retaliation in kind is decreed for the sake of the murdered person’s rights. Free for free, slave for slave, and female for female. If the murderer is pardoned, he must reciprocate by paying blood money to the murdered person’s kin. This lightening of capital punishment to blood money is due to the God’s compassion. He who becomes a repeat offender will face a severe punishment.

179-O wise people! Your social life depends on retaliation and punishment so that you may refrain from murder.

180-Before the signs of death come to you, make your testament ready if you have any charitable deeds unfulfilled and you like to make your will for the parents or kin or charities. Making one’s will is a duty of the righteous. (Foot note 24)


For those who have unfinished public works or activities or have failed to pay their religious taxes or who owe others (when death approaches them), it is imperative that they summon a virtuous and charitable believer and convey to him their will so that they may accomplish such unaccomplished tasks.

181- The guilt of altering the will of a deceased is on those who commit it; it will not be unnoticed by God, He is the Seer, the Knower.

182-If somebody discriminates against an inheritor or wills his belongings to committing a sin, the righteous will have the right to correct the will; God is the Reformer and the Compassionate. (“Ghufran”- the term used in this ayah, means reforming the inherent deficiencies by God –and not forgiving)

183-O people of belief, fasting is decreed upon you as has been decreed upon the past nations so that you may ward off evil through fasting.

184-Fasting is decreed for a specified period of time; He who is ill or is travelling, he may do that in some other days. Those who may faint due to fasting, they can compensate by feeding one poor person for each day of breaking their fast. Whoever does charitable deeds he will benefit from his deeds, but fasting is better for you (will infuse the spirit of piety into you).

185-Fasting is decreed upon you for the month of Ramadan in which Koran has been revealed; a scripture that guides, describes the means of guidance, and discriminates between right and wrong. Whoever is present in his hometown (in the month of Ramadan), he must fast, and whoever is ill or is travelling, he must fast for the same number of days in the latter months. God wishes not your discomfort but ease and comfort. By compensating for the days you have not fasted, you will have fulfilled your obligation, and through the guiding power of fasting you can recognize God in his grandeur and thank Him. (Foot note 25)


The revelation of Koran in Ramadan means the descending of the spirit of faith that contains true knowledge and power into the believers’ hearts. God, when describing this night says: “the angels and the spirit come down”. The angels and the spirit are all the same phenomena. From the angle of being in God’s hands, they are called angels and from the perspective of their function of recharging and strengthening the believers’ hearts, they are called the spirit. In the same manner that we charge our electrical appliances by electricity, the Almighty too, by infusing the spirit of faith into our hearts enlivens them and augments their knowledge and potency. Such knowledge and potency is in fact the knowledge of Koran all of which has been revealed unto the prophet before his being appointed as a prophet and then has been transferred to people during the subsequent 23 years. The revelation of such knowledge and potency is the blessing of this night through which one acknowledges the truth in its entirety and enters the circle of guardianship. Infusion of the power of the spirit is only a blessing of the Almighty. The angels are not the agents of creation, but rather, they are just tools in the hands of God; much like the electricity in the hands of man. The ayahs in which God attributes an activity to angels like when He says: “The angel of death takes you away” or: “The trusted spirit revealed it into your heart”, are similar to our common expressions when we say “the radio said this or wires reported that”.

186-When My servants ask you whether God is close by or distant, tell them that I am close by and I fulfill your requests. Ask God for your needs and be certain of its fulfillment; so that you may contemplate the principle of praying and fulfillment through reasoning.

187-Coitus with your spouse on the nights of Ramadan is permitted; they are your outfit and you are their outfit. God knows that when the coitus in Ramadan was totally prohibited you betrayed yourself by opposing God, so He is kind to you and nullified this prohibition, He pardoned you for your past disobedience. From now on, from dusk to dawn when the white line of dawn is distinguishable from the dark, you may eat and drink and sleep with your wives. Then from dawn, keep fasting up to the emergence of night. If you are staying for devotions in the mosques like a recluse, refrain from sleeping with your wife until the period of your devotions has ended. These decrees are God’s limitations; don’t trespass them. God explains to you His signs so that the spirit of virtue is infused in you.

188-Don’t make use of each other’s possessions illegally; do not hand over your belongings to the bribe taking rulers in order to usurp people’s rights while you are well aware of what you are doing.

189-They ask you about the reason for the changes of lunar faces; tell them that the moon is like a celestial clock for people so that they know the time of Hajj pilgrimage and daily hours. It is wrong that you interfere in the people’s affairs or sneak into their houses through byways. Be virtuous, enter any task or house through its gate and avoid byways so that you are salvaged. (Foot note 26)


The gate mentioned in this noble ayah is the gate to the school of religion as expressed in the prophet’s saying: “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate”. Although any knowledge or activity has a distinct gate, the gate that leads to all the blessings of the world and hereafter is the gate to the University of the Prophet’s Knowledge, id est. Ali ibn Abi talib (PBUH).

190-Fight for God’s sake those who fight you (defensive and not offensive war); God dislikes the aggressors.

191-Kill the disbeliever aggressors wherever you recognize them; banish them from their livelihoods as they banish you; making civil disturbance is worse than killing. Don’t fight them in the Inviolable Place of Worship unless they fight you there; if they fought you; kill them even there because this is what they deserve.

192-If they ceased fighting you in the Inviolable Place of Worship, then you too cease, God is the Compassionate, the Merciful.

193-Be in constant state of war with the disbelievers until disturbances cease to exist and the rule returns to God; but if they ceased fighting, you just be an enemy of the aggressors.

194-War in the Inviolable months is only permitted against their aggression in those months; violations lead to retributions in kind. Whoever attacks you, you attack him too; but be mindful of observing virtues in both war and peace and be it known to you that God’s help is with the virtuous. (Foot note 27)


Virtue in war and peace means conduct on the basis of righteousness and justice. No peace can be established based on disregarding people’s rights. Virtue in war means the prohibition of aggression and legitimacy of defense. All the damages and losses incurred due to war must be borne by the aggressor. The Almighty here proclaims that if the disbelievers pledge cease fire, then Muslims should accept their offer albeit after securing their rights, of which withdrawal from the occupied territories is an important part.

195-Invest from your wealth and life in the way of God; don’t spoil yourselves by walking the path of wrong doing and going astray, serve God’s servants with pure intentions; God loves the charitable.

196-Fulfill major and minor Hajj under the auspices of the guardianship of the divine guardians. If you failed to perform Hajj due to illness or being under siege, then dispatch your sacrifices if possible and do not cut your hair before the sacrifice reaches the place in Mina; but if you are ill or your hair is hurting you, then you can shave your head, but as a compensation, fast or pay alms or sacrifice a sheep for that and once the siege is over, perform the minor Hajj as a prelude to the major Hajj and present a sacrifice. If you couldn’t, then do fasting three days in the period of Hajj and seven days at your hometown and in this way you fast a full ten days. The major Hajj is decreed for those who are not living in Mecca or in its vicinity. Avoid confronting God and know that God’s retaliation is so harsh.

197-hajj is performed in distinct months. As for those for whom Hajj has become an obligation, any sexual connection with the spouse and committing any sin and vulgarity during the times of seclusion is prohibited. Whatever charitable deeds you perform, God knows. Equip yourselves for the life in the hereafter and know that the best supply in that journey is virtuousness. Avoid obstinacy.

 198-There is no problem if you wish to earn more recompense. When you return from Arafat, remember God in Mash ‘Arul haram as He has guided you (it means doing the rituals as instructed); though before receipt of God’s guidance you were but lost.

199-After that, like your religious leaders move from Mash ‘Arul Haram to Mina and beg God for perfection and wisdom by repeating the verses related to forgiveness; God is kind and bestows upon you perfection.

200-After fulfillment of the hajj rituals, remember God in the same manner that you remember your parents or even more. Some of the performers of Hajj make material requests only and say: O God, bestow upon us worldly gains; they will not have any gains in the hereafter. (Footnote 28)


The only place where one’s prayer is surely heard even if it is said by a disbeliever is the Arafat desert. The timing is the month of Dhul Hijjah the 9th. The best request to be made there that fits a believer’s character and is important enough to be asked from God is what has been mentioned in ayah 201 by which prosperity in the world and hereafter and being spared from the hell is begged. Those who beg for only the worldly gains are like someone who manages to reach a powerful king and then asks him for food leftovers! Such a request is an affront to the king.


201-But, others who are wise and God knowing, say: O God, bestow upon us whatever is cause for respect and glory in the world and hereafter and save us from falling into the hell!

202-They are those who make profit on their investment in life (by asking God for the bounties in the world and hereafter). God is quick to audit the lives of His servants.

203-During your days of staying in Mashar and Mina remember God profusely. It is acceptable if someone goes to circumambulate Kaaba on the 11th and 12th; also it is acceptable to do so after the 12th. This acceptance is for those who ward off evil. Be virtuous and avoid evil and know that you will be gathered together under His rule.

204-Shamelessness and disbelief of some people is astonishing in that they mention God as their witness to prove their wrongs right and ardently argue with the people of the right path. (Controversially prove themselves right).

205-This shameless person, if takes the helms of power, will destroy the two vital elements of agriculture and child bearing in order to destroy life; God dislikes perversion.

206-Against the invitation to belief and virtue, he boasts disbelief and sin and then arrogance for sinfulness overtakes him! The response to such a shameless person is only hell; what a bad school the hell is!

207-There are other God’s servants who sell their lives for the God’s consent; God the Compassionate loves them. (Foot note 29)


The perfect example of selling one’s life to earn God’s consent is the story of Laylatul mabeet (The night of sleeping in the prophet’s bed when he had clandestinely left Mecca) when the prophet informed Imam Ali (PBUH) that the Quraysh disbelievers had made a treaty to attack and assassinate him jointly while he was in bed and asked him to sleep in his bed making the plotters think that the prophet was sleeping in his bed and keep them busy watching his house so that he was given the chance to emigrate. Imam Ali (PBUH) asked: will you be safe if I sleep in your bed and get killed? The prophet replied: Yes. Then Imam Ali (PBUH) prostrated and thanked God for being able to sacrifice himself for the sake of the prophet’s safety.

208-O you who believe, all live together in peace and sincerity! Do not obey Satan’s inspirations; he is your enemy.

209-If you still go astray after seeing the clear proofs of guidance; know that God is Dominant and Wise.

210-Will the followers of Satan have more respite than when the rule of God and angels through the rise of the liaisons of God’s mercy is established and this worldly life ends? God is the goal of life in the world and hereafter. (Foot note 30)


With the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), the shadow of God’s mercy protects the world as if He himself has emerged. This worldly life which is entwined in pain and trouble comes to an end and life in the hereafter begins. Everywhere in the book of Ilzam al-nasib [compelling arguments against the denier] quoting the Imams, the ayahs that talk about the hereafter have been interpreted to mean the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). If one reads the book of narrations of Imams authored by Mofazzal Ibn Omar, he will notice that Imam Sadiq (PBUH) interprets all of the ayahs pointing to “the hour” as meaning Imam Mahdi (PBUH)’s rise. In the Nudbah supplication we read: “where is the avenger for the blood of the prophets”, meaning that he rises to settle the accounts of the mankind. All the infallible Imams, Jesus Christ and other prophets will accompany him and he will bring all of the prophets and their assassins to court. In the first stage, the absolute believers and absolute disbelievers are brought back to life and then those who have followed them will be relived to join those whom they have chosen as their leaders.

211-As Sons of Israel, so many God’s signs and miracles came down unto them. Those who turn the blessing of God’s religion into disbelief after it has been revealed and clarified to them must know that God’s punishment is so severe.

212-The rays of the worldly life have blinded the disbelievers’ eyes. Boasting wealth, they mock the believers arrogantly, but they should know that in the hereafter it will be the believers who will dominate and overcome them. God will bestow to whom He wishes countless riches.

213-At the dawn of life, people all comprised the same nation till when God, in order to train them and promote virtue and prevent vice amongst them, sent down the prophets. Through the prophets He revealed the scriptures as a source of judgment in their conflicts. All the differences emerged just because of their aggression after the revelation of truth. Once such differences emerged, God guided the believers. God guides whom He likes to the right path.

214-Do you think that you will enter paradise without being tried while none of what happened to the past nations has happened to you? So many events including wars and calamities befell them till when their prophet and the believers cried: when the God’s promise comes to us? God warned them that His promise was impending.

 215-They ask you which causes they donate to; tell them: in the service of parents, kinfolks, orphans, the destitute and travelers who have failed to reach their destination (or those who have not yet reached their goals in their quest for truth). God is well aware of your good deeds and will let you enjoy the outcomes. (Foot note 31)


The expression literally meaning: “children of the road” has always had two interpretations both of which are common in the school of “Wilayah” (the guardianship). One interpretation is: those strangers who have been stalled in their way (failed to continue their journey) and the other is: those who are stalled in economic activities due to their pursuit of knowledge. Investment in the road to acquiring knowledge is much more essential and beneficial than investment in business. So the students must be helped to reach the boundaries of knowledge and benefit the populace.

216-Although you do not like it, war against God’s enemies is imperative. Many a time you dislike something whereas it is good for you or like something that it is not; God knows and you do not.

 217-If they ask you about war in the inviolable months, tell them such a war is a capital sin; since it is an impediment to the movement of people towards the Inviolable Place of Worship [Masjidul haram] for pilgrimage and entails disbelief in it. However, the greatest sin is that you expel the people of the mosque; mischief making is a greater sin than murder. The disbelievers will always be in war with you so as to push you out of your religion. Whoever turns away from the right religion and then dies a disbeliever, all his deeds in the world and hereafter will have been futile. He will be afflicted with the hell fire and will dwell therein forever. (Foot note 32)


In this ayah, God, the High exalted introduces the prophet and the purified Imams as “the people of the inviolable House of Worship” and regards deporting them from the House as the greatest sin by saying: “expelling of its people is the greatest sin”. Going to pilgrimage to Mecca is meant to pay tribute to the people of the House. A house without its people is not regarded a house. Each and every one of the 14 infallible members of the prophet’s household is one of the people of the House. All the rituals performed in that Mosque are meant to be a tribute to its people. It is only those people who guide and lead mankind towards God; so, go to Kaaba to visit and pay tribute to the one who was born in the House –that is Imam Ali (PBUH)

218-Those who believe in God and strive and endeavor to move towards Him can be hopeful of enjoying God’s Mercy; He is the Merciful and moves them towards perfection.

219-They ask you about alcohol consumption and gambling; tell them that those are capital sins and though there are benefits in them, the sin is greater. Again they ask you what they donate. Tell them that the best donation is forgiveness of the others’ offences; God clarifies the facts to you so that you may ponder.

 220-Consider the beginning and the end of any activity. If again they asked you about the orphans, tell them it is better that you improve their lives. If you share livelihood with them, then they are your brethren; God knows the well and the ill intended people, so if He wishes, He can create legal obstacles for you, He is the Dominant, the Wise.

221-Never marry an idolater woman unless she becomes a believer. A believer female slave is better than an idolater free woman even if she is beautiful and gorgeous. Do not marry your women to the idolater men unless they become believers. A believer slave is better than a disbeliever free man even if the latter is handsome and gorgeous. That is because a non-believer spouse pushes the partner to hell; God invites you to the heavenly life. He explains to people His ayahs so that they may absorb the truth.

222-They ask about God’s decree about women’s menstruation; tell them intercourse with them in that period is a cause for annoyance and illness. Keep away from them until their period is over; then once they have done the ceremonial washing, approach them as Allah has permitted you; God likes those who repent and the purified.

223-Your wives are your fields; sleep with them whenever you wish so that you may have a wealth of children. Ward off evil and be it known to you that you will one day be presented to Him. Give believers the glad tidings of the moment they meet Him.

224-Do not use God’s name as a means of proving yourselves right or promoting people’s causes. God Himself is the Hearer, the Knower. (Foot note 33)


Swearing to the glorified names of God without a legitimate permission to prove a truth or a lie or a worthless claim is an affront to the name. Any swearing must be ordered by the religious ruler.


225-God will not punish you for non-purposeful and vain swearing, but rather, will punish you for your undertakings that are stressed by swearing; God is the Forgiver, the Patient.

226-Those who swear that they will abstain from [coitus with] their wives, they only are permitted to do so for four months at the most, thence, if they sleep with them, God is the Merciful, will provide them with success.

227-If they decide to divorce, God is aware of the right and wrong decisions.

228-It is imperative to maintain the divorced women for three menstruation periods. Those women are not permitted to conceal their pregnancy if they really believe in God and the hereafter. If they are willing to reconcile, their husbands have priority to return them to their marital life. Women’s rights over their husbands commonly equal men’s rights over them, only that the husbands have the right of management in life. God is the Wise, the Dignified. (Foot note 34)


This glorified ayah declares that man and woman’s rights are equal because a couple who cooperate to lead the marital life jointly, both own it and none of them has any right to deprive the other unless it becomes too arduous to continue it.

229-Divorce can be done only twice; before the third one, you either retain your wife in a dignified and just manner or set them free after doing benevolence and obtaining their consent. You have no right to take back whatever you have given them as a gift unless it is impossible for you to continue living with them as per God’s decrees. In case it is the wife who is nonconforming and has caused losses to the husband, he has the right to ask for something for divorcing her. These are God’s decreed limitations; don’t transgress since he who transgresses will be a wrong doer.

230-If he divorced her for a third time, then he cannot remarry her unless she marries someone else first and gets divorced; in this case, if they can observe God’s orders, then they can return to each other again (the prohibition of marriage after the third divorce is a punishment for the husband for repeatedly divorcing his wife). These rules are God’s limitations for the knowledgeable.

231-When you divorce your wife and her celibacy period expires, either retain her with kindness and service or release her with benevolence and through making her content. You are not permitted to retain her aggressively and in order to harass her. He who oppresses his wife in fact he has oppressed his own self. Do not make a mockery of God’s ayahs [signs]. Remind yourselves of His benevolence and the scripture and wisdom that He has sent down for you by which He gives you guidance. Be virtuous and know that God is the Knower of everything.

232-Once you divorce your wife and her term expires and she wishes to marry someone else as per the rules, do not disturb her. Through these decrees, God gives advice to those who believe in Him and the hereafter. Observing these orders leads to your ethical cleanliness and your societal growth; God knows and you do not.

233-The mothers who wish to complement the suckling period of their children, they are free to do so for two years and the fathers have the obligation to pay them and their child’s alimony during this period. Nobody is forced to do something beyond his means. It is not allowed that a mother or a father be harmed because of child rearing.  The father’s inheritors have the obligation to take up his obligations in respect of the mother and her child. In case the father and mother consent to stop suckling the child, it is acceptable and if due to mother’s refusal to breast feed the child in spite of being provided with alimony and the father gives it away to a foster mother, then again it is acceptable. Avoid harassing each other since God is all aware of your deeds. (Foot note 35)


The right of child’s custodianship is different from paying the alimony that is usual in any marital life. A divorced woman who takes care of the child will be owed the normal expenses of her and her child’s life by the husband and he has to pay them. He does not have the right to take away the child from her without her consent unless if she refuses to take care of the child or asks for extraordinary charges. After the demise of the father, his inheritors must take up his tasks and respect the mother’s priority in its custodianship.

234-A woman whose husband passes away has the obligation to observe a celibacy period of four months plus ten days after which the kin have no right to stop her from accepting proposing in the customary way; God is well aware of their deeds.

235-There is no prohibition for you men to attempt or decide to propose the women who have been irrevocably divorced; God knows that you will soon approach them for proposing, but do not establish a secret affair with them just the customary contacts; before the expiry of their term, do not wed them in that period and know that Allah is aware of your state of mind. Beware His wrath and know that He just temporizes about your fate since His mercy is encompassing.

236-It is acceptable to divorce a woman before coitus or before agreeing on her dowry [marriage portion settled upon the wife]. Whether rich or poor, the husband must bestow upon the wife based on his wealth; such a payment is obligatory for the virtuous.

237-If you divorced her before coitus and after agreeing on their dowry, then pay half of that dowry except when the nearest of the kin or the one who is authorized to let her marry (her guardian) decides to forgo it. Of course forgoing the dowry is nearer to piety. Do not forget charitable and humane relations between your selves; God is well aware of your deeds. (Foot note 36)


Ordering the husband to pay half of the dowry and the divorced woman’s expenses before consummation of the marriage is because then she is known as a married woman whose celibacy has been lost and this is regarded a disadvantage for her. Therefore it is imperative that she is compensated for that.


238-Be mindful of the timing of daily prayers especially the middle one.  Keep constant contact with God and remember Him. (Foot note 37)


In the book “Kanzul Irfan”, based on the tradition, daily prayer has been interpreted to mean paying tribute to the position of guardianship and no doubt respecting this position is the essence of prayer. Praying without any regards for the Imams’ guardianship is like moving in a desert via a road that leads to nowhere. In the said book, Imam Ali (PBUH) has been quoted as saying: “Prayer is establishing my guardianship”, meaning that Prayer will be fruitful only based on the school of his guardianship. In accordance with the deeper interpretation of prayer, the median prayer means attaining a profound knowledge about Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) and appreciating her. Such a knowledge and appreciation is the basis of salvation from the hell fire. In our ayahs and tradition, her holiness has been propagated as having special privileges where it has been said: “She is called Fatimah since her followers are spared from the hell fire”. It is possible that people acknowledge the thirteen infallible members of the prophet’s household as Imams and true successors of the prophet, but such an acknowledgement is superficial and title bound. The best acknowledgement is the one based on knowing their inherent characteristics. An acknowledgement based on true recognition is of real importance. He who acknowledges Hazrat Fatimah (PBUH) as being infallible and a divine guardian, then he has acknowledged the other twelve members (Imams) as guardians and that constitutes a direct relationship with Allah.

239-When you are afraid of being attack by the enemy or during the battle, do the prayer while riding or on foot; and then do it the usual way once you feel safe; God teaches you what you do not know.

240-Those of you who die and make a will for their wives that they receive their alimony for one year provided that they stay at the family home without remarrying, the wife is free to accept or reject the will; if she didn’t fulfill, then the husband’s kin are not to be blamed. God is the Almighty, the Wise.

241-It is imperative that every virtuous believer be benevolent to his divorced wife and not leaves her in destitution and poverty.

242-Through revealing His ayahs, Allah decrees your limitations and rights so that by using your judgment, you may appreciate.

243-Haven’t you heard the story of the group of Children of Israel who fled to the plains for fear of epidemic of death in their town; but God decreed death for them while they were fleeing and they all died. Then He relived them after some time. God’s mercy covers all the people but most of them do not appreciate.

244-Do not be scared of death and fight in the way of Allah; know that God is the Hearer, the Seer.

245-Who is willing to lend Allah his life and his wealth so that He pays him back multiple times? God is He who augments or limits the people’s livelihood; He drags all towards His rule.

246-Listen to another story of the Sons of Israel who, after the Moses era, told their prophet: “choose a king for us so that we may fight with him in the God’s way”! Their prophet said: “how do you know? Perhaps if I choose a prophet you do not fight alongside him in the God’s way” They replied: “How is it possible that we do not fight with him while the enemies have uprooted us from our towns and lands and families?” However, after he chose for them a king and he ordered them to go to war, most of them refused to obey! Allah knows better the wrong doers. (Foot note 38)


The survival of the Children of Israel has always depended on miracles and they themselves have lacked a true religious knowledge or the potential to engage in holy wars to protect their religion and the Holy Scripture. The Torah revealed unto Moses and placed in the Arc of Covenant has always been protected by divine miracles and protecting the Arc has served as a guarantee for the non- subordination of their religion. Whenever they deviated from the path of their religion, they were engulfed in calamities and were laid siege by their enemies and then, were forced to go back to their religion where Allah would give them shelter and would guard them. But after they attempted to hang Jesus the Christ despite his prophetic grandeur and fame and then persisted in denying the messenger of Islam and annoyed him as much as they could, they took the wrath of Allah to themselves so that they will not have a fulfilling life until the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Koran says: “God will always raise against them till the day of hereafter somebody who will torment them with the worst torments”.

247-Their prophet told them: “God has chosen Saul as your king” They replied: “How can he rule us while he has no power or wealth? We are more eligible to be a king” The prophet told them: “God has extended his knowledge and strength; He is the Generous, the Knower.

248-Their prophet told them: a sign of his kingdom is that the Arc of Covenant that is a memorial of Moses and Aaron is delivered to him by angels. The Arc will be carried by angels in your plain view. God will relay to you clemency. These are God’s signs if you truly believe in Him.

249-Saul moved his army for war. On the way to the battle field, he told them: God is going to try you by a stream from which you will have the right to drink one or two fistfuls of water only. Whoever puts his mouth into water will not be from me [my follower]. Except a few, all of them drank to fullness. Once Saul and the believers faced the enemy, they exclaimed: We do not have the power to fight Goliath! But, those who had obeyed Saul and had not drunken to fullness replied: So many times small armies have overcome larger ones by God’s permission; God’s help is with the steadfast. (Foot note 39)


Allah tests the Muslim warriors before they enter the battle field in order to know whether they are fighting just for the sake of their world or for their religion. He tested the soldiers of Saul before entering the battle field by means of a stream while they were thirsty so that He could infuse in those who resisted the urge to drink with the power to resist the enemy. He always tries the holy warriors of Islam against the love of the world. Whoever goes to war for Allah’s sake, he will attain the power, gets martyred or, if persists in his beliefs, will attain Godly triumph. But whoever is looking for the worldly possessions, he will not enjoy God’s help.

250-When they faced Goliath and his army, the obedient members of the army prayed: O Lord! Bestow upon us resilience and patience; make us steadfast and let us overcome the disbelievers!

251-by God’s permission, they defeated the enemy; David killed Goliath; God bestowed upon him the kingdom and wisdom and taught him whatever wanted. If Allah does not dispel the evil of the disbelievers by the believers, the earth will be dragged towards decay and corruption, but His mercy covers the people on earth.

252-Such are God’s measures and signs of His grandeur as are revealed unto you; you are one of the God’s messengers.

253-Not all messengers is equal in eminence; We prioritized some over the others. He talked to some of them, elevated the ranks of some others, let Jesus the son of Mary perform miracles and promoted him by the Holy Spirit. Had God willed, he would have stopped all wars by miracles, but people created conflicts, whereby some became believers and some, disbelievers. Had God willed, He could have prevented all wars; but He decrees what He wills. (Because the only remedy for contradictions between mankind and jump starting its elevation is war).

254-O mankind! Bestow from your possessions for God’s sake before the hereafter when all worldly businesses are ceased and friendships, mediations and relations do not bear any fruits and be it known to you that then all the disbelievers will be regarded as wrong doers. (Foot note 40)


Man’s activities for earning religious blessings or worldly belongings will freely continue till the day when Imam Mahdi (PBUH) rises. God gives the disbelievers and the sinners time to repent and augment their knowledge and correct their deeds; but once Imam Mahdi (PBUH) rises, the term to repent will expire and the respite and freedom is taken away from them since his holiness will use the miraculous powers bestowed upon him by God and that enables him to take full control of the world upon rising. Imam Baqir (PBUH) in the book “Tuhaful Oughul” is quoted as having said: “Allah will make his cause dominant in a single night”. Repentance of the wrong doers when he has gained power is like the repentance of Abu Sufyan [when Mecca was conquered by the prophet (SAWA)] and naturally will not be admitted by his holiness because it is not a real repentance. Then, during the rule of his holiness, all the torments imposed on the wronged people will return to the bodies of the wrong doers.

255-Allah is the God save whom there is no other god; He is Alive and Eternal, He never naps or sleeps, whatever exists on the earth and heavens is His; who can mediate without His permission? He thoroughly knows all the people’s thoughts past and present, nobody covers any of His knowledge except what He teaches, the throne of His power and grandeur envelopes all earth and heavens, is never exhausted from protecting and managing the world, is infinitely Superior and is the Highest.

256-Acceptance of the God’s religion is not compulsory; the difference between right and wrong is pronounced, he who rejects the transgressor rulers and believes in God, then he is holding on to a strong rope that will never snap; God is the Hearer, the Seer.

257-Allah is the believers’ Guardian who pulls them out of darkness towards light and knowledge, but the disbelievers’ guardians are the transgressor rulers who drag them from the sphere of knowledge towards ignorance and superstition; they are the people of fire and will dwell therein forever.

258-Pay attention to the story of Nimrod who was arguing with Abraham over the belief in God whereas He had bestowed upon him kingdom! Abraham told him: “my God is the One who gives life and then causes death,” He countered: I also kill and spare from death! Abraham said: my God raises the sun from the east, so raise it from the west if you can! Then the disbeliever Nimrud was struck dumb. God does not guide the wrong doers.

259-Or the story of Ezra who, when passing by a village, noticed that all the inhabitants had died and turned into dust and bones; he wondered: who will relive all this dust and bone again? God instantly took his life and he remained dead for a hundred years. Then God relived him and he didn’t notice that he had been dead! An angel asked him: how long have you been here? He replied: a day or a half! The angel told him: nay! But you have been lying here dead for a hundred years! Look at your water and food and see that they have not perished, but these bones belong to your donkey. We will make you a sign for the people. See how We reconnect the bones and cover them with flesh! When he saw his donkey coming back to life, he exclaimed: now I see that God is the Able to do everything! (Foot note 41)


Ezra the prophet was brought back to life a hundred years after having fallen dead while his food and water had remained fresh. He thought that he had woken up just after falling asleep, so he started to look for his donkey. An angel appeared to him in the form of a human being and told him that the rotten bones nearby were those of his donkey. He replied: this donkey looks like it has been dead for a hundred years! The angle replied: You have also been dead for a hundred years and have been relived just now!  In response to your saying: who will relive these rotten bones? God will relive it. In his plain view the dust turned into flesh and bones and the donkey started moving! He rode it and went back to his home where he saw that everything had changed. His clan couldn’t believe that he was the same Ezra, so they told him: recite Torah if you are really Ezra! He knew all the contents of Torah by heart so he replied I am Ezra who knows the whole Torah by heart! So they accepted him as a prophet. It has become a riddle that asks: who are the twin brothers who died together while one of them was 50 years old and the other was 150? The reply is: Ezra and his brother.

260-Or, when Abraham begged: O God! Show me how you bring back the dead to life! God replied: aren’t you a believer? He replied: sure I am; but I want to be certain. Allah told him: pick up four birds and tame them accustomed to yourself, then slaughter them, put a part of their flesh on a mountain top, then ask them to come to you; you will see that they will come back to you. Once they were relived, he said: Verily God is the Knower and the Able to do all!

261-Those who contribute in the way of Allah from their belongings, it is like a seed of wheat that they sow and it grows seven ears each containing a hundred grains. Allah bestows more to whom He wills. God is the Generous and the Knower. (Footnote 42)


Serving people and worshipping are like seeds that are sown in the hearts of God’s servants and yield love and kindness. Worshipping leads to comprehension of God and loving Him and servicing people sows kindness and love in their hearts and these two types of love are one’s savings for the life in the hereafter. Even a paradise devoid of love of God and human beings is hell.

262-All those who donate their wealth in the way of Allah and do not humiliate or regard the receiver as indebted, their reward is preserved with God; they shouldn’t be afraid nor should they bear any sorrows.

263-Treating people with kind words and forgiving them are better than alms giving that are smeared with indebtedness and harassment; Allah is the Needless, the Patient.

264-O you believers! Do not spoil your alms by regarding the receivers as indebted and harassing them! Do not be like those who donate their belongings for showing off and without truly believing in God and the hereafter! Such donation is like a dust that covers a rock and a downpour washes it away; they will not enjoy the rewards of their donation; Allah does not guide the disbelievers.

265-All those who donate their belongings for the sake of gaining God’s consent, register God’s Mercy in their names and are like those who sow their plant in a high, soft and porous soil , where mild or flash rains and the sun make it to grow up and bear multiple results. God is well Aware of your deeds.

266-Which one of you wishes to have a lush orchard of grapes, dates and other fruits, then becomes old with vulnerable and disabled children and suddenly a storm accompanied by a fire destroys his orchard? (Hypocrisy has been likened to fire). This is how Allah explains His signs so that you may contemplate with your own hearts that the only protection for you is the true belief. (Foot note 43)


It means that the one fruitful heritage and investment that you leave for your family is the selfless charitable deeds and donations that you make and that directs God’s and people’s love towards your offspring and returns to them multiple benefits of love and kindness and puts them under God’s protection. But, hypocrisy and usury ignites the flames of people’s wrath and grudge against you and it will burn your heirs.

267-O you who believe! Donate in the way of God from the legitimate and clean foods and produce of your gardens and fields bestowed upon you by Us. Do not corrupt your donations by hypocrisy or taking people indebted –a donation that degrades the receivers’ character- whereas you yourselves are not ready to accept somebody’s else’s donation when it is mixed with taking you indebted unless by being careless about such an imposition. Be it known to you that God is the Needless, the Praised.  

268- Whenever you decide to donate, Satan scares you away by the threat of poverty; lures you towards indecency and corruption whereas God promises you abundant riches and perfection: God is the Generous, the Knower.

269-He lets those whom He loves know the reason behind His rules. Whom He gives His wisdom to, he will have gained abundance and blessings. Nobody perceives the wisdom of His rulings save the wise.

270-Whatever belongings or services that you donate, or whatever undertakings and pledges you make with God, He is well aware of them; let the wrong doers know that they will not have any helpers. (Foot note 44)


In the sacred religion of Islam, God’s mercy and people’s love have been regarded as the true asset in one’s life. Life without God’s and people’s love is like hell. If you transfer millions of your wealth along with all life amenities to a desert or jungle where you have everything save God and man’s love and live without a wife or children or anybody else, you will notice that a secluded life like that is hell. So appreciate your fellow human beings and do not harm them lest their friendship turns into animosity.

271-If you donate openly, it’s so good; and if you donate in secret, it’s much better; He mends your defects, He is Well Aware of your deeds.

272-Providing inherent and natural guidance for people is not you the prophets’ responsibility; it is Allah who guides whom He wishes. Whatever you spend in the way of God, it will be returned to you. You shouldn’t donate your belongings save for seeking Allah’s consent. Whatever you donate will be paid back to you and you will not be wronged nor will your deeds be futile.

273-Donate to the poor who have fallen into poverty due to their adherence to their duties and due to their observation of religious tenets and also to those who lack the ability to make more efforts. Those who are not familiar with them see them rich because of their self-restraint. Their poverty is found out from their lifestyle and not because they beg; in order to save their self-esteem, they do not beg for anything. Whatever of your belongings that you bestow, God is well aware of.

274-Those who spend their wealth openly or secretly for reviving the God’s religion and in the service of mankind, their reward is preserved with God; they should not be afraid nor should they have any regrets.

275-The livelihood of those who use their capital for usury will not be sustained except similar to that of someone who has been haunted by the devil. They regard usury as business whereas God has forbidden usury and legalized trade. Whoever receives this tenet and gives up usury, he will not be accountable for the past activities and his fate is in the hands of Allah; but he who persists in such activities after receiving this tenet, will be amongst the people of hell and will dwell therein forever. (Foot note 45)


In the sacred Islam religion, in respect of wealth, it has been decreed that it must be generated through production and services. One must benefit the others and then earn profits. That is because being productive and helpful regenerates one’s wisdom; but usury and living a parasitic life makes one obtuse. Such people are forced to commit cruelty and tyranny and put the burden of their lives on the others’ shoulders and end up being despised and hated. Consequently, God and people’s mercy is taken away from them. It is unjust that all people work and a minority take advantage of the fruits of their labor.

276-Allah obliterates what is earned through usury and aggrandizes the alms; He dislikes the sinners.

277-All those who are the people of faith and attempt right deeds that benefit themselves and the others and maintain good relationship with Allah and people through praying and paying zakat (poor due), their reward is guarded with God, they shouldn’t be afraid or have any regrets.

278-O people of belief! Observe the virtue and give up whatever balance of usury exists if you really believe in God.

279-If you continue with usury, it will be a declaration of war against Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA). If you repent, then you can ask for the capital only; you should neither do wrong to people nor be wronged.

280-If the borrower is in distress, then give him some grace period; however if you forgo your loan as a charitable deed it will be accepted (by God) and is much better.

281-Be afraid of the day when you will face God; when the outcomes of your deeds will be wholly returned to you and nobody will be wronged.

282-O you who believe! If you are owed to by someone due to lending or business with a maturity, then write it down. A writer must write down the case with precision and he shouldn’t refuse to write it down as God has taught him. The borrower must sign the document. Be virtuous and observe the creditor’s rights. In case the borrower is retarded or is underage or is not able to sign, then his legal custodian should sign the document justly. Seek the observance of two just witnesses over the transaction. If you didn’t have access to two men, then ask a man and two women so that if one witness forgets the details, the other one reminds him. The witnesses should not refuse to testify if they are invited to do so. Do not get tired of writing down and certifying the loans small or large. Writing down the details and certifying is a better way to establish justice and strengthen testimonies and to remove any doubts as decreed by God. The only exception is the daily retail transactions that do not need to be written down. Use witnesses for your important businesses; do not harm the writers and witnesses since it will be a sign of your wickedness; be virtuous. Allah teaches you through these tenets; He is Aware of all (Foot note 46)


All the international rules and covenants have been derived from this noble ayah. In this ayah, Allah has explained the basics of justice, trade and registration. The revelation of Koran in the dark ages of Arabia was similar to the flowing out of the Zamzam fountain in that arid desert and is a miracle. The emergence of Islam and the fourteen infallible members of the prophet’s household and all of their works and life is a miracle. They are Allah’s signs in all their existence and works. Wherever we see the word “ayahs” (signs) in Koran it refers to these fourteen people. They are those who have opened the doors to sciences and nature to people. You may refer to the book: “the thinking brain of the Shi’ite world” to notice how a number of the French scientists have regarded Imam Ja’afar Sadigh (PBUH) as the source of the modern western sciences and have attributed the startup of the modern discoveries to him. Jabir Ibni Hayyan who is regarded as the father of the modern chemical sciences has been one of his disciples. They are those who have led people to a modern and humane life. The promised paradise will only emerge on the path of their guidelines.

283-If a transaction is done on credit basis while you are travelling and you do not have access to any witnesses, submit to the creditor something as mortgage. When someone is given something as a trust, the trustee must return the subject to the owner; fear God, do not betray, do not cover up what you have witnessed, since anyone who refuses to testify justly, his heart will be infected with sins; Allah is well aware of your deeds.

284-Whatever exists in the terrestrial and celestial worlds belong to Allah. Whether you conceal or disclose your secret deeds, He will bring all of them into account; He forgives whom He wishes and punishes whom He wishes; He is Able to do all.

285-Allah uttered: His messenger believes in the religion and the scripture that has been revealed unto him; [the messenger] uttered: the believers too, believe in God and messengers and angels and the scriptures; and declare that they do not segregate between the messengers (do not regard them as offering contradictory messages.) They cry: O Lord! We heard your invitation and believed in it, we beg your pardon and forgiveness; we will all return towards You.

286-Allah uttered: We do not burden anyone save up to his or her capabilities; whatever good or bad he or she does, will be paid in kind. (The messenger uttered): O Lord, forgive us for our negligence and errors; O Lord! Do not put heavy burdens of responsibility on us as you put on the bygone people; O Lord! Do not task us with what we cannot afford; cover us with your pardon and forgiveness; be merciful to us; You are our Lord! Make us victorious over the disbelievers. (The two last ayahs of this surah are the conversations between the prophet and Allah in his night of ascension to the heavens. Here God emphasizes obedience and refraining from committing sins and the prophet begs compassion and forgiveness for the sinners of the Ummah –his followers) (Foot note 47)


These recent few ayahs are related to the ascension of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and his proximity to Allah. In them, his words and God’s words have combined together and been revealed as these ayahs. It is not that his holiness has combined those of himself with the words of Allah so that people would say that has tampered with the ayahs, but rather, Allah Himself has revealed the words exchanged between the two of them in the meeting as these ayahs. It is Allah who has combined his words with those of Himself. When He said: “The prophet believed”, he said: “and the believers all have believed in Allah”.




                In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


1-Alif- Lam- Mim (alphabetical letters). (These letters point to the basics of creation that are God’s will, light and matter before they are combined into creatures.)

2-Allah is the One who is the Unique and the Only One; there is no God save Him, He is Alive and Eternal. (Whatever comes to our knowledge or eyes is not God, but is a creature).

3-This scripture is the pure truth that We have revealed unto thee; it acknowledges all that is right. Before it, We revealed Torah and the Gospel;

4-[Scriptures] that were guides of the people and likewise, we revealed Koran. All those who disbelieve in Allah’s signs will face a severe torment. Allah is the Dominant, the Avenger. (The wrong doer has to resort to the weapon of fire to be able to continue his oppressive behavior and the same fire will return to him).

5-Allah is the One from whom nothing in the heavens, in the earth and in the expanse of whatever the scientists and the ordinary people know is concealed.

6-He is the One who shapes you in the mother’s womb the way He wishes; there is no God save Him, He is the Dominant, the Wise.

7-Allah is the One who revealed unto thee this Koran. Some of its verses are wise and clear and they are the foundations of sciences and there are others that are identical to them. Those who have sick and pervert hearts look for the identical ayahs; whereas only He knows their interpretation and those who are adamant in knowledge are believers in all of the ayahs- whether basic or identical- and regard all of them as having been revealed by God. Nobody perceives the truth save the wise. (Foot note 48)


All of the oracular cases that are invisible to the eye but Allah explains them are the hard to understand ones. In fact, what is oracular is likened to what is visible [and touchable]. However, it does not mean that the two are identical. For example, Allah utters: the angels arrived; so one supposes that they are persons like human beings and so they come and go. All those who regard the invisible celestials identical to the visible objects are mistaken.

8-The wise pray: “O God, do not deviate our hearts from the truth now that you have guided them; let us receive your kindness and compassion; you are the Bestowing, the Compassionate.

 9-O Lord! You are the one who gathers people on the day of resurrection wherein there is no doubt! Your promises will not be broken.

10-Let the disbelievers know that they cannot change the God’s plans. They will ignite the hell on their path of disbelief and sin.

11-Like the manners of the people of Pharaoh and the (other) bygone people; those who denied Our signs and Allah doomed them due to their sins; God’s torment is very severe.

12-Tell the disbelievers: you will be defeated before long and will be dragged to hell after being tried; what a bad school is the school of hell making!

13-The story of the two parties from Mecca and Medina who faced off each other is a God’s sign; a party who was fighting for God’s cause and the other who was disbeliever and who visualized the Muslims twice their actual numbers; Allah helps him who He wishes. The story of the battle of Al Badr is a lesson for the wise.

14-Carnal desires like love of women, offspring, gold and silver laden bags, cattle and horses, gardens and farms have fascinated people; tell them that these are the possessions of this passing world, and the auspicious fate is with Allah only.

15-I inform you that Allah has reserved for you riches much superior to such possessions; He equips people of virtue with powers and knowledge from which bounties and joys flow like rivers. They will enjoy them forever and are blessed with pure and uncorrupted spouses and, much better than that, His consent. God is well Aware of His servants. (The people of paradise have the power to say “may it be!” and whatever they wish comes into being. This is the gardens of Aden that Allah describes in the narration called “Nafilah”). (Foot note 49)


The gardens of Aden are in fact persons who are equipped with God’s will (by which when He utters: be it! It materializes). As in the narration called “Nafilah” Allah promises: “My servants constantly approach me by voluntary prayers…”.  So, for a paradise dweller who is equipped with God’s will, the whole universe is a paradise. If we regard the paradise as just a garden located in a certain place, then how can one take it with oneself everywhere in the infinite universe? Allah equips us with His will so that wherever we stay, that place will be our paradise –like the prophets who through miracle, used to have anything they willed at any location.

16- The people of virtue are those who pray: O Lord! We believed you, rectify our defects and save us from the fire of hell!   

17-[They are those who are] steadfast and truthful, are constantly praying and begging Allah, donate from their wealth for God’s sake, and keep praying and begging Allah every dawn. (Foot note 50)


The words “AFVE” and “GHUFRAN” (pardon and mending) parallel the words “ZANB” and “ISYAN” (failure and transgression). “ZANB” is a sin that emanates from one’s shortcomings and ignorance just like a child’s guilt. An impotent man, who cannot resist his ignorance or the prevailing conditions, commits sin due to failure and not by guilt. So he deserves “GHUFRAN” (mending) and after begging God for forgiveness, He grants him the power to resist. But, “ISYAN” (transgression) is a sin committed through guilt –he can resist, but is a transgressor and doesn’t. Such kind of sin darkens one’s heart and so one needs “AFVE” (pardon) that means elimination of the effect. So the two terms of “ZANB” and “ISYAN” are distinct terms and are not identical.

18-Allah Himself is an attestation to the fact that there is no god save Him; likewise the angels and the knowledgeable men testify too and concede that Allah is the Establisher of justice and fairness; there is no god save Him; is the Never influenced and affected, Almighty and the Wise.

19-The only true and savior religion is Islam under the rule of the infallible family. The people of scripture, after conceding the righteousness of Islam, rejected it due to envy and for the sake of worldly gains. All those who disbelieve in God’s ayahs, must know that Allah is prompt to take to task.

20-If they start a quarrel and argument against you; tell them: I and my followers have yielded ourselves to God. Tell the people of scripture and the people of Mecca that if they become Muslims, they will be guided; but if they refused to accept the truth, your task is conveying the message only; God knows His servants well.

21-All of those who disbelieve in God’s signs, kill the prophets and kill those who promote justice and prevent vile, give them the glad tidings that they will suffer the great doom. (Here the term “glad tidings” has been used instead of “warning” because the disbelievers get caught up in the hell fire on the same path that they regard it as their road to success.)

22-They will be deprived from the (expected) rewards of their deeds and nobody will ever help them.

23-See how a number of the people of scripture who have gained some knowledge about it are invited to the God’s scripture, but more than everyone else they disregard God’s commands.

24-They have invented superstitious beliefs suggesting that they will not abide in the hellfire save just for a few days and such an invention has made them arrogant in religious matters.

25-How will be their feeling the day when all of them are gathered together in the hell? Will it be for just a few days or eternal?

26-Say: O Lord! You are the possessor of kingdoms and powers and you bestow them upon whom You wish and take them away from whom You wish; You bestow glory to whom you wish and humiliation to whom You wish; blessing and abundance is in Your hands and You are the Able of everything.

27- You are the One who plunges the night into the day and the day into the night; creates life from dead elements and turns the living into dead; You give daily bread to whom You wish (emergence of the living from the dead and the dead from the living is testament to the fact that life is the result of the combination of the lifeless (dark) matter with spirit (light) and is not the inherent property of each of the phenomena of spirit or matter, therefore it is wrong to assume that the Creator and the creatures share a common existence). (Foot note 51)


If the basic elements of creation i.e. spirit and matter possesses inherent life like God, then emergence of life from dead and dead from life will be impossible since detaching the inherent properties of something from it is impossible. The inherent properties like evenness for the figure four are not detachable or attachable to it. The inherent are not granted to something and are not detached from it. The inherent properties are the essence of the matter. If some property can be given or taken from something, then it is proof that it is not its inherent property. That is why light is taken away from the air and life is taken away from the body. The fact that life is taken away from body is proof that life, knowledge and ability emanate from combination and are not the inherent properties of matter or spirit independently; so the basic elements of creatures before combination are the two phenomena of light and matter.

 28-The believers have no right to exit the guardianship of the God’s appointed guardians and then yield their rule to the disbelievers; those who commit so, they will be regarded worthless by Allah save when expediency is in their mind- when the believer has to hide his beliefs. Allah warns you against opposing Him; your last point of reference is God.

29-Whether you hide something in your mind or disclose it, Allah knows all; He knows whatever exists in the earth and the skies; He is Able to do all.

30-The day one witnesses the outcomes of his good or bad deeds, he would really like to distance himself from his evil deeds; Allah warns you against opposing Him; He is Compassionate to His servants. (Footnote 52)


The outcomes of the right and wrong deeds are embedded into the human’s self only. The outcome of kindness is the kindness that is elicited in the hearts of God’s servants, and the result of wrong doing is the hatred and animosity in the heart of the oppressed. In the hereafter, the oppressed are given the power to avenge and the oppressor, be it a powerful king or else, will be caught in the hands of the oppressed like a dead rat and will cry: I wish the distance between the east and the west would separate us!

31-Say: if you really love God, obey me; then Allah, too, will love you and will improve your personality. Allah is the Compassionate, the Merciful.

32-Say: Obey God and His messenger; if you decided to be obstinate and go your own way, then God does not like the disbelievers.

 33-Allah gave superiority to Adam and Noah and the Children of Abraham and the Children of Imran over the world populace;

34-Clans who were identical to each other and were closely connected to the God’s religion. God is the Hearer, the Knower.

35-(remember) When Imran’s wife prayed: O God! I have made a pledge to free this child in my womb from bondage to its parents and let it be exclusively devoted to You; O Lord, accept it! You are the Hearer, the Knower.

36-After giving birth, she cried: O my Lord! I gave birth to a daughter! -God knew better that she had given birth to a girl- A girl is not like a boy! However, I name her Mary! I seek Your protection for her and her offspring from the evil of Satan.

37-Allah accepted the mother’s offering in the most gracious manner and let Mary have the best upbringing. Zachariah took her custodianship. Whenever he entered into the altar where she was praying, he would find fresh foods besides her and would ask her: where is this food from? She would reply: it is coming from God; He gives sustenance to whomever He wishes without any restrictions.

38-That was when Zachariah noted God’s grandeur and prayed: O Lord! Bestow upon me by Your grace a child; You are responsive to your servants’ prayers.

39-The angels called upon him while praying that God gives you the glad tidings that you will have a son named John who will acknowledge God’s words , is virtuous and pious  and will be one of the God’s messengers.

40-He cried: O Lord! How can I have a son while old age has overtaken me and my wife is infertile? Allah responded: it will be as I said; God does what He wishes.

41-He said: O Lord! Let me have a sign; He replied, the sign is that you will not be able to talk to anyone for three days and nights save through signals; so keep yourself busy by remembering and praising God day and night.

42-Angels told Mary: Allah has purified you and gave you superiority over all the world women.

43-O Mary! Pay full attention to your Lord and keep bending in prayer and falling prostrate in front of Him along with His purified servants.

44-All what I reveal unto you [Muhammad] are celestial stories that you had no way to know by yourself. You were not present when they were casting lots to choose the one who would supervise Mary; you didn’t witness their arguments.

45-When the angels called upon Mary saying: O Mary! God gives you glad tidings of a purified son named Jesus; Jesus the Christ son of Mary, respected in the world and the hereafter and one of those close to the divine court. (Foot note 53)


The greatest reason behind Mary’s spiritual grandeur is her belief that she could conceive a child without a husband and achieve such a great position that would enthrone her on sainthood. Historians and peoples’ minds cannot believe a woman’s conception without having a husband and cannot comprehend it; save the elevated minds that are equipped with the Holy Spirit. Mary used to talk to God, hear the angels; God would call her “the confirmer” by saying: ”she confirmed the words of her Lord

46-He will talk to people in the cradle and in old age, is a believer and is merited.

47-Mary cried: O my Lord! How can I have a child while I have not been in contact with any man? Allah responded: it will be as I said, it will not be through any [terrestrial] means; whatever God wishes, it will be so.

48- O Mary! Be it known to you that Allah will teach him Scripture and wisdom and will teach him Torah and Evangel.

49-Will give him the mission to go to the Sons of Israel and tell them: O Sons of Israel, I have been sent to you by God who has equipped me with miracles. I will make clay doves and make them alive and make them fly away by God’s permission, I cure the diseases of blindness and vitiligo by His permission; give life to the dead by God’s permission; I inform you about whatever you have stored in your houses; all these deeds are miracles if you believe in Him.

50-I acknowledge the Torah and confirm it; but I legitimize some of what has been prohibited. I am equipped with miracles and signs; so be wary of confronting the truth and obey me!

51-Allah is the Lord of mine and yours; worship Him, this is the right path!

52-When Jesus felt that the Children of Israel disbelieved in him, he decided to segregate his disciples form them; so he said: who will assist me in my path towards the Lord? The disciples said: we are God’s helpers, we believed in God; bear witness that we are Muslims.

53-The apostles uttered: O Lord! We believed in the religion that You have sent down; we followed this messenger; so have our names registered in the book of the followers of the right path.

54-The Children of Israel plotted against him as much as they could; so God, too, defeated them by His own plots; God is the best plotter.

55-Allah decreed to Jesus: “O Jesus! I will take you away from these people towards Myself and acquit you from all these accusations; will make your followers superior to your deniers till the hereafter. Then I will be your reference and will judge the differences you have with each other. (Foot note 54)


After the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and the establishment of his eternal rule, no other religion except Islam led by the infallible Imam will exist as Allah declares: “and fight them till there is no sedition and the religion is entirely dedicated to Allah”. Therefore, Judaism, Christianity and all such other religions will cease to exist since, in case of their continuation to exist, what other tyranny to the human beings is worse than the existence of abolished religions? The whole human beings are converted to Shi’ism and the rest will be in total disability: “where is the one who will disable the people of sedition and mischief?” (Nudbah supplication) In the following verse, Allah says to Jesus: “Your followers will have superiority to your non followers till the hereafter” If –as they say- the hereafter happens sometime after the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), then as per this verse, the other religions will continue to exist after his rise. Additionally, establishment of a universal justice is dependent on the dominance of the right path towards justice and it is none but the path of Islam headed by him. The greatest wrong doing to the humanity is to leave them to wander in a religion other than Islam. Therefore, as per the contents of this noble ayah, the rise of his holiness is the establishment of the hereafter as He says: “In order to give His religion dominance over all the other ones.”

56-But, as for those who disbelieve in the God’s religion, I will severely punish them in the world and the hereafter. Let those who disbelieve in your religion know that they will not have any helpers.

57-But, as for those who believe and do the right deeds, I will bestow upon them their rewards. (In the traditions it is explicitly mentioned that with Imam Mahdi’s rise, Islam will take over the whole humanity and no other religion will exist by then; so these 3 recent ayahs point to the fact that his rise is the hereafter.) Allah dislikes the wrong doers.

58-These ayahs are wise plans that we disclose unto thee.

59-The Jesus’ story is identical to that of Adam who –through Allah’s will that makes everything come into being upon being pronounced by Him, was created from soil without having any parents.

60-The truth is only what is revealed unto thee by thy Lord; never harbor any doubts.

61-Once the Christian leaders received all the reasons of your rightfulness, if they still persist in their denial, tell them: let’s bring with us our family members like our sons and women folk and the one who is regarded as our own self, cry with Allah and beg Him to damn he who is a liar. (In this event, God’s messenger brought with him Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain (PEACE BE UPON THEM) as his sons, Fatima Zahra (PBUH) as his women folk, and Imam Ali as the one regarded as his own self accompanied him. Once the Christian delegation saw the sacred party, they were scared and said to each other: with these shining faces we see, if they curse us, the whole Christianity will be wiped out!)

62-These are stories of truth that are revealed unto thee, there is no god save Allah, He is the Dominant, the Wise.

63-If they still stubbornly refused to accept the God’s religion, then, He knows the mischief makers well.

64-[O Muhammad], proclaim to all the people of scripture: let’s make consensus on the one word that is shared between us all; that is, not to worship any one save Allah, never ascribe partners to Him and give up worshipping all lords save Him. If they refrained from accepting such logic, tell them: bear witness that we are the followers of the truth.

65-O people of scripture! Why do you argue with us about Abraham the God’s friend and regard him as one of yours whereas Torah and the Gospel were revealed after him; why don’t you argue in a wise way?

66-You argue about what you know well [your own religion and scripture]; then how can you argue about what you know nothing about? Allah knows Abraham well whereas you don’t.

67-Abrahma was not a Jew nor was he a Christian so as to be regarded as one of you; he was a Muslim and a reliant on God; he never ascribed partners to Allah.

68-The closest people to Abraham were those who followed him, therefore this messenger and his followers are the closest to him; and Allah is the Closest to the people of faith.

69-A group of the people of scripture would like to send you astray if they could; whereas if they ponder, they will know that they are only sending themselves astray; but they do not have the intellect.

70-Tell them: O the people of scripture! Why do you disbelieve in Allah’s signs while you are witnesses to my rightfulness?

71-O people of scripture! Why do you conceal the truth beneath a cloak of aberration? You conceal the truth while you know what a wrong deed you are committing.

72-A group of the people of scripture advise each other to pretend to be believers in front of the believers during the day; but show their disbelief at night so as to dissuade people from believing [in Islam];

73-[They advise each other]: you must believe those who believe in your religion only. Tell them: it is not me or you that matter; only God’s guidance is important; He may reveal unto others a scripture like that of yours in order to give you a final notice. Favoring anybody with prophetic mission lies exclusively with His hands and He equips whom He likes; Allah is the Resolver, the Knower.

74-Allah favors those whom He likes with His Mercy and Blessings, His compassion and mercy is unlimited.

75-Some of the people of scripture are so trustworthy that if they are trusted with a bag of jewels they will return it to the owner and some are such traitors that they will not return a dime to its owner unless they are controlled. They presume that they are not liable if they betray the trust of the followers of the other religions; they attribute lies to God purposely.

76-Of course, he who is virtuous and fulfills his undertakings, Allah likes the pious.

77-Those who sell their undertakings towards God and the people for worldly gains, they will not have any rewards in the hereafter; God will not pay attention to them and will not let the tree of their lives to grow; a painful torment is awaiting them.

78-Some of them, through wrongful justifications, attribute their own agendas to God whereas it is by no means related to the scripture; they call it a divine law whereas it is by no means a divine law; they attribute their lies to God while they are fully aware of it.

79-It is impossible that when Allah assigns somebody as a prophet and gives him the assignment and the scripture then he invites people to worship himself and tell his followers to be his servants; nay, but he will tell people to learn the scripture and be divine scholars.

80- Neither God nor the prophets will permit you to regard the angels or the prophets as your Lord! How can they drag you towards disbelief after you have been Muslims?

81-Allah has taken covenant from every messenger that once they are granted the scripture and are assigned as prophets and are informed that there will be a last prophet who will be sent after them who will admit their religion and scripture, they have a duty to propagate his religion and tenets and be believers in him. “I asked them: do you admit this covenant and accept the responsibility of that last messenger? They replied: yes, we do admit”. Allah uttered: so bear witness to this covenant and We, too are witness. (Footnote 55)


The Prophets and the guardians assigned by God are a united and pious party and God's agents who all present a uniform and coherent religion sent down by Allah.  The past prophets inform their followers of the next religions and the subsequent messengers, like what is mentioned in Koran, acknowledge all the past divine religions. All the differences in religions have been created by people. All the past prophets have jointly acknowledged and informed the emergence of the prophet of Islam and the infallible Imams and they have precisely predicted and propagated the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) who brings with him salvation for the prophets and the people of the world. For example, when Lot the prophet is surrounded by the shameless people, he says: “I wish I had the power or I could seek refuge with a strong support”. Our infallible Imam has interpreted this ayah as meaning that he wished he could reach and get support from Imam Mahdi (PBUH). All the prophets who come back to life in Imam Mahdi’s reign will bring the section of their people who deserve salvation into Imam Mahdi’s rule. It is clearly mentioned in the Islamic narrations that Jesus will accompany him; so there is no reason why he should be with Imam Mahdi and his followers not be included. As per God’s tenets, all of the nations have a similar fate and as the worldly life has been for everyone, the hereafter, too, will be for everyone. The People of the Cave, Abuzar and Salman are amongst his companions. Our lord Imam Ali tells Kumail Ibni Ziad: “There is no alternative for the past nations but to return and for us but to rule over them”. Imam Mahdi’s rule is the rule of Allah and all the infallible members of the prophet’s household and is the same great kingdom that Allah says: “and We bestowed upon him a great kingdom”. The great kingdom means a limitless rule without any boundaries in time and location. All of the prophets come back to life in his rule and will intercede on behalf of their followers. A good reason why his rise is the hereafter is that as discretely mentioned in our tradition, with his rise the gates to repentance are closed. If his rule was one like the usual worldly ones, then repentance would be possible and people would have the liberty to live as they wished in which case it would not possible to blanket the world with justice and prosperity.

82-Subsequent to this covenant, whoever evades the God’s religion is a mischief maker.

83- They are looking for a religion other than that of Allah whereas all the inhabitants of the skies and the earth are willingly or unwillingly subservient to Him. Their ultimate source of reference is Allah.

84-O messenger! You and your followers declare: we believe in the religion sent down unto us; we believe in the religion that has been revealed unto Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, the Tribes, the same one revealed by God unto Moses, Jesus and all other messengers. All of the messengers are offering the same path and the same religion; we do not regard them apart from each other; they are all subservient to God.

85-Whoever looks for a religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted from him and, in the hereafter, he will be one of the losers.

86-How will Allah guide him who has turned to disbelief after having been a believer (witnessing the messenger’s miracles and his truthfulness)? Allah does not guide the wrong doers. (It means that it is impossible).

87-Their punishment is being subjected to damnation from God, angels and people.

88- Such a punishment that results from leaving someone to wander by himself will not be mitigated. Also they will be deprived of any reprieve or any new chance once they are dead or the hereafter is established.

89-Save those who repent after being a disbeliever or a sinner and make amends. After such a repentance and correction, Allah is the Forgiver, the Compassionate. (Repentance means returning from the wrong path to the right path). (Foot note 56)


Repentance is in fact recognizing one’s illness of sinfulness and then seeking refuge with God asking Him for a cure. Only Allah, the High exalted can cure the illness of sinfulness.

90-As for those who disbelieve in God after being a believer and then speed away in their disbelief, their repentance (at the time of death) will not be accepted. (Repentance means returning to the right path)

91-All those who disbelieve in God and die a disbeliever, no compensation will be accepted from them even if they pay the weight of earth as penalty because they have gone astray. (It is repentance and not penalty that heals the misled); a painful doom awaits them and they will not have any friends or helpers.

92-Be it known to you people that you will not attain happiness unless you spend from what is dear to you in the way of Allah; He is well Aware. (a donation is a present to God; so it must be chosen from the best)

93-All foods were permissible (halal) for the Children of Israel save those Israel prohibited to himself before Torah was revealed. Tell them bring forward Torah and show where in it God has prohibited the halal you are banning. (Foot note 57)


Israel is Jacob the prophet who had prohibited himself from consuming camel meat due to health concerns; but he Jewish people considered it a religious taboo. That is why Allah here says: “except what Israel had prohibited to himself”.

94-All those who ascribe lies to God after they have known the permissible and the prohibited will be wrong doers.

95-Tell the Jews: Allah is the Truthful; so you follow the progressive religion of Abraham who has never been a polytheist.

96-The first house of worship built for mankind is Ka’abah; -so the true Kiblah is the first place of worship built, a blessed house and guidance for the people of the world.

97- In this house, many divine signs including what represents Abraham’s position is history are visible; so anyone who visits the place as a pilgrim, will safeguard his faith against any perils. It is God’s right over the people to go for pilgrimage towards it whenever they are able. Whoever disbelieves in Allah, he must know that He is the Free from want of the people of the world.

98-Say: O People of scripture! Why do you disbelieve in Islam and the Allah’s house [of worship] despite witnessing so many signs and miracles whereas He witnesses your deeds?

99-Say: O people of scripture! Why do you make people turn away from God’s path and regard it as the wrong path while you witness its righteousness? Allah is not oblivious to your deeds.

100-O Muslims and people of belief: if you fall for the schemes of many of these people of scripture, they will drag you towards disbelief after you have been believers.

101-How can you disbelieve in God’s signs while His ayahs are being recited to you and the messenger is living amongst you? He who resorts to the signs of Allah and His messenger, must know that he has been guided towards the right path.

102-O you people of belief! Mind Allah since it is the right path for the people of virtue and die as Muslims.

103-All of you take hold of the God’s rope (that is resorting to the infallible Imams) and do not exit the circle of the guardianship. Stick to the guardianship that is God’s greatest blessing. Remember how you were enemies of each other but God brought your hearts close to each other through the blessing of the guardianship and all the animosities turned into amity. You were staying at the brink of fire, but He saved you. This way Allah clarifies the facts so that you may attain guidance.

104-There must be some groups amongst you who order people to virtues, promote virtue and prohibit vice; such people are the delivered.

105-You Muslims shouldn’t be like the past nations who breached their religious unity, were fractioned and despite having so many reasons to be unified, parted ways and were afflicted with great calamities;

106-Torments of the hereafter when some people are exonerated and respected and others are put to shame. The respected servants of God tell the disgraced: did you disbelieve in Allah after you had been believers? This torment resulted from your disbelief.

107-As for the blessed group, they are immersed in God’s blessings in which they will reside forever.

108-These are Allah’s ayahs that are read to you rightfully; He does not do injustice to anybody. (Foot note 58)


One may question why Allah punishes the disbelievers for periods much longer than the duration of their living in disbelief. Since they have lived so for maximum 70 or 80 years, then why are they punished for ever? The reply is that the torments of the hereafter are in fact the same torments that they have devised in the world and imposed upon themselves and the others. Everybody comes back to life in the same condition of the moment of death; the wounded with their wounds still fresh and the burnt out with the same burns and heat. Allah relives the oppressor and the oppressed and lets them face each other for the sake of justice. The oppressed person is given the power to revenge by transferring the torments concentrated in him directly to the oppressor (without needing any tools or instruments). For example, if the oppressor has set fire to the oppressed person, or injured him or her, the oppressed is given the power to transfer exactly the same pain and suffering to the oppressor’s body. The oppressor, in case of having a true knowledge of God, can ask Allah for a cure, who will cure him, but since he has no knowledge about God, he cannot enjoy His compassion. In fact, if God cures him without his begging, he will stay in ignorance and will not have any chance to be reformed. A humane system can be established only through man’s relationship with God and begging him on the basis of a proper knowledge about Him.

109-To God belong whatever exists in the heavens and the earth (He does not need to do injustice to anybody); all the affairs return to Him.

110-You the Muslim Ummah [nation] under the leadership of the infallible Imams are the best people who have been raised for the world populace; you promote virtue and prohibit vice and believe in God, so if the people of scripture are believers like you, it will be much better for them; a part of them become believers, but most of them are wicked.

111-Do not fear them! They cannot harm you; all they can do is just to disturb you and if they ever fight you, they will escape; they do not merit God’s help.

112-Wherever they dwell, shame and poverty will afflict them; unless they become associated with Allah or the believers. Their destiny is to face God’s wrath; abjectness and meanness is part of their life. That is because they disbelieve in Allah, killed so many prophets and are sinful and transgressor.

113-Amongst the people of scripture, those who wake up for prayer at midnight and bow and fall prostrate for God are not the same as the others. (Foot note 59)


Amongst the believers in the different religions, whoever is observant of the three fundamental principles of belief in God, belief in the hereafter, and commitment to the right deed, will be subjected to salvation. All other main and secondary principles of Islam led by the infallible household of the prophet are complementary to these three principles. Of course, all those who observe these 3 principles have a healthy soul and are truth seekers who will ultimately find Islam in their path. These 3 principles are the principles based on human beings’ nature and once accepted, the other principles will emanate from them. Not all the so called non-Muslims of the world populace are disbelievers and polytheists, but, they just suffer from certain shortcomings. These three principles are like the road and Islam with the infallible household as its leader is the destination.

114-They do believe in God and the hereafter, do promote virtue and do prohibit vice, are quick to participate in charitable activities and are virtuous and merited people.

115-They benefit from their right deeds and God takes into account their pious acts; He knows the virtuous.

116-But, as for the other group of the people of scripture who are disbelievers; they must know that neither their wealth nor their offspring will save them from the hell fire; they are the people of hell and will dwell therein forever. (Foot note 60)


In this ayah, Allah divides the people of scripture into two groups of disbelievers and believers. Such ayahs denote that if they observe the three principles already mentioned, they are regarded as believers and will not refuse to concede if they find out that something is true. Their non-conversion to Islam proper is either because they have not come to know it or have not been able to exit the heavy atmosphere of their governing religion.

117-Whatever they spend in the path of disbelief, is like sowing in a field that cold and fast winds blow across it and destroy its crop. Allah does not do injustice to them, but they do injustice to themselves by spending their wealth for the promotion of disbelief.

118-O you who believe, do not establish any secret affairs with the disbelievers, since they will not fail to commit any harmful act and treason against you; they love to see you in trouble and suffering. Their animosity is visible on their faces while the hatred embedded in their hearts is much greater. We explain to you the realities so that you can judge by yourselves.

119-You Muslims like them but they hate you; you believe in all of the divine scriptures. When they meet you, they pretend to be believers while when they are alone they bite their fingers out of anger and wrath! Tell them be dead of your wrath; God is well aware of your secrets.

120-If you gain some good, they become upset, but if you are harmed in a way, they rejoice. If you are steadfast in your belief, their plots cannot harm you; Allah is in control of their deeds.

121-[O Muhammad!] remember the day when you were organizing the people for the battle of Badr and were showing them the battle field positions; Allah was witness and hearing.

122-When two groups showed lassitude in the holy war; God is their guardian (will take them to task). Let the believers trust in God.

123-You witnessed how God made you victorious in the battle of Badr despite the fact that you were inferior to them in numbers. Avoid disobeying Allah and be thankful to His blessings.

124-When in that battle you [Muhammad] told the people: doesn’t it suffice you that Allah helps you with three thousand angels? (Foot note 61)


Angels in the world of creation are like electricity in industries or will power in the hearts of holy warriors. Whenever a holy warrior enters the battle field for the sake of God, his heart is filled with power and his arms with strength. Imam Hassan Mujtaba [PBUH] is quoted as saying: “when my father entered the battle field, Gabriel used to move on his right hand and Michael on his left hand and Azrael in front of him”. Imam Ali himself says: “I dislodged the gate of the Khaybar castle by the power that Allah had lodged in my arms” In the battle of Badr, the same powers fortified the Muslim warriors’ hearts and terrorized their enemies. These empowering forces are angels and in the same manner that we augment the electricity current in a machine, the Almighty, too enhances the power of the Muslim warriors.

125-Yes! If you resort to resilience and virtue in the battlefield when they charge at you, Allah will help you with five thousand marked angels.

126-The angels’ help is just meant to make you jubilant and serene, since in fact victory is in the Hands of God; He is the Respected, the Wise.

127-Allah wills to shatter the vigor of the enemies and suppress them so they return to their homes disappointed.

128-All destinies are in the Hands of God and He accepts people or rejects them. They are submerged in darkness (They have a timed reprieve).

129-Whatever exist in the celestial and terrestrial worlds are possessed by Allah; He lets grow whom He wishes and puts to calamities whom He wishes; Allah is the Compassionate, the Merciful. (The Arabic term “GHUFRAN” means reforming the inherent deficiencies)

130-O you the people of belief! Avoid usury through which you take back from people multiple times the amount you have loaned them so that you may attain salvation.

131-Beware the hell fire that has been devised for the disbelievers; the usurer is like a disbeliever.

132-Remain obedient to God and the messenger so that you may earn His mercy.

133-Race against each other to attain God’s mercy so that you reach a paradise the width of which is the width of the skies and earth and that is prepared for the virtuous. (Foot note 62)


When Allah declares: “and a paradise the expanse of which covers the skies and earth”, denoting that the space is the human being’s paradise, then the inhabitant of it must be equipped with a power that enables them to move instantly to where they wish and to make anything by a will that “brings everything into being upon wishing it”. In the narrations related to Imam Mahdi’s rule it has been mentioned that he will move millions of people through the space. A crier announces: “nobody should take food or beverage since he (Imam Mahdi) is carrying the Prophet Moses’ stick”, -meaning that he is equipped with miraculous powers. Wherever he wants to go and whatever he wishes is immediately made available. These ayahs and narrations entail that the dwellers of paradise who are equipped with the God’s knowledge and will are themselves the Gardens of Aden “through which rivers flow”. It does not mean that the paradise is just a lush garden, but, rather, it means that such a garden is ready for the person upon wishing it.

134-All those who serve people at the time of comfort or hardship, are patient and forgive people for their offenses, must know that Allah loves the benevolent.

135-And as for those who commit a wrong deed and do wrong to themselves, they should remember God and repent; who else except Allah can forgive them? All those who are not persistent in being sinful, repent as soon as they notice their offense,

136-Their reward is the enhancement of their belief and attainment of a power and knowledge through which blessings and wealth flow like rivers and they will eternally live in such a wealth and power. How satisfying is the reward for knowledge and right deed!

137-Both the right and wrong deeds have been practiced during the past eras, so think properly and take lesson from the fate of those who denied God’s revelations.

138-These ayahs explain the facts and are advice and admonishment for the virtuous.

139-You Muslims, in case of being true believers, will be Allah’s best nation; so do not show feebleness or have any regrets or sorrows. (Islam is the fountain of life and the believers are the best people)

140-If you Muslims sustained injuries in the battle of Uhud, your enemies sustained too; such is the worldly life that we let people take turns so that in such defeats and victories the true believers are recognized and you witness each -others’ deeds. Allah does not like the wrong doers.

141-In such calamities, the people of belief are purified and the disbelievers are annihilated.

142-Do not suppose that the gates to heavens will be opened to you before the believing warriors are distinguished from the hypocrite wrong doers. (The heavenly life will comprise of the pure believers only).

143-Before this, in the battle of Badr, you wished to attain martyrdom; now you witnessed it in the battle of Uhud. (So why were you scared?)

144-Muhammad is just a God’s prophet before whom there have come other prophets too. Don’t suppose that if he dies or is killed, the God’s religion will die too. If you return to the age of ignorance that existed before Islam, you will have not harmed Allah (you will have harmed yourselves only). Allah will soon reward those who are steadfast in their faith and are thankful.

145-Nobody will die save by God’s permission; everyone’s lifespan is sealed by Allah. He who prefers to receive the rewards of his deeds in this world, We will give it to him; and whoever wants it for the hereafter, We will let him get it. We reward the thankful.

146-So many messengers have risen up alongside whom the believers have fought in Allah’s way without letting feebleness to overtake them and who didn’t accept the humiliation of being ruled by the disbelievers; Allah loves the persistent.

147-When facing hardships, they would not say anything except praying: O God! Forgive us for our guilt and shortcomings and make us steadfast and victorious against our enemies.

148-Allah bestowed upon them the best fruits of being persistent (triumph) in this world and the best heavenly rewards in the hereafter. Allah loves the righteous.

149-O people of belief! If you obey the disbelievers they will make you to deviate from the path of perfection and the Islamic civilization and will drag you towards savagery and will cause you to sustain psychological and mental loss. (Footnote 63)


All those who are obsessed with this world are oblivious to terrestrial calamities like death and illness and to the calamities of the hereafter, therefore they fall into trouble. It is imperative that human beings concentrate on the faith and their destiny first and then look at this world as a path towards the hereafter only. One must not regard this world as one’s only goal to invest all his or her efforts and belonging in it.

150-In the path to Islam and belief, your Lord is Allah; what a good Lord and Helper you have!

151-Very soon (subsequent to the disbelievers’ victory in the battle of Uhud), We will afflict them with horror and terror, since they have regarded the idols as God’s partners without any proof. The ultimate outcome of their life is hell, what an ominous outcome is awaiting the disbelievers!

152-At the first stage of the battle of Uhud, Allah fulfilled His promise of your victory over them, but then you showed feebleness and disobedience. Some of you were seeking worldly gains and others were looking for the hereafter; so Allah made you unwary of the enemy so that you could face the losses that arise from disobedience. However, He disregarded your sins and scared away the enemy; God’s Mercy embraces the believers.

153-When you were fleeing up the mountain and wouldn’t pay attention to the prophet who was calling you behind you; therefore you were stricken with defeat, sorrow and regret so that you become content with what God has decreed for you and not to grieve for what has been lost or the calamity that has befallen you. Allah is well aware of your deeds.

154-Then, for the sake of your tranquility, He cast drowsiness upon you. The hypocrites, who just cared about themselves, were overtaken by wrongful ideas and ignorantly cried: Will Allah ever pay attention to us? Tell them everybody’s fate is in His hands. They conceal their hypocrisy and utter: If we were righteous, then we wouldn’t get killed! Tell them: if death had been decreed upon you, then it would have befallen you even in your bedrooms. Such events are means of trying you and are meant to cleanse your hearts from doubtfulness and hesitation; Allah is well aware of your thoughts. (Footnote 64)


When Muslims dispersed after being defeated in the battle of Uhud, an intense grief overtook them. In order to mitigate their sorrow, Allah made them fall asleep. The disbelievers, who regarded their small victory as a big achievement, regrouped and retreated to Mecca. The God’s prophet reorganized his troops and called back the Muslims who had escaped, buried the martyrs and tended to the wounded and ordered his army to chase the fleeing enemy. He himself took the lead and decreed that only the wounded should follow him. The army of the wounded combatants chased the fleeing army who sped away in horror and reached for Mecca and in this way the initial defeat turned into a victory for the Muslims.

155-Those of you who deserted their positions on the day of the confrontation of the two armies in Uhud for picking up the spoils of war, were seduced by Satan, but God pardoned them after they escaped; Allah is the Compassionate, the Merciful.

156-O you who believe, do not be like the disbelievers who once your brethren were martyred while fighting alongside the God’s prophet quipped: had they stayed with us and hadn’t gone to war they would have not been killed. Yeah! Allah makes your martyrdom or triumph a cause of regret for them. Tell them: life and death are in the God’s hands; He is Aware of your deeds.

157-If you are martyred or die while in the God’s path, be it known to you that God’s Mercy and Compassion is better than worldly possessions.

158-If you die or are killed; you will abide inside the circle of God’s guardianship.

159-It was just due to God’s Mercy that you [Muhammad] became lenient towards people; whereas if you were crude and stone hearted, they would disperse away from you. Forgive them and beg God to forgive them; consult them on the issues and once you made your decision, put your trust in God, Allah loves those who trust Him.

160-If He helps you, nobody can overcome you, but if He abandons you, then who will help you besides God? Therefore the believers must trust Him.

161-No prophet has the right to abuse the Muslims’ treasury, and if he does so, he will be resurrected in the day of hereafter burdened with the same betrayal, and then everybody will get the outcome of his deeds and nobody will be wronged.

162-Is the one who is looking for the God’s consent like the one who has gained God’s wrath and the hell is his abode? What a bad fate is the hell!

163-The martyrs in the God’s path hold certain positions with Allah; Allah is Well aware and Witness to their goals.

164-God expects the believers to recognize His grace of sending down upon them a prophet from themselves who recites unto them His ayahs, purifies them, and teaches them the scripture and wisdom while they were in abject ignorance before him.

165-And today when you have been hurt in the battle of Uhud, you are complaining, whereas you have inflicted upon them twice the number of casualties that you have sustained. Tell them the calamity of Uhud was brought upon you by your selves. (You did not observe the prophet’s instructions to guard the valley). Allah is Able to do all.

166-Whatever happened to you in the battle of Uhud when the two groups faced off were by Allah’s permission and was a trial for you so that the true believers could be recognized.

167-And also the hypocrites could be recognized –those to whom the believers said: Even if you are not believers in God, at least defend yourselves! They replied: if we were believers in this war, we would defend ourselves! Those who are not believers in the holy war in the Allah’s way are closer to disbelief than belief; they utter something with their tongues that they do not believe in. Allah knows better what they conceal.

168-The hypocrites were those who refused to participate in the war, and then told their brethren: if they had obeyed us, they would have not been killed. Tell them: avoid death if you can.

169-Do not regard those who have been killed in Allah’s way are dead! Nay, but they are alive and being provided sustenance by Allah.

170-They are jubilant for the graces they are being given by God and for what they know is destined for the others who have not yet joined them. They are happy that they will no more suffer any fears or sorrows.

171-Their jubilance emanates from their knowledge that they are sheltered by the grace of God and the infallible household. God’s grace is universal; He does not refuse to bestow upon the virtuous their rewards!

172-They are those combatants who obliged the request of God’s prophet in the battle of Uhud to chase the enemy off with their wounded bodies. A great reward has been prepared for the virtuous.

173-The same combatants who, when they were warned about the largeness of the enemy’s army, their belief was just enhanced and replied: Allah suffices us and He is the best Guardian of His servants.

174-With such a belief, they were placed under the God’s grace, a rule in which there is no evil or suffering, they follow God’s consent and His grace over them is great.

175-It is Satan who scares his friends from combat and holy war; don’t you believers fear Satan if you have faith in God, but fear Me.

176-Don’t let those who actively promote disbelief upset you; they cannot harm Allah nor the religion. Allah has willed to deprive them from the bounties of the hereafter through their own activities; a painful doom is awaiting them.

177-Those who sell their belief for disbelief, they do not harm Allah; a painful doom has been decreed for them.

178-Let not the disbelievers suppose that the leeway We have given them is a bounty for them; but, rather, it is meant to let them increase their sins and become more despised.

179-Allah leaves the believers in this primitive stage only in order to let the bad be distinguished from the good. He does not let anybody be informed of the invisible world; but, amongst His messengers, He lets only those whom He wishes to know. You people must believe in God and the messenger. If you believe and ward off evil, you will enjoy a great reward.

180-And those who refuse to serve the people shouldn’t suppose that stinginess benefits them more, nay! It is an evil for them. Soon the responsibility of illegitimate wealth will fall upon their shoulders; Allah is the Inheritor of the heavens and the earth and is Well Aware of their deeds. (Footnote 65)


God being the inheritor means that the outcomes of knowledge and deeds finally drag man back into the circle of God’s rule and in fact the one who has the rule over man is the inheritor of everything. The lane of disbelief and sinfulness is a dead end one and the escaping disbelievers have to finally return to God; so God is the inheritor of everything.

181-Allah did hear the words of those who regard Him as poor and themselves as wealthy and registered it; also their killing of the prophets who were killed wrongfully. We will tell them: taste the torments of hell!

182-These are the same torments that you have created by your own hands! Allah does not do wrong to His servants. (Footnote 66).


The Jews and all other disbelievers from the dawn of history to the end have to arm themselves to preserve their rule over the oppressed people and the last weapon they arm themselves with is the nuclear fire by which they have laid siege to the world and finally will have to ignite it and destroy the life. Then Imam Mahdi’s salvation will reach people and in the universal justice that will be established, such fires and all the other ones that they have ignited against people will return to themselves and will constitute their eternal inferno. Everywhere Allah attributes the establishment of such a fire to the disbelievers.

183-They are those who lie and say that God has made a covenant with them that they should not believe in any prophet unless a fire burns his sacrifice! Tell them there were prophets before me who came to you with the same sacrifice and other miracles that you are saying; then why did you kill them if you are right?

184-If they deny you; they did deny the prophets who came before you while they had been sent to them with scriptures and outstanding miracles.

185-Everybody will taste death and Allah will bestow upon you your rewards in the hereafter .He whom is spared from the fire, will enter the paradise and will be prosperous; this worldly life is just a demonstration.

186-It is meant to try you through the glitters of this world, and by seeing how you preserve your faith through all the harassments of the people of scripture. If you resort to patience and piety in the face of the harassments, your will and determination will be strengthened.

187-Allah has made a covenant with His followers and the people of scripture that they should tell people about the facts contained in their scriptures, but they left behind the God’s covenant and sold it out for the paltry price of the worldly life; what a poor business they did in which they sold their religion for the possessions of this world!

188-do not suppose that those who rejoice in their worldly activities and would like to be praised by people without even serving them will be spared from the fire of hell; a painful doom is awaiting them.

189-To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and He is the Able to do all. (This ayah in which God declares Himself as the King of the heavens points to the fact that the skies are habitable like the earth). (Footnote 67)


The reason for believing that the other cosmic worlds are also inhabited is that Allah declares Himself the King of the celestial worlds. A kingdom can be declared only if there are intelligent beings to be ruled over; otherwise no kingdom can materialize. The only intelligent being is the human being and all other creatures are his possessions and amenities of his life. So we infer that there are human beings living in the extra-terrestrial planets like earth where His kingdom can materialize.

190-The creation of the skies and the earth and so many evolutions and change of the length of days and nights clearly point to the God’s power in the eyes of the wise.

191-The wise people are those who in any position, whether standing or sitting or lying down, remember God, ponder on the creation of the skies and the earth, and say: O God! Such an enormous creation has not been made in vain; You are too Glorified to create something in vain! Preserve us from the fire of hell!

192-O Lord! Whomever You take to hell will be disgraced; there will not be any helper for the wrong doers!

193-O Lord! We heard the announcer who was announcing Your invitation to the faith! O Lord! We did believe in You! Forgive us for our sins, remove our defects, cleans us from immoralities and undesirable traits and let us join the righteous after death!

194-O Lord! Let us attain what You have promised to Your prophets; do not make us disgraced on the day of hereafter, You never break Your promises. (This ayah is the mute language of the believers).

195- Allah granted their prayers and uttered: whether a man or a woman, I do not render futile or disregard anyone’s deeds nor will disregard the rights of anybody over the other (People’s indebtedness to each other).

Accordingly, whoever gives up vice, exits the rule of carnal desires, and journeys towards the God’s kingdom and subsequently bears sufferings, or fights and gets martyred, We will remove their unfavorable traits and will equip them with science and knowledge through which rivers of (infinite) knowledge, blessings and joys flow; it is a reward decreed by Allah. Allah avails His servants the best rewards. (The phrase: “gardens of Aden through which rivers flow” means a knowledge and power a true believer is equipped with due to which whatever he or she wishes will be provided. It is identical to the God’s will that is the source of all blessings).


196-Let not the disbelievers’ evolutions and revolutions (like their luxuries of life and their industries) awe you!

197-All these possessions of theirs are limited amenities which will lead them to the hell; what a despicable training base they are in!

198-But for the people of piety, successes are offered that are conduits to blessings and bounties that they will enjoy forever. What Allah decrees for the good people is the best.

199-As for a group of the people of scripture who believe in Allah and the scripture that has been revealed unto thee, are humble and subdued in front of God, do not sell out God and His signs for a pitiful price, they will have their rewards preserved by Allah. He is Quick to take into account.

200-O the people of belief! Be steadfast, and order to patience and keep close contact with your Imam and avoid disobeying God so that you are salvaged! (Footnote 68).


A great emphasis has been placed on the relationship with the infallible imams who constitute the right path towards Allah. His high exalted is the ultimate point of perfection in the man’s scientific and mystical journey. Once man is born, he is like a nomad who has to move forward towards this noble goal in order to save himself from sufferings and troubles. The direct and paved path towards this large town is the infallible imams. Others, even as scholars, can only come to know that such a goal does exist, but they are not the infallible scholars who can be regarded as the right path. The right path is only following those who are equipped with perfect knowledge and are constantly face to face with Him.



              SURAH “AN’NISA’E” (THE WOMEN); NO. IV


            In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


1-O mankind! Be obedient to your Lord who created you with the same inborn disposition and created the spouse with the same nature and from the couple, He dispersed a great number of men and women. Avoid disobeying Allah and cutting off from your clan members while you are responsible for it; God is watching your deeds.

2-Observe the rights of the orphans and do not mix legitimate and illegitimate possessions; do not consume an orphan’s belongings mingled with those of your own since it is a capital offense.

3-If you are afraid that you cannot observe the orphans’ rights, then marry them, double or triple or quadruple, but if you are afraid that you cannot be fair and just to them, then put up with just a single wife or slave lest your household grows too large. (Those who were taking care of the orphans had an interest in their wealth and this would lead to disregarding their rights; so Allah permitted the marriage so that their rights would be preserved). (Footnote 69)


A frequently asked question is the relationship between taking care of the orphans and polygamy. The answer is that here Allah wishes to prove that freedom of choice is every human being’s right. Unlike non-humans, a human being cannot be owned. In the olden times, the orphans’ caretakers would regard themselves as their owners due to their orphan’s upbringing. Here, Allah declares that people cannot be owned due to receiving services, since in that case, the parents would have had priority in ownership rights since they have brought up the child from its embryonic phase! So the orphans’ caretakers have no ownership rights over them and if they are interested in them, they may only marry them as per the Islamic tenets in which the woman has the right and freedom of choice, whereas in ownership, the owned person has no liberty and choice.

4-Pay the wives’ marriage portion settled upon them with full consent, and if they liked to forgo a part of it, you accept it since it is a pleasant gift.

5-Do not leave the wealth that is under your supervision to the imbecile; give them their alimonies and teach them how to live, till they gain enough wisdom.

6-Teach the orphans till they become eligible for marriage and once they gained enough wisdom, then pass to them their wealth. Beware of taking advantage of the opportunity you have before they grow up to take over their wealth! If you are well off, forgo your custodianship fees and even if you are poor, charge reasonably. Once they grow up, pass to them their wealth at the presence of witnesses; although Allah is the best Auditor.

7-For both Men and women there is a share –small or large- in the heritage of their parents and kin that is a divine decree and so it is imperative that they receive it.

8-When dispensing the heritage, if some relatives and orphans are present, then give them a portion or make them happy with some kind words.

9-All those who are afraid of their children’s poverty after they die, must likewise mind the other people’s weaknesses. They must mind Allah and talk wisely.

10-Those who misuse the orphans’ property, be it known to them that in fact they are devouring fire. (Very soon they will set up the hell on their course of violating the others’ rights because fire is the last resort of a transgressor).

11-Allah advises you on the division of the heritages; the males inherit twice as much as the females. If there are more than two daughters (with no other inheritors), then they inherit two thirds of the whole heritage in the first place (under the daughters’ share title) and the rest based on their shares; if the inheritor is a single daughter only, she inherits half of the heritage in the first place (under the daughter’s share title) and the rest is given under the shared title. When there are parents and children, then the parents each inherit one sixth of the heritage and in case there are only parents (when there are no children), then the mother inherits one third and if there are brothers too, then her share is one sixth. The heritage is divided only after the debts [of the deceased are paid out and the deceased person’s own will is honored. Whether the inheritors are fathers or mothers, you cannot know which of them benefit you more. These arrangements are God’s decree and Allah is the Knower, the Wise. (Footnote 70)


Suppose there are only two or more daughters together with one or both parents as the inheritors. In this case, the daughters receive two thirds of the inheritance and one third is given to the parents. If there is only a father or a mother, the balance one sixth is divided between all based on their shares. If the inheritor is only one daughter with the deceased person’s one or both parents, then the daughter inherits one half directly, the parents two sixths, and the balance one fifth is divided based on each share and if there is only a father or a mother, then the balance is two sixths that is divided into four.

12-You husbands will receive half of your wife’s heritage if she has no children, but if she has children, then one fourth. Likewise, if you have no children, then your wives will inherit one fourth, but if you have children, their share is one eighth. All such divisions can be made after deducting the deceased person’s bequest and the debts. If the inheritors are only the mother’s brothers and sisters, if there is only one of them, one sixth and if there are more of them, then one third is equally divided and the balance is given to the parental or paternal brothers and sisters and only after the deceased person’s debts and non -harmful will is honored. These decrees are divine advices, God is the knower and wise.

13-These decrees are God’s boundaries; whoever obeys God and His messenger, He will take him to a paradise underneath which rivers of bounties and wealth flow and he or she will dwell therein forever. Their lives will be in a limitless prosperity and success. ???

14-And whoever refuses to obey God and His messenger and transgresses God’s decreed boundaries, will be detained in the hell and will have to bear a humiliating torment. (The ultimate outcome of cruelty and oppression is the nuclear fire which after being cruelly ignited, will return to the perpetrators in the hereafter).

15-The married women, if they commit adultery, ask for the testimony of four people; if they testified, then imprison them in a house for life till God opens a way for them. (Footnote 71)???


In the early days of Islam, the punishment for double adultery was a life sentence and for an unmarried person, just simple punishment (lashing or whipping). Once the Islamic society was fully established and marriage was facilitated, then the sentence changed to stoning to death for double adultery and 100 lashes for the unmarried adulterers.

16- But, as for single men and women who commit adultery, then punish them. If they were reformed, then set them free; Allah is the Acceptor of repentance and the Compassionate. (The final verdict was issued in surah “AN NOOR” (The light).

17-An acceptable repentance is that of those who repent immediately after recognizing their sin; God accepts their repentance since He is the Wise, the Knower.

18-But, the repentance of those who persist in sinfulness till death and only utter their repentance when they witness death or of those who die without repenting is in fact not a real repentance to be acceptable to God. In their line of sinfulness, a painful doom is awaiting them.

19-O you who believe! It is not legitimate to inherit the women folk forcefully or to mistreat them in order to force them forfeit their assigned dowry; except when they commit adultery and it is proved through the testimony of four witnesses. Treat the women well, even if you do not love them, many a time there are things that you dislike while Allah has destined abundant blessings for you through them. (Footnote 72)


In the era of ignorance (before Islam), men considered themselves the women’s owners and so the male inheritors of a father would inherit their fathers’ property, his woman folk and the slaves. The sacred religion of Islam abolished such tyrannical traditions and declared and declared that women were free and proprietors of their belongings. Both the sons and the daughters were regarded as inheritors and their material and spiritual rights were decreed to be equal.

20-And if you decided to marry another woman while you have settled upon your current wife a bagful of gold, you are not permitted to take away anything from it. Is it permissible to violate their rights through untrue accusations?

21_How can you take away the marriage portion settled upon them while you have taken away their virginity and youth and made a firm commitment to be their spouses?

22-Do not marry your fathers’ wives, except what has happened in the ignorance era; such a marriage is but adultery and elicits God’s wrath. It is a despicable deed through which you desecrate your parents.

 23-Marriage to mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts on the fathers’ and the mothers’ sides, nephews on both the brothers’ and sisters’ sides, and women who have breast fed you and their daughters and your wife’s mother is illegitimate; the same applies to the daughters of the wives with whom you have consummated your marriage. But if you have not penetrated those wives, then it is permitted (to marry their daughters); also marrying the wives of your biological sons, marrying two sisters simultaneously except when one sister is divorced (is illegitimate). Allah is the Forgiver, the Compassionate. (Footnote 73)


The illegitimacy of many types of marriages regardless of medical and hygienic considerations due to the dangers of mixing the identical bloods is out of respect for certain individuals. Spouses constitute a single entity with no barrier between them. Mothers and sisters and the other people who are off-limits for marriage enjoy a special status of respectability and so their reverence has to be observed. An aunt enjoys the same status of the parents, a grandfather and his wife are equal to the father in status and a woman who has breast fed a child is like its mother. Marriage alters this status and besides, if such inter marriages were permissible, then the husbands would presume such women folk as their property and would declare their mothers or sisters out of reach for the prospective husbands and this would lead to thousands of vices and would be contrary to humane and ethical considerations.

24-Also (illegitimate is) marrying married women, save the slaves who are owned by you. The God’s scripture is a witness to your deeds. You are permitted to marry all the other women after assigning upon them with their consent their marriage portion. Marry them in accordance with the religious tenets after assigning them by their consent; out of wedlock relationship is illegitimate even if they consent to that. If the marriage is for an agreed period [and not permanent], then pay them the portion agreed; Allah is the Knower, the Wise.

25-Those who are short of financial means and cannot marry a free believer woman, they can marry a believer slave. Allah is aware of your faith in each other. So propose to the slave woman through her owner and observe their rights as there must be mutual agreement in the arrangements of the marriage. A married woman should not take any boyfriends. If the slaves commit adultery, their punishment will be half of that of a free person. Marrying a slave is recommended to those who cannot stand the celibacy, but if they be patient is better for them; Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.

26-Through these tenets, Allah is willing to let you attain knowledge and wisdom, inform you of the manners and ways of the past generations and let you attain His mercy by adhering to such regulations; Allah is the Knower, the Wise.

27-Allah covers you with His compassion, but the usurper and lascivious people are willing to take over all your existence and suppress you constantly. (Footnote 74)


In fact if the disbelievers take full control of the situation and do not find any obstacle in their path, they will subject the humanity to abject poverty and humiliation. That they still observe the rules and regulations in their societies to a certain extent is due to the obstacles and barriers that they find in their path. Such obstacles in the way of their total control and abuse of their people is in fact in one hand their people’s common sense and intelligence that helps them recognize right from wrong and justice from injustice and on that basis show affection or disdain and react against the oppressors and then the uprisings of God’s friends who have fought the disbelievers by relying on God’s help and have won the battles and in this way have brought knowledge and consciousness to their people and enabled them to control the oppressors to a certain extent. That is thanks to these two phenomena that the oppressors believe they are observing the human rights. In the dawn of history when such a knowledge and freedom was lacking, slavery and back breaking labor was prevalent. So much knowledge and freedom that exists today is the result of the prophets’ teachings that has brought the disbelievers under control to some extent. So much humiliation and slavery in history was the result of the disbelievers’ desires.

28-God makes your lives comfortable through these tenets because man has been created weak and cannot stand heavy burdens.

29-O you who believe! Do not take possession of each other’s belongings wrongfully except by doing business based on mutual consent and never kill one another. Allah is Compassionate to you.

30- Those who take away the peoples’ lives and belongings wrongfully, We will make them create the hell in the same path they have taken and this is way too easy for Allah. (Finally the oppressor, on his path of tyranny will have to resort to fire arms and the very same fire is what he saves for his day of final judgment.)

31-If you avoid capital sins; Allah will cleanse you from evils and will enter you into a decent life.

32-When you see others with superior wealth or position or with other worldly possessions do not enviously say you wish you were like them; each man or woman has blessings based on his or her own talents. You too ask God to bestow upon you likewise or better. Allah is Aware of everything. (This ayah is the best remedy for the illness of envy.)

33-We have allocated a share of each parent’s patrimony for the nearest of the kin and given them authority. If you have made any contracts or promises with others, observe it! God is witness to everything.

34-Husbands are tasked with managing their wives’ lives because God has given them the strength to work and has given them the responsibility of paying for the expenses. So, dignified women, while observing their relations with God, must observe His tenets in the matrimonial life and safeguard the family’s life and dignity. If the husband notices that his wife has turned aloof and inconsiderate and has directed her interest outward, then in order to maintain order he must first advise her not to disintegrate the family. If it was in vain, he must stay away from her in the bedroom. If it was of no avail too, then he must punish her by blows that are not punishable by law (are not included in the law of limitations). If she obliged, then he must not disturb her; Allah is the Best and the Greatest. (In all the above cases, the husband must be free of blame himself. If his bad temper and abuse has caused the rift, he has no right to punish her.) (Footnote 75)


First of all, anybody who observes a shortcoming in someone or an unacceptable behavior from him and feels free to criticize him, he must look at himself first to make sure that he himself lacks such a trait and if so, reform himself. Husbands must reform themselves in the first place and remove their own defects and then try to blame their wives for a shortcoming that they themselves have. Once they found the wife recalcitrant, then they can put these instructions into effect. A wife’s recalcitrance means her lack of interest in the rules governing the family life and her interest in out of wedlock relationships and her intention to disintegrate the family life. It is very difficult for fathers to stand the burden of bringing up motherless children. These three punishments are executed at home privately and nobody else amongst the two side’s relatives and friends or even the children must be informed of the wife’s recalcitrance and husband’s punishments, because to the extent that one’s defects become known to the general public, making mends will be difficult. When the outsiders come to know about the problems, they may try to aggravate them and such a publicized antagonism will bring dismay to the children. However, there must be a time gap of at least 40 days between each stage of these punishments. In the first stage, the husband must remind the wife about the positive traits that he himself has and are not found in her and advise her to appreciate the God’s blessings. Then, if not successful, he has to turn his back to the wife in the bedroom and not talk to her. After some time, if it was in vain, he can use hitting her with blows that are not so painful and do not cause any discoloring of her skin or injury. Nobody should come to know about the pair’s conflicts until this stage; but if the man didn’t obtain the desired results, then a family court is held in which the nearest of the kin gather together, advise them and judge between the two of them. If again it was in vain, then it is time for divorce, and it must be a reversible divorce so that the two of them may return to each other during the period that the woman has to wait for the divorce to be finalized. In the reversible divorce, during this period their marriage still persists and the two can even inherit from each other. The husband can reinstate the marriage with a simple show of intention or by uttering a few words and no new matrimonial rites are necessary. If during this period, the woman did not reform herself, then a second reversible divorce takes place. During which time all the above mentioned conditions are valid and the marriage can again be reinstated by just talking to the wife. If it didn’t happen, then it is time for the third divorce that is irreversible and the husband cannot return to his wife unless if she marries another man and gets divorced from him. Therefore, as it was said, between the start of the conflicts and the final divorce, Allah has decreed the famous seven obstacles the Rustam [the mythical hero] faced. All of these obstacles are meant to prevent the disintegration of the family life and deprivation of the children from their mother.

In case it is the husband who has turned recalcitrant, then the wife must wait for some time and be patient and advise her husband the dangers facing their family life, asks a family or formal court to correct her husband’s state of mind or applies for a divorce granted at her request against compensation in which it is she who has the right to reverse the divorce so that the husband’s interest is rekindled.

35-If the rift between the two is too deep; mediators from both sides must sit together and solve their problems. If they are really seeking reconciliation, then God will join their hearts together; He is the Knower, the Aware.

36-Worship God only and do not ascribe partners to Him! Be benevolent to the parents, the kin, the orphans, the poor people, the neighbors whether related or unrelated, your co-travelers, those who have failed to reach their destination and slaves! Allah dislikes the arrogant people who boast.

37-[The same arrogant people] who are stingy in serving the others and make the others to be so, too, conceal the riches that Allah has bestowed upon them. We have prepared for them a humiliating torment.

38-Also those who donate and spend hypocritically in order to show off, they are not true believers in God and the hereafter, so they deserve the torment. He who chooses Satan as his companion must know what a bad companion he has chosen.

39-Why don’t they believe in God and the hereafter and do not act for the sake of God’s consent and celestial rewards and do not donate from what He has bestowed upon them? Allah is well Aware of their deeds.

40-Allah will not do injustice even as little as a particle’s weight, and even if a donation is too little, He will reward it multiple times and in the end, We bestow upon him an enormous reward (They will put their hands on the God’s wealth.)

41-When We offer the right examples from each nation and present you as the right example for the Muslims, what will be their condition in the face of such examples? (The God’s friends are standard bearers of righteousness and justice).

42-When faced with these witnesses of righteousness, the disbelievers and sinners become so disgraced that they wish they could plunge into the ground since they cannot conceal their condition from anybody.

43-O you who believe! Do not approach prayer while you are drunk so that you know what you are uttering! Also do not go to mosques when you have not performed your ablution after having been polluted by sexual activities. The only exception is when you just pass through a mosque. If you are ill or travelling (and cannot do the ritual washing) and have been to the lavatory or have had sexual intercourse with your wife, then do the ritual cleansing by using clean soil. Rub your face and hands by clean dust. This way God cleanses you from the pollution of sins and elevates you.

44-Study the condition of the people of scripture! Although they have the benefit of their heavenly scripture, they buy aberration against guidance and try to make Muslims go astray.

45-But, do not be afraid! Allah knows your enemies better, suffices you to have God as your Guardian and Helper.

46-Some Jewish people alter their scripture’s phrases or its rulings; they hear but disobey; mockingly say: hear what has not been heard and say in jest: O God’s messenger! Take care of us! If they would politely say: Most willingly O God’s messenger! We heard and obeyed, pay attention to us, would be much better for them. Then they would be stable and steadfast in their lives; but due to their not being thankful for the God’s blessings, He has cursed them and save a small group, the majority of them will not be believers. (Footnote 76)


The Jewish people used to mockingly say: O God’s prophet: “RA’INA” (take care of us)! Allah orders them to say: “UNZURNA” (watch us). The interpreters of Koran, when explaining this ayah have merely said that the first expression in the Jewish language is a term for mocking someone whereas the second expression is not so. But in fact, it is not the expression that per se’ entails mockery, but, rather, it is the intention of the person that utters such a word. The first expression conveys humiliation while the second one implies kindness and tenderness and therefore it reciprocates the prophets’ intention of inviting people. The first expression is a declaration that one is like a sheep and the addressee is a shepherd and the sheep has no will of its own. In fact, Allah and His messengers are not calling the people to show humiliation or flattery; but, they want them to accept the prophet’s call by dignity and out of free will. The prophets wish to convey the dignity that they themselves enjoy to their followers and not to herd them like sheep. So, the expression “UNZURNA” is closer to the prophet’s intention.

47-O people of scripture, (before we alter your human face and turn you into animals), come to believe in this Koran that recognizes your religion. You are well aware how the sinners of the Saturday were metamorphosed! Be it known to you that God’s decree will be realized when the time is ripe.

48-The idolaters will not benefit from the God’s blessings, but Allah, if wills, will bestow upon the other sinners the success of repentance (Because an idolater has cut off the path towards Allah). Whoever worships a creature besides the Creator, he has committed a grave sin. (Footnote 77)


The Arabic word “GHUFRAN” in fact means reforming the inherent deficiencies like when Allah raises children to maturity. The faithless person suffers from ignorance and inherent defects but if he or she accepts God’s invitation, he or she will be equipped with the light of faith. An example of this is ayah IL-14 where He says to Arabs: “…instead, say we have surrendered, because the faith has not infiltrated your hearts yet”. When a believer is equipped with the spirit of faith, he is matured while a disbeliever is an immature person who suffers from inherent defects. The interpretation of ayah IV-48 that says: “Allah does not bestow “GHUFRAN” to one who ascribes partners to Him” is that there is no way for Him to infuse the spirit of faith into a disbeliever and remove his defects. One who ascribes partners to Allah is not prepared to take in the God’s blessings and is only immersed in disbelief and idolatry. So, God’s blessing that is the spirit of faith does not reach him since he has no tendency towards God and is like one who never attends school to learn. “AFVE” and “GHUFRAN” that are related to the two words of “ZANB” and “ISYAN” are not synonymous words, but they are distinct from each other. “GHUFRAN” means reforming the inherent deficiencies, but “AFVE” means eliminating the ill effects of a sin. An idolater who is distancing himself from God does not gain the success to repent and the spirit of faith is not infused into him and so he dwells in ignorance and idolatry.

49-Look how some people praise themselves! It is only God who can raise the position of whom He wills. Not even the minimum injustice will be done to those who deserve a position.

50-See how they ascribe false statements to God by regarding themselves as superior and of higher position! (They claim to be Imams =leaders).  Telling lies is a capital sin.

51-See how a number of the people of scripture who hold a portion of God’s scripture are unjust! They proclaim their belief in idols and transgressing lords and declare that the idolaters are better guided than the believers!

52-God’s damnation has befallen them for preferring idolatry to the divine religion; he who is damned by God will not find a helper.

 53-With such a deviation, how is it possible for them to gain a share of the kingdom when they will not donate even a date kernel to people?

54-They are envious to the children of Abraham and children of Muhammad (SAWA) to whom Allah has bestowed His blessings! Tell them: Be burning of envy because God has given them the scripture and wisdom and decreed a great kingdom for them. (Footnote 78)


The great kingdom means an unlimited kingdom. It is neither limited by a spatial nor a chronological boundary so it is not limited to a certain location or time. Likewise, it has no quantitative nor a qualitative limit to comprise rule over one group of people or having certain good characteristics only; it is called the great kingdom as it is infinite and limitless.

55-Some believe in this kingdom and some deviate people’s thoughts from it; so suffices them the fire of hell.

56-Those who disbelieve in Our signs, be it known to them that We will ignite the hell fire by their own hands. A fire in which whenever their skins are burnt out, a new skin grows in its place so that they stay alive and suffer; Allah is the Respected, the Wise.

57-But, as for those who are the people of belief and right deeds, We will very soon enter them into paradises in which rivers of blessings and wealth flow. (I.e. a power and freedom by which whatever they wish becomes a reality) In that paradise, clean and dignified wives dwell under the refreshing shade of God’s rule.

58-Allah orders you to return what you have been trusted with to their owners, and when ruling on the peoples’ rights, judge justly. How well Allah advises you, He is the Hearer, the Knower.

59-O you who believe! Obey Allah, His messenger and those who have been tasked with ruling you. In case you have differences on certain decrees, refer it to God and His messenger if you truly believe in Him and the hereafter. Referring the case to God and His messenger is the best way and leads to the best clarifications.

60-Some Muslims, who suppose that they have true belief in what has been revealed unto you and the previous messengers, use the tyrannical rulers as their sources of reference whereas they have been ordered to disbelieve in them. Satan drags them towards an aberration far from truth (so that they can neither know the fact nor seek it).

61- If it is said: give up your carnal desires and obey God and His messengers, you will see that the hypocrites get upset and try to keep people away from Allah and His messenger.

62-What is their position? If a calamity befalls them due to their objections, then they will come back to you and apologize and say: our intention was to help and give services only!

63-Allah is well aware of their false pretentions; so stay away from them and advise them. Utter to them your wise words so that they have no excuses.

64-We didn’t assign any prophet unless We instructed him to rule with God’s permission; if those who have done wrong to themselves come back to you and beg Allah’s pardon and then, His messenger too, begs for God’s pardon for them, then they will find out that Allah is the Acceptor of repentance and the Compassionate.

65-Nay by Allah! They will not be true believers unless they accept you as a judge in their differences, in which case they will have no alternative but to accept your ruling and then will naturally concede.

66-If We make it obligatory for them to kill their carnal desires or to abandon the circle of their wrong thoughts and enter the circle of truth, all but a few of them will accept, while it will be much better for them to follow the advices. Adherence to the decrees will keep them stable;

67-In which case We will bestow upon them great rewards;

68-And will guide them to the straight path. (The straight path is the God’s guardianship)

69-He who obeys God and His messenger, he will be raised [from his grave] amongst those who have enjoyed the blessing of God’s guardianship, the prophets, the true believers and martyrs; what great friends and companions they will have!

70-Being in their company is the God’s grace and suffices them that He is Aware of His servants’ [deserved] rewards.

71-O you who believe! Be wary of your enemies! Be combat ready; you may combat all together or in groups.

72-Some of you drag their feet in war and step aside to see whether a setback befalls you and then they say: God was with us that we didn’t accompany them!

73- And if you turn out to be triumphant, then they become upset as if they have a materialistic relationship with you that is not based on humanity. Accordingly they say: we wish we were with them so that we could enjoy the spoils of war!

74- You have to fight those who sell their hereafter for this world. He who fights for the sake of Allah, whether wins the battle or is killed, will enjoy a great reward.

75-What is wrong with you that you do not fight for Allah’s sake whereas there are oppressed men, women and children who are helpless in the oppressors hands and cry out: O Lord! Relieve us from the rule of the arrogant and assign for us from Your side a just ruler who will come to our help!

76-Those who believe, fight in the way of Allah in order to establish the rule of guardians appointed by Allah whereas the disbelievers fight in order to bring the oppressors who have rebelled against God to power. O believers! Fight against Satan; Satan’s plots are weak and shaky.

77-Ponder about some protestors who, when their leader orders a ceasefire and asks them to take to prayer and social services instead, show objection, but when they are ordered to fight, they show the same fear from mankind that must be shown towards God only; or maybe they regard the disbelievers more important than Him. They object and say: this is not the time for war, it is better to be delayed for some time! Tell them this world is not worth it; the hereafter is much better for those who ward off evil and you will not be wronged even a little.

78-Tell them: death will overtake you wherever you are, even in fortified castles. If they are given a bounty of wealth, they say it has been bestowed upon them by Allah; but if they face a setback or loss, they attribute it to the leader! Tell them all the events are in the hands of God. What type of people they are who cannot see the root causes of the events?

79-Sure! Whatever blessings reach you, are from Allah, but whatever calamities befall you are related to yourselves. You are the God’s messenger and it suffices that He is Well aware of the people’s conditions.

80-He who obeys the messenger, has obeyed Allah, but whoever becomes obstinate, you are not bound to protect them against their decreed fate.

81-When they face you, they pretend to be obedient, but when they are in their nocturnal secret gatherings, some of them say what is contrary to what they have uttered to you. Allah registers their nocturnal conversations. Just disregard them and trust in Allah, suffices you that He is your Protector.

82-Why don’t they think over Allah’s ayahs? If they were from anybody save God, they would find numerous discrepancies between them.

83-When they stumble upon secrets about war or peace; they trumpet it everywhere; whereas if they refer what they hear to the God’s messenger or their supervisors, they will know better if the reports are true or false. Had Allah’s mercy not covered you, most of you but a few would have followed the devils.

84-Fight the disbelievers in the way of Allah, none but yourself is obliged to fight; encourage the believers to fight the holy war so that God may smash the vigor of the disbelievers and keep their evil away from you; God’s wrath is too severe and His torment is more severe.

85-Whoever promotes a good tradition, will enjoy its fruits, but whoever promotes a bad tradition, has to bear responsibility for it. Allah is Immaculate and watches over all deeds.

86-If anyone shows you compassion through a gift or greetings; you also reciprocate in kind or better; Allah keeps the count on your deeds.

87-Allah is the One besides whom there is no God; gathers you together towards the hereafter in which there is no doubt. What account is more truthful than that of Allah?

88-Why do you make conflicting judgments about the hypocrites? Allah has put them to perdition due to their deeds. Through your sympathy you try to guide whom Allah has sent astray. Whom God sends astray, he will not find guidance.

89-They would like to drag you towards disbelief like themselves; so never accept their friendship unless they immigrate towards Allah. If they do abandon the God’s religion, then kill them wherever you catch them, never accept their rule and never ask them for help.

90-Except if they seek refuge with the people with whom you have a treaty, or announce that they are fed up with fighting and cannot fight their kinsmen together with you. Had Allah willed, He would have let them overcome you. Accordingly, if they clear your path in order to avoid fighting you and declare that they are seeking peace, then Allah does not permit fighting them.

91-And there are others amongst them who would like to see both themselves and you in peace and safety but are not so steadfast, so they are attracted to trouble and face the perdition of disbelief. If they do not clear your way and do not seek peace, then kill them wherever you find them; Allah has given you both reason and rule over them.

92-No believer is allowed to kill another believer, unless [by accident and] erroneously in which case, in order to atone, he must free a believing slave and pay the blood money to the (dead person’s) clan. Exception is when they forfeit the blood money or the killed person belongs to an enemy group in which case you just have to free a believer slave and no blood money is paid. In case the killed person belongs to a group with whom you have made a treaty, then pay the blood money and free a believer slave too. If you couldn’t find a believer slave, then fast for two consecutive months. God’s Mercy blankets you; He is the Knower, the Wise. [???]

93-But if someone kills a believer intentionally and out of animosity, then the hell is his permanent place, God’s wrath and curse will take him and a severe torment awaits him.

94-O you who believe, when you are travelling in the way of God and face somebody, first investigate about him. If he treated you peacefully, then do not accuse him of disbelief for the sake of worldly possessions and in order to confiscate his possessions; God has abundant wealth. You were behaving so in the past before God’s mercy (the revelation of the religion of peace and amity) was bestowed upon you. Allah is well aware of your deeds. (Footnote 79)


In general, nobody is allowed to accuse someone who treats him peacefully of being an infidel or enemy. On the other hand, one must not lay his trust in the others fully and leave his fate to them. One must keep to himself his secrets and goals as much as possible. There is an adage that says: conceal your gold, destination and beliefs!

95-Those believers who evade war without being ill or having a problem are in no way equal to those who fight in the way of Allah by their life and wealth. Allah has given to the believers who fight in His way by their life and wealth a superiority of several degrees over the believers who stay away. Although He promises great rewards for all the believers, but he has given preference to the fighters in His way over those who sit aside. (Footnote 80)


Those who fight in the way of God, their spirit and capabilities will be elevated and their love for God’s servants is enhanced. So, due to their high spirits and kindness, in the hereafter are allowed to intercede on behalf of their friends who enjoy a minimum level of belief and to let them have a celestial life. They will attain both spiritual elevations that consist of capabilities and wisdom and high social status that let them take many of the God’s servants to a celestial life. The letdown people mentioned in the former ayah are those who have lived in a sinful environment and at the same time have had an internal inclination towards sins while they have had the ability to immigrate to another free place where they would have not been exposed to sins. These people present excuses that is worse than the sin itself by saying that they have been hapless and overwhelmed by the society. The letdown people in the second ayah are the truly oppressed ones who have either lacked the common sense to go away from such a society or have not had the means to do so. Accordingly, their excuse is accepted and they are delivered.

96-Those degrees are His elevation of the fighters and His Compassion; Allah is the One who elevates and is the Compassionate. (The higher positions are bestowed through intercession. “Ghufran” is the protection that He provides that leads to one’s elevation. God bestows upon the holy warriors the spirits and the potentials and the permission to intercede and elevate the others)

97-Those who have a dark file, when their spirit is taken away by the angels are asked: how were you living with this black profile? They reply: Forgive us; we did not have the power to quit sins in that heavy atmosphere of sinfulness! They are told: Wasn’t the earth vast enough for you to immigrate from that environment of corruption? Their excuses that are worse than the sin itself is refuted and the hell is their abode.

98-Exempted are men, women and children who are really oppressed and powerless and do not have the ability and knowledge to immigrate and have no means to go.

99-Their excuse is accepted and God may pardon them; Allah is the Forgiver, the Compassionate.

100-Whoever immigrates from an environment of corruption towards the school of God and His messenger, and so suffers restrictions and difficulties, and whoever dies in his way towards Allah, his reward will be secured with Him; Allah is the Forgiver, the Compassionate. 

101-When you are going to war or are travelling, it is permissible to shorten you daily prayers; of course if you are afraid of the disbelievers’ ambush or thieves and rubbers or savage animals since they are your enemies.

102-And when you or your commanders are leading the fighters, divide into two groups at the time of prayer; one will follow you in the prayer while keeping their arms on them and the other group will stand guard. The first group will continue their prayer individually after the first falling prostrate and after finishing, are replaced by the second group who will follow you in your prayer after the second bowing in prayer and then continue individually. After that they start fighting the enemy who would like to catch you off guard and attack you instantly. If you are ill or it is raining, then it is permissible to lay down your armament, but be agile! Allah has prepared a demeaning doom for the disbelievers. (Footnote 81)


The benefits of worshipping and performing the daily and other prayers are the emergence of wisdom and divine protection [“maghfirah” or “ghufran”]. Those who have relationship with God and obey His commands will have their hearts strengthened by the power of belief; the amount of their knowledge and bravery increases and their souls become distinct from those of the hypocrites. Their knowledge and faith is enhanced so they look like someone who can see the resurrection and the hereafter.

103-Once the prayer is finished, all fight in unison. Remember God constantly, and recite praises to Him while standing, sitting or reclining, all the time. Once the war comes to an end, then do your prayers in the usual way. Praying at the assigned times is like studying a book.

104-Do not show feebleness in following the enemy and facing them; be brave and firm. If you suffer injuries, they, too, suffer; whereas you are hopeful of God’s mercy while they are not; since they know that they are transgressors. God is Almighty and Wise.

105-We have revealed this Koran justly so that you judge between the people as Allah has taught you. Never defend the traitors.

106-Beg Allah for “ghufran”; Because He is the One who elevates, the Compassionate. (This word and its derivatives do not mean begging for pardon as is generally perceived, but rather, means begging the removal of one’s existential defects)

107-Do not defend those who commit treason against themselves; Allah does not like the traitors. (Footnote 82)


One who disregards his own rights and does not have the intelligence to defend them is not entitled to be defended by the others. He is like a slave who does not recognize freedom, does not look for it and sticks to his oppressor master, but, at the same time you would like to free him forcefully! You can only try to make him aware of his rights. The only thing that helps an ignorant to get rid of his self-imposed ignorance is facing calamities. 

108-They conceal their sins from people because they feel shame in front of them, but they are not ashamed in front of Allah whereas He is present in their secret gatherings and is Aware of their plots. Allah is Aware and covers everything.

109-You believers who defend them in this world, ponder who will defend them in the hereafter or who will be their attorney?

110-He who commits a sin, he does wrong to himself. If he begs God to remove his inherent defects, will see that He is the Forgiver and the Compassionate. (There is no way save repentance for getting rid of the outcomes of sin).

111-He who commits a sin, does wrong to himself; Allah is the Savant, the Sage.

112-One who commits a sin but points his finger at the others, bears responsibility for the two vices of sin and calumny. (He commits a sin and accuses the others).

113-If God’s Mercy is not with you and He doesn’t protect you, those who have gone astray would attempt to mislead you. In fact they are misleading themselves and cannot harm you or your religion. Allah has bestowed upon you the scripture and wisdom and has taught you what you wouldn’t know; God’s favor upon you is great.

114-There is no benefit in their secret gatherings and whispering only and unless if they order doing services and benefactions or consider favors or improvements in life. Those who allocate their gatherings to improvements for the sake of Allah, they will reap a great reward. (Footnote 83)


Those who are true believers, the subject of their conversations in their gatherings should always be guidance and improvements; they must advise each other to do charitable deeds and discourage each other from evil. In accordance with the saying: “A believer is a mirror for the other believers”, they must act as each other’s mirrors and inform one another about the vices in life and virtues and wrongs. Their gatherings must be hubs of training and teaching and must lead to the establishment of virtuous governments.

115-All those who make trouble for the God’s messenger even after it has been proven to them that he is rightful and walk in the ways that are divergent from those of the believers, We make them bound to the outcomes of their going astray and drag them towards the hell; what a wrongful path is the one to the hell!

116-Allah does not forgive the sin of ascribing partners to Him; He forgives all other sins whatever they are. Those who worship a creature instead of God, have deviated from the right path and have greatly distanced themselves from it. (The non-salvation of an idolater is because it is impossible and not because God does not do it).

117-Don’t be obedient to the oppressive devils that are only obsessed with lust and their stomach and are under the rule of Satan. (How is it possible for them to get the guidance?)

118-Allah has cursed Satan for saying that he would take away a number of His servants to his own path,

119-Would mislead them, drag them toward farfetched wishes, make them bear Satanic marks, alter His creation; he who chooses Satan as his leader, he has fallen into a great harm.

120-The exploitative devils show them gates to [imaginary] green gardens and incite in them lengthy wishes while the Satan’s promises are but lies and deceptions.

121-The abode of these deceived people and their leaders is the hell in which they will be besieged and will have no escape from.

122-We will equip the people of faith and right deeds with a knowledge and power from which rivers of wealth and power flow; they will dwell in such a life forever. God’s promises are true; who is more righteous than Him? (The true meaning of the Koran phrase “gardens underneath which rivers flow” can be derived from the narration named “Nawafil = voluntary prayers” in which we read: “My servants constantly approach Me….”).

123-It is not as you Muslims and the people of scripture imagine (that you will never be punished)! Everyone will bear the outcomes of his sins and will not find any guardian and helper save God. (Footnote 84)


Always the writers have regarded divine reward and punishment as willful acts of God and His appointed guardians and have never regarded them as the results of the people’s own deeds. Judaism and Christianity are especially noteworthy is promoting such superstitions. Jews regard themselves as God’s cousins and believe that paradise belongs to Abraham and as they are his descendants, they inherit it! Worse than that is their saying: “We are God’s children and His lovers”. Christianity too, has used the hell and the paradise as a means of making money and they “buy” the hell form the wrong doers and “sell” the paradise to the believers! In this ayah, Allah declares that it is not so as they say and believe, but, rather, these are the outcomes of knowledge and action and definitely one’s deeds are reflected unto him and are not in the hands of anybody else.

124-Any man or woman who is a person of belief and right deeds will enter the paradisiacal life and will never suffer the slightest injustice.

125-Whose religion is better than that of the one who yields to God? Such a person is beneficent and is at the service of mankind and follows the progressive religion of Abraham. Allah chose Abraham as His friend.

126-Be connected to Allah since whatever exists in the earth and heavens belong to Him and he is Dominant over everything.

127-They inquire about the women’s rights; tell them it is God who decrees on their rights (the second ayah of this surah that is about the orphan girls to whom their heritage has not been handed over and are solicited for marriage is in this respect). Also Allah decrees about the rights of the oppressed people and children and orphan girls whom you wish to marry without passing to them their rights. You are recommended to observe justice and fairness about them; Allah is Aware of any good deed.

128-If a wife notices lack of attention to the marital life from her husband, it is right to refer to family councils or legal authorities to make him observe the marital rules. Reconciliation is better than divorce. Man’s soul is selfish and self-centered. If husbands and wives and all the people be beneficent to each other is much better; Allah is Aware of your behavior. (Footnote 85)


The rules regarding wives’ non conformity were discussed in the ayah 34 of this surah. This ayah is related to the husbands’ non conformity when they have become inattentive to the marital life out of carnal desires and have put their interest in other women. It tells the wife that if the husband has become cold in the marital life and does not observe the marital rules, she can apply to an assembly of elders of both families or a judicial court and make the husband observe the rules.

129-You husbands can never establish justice between your wives even if you are eager to do so; so do not arbitrarily go after another woman depriving your first wife from her rights; both of you should be virtuous and reform your life. Allah is the Compassionate and gives you the strength to do so.

130-Even if a husband and wife divorce, Allah will manage their lives by His compassion; He is the Improver, the Wise.

131-To Allah belongs whatever exists in the heavens and the earth. We recommended you Muslims and the other people of scripture before that you should be virtuous; Even if they rebel against God, they must know that they cannot exit the circle of His power. To Allah belongs whatever exists in the heavens and earth; He is the Needless, the Praised.

132-Tell them, whatever exists in the heavenly and terrestrial worlds are Allah’s possession; suffices His being the Guardian of His servants.

133-If He wills He will take you people away and replace you with others; He is Able to do so.

134-He who aspires for the terrestrial life must know that both the celestial and terrestrial worlds are in the hands of God; He is the Hearer, the Seer.

135-O you who believe! Everywhere and always rise for the sake of justice; testify justly even if it is against you or your relatives - whether they are poor or rich, Allah is better aware of their condition (because justice is their best belonging). Beware of avoiding justice obstinately. Whether you twist the truth or refuse justice, He is Aware of your deeds.

136-O people of belief! Believe in Allah, the messenger, the scripture that has been revealed unto him and the scriptures revealed before him. Those who disbelieve in God, the angels, the messengers, the God’s scripture and the day of resurrection must know that they have greatly deviated from the road to salvation.

137-Those who first become believers and then choose to be disbelievers and once again believe and then disbelieve after that and augment their disbelief, Allah will never grant them growth and eligibility and will never guide them to the path to salvation. (Because they are not seeking guidance) (Footnote 86)


Such people have never been equipped with the real faith that is the spirit of belief and are bound to the ruling environment. If pretending to be believers benefit them, they do so but if being with the disbelievers look more useful, then they are with them! They are tools in the hands of the governing environment. The proof of this is the narrations related to the sudden change of destiny in which Imam informs us that the destiny of the wretched can change to salvation, but that of a salvaged person will never turn to wretchedness. So they have never gained the spirit of faith and that is why they have abided by hypocrisy. If someone enjoys the slightest ray of faith, it will be impossible for him to turn towards heresy and if God knows that he will return to heresy in future, He will make him pass away before that stage so that the minimum amount of faith that is his asset in the hereafter is not put to waste. Therefore this ayah refers to those who pretend to be believers and not the true believers.

138-Give the hypocrites glad tidings that they will finally be tormented by a great doom.

139-They are the ones who go under the guardianship of the disbelievers and thereby seek respect; they are not aware that all prosperity and dignity is exclusively in the hands of Allah.

140-We commanded you Muslims in Our scripture that whenever you see the disbelievers rejecting God’s ayahs in their gatherings, stay away from them till they enter another subject; if you sit with them, you will be regarded as one of them. Allah will drag the disbelievers and the hypocrites towards the hell.

141-The disbelievers and the hypocrites are always watching you; if you gain a victory, they immediately approach you claiming that they have been with you; but if the victory is gained by your enemies, they say that they have tried to help you by advising you to stay away from the enemies. Allah will judge between you in the hereafter; He never gives the disbelievers sovereignty over the believers.

142-The hypocrites believe that they are deceiving God; whereas it is Allah who deceives them (by turning their plots against themselves). They go for prayer reluctantly and show off their religiousness to people and seldom remember God.

143-They fly about like flies between the two groups of believers and disbelievers; they are self-worshipping and are not bound to any group. He who is sent astray by Allah, there is no road to salvation for him. (Foot note 87)


A fly is always looking for a dirty corpse or clothing and the hypocrites too, are always looking for the people’s defects and sins; so Allah likens them to flies.

144- O you who believe! Do not take the disbelievers as your friends or guardians; be exclusively with the believers lest you are condemned by God.

145-The hypocrites dwell in the deepest levels of hell (because they betray both the believers and the disbelievers); there will never be any help or helpers for them. (Footnote 88)


The reason why a hypocrite will dwell in the deepest level of hell is that he betrays both the believers and the disbelievers, so, in the hereafter when the truth is revealed, he will be condemned by both the believers and the disbelievers.

146-Save those who repent, correct their behavior, and seek shelter with God and purify their religion for Him. In that case they will join the believers; Allah will bestow upon the believers a great reward.

147-If you appreciate God’s blessings and believe in Him, then why should He torment you? He also appreciates your obedience, He is well Aware of your condition.

148-Allah does not like publicizing the wrong deeds and words; except if it is an oppressed person’s complaint against a wrong doer; He is the Hearer, the Knower. (Footnote 89)


Since an oppressed person is entitled to retaliate from the oppressor, he also has the right to bad mouth and to curse him. The badmouthing must correspond with the wrong doing that he has suffered; if the wrong doer has stolen from him, he can call him a thief and if he has beaten him, he can call him cruel. However, he is not entitled to accuse the wrong doer of something unrelated to the wrong doing he has committed like calling him a bastard or an adulterer!

149-If you publicize your right deeds or hide them and forgive the wrong doers’ wrong deeds; He is the Omnipotent and forgives your sins.

150-Those who disbelieve in Allah and His messenger and try to differentiate between God and the messenger by saying that they accept some rulings and reject others, they are attempting to initiate a path other than that of God for themselves.

151-They are truly disbelievers and We have prepared a demeaning torment for the disbelievers.

152-But those who believe in Allah and His messengers and do not discriminate between the messengers, they will very soon be granted a great reward; Allah is the Forgiver, the Compassionate.

153-If they audaciously ask you for a scripture to be revealed directly unto them by Allah, [it is not unprecedented since] they had made a more audacious request from Moses before, asking him to make God reveal Himself unto them! As a punishment for such an audacity, we sent unto them a thunderbolt. Later on, they turned to calf worshipping! We forgave them for those great sins and bestowed upon Moses power and kingdom.

154-Based on the covenant We made with them, We made the Mount Sinai (i.e. Torah) to rule over them and ordered them to enter the gate of religion prostrated and decreed that they should observe the Sabbath, and made them to make a firm undertaking.

155-Then due to their breach of the covenant and disbelief in God’s signs and their killing of the messengers and their offering the pretext that their hearts were sheathed (and so they could not perceive the truth) and not understanding that their disbelief was the real sheath over their hearts, and so only a few of them will be believers.

156-And also because of their disbelief in Jesus the Christ, and the grave accusation they levied against Saint Mary;

157-And their claim that they had killed Jesus Christ whereas they neither killed nor hanged him but they were mistaken (by mistake, they crucified Judas instead of him). They are in disarray about crucifying him, have doubts and illusionists, have no precise knowledge and are unsure if they have really killed him. (Foot note 90)


The story of crucifying Jesus the Christ as per the Gospel of Barnabas is as follows: Jesus, thanks to the miracles performed by him, had become very famous so that all the political and religious leaders had been overshadowed by him. The three groups who envied him were the king and the political figures -the Jewish religious leaders and the medics. Secret agents were constantly following him and so Jesus and his apostles had to go from one place to another and lead a secret life. Judas who was a traitor apostle, used to report his secret location to the agents and Jesus, while knowing his betrayal, wouldn’t disclose that secret. Allah informed Jesus the Christ that He would make him mingle with the common people and would give away the traitor to the agents to be killed. One night, when Jesus and his apostles were sleeping in a garden, Judas led the agents to the garden and asked them to hide somewhere and let him to go and wake up Jesus and then call them to show up. He told them to look for the person whom the apostles would gather around and kiss his hands. When Judas was approaching the group of apostles, Allah ordered Jesus to exit the garden and avoid any contact with people. Jesus exited the garden while his apostles were sleeping. Judas approached the group of sleeping apostles and started looking for Jesus. Immediately Allah altered Judas’s face to look like Jesus. He, unaware of this change of his face and voice, woke up the first apostle and asked him about the whereabouts of the Master. The apostle, unaware of the change, noticed that the master himself was waking him up and asking where the master was! He immediately kissed Judas’s hand and said: you are the master, why are you looking for the master? All other apostles woke up and started kissing his hands. The agents approached and arrested the Jesus look alike! The fake Jesus was crying that he was not Jesus, but the agents started whipping him and saying: This is another trick by a sorcerer like you to escape death! The common people gathered around them and started to cry. The following day they crucified him together with some tramps and prostitutes and so the Jesus’ enemies got peace of mind. Jesus’ apostles and his friends were grieving for the loss of such a great blessing of God and the healer of ailments. With such an expedience, the real Jesus exited the sphere of people’s thoughts and ascended to the forth heaven i.e. a sphere high above the mankind’s thoughts. (In the Koran metaphors, different heavens symbolize different levels of the mankind’s elevation of thoughts). Nobody was looking for Jesus anymore and so it made no difference whether he was in the skies or on the earth. Jesus, like Imam Mahdi (PBUH) is living amongst the people but does not introduce himself. Perhaps at times he has contacted Barnabas and that is why some apostles have declared that he has been relived after death. The reason why God kept him alive is to let him guide some of his followers when appropriate. He is with Imam Mahdi (PBUH) right now and they live in a heavenly condition. The people of paradise are bestowed the divine will that allows them to bring everything into being when they wish and they rule over the natural phenomena and for example they control the temperatures for themselves. Wherever they are or they go they can have whatever they wish. Death evades them and they don’t grow old or exhausted. Once they finally reemerge, they will turn this world into a heavenly one. When Imam Mahdi (PBUH) rises, Jesus will be accompanying him and will intercede on behalf of the virtuous amongst his followers. Right now, four people, namely Elias, Elijah, Jesus and Imam Mahdi have an eternal life, live amongst mankind but do not let people recognize them.

158-But, the truth is, Allah elevated him to a sphere high and out of reach of their thoughts; He is the Dominant, the Wise.

159-The people of scripture, without any exception will be believers in Jesus before their death and in the hereafter he will be a witness to their belief.

160-As a punishment for the Jewish people’s wrong doing in preventing people from walking the Allah’s path, We made some legitimate foods forbidden to them.

161-They also performed usury that is forbidden in their scripture and would take over people’s belongings wrongly. So We have prepared for them a great torment.

162-But, as for the Jews who enjoy the fundamentals of knowledge and those of them who believe in your scripture and the scriptures revealed unto the previous messengers, establish worship, pay the poor due and believe in God and the hereafter, We have prepared a great reward.

163-In the same way that We revealed unto thee the religion and the scripture, We inspired unto Noah and the prophets who came after him and Abraham and Ismail and Isaac and Jacob and the Tribes and Jesus and Job and Jonah and Aaron and Solomon and also inspired to David the book of Psalms.

164-Also to the prophets whose stories We have revealed unto thee and those whom you have not been informed of; We talked to Moses in a way that had no precedent.

165-The prophets who gave glad tidings to people about the results of their charitable deeds and warned them against wrongdoing so that mankind would not have any arguments against Allah (by saying that Allah did not guide them). Allah is the Dominant, the Wise.

166-Allah bears witness that He has revealed Koran unto thee out of His knowledge; angels, too, bear witness. However, sufficient is the God’s testimony.

167-Those who have disbelieved and prevented the others from walking in the God’s path have strayed too far away from His path.

168-Allah will never pardon those who have disbelieved and wronged Allah’s servants nor will He guide them to the right path.

169-They are only led to the path of hell in which they will dwell forever; and it is way too easy for Him to enter them into the hell.

170-O mankind! This prophet has rightly been appointed by Allah; believe in him, it is best for you. Even if you disbelieve in him, be it known to you that whatever exists in the heavens and the earth belong to Him so you can never exit His circle of power; He is the Knower, the Wise.

171-O people of scripture! Do not leave the boundaries of your religion and do not ascribe any attributes to Him except what is right. Jesus Christ the son of Mary is just a messenger of God and the logos that He bestowed upon Mary and he bears the spirit of God’s knowledge and wisdom. Believe in God and His messengers and quit talking about three gods and three essences; abandon such superstitions, it is better for you! Allah is an infinite fact and is devoid of any similarity to His creatures. Whatever exist in the heavens and the earth are His possessions. Allah Suffices as the Guardian of ideas and beliefs.

172-Jesus Christ himself has no qualms about being regarded as God’s servant; neither the angels who are closest to Him. Those who show arrogance against obeying Allah must know that all the arrogant will have to stand trial before Him.

173-In the hereafter, those who are the people of belief and right deeds, will reap rewards far greater than what they have accomplished; but those who have refrained from obeying God and show arrogance will be afflicted with a great torment and will not find any guardian or helper save God.

174-O mankind! A clear proof of truth has come to you from your Lord; We have revealed unto you a compelling and clear knowledge.

175-All those who believe in God and resort to this truth will enter God’s grace and compassion and thereby they will be guided to the right path and will move towards Allah.

176-If God’s servants ask you about how paternal or parental siblings inherit from a deceased, tell them if the deceased lacks any children, but has one sister only, she will inherit one half of the heritage based on her hierarchical position and the second half based on her preemption, but if the inheritor is a brother, he will inherit the whole heritage (on the basis of his hierarchical position). If there are two or more sisters, they inherit two thirds based on their hierarchical position and the balance based on their preemption. If there are brothers and sisters together, the brothers will inherit twice that much of the sister. Allah clarifies His decrees for you lest you are misguided; He is the Knower, the Wise.




                         In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


1-O you who believe! Adhere to your undertakings and covenants. We have made the flesh of grazing cattle halal [lawful, legitimate] to you save what will be mentioned henceforth. However, hunting while you are under the restrictions of hajj pilgrimage is illegitimate. Allah decrees as He wishes.

2-O you who believe! Do not violate God’s tenets like observing the months in which fighting is prohibited or not disturbing the cattle or camels that you are herding them towards Mecca for the hajj sacrifices when you are heading to hajj in the hope of obtaining God’s grace. Once you exit the period of restrictions of hajj, then you can go hunting. Do not let the wrong rituals of the other nations make you violate God’s rituals and spoil your pilgrimage. Assist each other in avoiding evil and in benevolence and do not assist each other in transgression and sin and avoid evil because God’s punishment is so harsh.

3-Corpses of dead [unceremonially slaughtered] animals, blood, pork, foods served in gatherings that have been arranged for the promotion of disbelief and sin, the halal animal that has suffocated or drowned, or died because of falling down, or killed by a blunt object or by a predator (save when it is ritually slaughtered before dying), meat that has been divided through betting, animal that is slaughtered for the idols or for the sake of promoting disbelief or sin, are all illegitimate for eating [haram= non halal] and its consumption is regarded as debauchery. If you adhere to the rules, the disbelievers will be dissuaded from overcoming you; do not care about them, mind Allah! Through these decrees that have to be observed under the auspices of God and the Imams I have perfected your religion and consented Islam to be your religion. At the time of desperation, but not out of sinfulness, you may consume such (haram) food; He is the Forgiver, the Compassionate. (Footnote 91)


Everywhere in Koran, God’s blessing has been interpreted to mean the guardianship of the infallible Imams because in fact the blessing of God’s guardianship that is represented by the infallible Imams’ guardianship is the God’s greatest blessing. It is a blessing under the auspices of which all other blessings are meaningful whereas under the ignorant and tyrannical rulers all the blessings turn into blight. The world that drags people towards hell is the one ruled by the tyrants. Accordingly, this worldly life will be a blessing only if it leads people towards paradise and knowledge and wisdom; and it is possible only under the rule of the infallible Imams. The sacred religion of Islam and its rules and rituals will be a blessing only if the world is ruled by the Imams; that is why an Islamic society ruled by the likes of Mu’awiyah and Yazid creates the Karbala tragedy and it is regarded as the worst doom from God.

4-They ask you my messenger what has been permitted by Allah to be consumed; tell them clean and legitimate foods, the prey that is caught by dogs you have trained for hunting (you can consume the flesh of the prey that is held by your dog, but when it charges, you have to say the name of Allah and if the prey is still alive when you reach it, you have to slaughter it). Mind Allah in your actions; He takes them into account instantly.

5-At this time when Islam is dominant, I have decreed the clean foods consumable for you. The alimentation [vegetarian foods] offered by the people of scripture is consumable for you Also the foods offered by you is legitimate. Permanent marriage with the believing women who preserve their dignity in accordance with the Islamic rites and also the temporary marriage with the women of scripture in which the expiry date and the dowry payable to them is specified are legitimate. Your relationship with them should be under the realms of law; women must avoid [out of wedlock] liaisons. He who disbelieves in the faith, his or her good deeds will be futile and will be a loser in the hereafter.

6-O you who believe! When you are getting ready for the prayers, wash your faces and hands up to the elbows and anoint your heads and the surface of your feet up to its high point. If you were polluted (due to copulation or wet dream), wash your entire body. If you were ill or travelling and have come out of the toilet or have done coitus to your wife and did not find water, then do ablution by clean soil or sand. Put the palm of your hands on it and then rob it over your face and hands. Allah does not wish to put you into hardship, but He wishes to cleanse you through such rituals and complement His blessings for you so that you be thankful to Him. (Footnote 92)


A natural and logical way of washing is the one by which the washing water flows away the part that is washed, like the ceremonial washing after carnal contamination in which the water flows away from one’s body. When in ablution the water flows from the elbow towards the fingers and away from them [as performed by the Shiites], it is regarded as a natural and logical way of washing, whereas if (as in the method used by the Sunnites) water flows from the fingers towards the elbows, the contaminated water is poured over the performer’s body, so it is illogical. Moreover, the Islamic rites must be sanctioned by the infallible Imams since they are the true heirs to our messenger.

7-Always remember God’s blessings of divine guardianship and His covenant as you could hear and obeyed. Ward off the evils described by Allah; He is well Aware of your condition.

8-O you who believe! Rise for the sake of Allah and be examples of justice. Do not let the disbelievers’ deeds prevent you from observing justice; Justice is closer to virtuousness; avoid disobeying God, He is well Aware of your deeds.

9-Allah has promised the people of belief and right deeds to let them achieve knowledge and potency and a great reward. (The Arabic word “MAGHFIRAH” against the word “ZANB” means removing the defects).

10-And all those who disbelieved and denied Our revelations must know that they are the people of hell.

11-O you who believe! Remember that great blessing of Us that when a group of the disbelievers decided to attack you, He deflected their evil from you. Avoid disobeying Us! The people of faith put their trust in God only. (Footnote 93)


This is related to the peace “treaty of Hudaybiyyah”. Before conquering Mecca, the God’s messenger decided to go for pilgrimage there. The inhabitants of Mecca prevented him from entering the city. Even if they had not prevented him, entering that city in that stage would have been too dangerous since Muslims could have been ambushed and killed. This peace treaty bore several great achievements for Muslims. The first one was that the idolaters of Mecca understood that the prophet recognized the hajj pilgrimage. Also this treaty brought peace of mind for them and finally, the expansion of Islam during the peace time made the Quraysh opponents to breach the treaty and that led to the final conquest of the city by Muslims.

12-We took the covenant from the Sons of Israel and appointed the twelve guardians for them. Allah told them: As long as you keep establishing worship and paying the poor due and believe in the messengers and help them and pay good loan to Allah, My help will be with you through such right deeds; I will cleanse you from contaminations of sinfulness, let you achieve power and a knowledge through which rivers of blessings flow. Subsequent to this promise of Mine, whoever disbelieves, has strayed away from the right path.

13-After that, due to their breach of the covenant, We cursed them, dragged them through their worship of the worldly possessions towards hard-heartedness. They distorted the divine words away from their true meanings and forgot His promises. You [believers] continuously come to know the betrayers amongst them. Exempted are those of them who observed the God’s covenant whom you must forgive and show them a welcome face; Allah loves the virtuous.

14-We also made a covenant with the Christians in the same manner and they, too forgot their share that was what Allah had promised. Due to such deviations and differences, enmity emerged amongst them till the day of resurrection. Allah will inform them what they did and what they became.

15-O you people of scripture! Our messenger [Muhammad –SAWA] has been sent down to reveal unto you the divine rules that have been concealed or deleted from your scripture and let you be forgiven for your misdeeds. Now light and compassion and scripture and wisdom have been sent down upon you by Allah.

16-Through this scripture, Allah guides those who are seeking His consent towards the paths of safety and let them exit the sphere of ignorance and move towards the sphere of knowledge and in that sphere lets them reach the celestial life. (Foot note 94)


Koran is a comprehensive book that contains all of the sciences and rules that have been revealed unto the previous messengers. All of the prophets are fully identical in teaching three basic principles and all have observed them uniformly. The first principle is the belief in the only one God who has no partners and is clear of any resemblance in existence and characteristics to His creations. The second is the belief in life in the hereafter when the true reward or punishment of the creatures’ deeds is rendered. The third principle is that everybody must believe in useful and helpful acts and people must serve each other and never betray their fellow human beings. They must establish contact with God through prayers and beg Him exactly in the way they have been ordered to do and their relationships with the creatures must be based on useful services. These three principles that are the essence of the prophets’ teachings have been revealed in Koran in detail and free from delusions and superstitions. So, Islam is the complementary of the other prophets’ religions. Whoever accepts Islam, he or she has accepted all the other religions. There is an adage that says: “when we have the one hundred, ninety is already in our hands”.

17-All those who proclaim that Jesus the son of Mary is the Allah’s son are disbelievers in Him. Tell them who can stop God from annihilating him, his mother and all the inhabitants of the earth if wishes? The kingdom of the earth and heavens and whatever exists between them is His; He is Able to do everything.

18-The Jews and Christians claimed that only they are the God’s sons and His friends. Tell them: so why Allah dooms you due to your sins? You are His creatures like all other people. Allah forgives whom He wishes and torments whom He wishes. His is the kingdom of heavens and the earth and whatever exists between them and the course of all of the revolutions and evolutions is towards Him. (Footnote 95)


Always in history, those who have been deprived from the messengers’ teachings have described their and God’s existence based on assumptions and comparisons and have likened God to His creatures. They have assumed themselves as lineage and descendants of Him or have regarded themselves as His cousins! The Jews regarded themselves as the immediate descendants of Allah and declared: “We are the sons of God and His friends”! They have brought down Allah from His position of being unlike His creatures and likened Him to them! Islam is the only school that regards God devoid of any similarities in existence and characteristics to His creation and regards no lineage between the two.

19-O people of scripture! Our messenger Muhammad (SAWA) emerged after you were deprived from the presence of messengers for a long time in order to guide you towards the messengers’ pure religion so that you might not put forward the pretext that you went astray because you didn’t have any new prophets. Yes! This messenger who gives glad tidings and warns against going astray has risen. Allah is Able to do all.

20-Before that, Our messenger Moses said: O people! Remember the God’s blessings unto you! Allah raised messengers amongst you and appointed kings from yourselves, bestowed upon you power and dignity that had never been given to anyone on the earth.

21-[Moses] said to you: O folks; enter the sacred land of Abraham, move forward and do not turn away lest you may be mired in ignorance and superstitions due to your turning away and then be harmed!

22-They replied: O Moses! There are oppressive people living in that [land]; so we will not enter it unless they leave it; once they leave, we will settle in their lands!

23-Two of them who enjoyed being believers and were wary of disobeying Allah cried: O folks! Go to war against them! You will be victorious once you make battle formations; Trust God if you are true believers!

24-They replied: No, we will not go there as far as they are there! You Moses and your God go to war and we will be sitting here waiting for a readymade life! (Footnote 96)


The nation of Moses were an idle and inactive people who had been accustomed to slavery and scavenging from the leftovers of the Coptic people and Moses could only rescue them by means of miracles. The great revolution staged by Moses and his defeating of the Pharaoh and his followers was solely made with the help of miracles. Allah the Almighty made the people of Pharaoh hapless and finally drowned them all in the sea. The only thing the followers of Moses would do was to cry out and ask him for food and drink whenever they were thirsty or hungry! If he asked them to use picks and shovels to dig a water well or do farming, they would nag him for taking them away from their readymade life in the houses of the followers of Pharaoh and moving them away into an arid desert! They were not ready to at least dig a well for water! They were like small kids who, when seeing a toy, would cry and ask their parents to get them one! - “Make for us a god as these people have one”! Moses had to make springs flow out of rocks for them and to ask the heavens to send them food! All of the miracles shown by prophets were to offer a proof of their truthfulness, but those of Moses were to fulfill their demands! When Moses asked them to go to war with Amaliq people and take back their ancestral lands from them, they said: Go you and your God and fight them and take our homes back and then let us dwell there! “Go you and your God and fight”!

25-Moses, becoming hapless, cried: O God! I have no one but myself and my brother, please do not count us amongst these ignorant people!

26-Allah decreed to Moses: These people will be deprived from a civil life for forty years and will have to wander in this desert (till a new generation grows up). Do not get upset for this deprived people!

27-Tell them the story of Adam’s two sons (Abel and Cain) when both of them offered sacrifices. That of Cain was rejected but the sacrifice of Abel was accepted. Cain told his brother: I will kill you! He replied: what can I do? Allah accepts the offering of the virtuous only.

28-If you extend your hand of aggression towards me I will not reciprocate; I am afraid of the Lord of the worlds!

29-You will have to bear the responsibility for killing me and will be one of the people of hell! The punishment of an aggressor is nothing but the hell! (Since the last resort of the aggressors is fire).

30-His carnal desires led him towards murdering his brother. He murdered his brother and was counted amongst the losers. (This ayah is proof that Satan is the carnal desires)

31-He wondered what to do with his brother’s corpse. Allah made a crow to appear in front of him. It used its claws and dug a grave in order to show him how to bury his brother. He said: woe is to me! I am more inept than this crow since I don’t know how to bury my brother. Then he regretted murdering his brother. (Regretting is different from repenting).

32-Due to this aggression, We decreed for the state of the Children of Israel that whoever kills one person it is as if he has killed the whole mankind and if he relives one, it will be as if he has revived the whole mankind. (Because the value of mankind is thanks to its knowledge and faith and one person’s knowledge equals all), The messengers went to people offering them clear signs and proofs but they did transgress many of those signs.

33-The punishment of those who fight against Allah and his prophet and try to propound perversion and corruption is to be mutilated or hanged or their feet and hands be amputated crosswise or be sent to exile. This will be their humiliation in this world and they will suffer a severe torment in the hereafter. (Footnote 97)


The anti-God fighters are those who breach an Islamic country’s security by attacking the cities and villages and killing the people, setting up corruption and putting people in the harm’s way in order to secure their own goals. These decrees have been issued by Allah against their crimes.

34-Save those who repent before they are caught; they must know that Allah is the Forgiver, the Compassionate and will bestow upon them the wisdom to know how to live.

35-O you who believe, avoid obstinacy and sin, be looking for an intercessor between yourselves and God, fight in the way of Allah so that you are delivered!

36-The disbelievers must know that if they pay compensation several times the wealth available on the earth so as to be spared the hell fire, it will not be accepted (because the only means of one’s salvation is his virtues). A painful doom has been decreed for them.

37-They intend to relieve themselves from the torment but they can’t (since the torment is inherent in their existence); a permanent and lasting torment.

38-Amputate the hands of a man or woman who steals; this is the punishment for stealing; a torment decreed by Allah the Dominant, the Wise. (Footnote 98)


Theft is different from robbery. If it is proved that a thief has committed the theft due to desperation and not out of greed, then he is spared such punishment and may receive a light punishment at most. Otherwise, his four fingers are cut off and if he repeats his crime for the third time, then he is executed. The cutting off of the fingers is done only after it is proved that the theft has been committed as disrespect for law and for the sake of transgression and not out of desperation.

39-Save those who repent after committing the theft and before being caught, in which case God’s compassion will cover them; He is the Forgiver, the Compassionate.

40-Don’t you know that to God belongs the kingdom of heavens and the earth; He punishes whom He wills and bestows wisdom and intelligence to who He wishes. (GHUFRAN means growing into wisdom). Allah is Able to do all.

41-O God’s messenger! Do not let the hasty and continuous activities of the hypocrites and disbelievers who utter belief but are not believers in their hearts and the Jews who listen to those who have never seen you and distort God’s words out of their true meanings upset you! They advise each other to accept the messenger’s words only if they are in their favor, but otherwise avoid it. You will not be able to put into the right path him who Allah has put into trouble; they are those whom God does not wish to cleanse their hearts. For them disgrace in the world and torment in the hereafter has been made ready.

42-The Jewish people are obsessed with listening to lies and consuming illegitimate goods. If they consent to your judgment, judge amongst them or abandon them. If you abandon them they cannot harm you; but if you judge between them, do it justly since Allah loves the just.

43-How can they consent to your just judgment whereas the right rules are contained in their scripture but they avoid them? They have no faith in God.

44- We revealed Torah that was the God’s light; also the messengers who were subservient to Allah and the scholars and godly people who were protectors of the God’s scriptures, used to judge between the Jews and witnessed their adherence to the His orders. Do not be afraid of people, but fear God. Do not sell My signs for the paltry price of this world. Those who do not make judgment in accordance with the God’s scripture are disbelievers. (Footnote 99)


Every prophet’s nation is divided into the two groups of believers and disbelievers. The former are those who in accordance with their wisdom and conscience and their obedience to the prophets are wary of being oppressors and cruel; they do service to the others if they can, or at least do not trait them. The other group is disbelievers who live in betrayal and cruelty and do not believe that they may be brought to task. As per Koran: “One group will be in paradise and one group in fire”

45-We revealed in Torah the phrase: “soul for soul, Eye or ear or other body parts for identical parts, injuries to be equally reprised; to refrain from asking retribution or blood money will be a redress for one’s sins. He who does not judge on the basis of the God’s scripture will be a wrong doer.

46-Pursuant to Moses, in the same line of prophets We Assigned Jesus the Son of Mary who would confirm the contents of Torah and inspired unto him the Gospel that was knowledge and guidance which confirms Torah and was guidance and advise for the virtuous.

47-The followers of gospel must judge in accordance with the God’s scripture. Those who do not make judgment based on the God’s scripture will be wicked.

48-And we revealed unto thee this Koran that confirms the realities and the heavenly scriptures and is superior to them. Judge between them on the basis of what God reveals unto thee; do not follow their desires against the truth that is obvious to you; We have decreed certain ways and rituals for each nation. If Allah wills, He can unite all as one nation, but He tries each one on the basis of knowledge and religion. Your duty is to race each other in moving towards Allah by doing virtuous deeds. He is your final reference and He will inform you about whatever you disagree on. (Footnote 100)


The best factor that will finally leads to a natural and wise unity between people is good will. Imagine a group of people who are wandering in a desert and trying to locate their destination. Since there is only one road to that destination, eventually they take that road and are united in moving towards that destination. God’s religion is but a single road and that is looking for righteousness and being benevolent. A benevolent person will naturally and logically become a believer in God and accept His religion. It is like vehicles that all have to move in the road. That is why Allah declares a general rule for monotheism that is identical to unity and it is: “race one another in being charitable”!

49-Make judgment on the basis of what Allah reveals unto thee, do not follow their wishes, beware of being deceived and prevented from declaring some of the religious tenets and the guardianship [of the infallible household]. If they refuse to accept your call, be it known to you that God wishes to trap them in the outcomes of their deeds; most people are wicked.

50-They prefer the ignorance based rules of the era of ignorance. Tell them, who is a better ruler than Allah for the people of belief?

51-O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and the Christians as your guardians and rulers letting some of them to rule a group of you. He who admits them as his guardian will be regarded as one of them; Allah does not guide the wrong doers. (Because it is not possible)

52-Some of the Muslims continue their activities amongst them under the excuse that they are afraid of being harmed if Muslims are defeated (Are conservatives.) Likely you will be triumphant and they will regret it.

53-With this triumph, the believers should ask the conservatives: where are those enemies who used to swear they would help you on the day of hardship? Their services will be fruitless in the hereafter and they will achieve nothing but loss.

54-O Muslims! Be it known to you that if some Muslims return to a life of heresy and sins very soon Allah will let some other nations emerge whom He likes and they too, love Him; they are docile and calm when facing their brethren, but fight valiantly and violently against the enemies; are not afraid of the taunts of those who always taunt. Such a strong belief is an Allah’s blessing that is bestowed upon whom He wishes; He is the Solver of the problems, the Knower.

55-Your guardians are Allah, His messenger and those believers who pray and pay the poor due while they are praying. (All of the Muslims agree that this ayah is about Imam Ali –PBUH who paid the alms while bending in prayer.) (Footnote 101)


“Wilayah” (guardianship) means supervision and having authority over someone. “Waleey” (guardian) is someone who is kind and compassionate like one’s own parents. It is like the fathers’ authority over children. There are three groups who have authority over man since people in recognizing the problems associated with life are like children. They are knowledgeable fathers, God and His messenger and a believer with a belief that is enhanced to perfection. The messenger is like God since whatever he decrees, comes from God. The perfected believer’s guardianship like that of the messenger is based on God’s guardianship and it is clear that God does not do anything unless it is expedient. Those who are outside these three groups will inevitably prefer their own interests over that of the others. Those who leave their fate to the disbelievers surely have put their world and hereafter to waste and will be caught in the hell like them. Relationship with any disbeliever should be limited to doing business during peace times.

56-Those who are under the guardianship of Allah, His messenger and such a believer are counted as members of the party of God and the party of God will be triumphant.

57-O you who believe! Do not accept the guardianship of those who scorn your religion; avoid befriending them if you are true believers.

58-How shameless they are that ridicule the sound of calling to prayer (AZAN); they do not make use of their intelligence and common sense to perceive Allah’s Grandeur.

59-Tell them: O people of scripture! Your animosity towards us is just because we are believers in the scripture that has been revealed unto us and the previous messengers. In fact most of you are corrupt.

60-Tell them I will inform you which people will be punished by the worst outcome of their deeds; those who were cursed by Allah and He imposed his wrath upon them and were metamorphosed into pigs and monkeys and finally turned into their enemies’ slaves. Such people have plunged into the worst conditions and were more misguided than any other people.

61-They are hypocrites; when they face you Muslims, pretend to be believers. They come to your presence and exit while the factor of disbelief is lodged inside them. Allah is better informed of their internal disbelief.

62-You see many of them speeding away in disbelief and sinfulness and are greedy in gaining illegal possessions. Way bad is what they commit.

63-Why don’t the God believing leaders and scholars prevent them from lying and taking possession of illegitimate gains? How despicable is what they do!

64-The Jewish people, based on their wrongful ideas say: God’s hands are tied! May their own hands be tied! May they be distant from Allah’s grace with such ideas and words! Nay so! God’s both hands are free and He bestows as He wishes. Most of them augment their disbelief and sinfulness in the face of these ayahs that are revealed unto thee. We have decreed animosity and conflict amongst them till the hereafter. Whenever they ignite the fire of war, Allah extinguishes it. They are very active in corruption and sabotage and God dislikes the corrupt. (Footnote 102)


This ayah, declaring that the Jews will be caught in enmity and animosity against each other till hereafter shows that the hereafter starts with the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) because it is clear that once he rises, no other religion save Islam led by our Imams will continue to exist. All the people of the world will be divided into two groups; the disbelievers who will be deprived of everything and whose repentance will be dismissed; and the weak and oppressed believers who will be salvaged by the Imam. What a cruelty is worse than disbelief and how can the world be covered by justice and good governance if the disbelievers go free? There is no cruelty worse than the rule of disbelief and sin. What has been quoted from Imam Baqir (PBUH) in the book “Tuhaful Oghul” in the interpretation of the ayah: …”till war lays down its burdens….” As having said: “Allah yields the rule of the world to Imam Mahdi in just one day and night”, is testament to this point. As per the aforesaid narration from the Imam, all of the people of the world will cry: we believe, we believe! But Imam Mahdi only accepts the belief that has been uttered before his rise. The gates to repentance are closed to the disbelievers. So, in this ayah, Imam Mahdi’s rise has been declared as constituting the hereafter.

65-If the people of scripture believed and avoided opposing the right path, I would cleanse them from the evils and would enter them into paradise.

66-If the people of scripture revived their own scripture and what has been revealed unto them, we would send down our blessings unto them from the heavens and the earth; but only a number of them are moderates and most of them are corrupt.

67-O reverend messenger! Advise the people whatever knowledge of guardianship that has been revealed unto thee! If you do not advise people about the guardianship after yourself, then you will have not fulfilled your mission; Allah protects you from the evil of the people; He does not guide the disbelievers. (Footnote 103)


Whatever is sent down by Allah and whatever the earth yields are presentable only in light of the human life. The whole evolutions of the world sans human being will be in vain since the creation of the world will be pointless. Likewise, the creation of the mankind will be meaningful only under the auspices of the perfect believers’ guardianship that emanate from the God’s guardianship. If it were not for the perfect believers’ guardianship, the creation of the world and man would be futile. So this is the proof of the contents of this ayah in which Allah declares to the prophet: “Without advising the guardianship [of the infallible household], you will have not relayed the God’s religion yet”.

68-Say: O the people of scripture! There will be no future for you save by keeping alive Torah and the Gospel and whatever is revealed unto you. Against the religion and the scripture that is revealed unto thee, the disbelief and aggression by the people of scripture is augmented; do not be upset by the way they deal with you.

69-Those Muslims and Jews and Christians and others who are seeking the truth, whoever of them who observes these three principles (belief in God, the hereafter and the right deeds), should never be afraid nor have any regrets since they will be the people of paradise (the blessing of these three principles is that the people are directed in a united way and religion).  

70-We made a covenant with the Children of Israel and sent down upon them so many messengers; but every time they noticed that the messengers were not saying what they wished, rejected or killed them.

71-They supposed that despite their objections and rejections, they would not go astray, so they turned blind and deaf. Allah showed mercy upon them by sending another messenger so that they could know the proper ways of living; but they opposed again and turned blind and deaf. Allah was Aware of what they did.

72-Those who declared that God is Jesus Christ really turned into disbelievers. Jesus himself used to call people to worship God and insisted that whoever ascribes partners to Allah, He would ban him from the paradise and his abode will be the hell. Those who ascribe partners to Allah are wrong doers and will not find any helpers.

 73-All those who claimed that God is one of the three (God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus) went astray. God is only One and has no identical or similar. If they do not give up such beliefs, their disbelievers will be afflicted with a painful doom.

74-Why do not they seek refuge with Allah so as to attain wisdom and intelligence? If they repent, God will bestow upon them the knowledge.

75-Jesus Christ is another prophet like those who were before him, and his mother was a purified woman who confirmed the God’s word. They used to eat and live. See how We clarify the facts to them and still they choose the path of idolatry.

76-Tell them: why do you worship someone or something that cannot benefit or harm you rather than Allah? He is the Hearer, the Knower.

77-O the people of scripture! Do not take any path save that of the truth! Do not follow the desires of those who went astray before you and sent the people astray!

78-The disbelievers amongst the Children of Israel were cursed by David the prophet and Jesus Christ. That is because they committed sins and violated the rights of the weak people.

79-They would not give up their despicable deeds; what bad people with what wrongful deeds they were!

80-You observe many of them taking the disbelievers as their guardians and exit the realm of the God’s religion. How bad are their guardians who bring the God’s wrath upon them and dwell in the hell forever! (Footnote 104)


Nations are doomed to darkness and stone heartedness because of their record of crime, tyranny and sinfulness. In the same manner that belief and rendering services adds to the light and compassion in the believer’s heart, darkness in one’s heart is augmented continuously due to tyranny and cruelty up to the point where one ‘s nature is transformed into that of a savage predator. That is why the Jews who have a longer record of tyranny and cruelty and killing the prophets have plunged into more darkness and have finally been caught in God’s wrath. It must be known that committing a sin willfully and out of aggression is different from doing so due to suffering from shortcomings and ignorance. Cruelty by guilt is a willful act of oppression towards an oppressed person and leads to the hardening of the heart. Cruelty due to shortcoming is an ignorant act like what is committed by someone who has been deceived into believing that the oppressed person is a wrong doer. The latter does not lead to the hardening of one’s heart. Such an oppressor’s repentance after finding out his shortcoming will be accepted while tyranny and oppression based on guiltiness leads to the hardening of the heart and its darkness. The oppressions committed by the Children of Israel have always been willfully and knowingly because they have killed the messengers while knowing them as being truthful. This ayah and similar others that divide the people of scripture into two groups are proof to the fact that they are divided into two groups of believers and disbelievers with the former being weak and powerless and the latter being dominant. Everywhere it says: “Those among the people of scripture who disbelieved...” The believers amongst them have either been ignorant and unable to recognize the rightfulness of Islam due to the adversaries’ heavy propaganda or too weak to pull themselves out of the rule of the oppressors. This powerless group is subject to salvation.

81-If they were believers and accepted what God reveals, they would not go under the guardianship of the disbelievers; but the majority of them are non-righteous.

82-Muslim’s most severe enemies are Jews and Idolaters and the closest nations in befriending Muslims are Christians because many of them are monks and religious leaders and do not have any arrogance, so they accept the right path.

83-When the Christians hear the ayahs that have been revealed unto the messenger get emotional and shed tears because they see that they are hearing the truth from the God’s messenger directly. They utter: O God! We believed in your religion! Register our names in the list of the witnesses of the truth!

84-They tell themselves: why not we believe in God and the religion of truth that has been revealed while we covet being raised in the hereafter together with our righteous ancestors?

85-As a reward for such a belief, Allah enters them into the paradise underneath which rivers of blessings flow and they reside therein forever. Such is the reward of the benefactor.

86-But those who disbelieve in Allah’s ayahs and deny them, they will be dwellers of the hell.

87-O you who believe! Don’t ban what God has decreed as clean! Do not violate each other’s rights! Allah does not like the transgressors.

88-Make use of God’s favors by earning them through trades and businesses based on mutual consent; avoid disobeying God in whom you believe!

89-Allah will not chastise you for casual oaths; but rather for serious faith based oaths (that you pledge to do something). The atonement for such a break of oath will be to feed ten poor people with the average food that you feed your own family or to dress them or to free a slave. If you were unable to do so, then fast for three days. These decrees are atonement for broken oaths. Preserve your undertakings with God! He explains His ayahs for you so that you may observe His rights.

90-O you who believe! Alcohol consumption, gambling, idolatry and betting sticks are wicked and are Satan’s deeds; avoid them so that you are salvaged!

91-Satan intends to stir enmity amongst you through wine drinking and gambling, prevent you from remembering God and prayer as a means of communication with Him. Would you abandon such behaviors?

92-Obey Allah and the messenger! Fear God! If you evade God’s decrees, then Our messenger’s task is to notify you about the message.

93-Those who believe and ward off evil, once they have avoided the taboos and have done the right deeds, will not be questioned for what they eat and wear; they have the right to use the blessings of God through faith and piety, and then follow faith and piety. Again, observe faith and piety and do charity, God loves the benevolent people

94-O you who believe! Allah puts you to test by banning hunting while you are in the inviolable time and place of worship so that it may be known who full heartedly fears Him. Once this announcement of banning hunting is made, whoever transgresses will be punished by a painful doom.

95-O you who are present at the inviolable place of worship! Do not hunt while you are under restrictions of hajj! Whoever hunts during that period, he will have to atone by sacrificing sheep or cattle equivalent to the hunted animal as fine. A just person like Imam will determine the size of the fine. Sacrifice the animal as atonement for hunting during the major hajj in Mina and for hunting during the minor hajj opposite the Inviolable Mosque (masjid IL haram)! You can also equally feed some poor people or fast for some days so that you are punished for your sin. Once the atonement has been made, the sin is overlooked but if one repeats hunting, then God will take revenge from him; Allah is the Avenger. (Footnote 105)


The Arabic infinitive “TAKFIR” means removal and cleansing of the darkness of disbelief and sin. Likewise, its derivative: “KAFFARAH” is a cast of the word alluding exaggeration and means a highly and effective cleanser. “KAFFARAH” (atonement) has been decreed in order to let the sinner showcase his true repentance and to take at least the first practical step and endure some trouble in this path so that he values the cleanliness he has achieved. However, the cleansing of the heart is in the God’s hands. Allah asks the believer to make a movement in exchange for whatever He does for him. One will value a blessing only if he endures some pain for achieving it. So the sinner has been ordered to pay the KAFFARAH [alms] just to feel God’s blessing in his heart.

96-Hunting in the sea and consuming sea foods for the pilgrims who travel by sea and for the sea caravans is allowed; only hunting on land when you are under hajj restrictions is prohibited. Fear the God towards whom you will return!

97-Allah has assigned Ka’abah that is His inviolable house a means for the people’s social exaltation. He also gave credence to the inviolable months and the sacrifice so that through such decrees you come to know that He is Aware of whatever exists in the skies and the earth.

98- Be it known to you that Allah the Almighty, although is the Forgiving and the Compassionate, will at times exert a severe punishment.

99-Our messenger’s task is just delivering the message and propagation; Allah is Aware of what you demonstrate and what you conceal.

100-Say: Good and bad people are not equal, even if the great number of wicked people is astonishing. O you wise people! Take to the path of warding off evil so as to avoid becoming ill natured and be salvaged.

101-O you who believe! Do not try to uncover secrets that knowing them will upset you! Do not ask untimely questions! If necessary, some of those secrets will be revealed unto you by revelation of ayahs. Allah forgives you since He is the Compassionate, the Merciful.

102-The past generations asked many untimely questions and when the truth was presented, they rejected it! (Like the Children of Israel who asked to hear God’s voice, but when they heard it they disbelieved in it).

103-Allah has never decreed that the consumption of meats of camels that you call them “Buhayrah”, “Sa’eebah”, “Waseelah” and “Haam” are prohibited. Such prohibitions are fabrications of the ignorance era when people ascribed their lies to Allah; Most of them lacked wisdom and intelligence.

104-When they are told to discard such fabrications and see what God and messenger say, they reply: suffices us following what our fathers used to do; while they are fully aware that their fathers and ancestors were ignorant and lacked wisdom and intelligence. (Footnote 106)


Allah in this ayah describes the superstitions of the era of ignorance. They believed that a camel that gave birth to twins, would be a “WASILAH” and it would be a taboo to slaughter it -something like rewarding it. If the camel would give birth to ten calves, riding or slaughtering it would be taboo and in case of bearing 5 claves, then only riding it would be a taboo. If its 5th calf was a female, then they would make a pledge that if they were cured of some illness then they would let it go free. In fact, only human beings merit being rewarded and not animals.

105-O you who believe! If you protect yourselves against disbelief and sin, other peoples’ depravity will not harm you if you are truly guided. For all of you, the source of reference is Allah and He will inform you of what you do. (Footnote 107)


People’s solemn determination to bear witness [justly] is the best means for uprooting wrongdoing and sin. If the witnesses refuse to testify due to being afraid of the sinner or their relationship, the sinners and criminals will become more brazen and will endanger the security that is the greatest gift from God in the society. Therefore concealing what one has witnessed is the greatest sin.

106-O you who believe! Take care of testimonies amongst yourselves. When one of you is dying and is willing to make his or her will, then you will need two just witnesses. If it was during a journey and the witnesses were two non-Muslims, they have to put their signatures under the will. After the Friday prayer, detain them till they testify to the accuracy of the will. However, if their testimony was doubted, they must swear that they will not sell their faith for this world even if it is against their own kinsmen, and that they will be sinners if they conceal the rightful testimony.

107-If it was felt that the testimony of the two of them is wrong, the other side who are the close kinsfolk of the deceased may testify in their stead and swear that their testimony is closer to truth than that of them, and that they will not conceal the truth as otherwise they will be wrong doers.

108-This method of testifying is the nearest way to unveil the truth and there is no fear in rejecting one testimony and accepting another. Take up the virtuosity and listen to the truth; Allah does not guide the depraved.

109-Tomorrow in the hereafter, Allah will summon the prophets asking them whether their invitation was accepted by their people and they will say: We don’t know; it is You who knows the unseen.

110-Allah said to Jesus the Christ: O Jesus! Be reminded of My blessings to you and your mother when I strengthened you with the spirit of knowledge and wisdom; let you talk to people in the cradle and in the older age; I revealed unto you the scripture and the wisdom and Torah and the Gospel; let you make a statue of a bird out of clay and blow spirit into it so it flew away with God’s permission, cured blindness and leprosy with My permission; relived the dead with My permission, and once you declared yourself a prophet, I deflected from you the evil of the Children of Israel who declared your miracles just sorcery.

111-I inspired the apostles to believe in Me and My prophets and they replied: We believed, bear witness that we are Muslims. (Footnote 108)


The inspiration that the apostles receive as per this ayah in spite of their not being a prophet in fact means their mental occurrences that it is referred to them here as inspirations. Man’s mental space is as visible to him as the physical space. The physical space is this sky with its stars and one’s mental space is the space in which thoughts and ideas float and mental occurrences and inspirations appear. Everyone who starts thinking, he must know that he is the God’s student at that moment. Teaching someone by Allah and angels is performed within this space. Vision occurs in the eye’s space and knowledge in that of the mind. Whatever is seen is transferred to the space of mind and the latter, being in the presence of God, comes to know it. The one who is submerged in the sea of thinking is at the presence of the High exalted. A believer feels the presence of God but a disbeliever does not. God’s Grandeur appears in the space of mind and not in the space of eye. Allah projected into the minds of the apostles to believe in Jesus and this is represented here by the word “inspiration”.

112-And when the apostles asked: O Jesus! Can thy Lord send down upon us a heavenly food? Jesus replied: avoid inappropriate requests if you truly believe in God!

113-They said: We want to eat the heavenly food, gain peace of mind and make sure that you are truthful and also witness your miracle.

114-Jesus begged Allah: O my Lord! Send down upon us heavenly foods so that we regard this day a religious feast for the first and the last of us. Please bestow upon us of the heavenly foods since you are the best Provider.

115-Allah uttered: I will send down upon you the heavenly food, but after that, if anyone still disbelieves, I will put him into such a torment that I have not tormented anyone like that before. (Because refuting the truth after it has been proved is but disbelief and rebellion)

116-Allah asked Jesus: did you ask people to worship you and your mother rather than Me? Jesus replied: O my Lord, you are pure of being similar to Your creatures! It is not appropriate for me to have made such a claim and You would have known had I made it! You are well aware of my secrets while I do not know what you know: You are the Knower of the unseen.

117-I did not convey to people save what You ordered me to say i.e. Allah is the Lord of mine and yours; worship Him only. I witnessed their deeds as long as I was amongst them and You were watching them after You took me towards yourself; You witness everyone and everything.

118-If You doom them, then they are Your servants and if You pardon them, You are the Dominant, the Wise.

119-Allah declared, the hereafter is the day when rightfulness of the truthful will benefit them, positions and powers have been decreed for them through which blessings and wealth flow like rivers and they will dwell therein forever; Allah is content with them and they are content with Allah; this is the great prosperity.

120-To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and whatever exists between them; Allah is Able to do all. (Footnote 109)


The plural word “skies” here refer to the worlds in the sky that come to our eyes as stars. Our Imams have been quoted as saying: “These stars are cities like your cities”. The ayahs in Koran too, expressly mention that the outer space contains worlds like the earth in which people live like here and one day Allah will raise the people of skies and that of the earth from their graves all together. When in this ayah God declares: I am the King of the heavens, we know that a kingdom materializes only if there are people who fill the spatial worlds and constitute its subjects since kingdom can be over intelligent creatures while ruling over non-intelligent ones is ownership and not kingdom.



              In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


     1-Praising Allah by using the word “alhamd” (praise) is exclusively for Lord who created the worlds of the skies and the earth; devised the light and the dark matter without any precedent. Despite witnessing such a magnificence and power to create, the disbelievers falsify gods identical and equal to Him! (Footnote 110)


The darkness mentioned in this noble ayah as His creation is not the lack of light as the philosophers say, but it is the created dark matter from which the substance of the world and human beings is made. Matter, in its original nature is dark and black and only gets brightened by light. Darkness, meaning lack of light is in fact the absolute non-existence and is not something to be created; light, too does not autonomously shine unless it is combined with the lightless matter and reflected from it. Allah has created the light and the dark matter from no precursor and this action is called “the creation of the [pure] elements” and the other beings have been made from these two elements. Accordingly, those who regard the precedence of the Creator to the creation just a matter of transcendental relationship and regard the creation an intrinsic effect of God are mistaken. The creatures are the outcomes of volitional acts of the Almighty. A chronological gap between the Creator and the creatures is unavoidable, although that gap may not be perceivable.

2-He is the God who created you human beings from the substances and salts contained in the soil and decreed your life span to be limited; a certain period that is contained in His knowledge. Still you are doubtful about His powers!

3-He is the Lord in the worlds of the skies and the earth and is aware of all that is evident or is concealed in you; He knows the outcomes of your transactions.

4-No ayah [sign] of the Allah’s is revealed unto you [people] unless you turn your backs to it!

5-When the right religion was revealed unto them, rather than confirming, they denied and derided it; very soon they will witness the outcome of their denials.

6-Didn’t they see how many of the past nations were thrown into abyss of disbelief and sinfulness after We bestowed upon them amenities that you were never given, sent down upon them rains and abundant benefits and let rivers flow in their homelands? Finally, due to disbelief and sinfulness we terminated their life into damnation and created new centuries after them.

7-Even if We send unto them a scripture in the form of a book of paper and with cover, they will still call it sorcery and will say that they are spell bound!

8-And they say: if he is really a prophet, then why don’t angels appear to him so that we can also see them? Aren’t they aware that the appearance of angels in a way that everyone can see them happens in the hereafter –when they will have no respite, only? (When such realities become visible, then obligation and trial will be senseless).

9-Even if We send down such visible angels in this world, We will have to clothe them like human beings so that they can be communicated with.

10-All the prophets who came before you were also derided and the result of such derision blanketed the deniers.

11-Tell them to go and study history so that they know the fate of the deniers.

12-Tell them: whose are all these worlds in the skies and the earth? Say they are God’s. He has decreed upon Himself mercy and that is why he drags you towards the arena of the hereafter in which there is no doubt. There, all those who have disbelieved will come to know that they have harmed themselves. (Footnote 111)


This ayah shows that the hereafter is the time of the emergence of Allah’s mercy as He says: “and My mercy extends to everything” [A’araf, 165]. His all covering mercy cannot be fulfilled in this worldly life for two reasons: the first one is the people’s ignorance and the second is that people are not under the divine governance so that they may be able to live in peace and security to enjoy the divine blessings.

13-All the nocturnal and diurnal, stationary or mobile beings belong to Him, He is the Seer, the Knower.

14-Say: Is it right that I choose another god as my guardian whereas He is the creator of the heavens and the earth; feeds and is not fed? Say: I am assigned to be the first Muslim; beware of ascribing partners to Him!

15-Say: if I commit a sin, I will be afraid from the torments of the hereafter. (Prophets are like the leaders of caravans and the people in a caravan are afraid of any deviation).

16-If anyone is salvaged from the God’s torments; it is only because He is the Compassionate and he has achieved a great triumph.

17-If Allah wishes to harm someone; nobody except Him can remove that harm and if He wishes to benefit him, He is Able to do all.

18-He is the Capable and the Dominant; the Overcoming and in control; is Well aware of the logic of what He does.

19-Say: who is a better observer of the right and the truth than Allah? Say Allah is witness to the truth between me and you; this Koran has been revealed unto me in order to warn you and everyone else that hears it against sinfulness. Can you testify that there is another god alongside Allah? I will never make such a testimony. God is the only One and is the Unique; I will never accept responsibility for your act of ascribing partners to Him!

20-The people of scripture recognize this scripture and the prophet as they recognize their own children. He who harms his self as a human being will not be a believer in Allah.

21-Who is a greater wrong doer than he who ascribes lies to Allah or denies His signs? The truth is that the wrong doer will not be saved. (The one who ascribes a lie to God kindles the enmity of the whole creation upon him).

22-Tommorrow, when we gather together all humans in the arena of the hereafter We will ask the idolaters: where are those whom you regarded as partners to Allah?

23- They have no excuse for their idolatry and going astray save denying and swearing that they have never been idolaters.

24-See how they lie and lose all those objects of disbelief and calumny!

25-Some people (without being interested in the truth) just listen to you while We have sheathed their hearts in negligence and have made them deaf so they cannot understand. No matter how many miracles they witness, they will not believe and they start arguing with you and will finally say: these are all ancient fables! (Footnote 112)


 The chains and sheathes mentioned in this ayah are man’s worldly goals. No man can be without a goal; the goals rule man. If the goals are divine and for the hereafter, one moves towards his celestial life and if they are terrestrial, then they move towards the worldly destinations. Goals are veils that make whatever exists beyond them invisible. Such worldly goals drag man towards cruelty in the world and to the hell in the hereafter. If one’s heart is devoid from the love of God, it is filled with worldly loves and is prevented from loving God. The non-divine goals are like chains and sheathes.

26-They prevent the people from accepting the God’s religion and they themselves part from the religion; they are unaware that they have plunged themselves into ruin. 

27-If you could just see their predicament the moment they face the hell! They are mired in regret and wish if they could return to this world, not deny the Allah’s signs again and turn into believers;

28-The heresy and hypocrisy they had concealed has become evident to themselves and the others. Even if they return to this world, they will turn to the same pattern of heresy and hypocrisy; they lie when they say they will reform themselves!

29-They declare: This worldly life is all what exists and we will not be relived again!

30-If you could just see their condition when they are relived and face the God’s power! Allah will tell them: wasn’t the notion of hereafter true? They will reply: we swear to God that it is true. So do bear the torment that is a result of sin and disbelief!

31-All those who denied the truth that they will meet Allah one day bore huge losses. When they face the day of hereafter, they will be remorseful while bearing the outcomes of disbelief and sinfulness that befall them. They are carrying the burden of sins and disbelief and what a wicked burden it is!

32-This worldly life is just game and vanity and the life in the hereafter is much better for those who ward off evil; so why don’t you make use of your wisdom? (Since wisdom will guide you)

33-We are aware that their refutation of your introduction of the position of guardianship hurts you. These naysayers are not denying you (they are simple and naïve). The true deniers of God’s signs are the disbelievers and the hypocrites since they deny the truth. (Footnote 113)


The reason why the prophet was so upset was that he knew that deviation from the path of Imam Ali’s guardianship is in fact straying away from the faith towards a disbelief that will lead to all his efforts being in vain. Allah consoles the prophet that only a fraction of the people are hypocrites and deviants and the rest who are just oppressed and unable to conceive the truth will be extended Allah’s mercy. Therefore in ayah 35 He says: “if you wish to rule through threats and treats, I will let you have abundant wealth or will equip you with miraculous powers so that you can overcome them and make your wishes come true”. In such a case although they will be forced to obey you, but such a rule based on threats and treats will not be enjoyable. Let the doom caused by disbelief and sinfulness force them to return to the circle of the guardianship when governance based on understanding and freedom will materialize.

 34-The messengers who came before you were contradicted too; they were patient in the face of denials and refutations till Our victory reached them. Our schemes in regards to the prophets are invariable; you have already learnt about them.

35-If you are disturbed by their denials and refutations, then see what is the solution, abundant wealth or divine power to be used as a threat or reward in order to bring them under your rule? If God wishes, He can drag and put them under His rule (to establish a rule based on fear and greed). Beware of unwise ideas!

36-all those who hear the truth and understand it, will welcome your call and in the future, Allah will bestow an ideological elevation to those who have died in ignorance so that they can return to the divine rule too.

37-They say: why miracles and signs are not bestowed upon this messenger? Say: Allah is able to equip me with miracles, but miracles do not bring wisdom and knowledge to people. (The religion can spread through wisdom only).

38-There are no walking beasts and flying birds except they are societies like you! We have not failed in creating what has been essential. In the last count, with the advent of intellect and wisdom, all nations will be resurrected into the circle of the divine rule.

39-Those who refute Our signs, are all deaf and dumb; are ignorant. Allah leads astray all those who are not looking for the truth and will move forward in the right path all those who are looking for the truth.

40-Think well! If God’s doom overtakes you and the moment of the hereafter comes, then would you seek refuge with anybody else save Allah? Make a sound judgment if you are truthful!

41-In such situations, you [people] usually seek refuge with God and beg Him; then Allah removes that hardship and you forget about the partners you had ascribed to Him.

42-Prior to you, We assigned prophets to the past nations and made them surrounded by calamities during their invitation so that they would seek refuge with Us under their messenger’s guidance.

43-Then why they didn’t cry for help from God when they were mired in calamities and instead their hearts were even more hardened? Satan presented disbelief and sinfulness as a pleasantry to them.

44-Subsequent to such calamities and the hardening of their hearts, Our wrath befell them. First We opened the doors to wealth, abundance and all types of joys so their joy and negligence climaxed, then suddenly We put them through severe calamities in which total disappointment rather than hope overtook them. (Footnote 114)


Afflictions and calamities are sometimes meant to teach and train and sometimes are just a divine vengeance. Twice God tries the ignorant and disbelieving wealthy by successive phases of wealth and poverty so they may seek shelter with Him once poverty after prosperity befalls them. Sometimes, instead of seeking refuge with God out of the fear of poverty and repenting to Him for the sin of worshipping the worldly possessions, the wealthy peoples’ hearts are hardened and they justify their phase of poverty by saying that it is an inherent property of this world and “man sometimes sits on the saddle and sometimes carries it on his back”! They do not ascribe their problems to God so as to take a lesson. When the first stage of poverty does not give them a lesson, God gives them wealth and power again and in the second phase, their carnal desires endear disbelief and sinfulness to them again so they are afflicted with poverty and destitution for a second time in order to make them wake up; but, only their hearts are further hardened and they spend their life in sin and disbelief. The third time is meant to take revenge from them by indulging them in wealth and blessings based on which they augment their mindset of disregarding the hereafter. Allah says: they disregard all the warnings and indulge in what has been given to them. They rejoice in having proven that there is no God because nothing wrong has happened to them in spite of all the sins they have committed! That is when God puts them into annihilation through a sudden calamity and then drags them towards the hell because all such trials haven’t benefited them. Such is the Allah’s plot against the disbelievers.

45-Their path and connection to the worldly life was cut off; Allah is the Praise worthy for all such decrees. (All His decrees are wise).

46-Tell them to ponder if God takes away their hearing and sight and cut off the relation between their hearts and Him, who can give them back all that has been taken away? See how well We clarify Our signs for them; yet they creep into their shells so as not to perceive the truth!

47-Tell them to ponder that if God sends down upon them His doom suddenly or openly, then who else save the wrong doers will be ruined? (Such a ruin is death in vain).

48-We assigned the prophets to give glad tidings to the virtuous and warn the wrong doers; those who are of belief and right deeds shouldn’t be afraid, nor should they bear any regrets and sorrows.

49-Those who refute Our signs must know that Our doom will meet them on their same path of sin and wickedness.

50-Tell them: I do not claim that I own the resources of power and wealth; I am not saying that I know the unknown or I am an angel! I just follow up whatever has been revealed unto me. Are the seeing and the blind and the knower and the ignorant similar? Why don’t you ponder on the truth?

51-Through the teachings of Koran, warn those who believe that finally they will return to God, those who have no Master or interdictor save Allah refrain from disobeying Him!

52-Don’t drive away from yourselves those who are constantly doing silent prayers and are seeking His consent; you are not responsible for what they do nor are they responsible for what you do; so if you drive them away you will be a wrong doer.

53-In order to incite seeking knowledge and being active, We made some to be subordinate to others due to different levels of wealth and position so that they ponder why the others are superior to them. Doesn’t Allah know His thankful servants? (Footnote 115)


In this ayah, Allah describes the legitimate and halal riches that they donate for His sake and responds to the objectors who argue why God has made them [the donors] rich by saying that the objections of the short sighted is not right; “doesn’t Allah recognize His thankful servants?”

54-When the believers come to you, greet them and give them the glad tidings that Allah has decreed upon Himself to make His mercy and blessings cover them. Whoever of you who commits a sin due to ignorance and then repents and reforms himself, God is the Compassionate and pledges to pardon and reform him.

55-This is how We make clear the right and the wrong path so that those who go astray are distinguished from those who are in the right path.

56-Say; I have been prohibited from worshipping those whom you refer to; if I follow your desires and wishes, I will be a deviant and will never gain guidance.

57-Say; I walk the clear path based on proof and guidance given by my Lord -what you deny it. The final doom that you are begging me to bring upon you is not in my hands. Judgment is in the hands of God who reveals the truth and distinguishes between the right and the wrong.

58-Say: If what you are asking me was in my hands, then your and my term would have been terminated; Allah recognizes better the wrong doers.

59-The key to the doors of the unseen is in His hands; no one but Him knows whatever exists on land and in the sea and in the minds of the knowledgeable and the ignorant. No leaf falls off a tree unless He knows and no seed germinates and no embryo thrives unless He knows; there are no dry or humid substance unless are registered in the God’s book. (Footnote 116)


The unseen keys to knowledge and wisdom are in the hands of the Almighty and the infallible Imams. God knows everything and makes every event to happen in the right place and time. The guardians appointed by God, too, know the fates of mankind as He knows and He lets His servants gain those keys on their road to knowledge and wisdom.

60-He is the One who takes away your vitality at night and is aware of your mischief making during the day. He revives you again every morning till when your lifespan comes to an end and, after death He is your point of reference and will manifest to you your own deeds.

61-He is the Conqueror and the Dominant and has His servants under control. He puts you under the protection of His agents till when the time of your death comes when the agents take away your soul and they do not fail.

62-After death, you return to your true Lord in whose hands is your sentence and He reviews your records promptly.

63-Tell them: who saves you in the darkness of desert and sea when you secretly or openly cry to Him saying that if He rescues you from the predicament, you will offer thanks to Him?

64-Tell them: it is only Allah who rescues you from such predicament and any other danger, but once you are saved, you do not render due gratitude.

65-Say: Allah has the power to bring torment to you from above your head (the rulers) or from below your feet (your subordinates), or divide you into groups of adversaries and make you fight each other; see how We explain to you Our signs so you can perceive the truth.

66-In spite of the fact that this scripture and this religion is the truth, still your people refute it. Say: I am not your guardian.

67-Any right deed is registered in its space; you will soon come to know.

68-When you see a group of ignorant people argue against Allah’s ayahs, avoid them so that they change the subject. Even if your soul made you to forget this instruction, repent after remembering; never accompany the wrong doers.

69-Those who ward off evil and conceal their belief for their own safety, will not be held responsible for their deeds, rather, they must remember God so their virtues are complemented. (Footnote 117)


The people of virtue mentioned in this noble ayah as those who guard their faith are those who pretend to share the same beliefs of a society just in order to safeguard their lives and beliefs and to maintain good relationships with their host society in order to propagate the right religion and guide them when the time is ripe. In this ayah Allah declares that He doesn’t care about what they pretend to be, but it is the virtues in their hearts that matters.

70- Leave those who take their religion in jest and are charmed by this world to themselves. You just convey to them the invitation to the religion lest they perish in sinfulness and disbelief where they will not have any savior or guardian save Allah. Their losses cannot be compensated even if they pay all possessions. Such people have perished in disbelief and sinfulness and the last outcome of their deeds is boiling drinks and a painful torment.

71-Tell them why should they beg from objects and people besides Allah who do not have the power to harm or benefit and return to disbelief and sinfulness after He has sent down His guidance? They will then be like those who have fallen into the trap of carnal desires and been sent astray by the trouble makers and who every day are invited by some groups to join their religion and sect. Say: the true guidance is that of Allah; we Muslims have surrendered to the Lord of the worlds.

72-Also we maintain relations with God by establishing prayer and warding off evil. We will all be gathered together at His presence.

73-He has created the heavens and the earth rightfully and whatever He wishes come into being upon His will; His sayings are the truth and the kingdom will be His once the dead are relived; He is aware of the visible and the unseen and is the Wise and the Knower.

74-Remind them of the story of Abraham when he told his father Azar: Do you worship the idols rather than God? I see that you and your followers are astray and misguided.

75-We let Abraham know the proofs of creation and wisdom so he could be certain of the God’s power and grandeur.

76-When the night shed its shadow over him; he saw a star and said: Perhaps this star is my god! But when the star set, he exclaimed: I do not like a god that sets!

77-Again, he noticed the face of the moon that was shining; then said: maybe this is my god! When it set, he exclaimed: if my Lord does not guide me, I will be one of the misguided.

78-The next day, when he saw the shining face of the sun, he exclaimed: how nice it is! This is my god because it is brighter! Again, once the sun set, he said: O people, I despise these symbols of idolatry!

79-I refer to the Lord who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth; I am an enlightened believer and I will never resort to idolatry!

80-The people started arguing with him for deserting their religion. He said: do you argue with me about God? He has guided me. I will not bother you in your religion save when God wishes and instructs me to confront you. My Lord’s knowledge covers everything; why don’t you ponder the truth?

81-Why should I be upset by your going astray while you yourselves are not afraid of ascribing a partner to Allah what has not been given authority? Tell me which one of the two groups of us and you is more secured! (Footnote 118)


It means the prophets attend to the peoples’ disbelief and waywardness only when those people are ready to accept the truth and are waiting for guidance and are aware of Allah’s schemes. It quotes the prophets as saying: We will reveal our invitation only when God permits us; people must be looking for guidance in the first place and despise disbelief and sin so we can put forward our invitation. A patient must first recognize that he is ill and then go to a doctor so the doctor can cure him. We the prophets are physicians for diseases of soul.

82-Those who believe in Allah and do not taint their faith with wrong doing and sinfulness are in total security and will be guided.

83-These subjects are reasons of truthfulness taught by Us to Abraham by which We bestowed upon him authority over his people; We elevate the position of whom We wish; Allah is the Wise, the Knower.

84-We bestowed upon him offspring like Isaac and Jacob and guided all of them. We also guided Noah before him and rewarded his righteous children like David and Solomon and Job and Joseph and Moses and Aaron to some of their descendants;

85-Also Zachariah and John and Jesus and Elias who all were amongst the righteous.

86-And Ishmael and Elisha and Jonah and Lot; we gave them superiority over all of the people of the world;

87-And their fathers and forefathers and their children and their brethren; We gave superiority over some and guided them to the right path.

88-Such is the Allah’s guidance; He guides whom He wishes and lets him achieve virtue and the ability to avoid evil. In case they ascribe partners to Him, they will be deprived of the fruits of their deeds. (Footnote 119)


The case of invalidation of one’s deeds is a controversial subject. It is questioned why the right deeds of those who are atheists or have deserted the God’s religion have no value for them in the hereafter. Perhaps it is contrary to justice that a disbeliever does not enjoy the fruits of his good deeds in the hereafter. The reply is that the deeds, whether right or wrong, only bear fruit when committed in the right path and towards the ultimate and right goals. Deeds make man and prepare him for reaching the intended goal. So those who work only for their worldly life and personal gains, they are made as terrestrial [oriented] and they will gain no celestial sense. Everyone begs for the reward of his deeds from the one for whom he has worked. One who has worked in his own field or in another person’s field, he cannot expect to reap the crops of a third person’s field.

89-They were nations to whom We bestowed the scripture, wisdom and prophets. If these contemporary nations disbelieve in the God’s signs, We will replace them with other nations who will believe and assist the God’s religion.

90-There were nations who were guided by Allah; you too follow their guidance. Tell people that you do not ask for any rewards against your services; This Koran is the book of guidance for the peoples of the world.

91-Those who claim that Allah has never revealed any scripture, in fact do not give Him due credit as He deserves it. Say: who then revealed the Torah that was guidance for the people? You turned it into a worthless piece of paper; propagated whatever in it benefited you in terms of wealth and position but withheld the knowledge contained in it that ordered reformation and promotion of justice. In it, you were taught sciences that your ancestors lacked. O you messenger! Keep aiding the Allah’s religion and leave them busy playing their games.

92-And this Koran is a blessed and beneficent book; confirms whatever is right and true so that you can give guidance to Mecca and the suburbs to the end and warn them against disbelief and sinfulness. Whoever believes in the hereafter, will admit Koran. They are those who establish prayer and maintain their relationship with Allah.

93-Who is a bigger wrongdoer than he who ascribes lies to God or claims to have received revelations from Him whereas no revelation has been made to him or says that he will present a scripture and religion like that of God? If you could have seen their condition in the throes of death when the angels pull their souls out, they tell them they have plunged into a demeaning torment today because they ascribed lies to Allah and arrogantly distanced themselves from His friends. (Footnote 120)


Ascribing lies to the Almighty is the greatest sin. Those who create rules and say that they are the God’s decrees inspired to them, they train the God’s servants in the school of heresy and astray, obliterate the God’s path and are held responsible for misleading themselves and the others.

94-How is today when you are under Our control naked and deprived like the moment of your birth? You just left behind all the wealth and position that had made you wishful. Where are all those intercessors and bosses who were worshipped by you instead of God? Now your relationships with them are cut off and all those dreams are lost!

95-It is Allah who cracks open the grains and the seeds of the palm trees (also the secrets of the hearts); creates life from the dead elements and returns the living back into dead elements; such is your Lord! Why do you drag yourselves towards astray? (Footnote 121)



This noble ayah and similar ones lead us to infer that life and motion are born out of the combination of the basic elements. If the basic elements like matter and spirit are intrinsically alive and mobile by themselves, then death cannot be born out of life or life cannot return to the dead. If the corpse is alive by itself or the spirit is alive in itself before entering the corpse, then it is not correct to say that something has exited from death to life, but, rather we have to say that it has exited from life to life! [The intrinsic properties of something –like the three dimensions, cannot part with nor can be granted to it]. In general, all the effects of matter in the nature are a result of combination. It means that the elements of creation that are spirit and matter have no effects by themselves and all the effects appear after the two have been combined. Light per se is not brightness unless if it is combined with matter. Spirit, too, is not life unless it is combined with the matter. If the human being is intrinsically spirit or exclusively matter and each are intrinsically alive or mobile, then death and life cannot replace each other. Therefore we infer that life and death are the result of the combination of or partition of the two elements of spirit and matter. When the two are combined, then life and motion appears and when they are parted, then death happens.

96-Reveals the bright dawn out of the dark sphere and knowledge out of ignorance; creates the night for your serenity and the day for your economic activities; revolves the moon and the sun and the symbols of the truth in accordance with a precise schedule. This is the structure of creation and the training by Allah, the Dominant, the Potent.

97-He is the One who created the stars or the agents of guidance in the space so that you find your way in the dark of the deserts and seas and in the darkness of ignorance by them; We have clarified the signs of Our power and the manifestations of knowledge for people in detail.

98-He is the One who created you human beings from the same nature; after that, some people settled themselves in the path to belief in God and some were unstable. We have clarified Our signs and facts for those who think deeply.

99-And He is the One who created so much lush green vegetation and crops by pouring down rain from the sky and made so many grains with different compositions, and dates from the clusters of date palm blossoms of similar types and orchards of grapes and pomegranates and olive and other fruits that are similar or diverse. Ponder on the raining and the emergence of so many fruits! (Similarly the rain of science and virtues out of the human tree). All of these phenomena are divine signs for those who believe.

100-They have envisaged partners for Allah from the Jinni folks whereas they are just creations of God; also they have crafted sons and daughters for Allah! God exalts over such descriptions and attributions.

101-He is the One who created the heavens and the earth without any precedents and prior examples; how can He have wife and children? He has created all what exists and is Aware of everything.

102-Behold your Lord! There is no God save Him; He has created all what exists; worship Him only! He is the Guardian of all the beings.

103-No eyes and insights can cover Him! Rather, it is Him who covers all the insights; He is infinitely Ethereal and Aware.

104-Through the prophet, so many programs to enable you achieve knowledge and insight have been bestowed upon you; he who achieves knowledge and insight, he has benefited, but he who abandons knowledge and insight has endangered himself. The God’s prophet is not your guard.

105-We have revealed this Koran with explanations and in detail so they can understand that it all comes from Allah and that He has taught you and that only We can clarify the truth for those seeking knowledge.

106-Follow just what has been revealed unto thee since there is no god except Him. Avoid the idolaters!

107-If Allah wishes, He can [forcefully] prevent them from being idolaters. (They have been given time to understand what idolatry really is); you are not their guard or attorney.

108-Do not insult the idolaters’ gods or beliefs, since they will reciprocate by insulting Allah out of ignorance. We have endeared every people’s beliefs to them (lest they become stalled). The point of reference for all of them is Allah who will make them aware of [the true nature] of their beliefs. (Footnote 122)


One of the cases decreed by Allah is His saying that He makes everybody’s faith and belief attractive to him so he gains resoluteness. Here it may be asked: Why God makes the false beliefs attractive to their followers so they are dragged to hell in their wrong path? The answer is if someone lacks any goals, he or she becomes stalled and an immobile person is in fact dead. Moving in the wrong path makes one face dangers and such dangers make him return to the right path. Ayah 112 implies that the jinni and the man are both the human race and they can be hostile towards the prophets.

109-They make solemn oaths that if you show them a miracle, they will be believers. Tell them all the signs and miracles are in the God’s hands. How do they know! Even if you offer miracles they will not be believers.

110-We subject their knowledge and insight to evolutions and revolutions so that they can perceive the truth that they have abandoned before; We abandon them at the beginning to go ahead with their blind rebellion.

111-Even if We sent upon them the angels, or [even if] the dead talk to them or all the objects confront them, still they will not be believers unless God wills; but most of the people are ignorant of the truth.

112-Every prophet was confronted by jinni or human enemies. They all join hands to propagate against him. If God wishes, He can prevent them from obstructionism; leave them to see the outcome of their lies by themselves.

113-We equip the people of disbelief and sin to walk the path to their worldly goals so that those who disbelieve in God and the hereafter are not left [stalled] without a goal, be attracted to the malicious assemblies and get equipped by them and later come to know that they have gone astray [through the outcome of their deeds].

114-Say: Shall I take up a rule other than that of Allah whereas He has revealed unto me such a detailed and comprehensive scripture? Anyone who has gained any insight from the divine scripture will know that this Koran is the truth and comes from God. [O Muhammad!] Beware of having any doubts about your truthfulness!

115-The speaking and the silent scriptures of Allah are [both] perfect in terms of telling the truth and promoting social justice and are not alterable; Allah is the Hearer, the Knower. (Footnote 123)


This noble ayah is one of the most comprehensive ayahs that declare the absolute perfectness of the two silent and talking Korans. Koran is an infinitive scripture that presents man with knowledge and is never outdated. Every book that is studied in the course of gaining knowledge will soon become outdated and obsolete once it has been used up since it can be of use to a student for just a few years. The only exception is Koran that is up to date forever. Man can never put this scripture behind and [his knowledge] can never equal it. The silent Koran is this written scripture and the talking one is the infallible Imams. The words righteously and justly mentioned in this ayah entail that Koran and the infallible Imams are impeccable in presenting the truth, the decrees, the morals and the rules of social justice.

116-If you follow the majority, they will send you astray; they are entrapped in their misgivings and suppositions and live on speculation.

117-Allah knows better those who have gone astray and knows well those who have been guided.

118-If you truly believe in God and His signs, make use of everything in His name only.

119-Why don’t you make use of the God’s bounties in His name? Allah has described everything that is illegitimate (haram) in detail; the only exception is when you are in despair and have to consume the haram foods [to survive]. Many people send the others astray because of their own carnal desires; He knows the transgressors better.

120-Abandon sins; whether they are committed in secret or openly. Those who are busy committing sins will be punished by the outcomes of their deeds.

121-Do not make use of anything that is not in the name of God, since it is a debauchery and a sin and drags you to the circle of ascribing partners to Allah! The demons advise each other to argue with you (saying: what could be wrong with it? The food of Ali and Mu’awiyah are the same!) If you obey them you will be dragged to sinfulness and disbelief.

122-Are those who have been [spiritually] dead but We have enlivened them by the spirit of belief and virtue so that they can live in knowledge and justice similar to those who live in the dark of ignorance and unawareness and who cannot know that they are ignorant? The ignorant life of the disbelievers has been made to look nice to them.

123-In any town or village We have bestowed power and wealth to the greatest criminals and have given them the means to be active against the religion and the God’s guardians as much as they can so they reap the fruits of their activities even though they do not know.

124-When they see a sign or miracle they say: We will not believe unless we are equipped with the power to do such a miracle too! Allah knows His deserving servants better and appoints them as His messengers; soon the criminals and sinners will be afflicted with an abjectness and severe torment through their own plots and schemes!

125-Whom Allah guides, augments his knowledge and talents; and whom Allah sends astray, is mired in such straitened circumstances that for them even explaining a single word is as hard as flying in the sky. The filth of heresy and ignorance overtakes those who do not believe in Allah.

126-This Koran, together with the leadership of the infallible Imam is the right path to the paradise; We have clarified Our signs for those who want them.

127-Such people in the radius of God’s guardianship and with the right deeds will be housed in the circle of security and safety.

128-In the day when We gather them all together in the circle of Our rule, We will tell the Jinni: Your number is superior to the human beings. Then, their superiors who are all human beings will apologize by saying: O God! We enjoyed exploiting them till when our term expired. Then God will say: your excuses that are worse than the sin itself do not benefit you now; the ultimate fruit of your disbelief and sinfulness is the fire; except if God wishes. He is the Wise, the Knower. (Footnote 124)


This noble ayah demonstrates that the jinni is in fact faceless human beings and not creatures other than man. The Jinni are non-intellectual people who are taken advantage of by the tyrant and form the bases of the rule of cruel rulers like Mu’awiyah. According to Koran, in the hereafter God tells the Jinni that you outnumber the human beings. If the Jinni and human beings are two different creatures, then it is incorrect to say that you are superior to human being in number since it is like telling the angels that they outnumber the humans. Also, from the phrase “their guardians amongst the humans” we understand that these guardians are tyrants who rule the Jinni and not guardians appointed by Allah because here the tyrants declare that they have exploited the Jinni. We have heard that prophets and the Imams rule the so called invisible Jinni but we have never heard that tyrants rule them so as to be their guardians as this ayah says. Accordingly, such tyrants who exploit the Jinni are the same who in the phrase “and their guardians amongst the human being” are the kings and tyrants who rule the oppressed people. [Therefore the Jinni means the oppressed people]. The same ruling tyrants in the hereafter put forward the excuse by saying “O Lord! Some of us took advantage of the others” and this is the exact meaning of exploitation that the oppressive regimes make from the non-intellectual majority and send them to fight with God’s appointed guardians. Mu’awiyah in an argument with Tarammah Bin Addi Bin Hatam tells him: Go and tell Ali your Imam that I have mobilized 300,000 men who cannot differentiate between a male camel and a female one let alone they differentiate between Ali and Mu’awiyah! So the 300,000 people he is referring to are the Jinni. The primitive communities and also the savage [elite] who have surrendered their countries to the superpowers are regarded as the Jinni. In the narrations related to laws of the legal and illegal businesses mentioned in the book “Wasaeil” the Imam is asked: How it is if we go into nomad and peasant people and buy their products? Imam replies: It is not fair since “They are the Jinni who has been unveiled”. Also regarding the control of the Jinni by Solomon, the prophet, it has been said: “the Jinni and devil folks concentrated around Solomon the son of David”, because Solomon gathered the desert dwelling savage people and urbanized them. The former narration is used to infer that it is undesirable to approach the Bedouins who are going to towns before they reach the town and buy their ware before they know the real prices. May God guides the ignorant; if the Jinni are folks who are distinct from humans, then it is impossible that the prophets assigned to humans be their prophets too because two distinct species cannot communicate. Allah has to assign every prophet to speak in his nations’ language. Even if He sends down an angel as a messenger, He clothes it as a human being. It is better to abandon mythology and look for the truth. Who are the Jinni who are so famous but never a prophet has arisen amongst them, kings rule them and nobody has ever seen any of them? Who were the Jinni folks who used to do masonry and diving for Solomon the prophet and who were captured by the legendary king, Tahmures, the giant capturer? Rustam, too, is said to have fought the giants in Mazandaran. Therefore the Jinni are the savage humans who are socially faceless and are incognito. In ayah 130 Allah addresses the two groups of Jinni and humans and says: “O the party of Jinni and human being! We sent down to you as message bearing prophets from yourselves to teach you”. It is clear that such messengers are all human beings not Jinni. [We have never been told of Jinni prophets]. Here it is understood that the Jinni and human beings are the same species who have the same messengers as human beings.


129-This is how because of disbelief and sin, We place the ignorant majority under the rule of the tyrants. (The nature of disbelief and sinfulness leads to the rule of the tyrants).

130-O you groups of Jinni and human being! Didn’t come to you from yourselves messengers to explain to you Our ayahs of invitation and warn you against such a day? They will admit: Yes! We bear testimony that we are condemned! The worldly life misguided them and they admit that they have been disbelievers.

131-That is because Allah does not destroy any township or village while they are oblivious.

132-Each of them will attain a certain position on the route of their deeds; your Lord is not oblivious to their deeds.

133-Your Lord is the Non-needful and is the source of compassion and benevolence; if He wishes, He removes the contemporary people and replaces them with others in the same manner that you replaced others as their offspring.

134-Whatever Allah promises, will happen; you cannot stop Him from realizing His will.

135-Say: O you people! You behave in your own ways and I behave in My own way; then you will come to know who will benefit in the end of his life! Clearly the wrong doer will not attain salvation.

136-Arabs, during the era of ignorance, would put aside a share from their farm produce and cattle for God; as they believed, they would say that one portion of that was for God and another portion was for their idols. They would not spend the idols’ share for God, but would spend the God’s share for the idols! How despicable was their ruling by which they would exploit the vulnerable people!

137-This way the rulers of the idolaters made the killing of their children desirable to them in order to keep them in despicable conditions and in misery and offer superstitions to them as religion. If God willed, He would stop them but He preferred to let them be free to practice such superstitions so that they could finally realize the truth [by themselves].

138-And they would declare some farm produce and cattle free from being possessed that could only be consumed with the permission of the chieftains; also they would slaughter some cattle without mentioning the name of God so that the common people could not consume them; they would make it illegitimate for people to ride some beasts of burden. Allah will punish them through the outcome of their lies.

139-In other cases they would declare that the fetuses of some animals were allocated to their sons and were banned for their wives and daughters and could only be consumed by them if the fetus was stillborn! Soon they will taste the fruits of such superstitions! Allah is the Wise, the Aware.

140-How much loss bore those who killed their children wrongly and out of ignorance and by ascribing lies to Allah, made the foods God had bestowed upon them illegitimate to themselves. They had been led astray and had not been guided.

141-Allah is the One who created so many dense or sparse orchards; date palms, olive trees; farm produce and variant foods and pomegranates and other identical and non-identical fruits. Make use of it when they are ripe and donate the share of the poor; do not misuse and squander God’s blessings; Allah does not like the prodigal.

142-He created two types of beasts of burden for carrying and riding. Make use of the God’s blessings and do not follow Satan because his animosity towards you is crystal clear.

143-Eight pairs of halal (legitimate for consumption) animals are hereby introduced: ewe, one pair male and female; goat, one pair of male and female; ask them whether God has decreed the males or the females or their offspring as illegitimate for consumption; talk in a learned path if you tell the truth;

144-Camels, one pair of male and female; cows, one pair of male and female; ask them which of them, the male or the female or their offspring has been declared illegitimate by God? Where you the Arabs of the ignorance era were when God advised you about what is legitimate and what is not? Who is a bigger wrong doer than the one who by offering such heresies ascribes lies to Allah in order to mislead people without having the knowledge? Allah does not guide the wrongdoers.

145-Tell people: I don’t find any food in the ayahs revealed unto me referred to as illegitimate except dead animals or blood or pork flesh. These illegitimate foods make you defiled or drag you towards debauchery and sinfulness; these are foods that represent the unholy. If someone consumes them out of desperation and not due to lust and transgression, then he is forgiven; Allah is the Forgiver, the Compassionate.

146-We made any animal that has paws and nails illegitimate (haram) to the Jews; also We made illegitimate [to them] the intestinal fat of cow and sheep save the fat contained in the back and vertebrae and those attached to the bones. The banning of the intestinal fat was just a punishment for their greed and aggressiveness; otherwise We would not decree an unrealistic ban by forbidding the clean foods.

147-If they denied you, tell them: your Lord’s kindness and compassion is all over encompassing; His wrath cannot be deflected from the sinners.

148-The pretext that the idolaters put forward is that they would not be idolaters had God not wished, nor would they ban something against the God’s will; likewise their predecessors offered such pretexts and so finally tasted Our doom. Say, offer any proofs that you have; but you are just following your assumptions and doubts; it is only your guess work.

149-Allah has outreaching proofs; if He wishes, He can guide everyone [forcefully]. (But He gives them freedom in order to try them)

150-Tell such heretics: bring forward the witnesses who can testify that God has made such bans. Even if they testified, do not accept their testimony since they are liars; do not follow the desires and wishes of those who deny Our signs and who do not believe in the hereafter; they are those who forge peers and partners for Him.

151-Say: come to me so that I explain to you what Allah has decreed for you; Not to ascribe partners to Him, be benevolent to your parents, not to kill your children out of fear of starvation –since it is God who feeds them, not to approach debauchery and sin whether in secret or in plain view, not to kill anyone whom God has given the right to live; these are all Allah’s decrees for you, may you find them out yourselves through common sense.

152-Do not approach an orphan’s possessions except in a way that benefits it till when it grows up adequately, [in business] deliver the merchandize measured and weighted in full. God does not oblige anyone except based on the level of one’s abilities; judge justly even against your kinsmen; fulfill your undertakings. Allah advises you such so you may perceive the truth.

153-The path offered by Koran under the guidance of the leaders assigned by God is the straight path and leads you to prosperity with minimum effort. Follow the path and do not stray to other paths since they scatter you in the deserts of ignorance and make you part from the divine religion. Allah recommends you to adhere to these decrees so you may take up the virtues.

154-We also revealed unto Moses a scripture complete with utmost merits and detailed and a cause for blessings and guidance so that they may believe in the day of reward and punishments.

155-This Koran is also a blessed scripture to be followed by you; ward off evil so that God’s mercy covers you.

156-Lest you may say that only the two previous people of scripture were exclusively bestowed a scripture upon and we were deprived of its teachings and guidance.

157-Or lest you say had the scripture been revealed unto you, you would have been better guided than them. Now the proof and reasoning that is a means of guidance and blessing has been revealed unto you. Who is a greater wrong doer than the one who refutes the God’s signs? Very soon We will doom those who refuse to accept Our signs to a severe torment that is the effect of their own deeds.

158-Are they pledging anything more than coming down of your Lord or the angels or seeing some of the God’s signs? On the day when some of your Lord’s signs are revealed, the believing of those who have not believed before then or have not done anything right as a believer will not benefit them. Tell them to procrastinate until that day; We are also waiting for the day. (Repenting after Imam Mahdi rises will not be admitted). (Footnote 125)


This ayah has always been interpreted as meaning the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). The rise of Imam Mahdi is unlike the rise of the past prophets and imams whose rise was just for the sake of guidance and giving warning and who would leave people free to choose to obey or disobey or even fight them. Imam Baqir (PBUH) says: With the rise of the sun from the west and the emergence of the signs as per the Allah’s declaration in the ayah: ”When some of thy Lord’s signs emerge  ...” all the people of the world who have been worn down due to the nuclear war and have been totally disappointed with the rule of man over man will cry out: We do believe!; We do believe!; but his highness only accepts the belief of those who have been believers before his rise and not that of those who declare faith after his rise. Always our Imams have said: “The gates to repentance are closed once he rises” because how the world can be replete with justice and equality while the people still have the same freedom of choice? Imam in the book “Tuhaful’ oghool” while interpreting the part of ayah “… till when war lays down its burdens..” is quoted to have said: “War will not lay down its burdens before the sun rises from west, and when the sun rises from west, then the whole world populace will be believers, but “..Nobody’s faith will benefit him or her if he or she has not believed beforehand or has not gained some good characteristics or benevolence while being a believer”. What an event can make the whole world cry: “We do believe, we do believe” when his highness rejects their newly declared statement of faith? The reason is that his highness rises with the help of the divine powers bestowed upon him. Those who declare faith on that day, they are like the declaration of faith by Abusufyan [on the day Mecca was conquered by the prophet] and if he accepts such repentance, then any disbeliever or hypocrite will join his government. In that case, what would be the meaning of the phrase: “Where is the one who will incapacitate the people of hypocrisy and those who send the people astray” [Nudbah supplication]? He is the inaugurator of the magnificent governance that has been promised to the children of Abraham as per the part of ayah that says: “And we bestowed upon him magnificent governance.” He is equipped with the divine power based on [the God’s powers of creation] that helps him to take full control of everything upon his rise in the same manner that God controls them. What kind of power does he have to wield against the advanced technologies that has made the disbelievers able to control the earth and the sky? What kind of power does he have to possess? Will he have to beg America and Israel to give him the required armaments? Or should he utilize the divine power? Which prophet has ever utilized the powers of his opponents to succeed? Does the savior who brings back the dead to life and puts them to trial need to apply medicine or seek the help of doctors? He is the man promised to all nations from the time of Adam to the end of history. [As per the phrase in the supplication Al Jami’ah] “.. With you initiated Allah and with you terminates.”     

159-Those who sow discord in the God’s religion and divide into sects, they have not benefited from your religion and their fate is left with Allah. They will know the outcomes of their acts of causing division.

160-He who does a charitable deed, he will enjoy tenfold rewards, but he who commits wrong, he will be punished similarly; they will not be wronged.

161-Say: Allah has guided me to the right path; a stable and permanent one, the way of Abraham the God’s friend, his progressive religion. Abraham has not been an idolater.

162-Say: my prayer, my ways, my worship, my life and death are all for the God’s sake; the Lord of the world.

163- There is no partner to Him; I am assigned to obey Him; I am the foremost Muslim.

164-Say: Shall I seek a god save my God? He is the Lord of everything; He has decreed that everyone should be responsible for his or her own deeds; nobody accepts the burden of another’ responsibilities; your return is to God who informs you about your discords.

165-He has made you his successor on the earth and has given some of you superiority over the others so that He may try you and teach you through such superiorities. Allah reviews your books of deeds and rewards, punishes you promptly and at the same time is the Forgiver, the Merciful.




                    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful



1-Alif. Laam. Mim. (The separately pronounced alphabetic letters at the beginning of some surahs point to the letters of creation in the universe that is created by Allah. The words from which the words of Koran have been composed are like the words of creation and upbringing in the universe. In the same way that the alphabetic letters are the components of the words, the letters of creation and bringing into existence i.e. the bases of creation are the elementary components of the creatures).

2-Koran is a scripture that is revealed unto thee, do not get impatient in presenting it and warning the people; this book is a source of knowledge and wisdom for the believers.

3-You people do constantly follow the scripture that is sent down for you; do not follow but Koran and the guardianship. How few are those who perceive the truth!

4-So many towns and villages were condemned to destruction and Our doom befell them at night or during the day.

5-When Our doom befell them, they had nothing to say but that they had been wrong doers and sinners.

6-Of course people and the prophets who had been assigned to guide them will be held accountable based on their own responsibilities.

7-We will tell them about their deeds and the outcomes thereof in full detail so they know We have not been oblivious to them.

8-The scale by which deeds are weighted in the hereafter is the word of truth; He whose deeds weigh more will attain salvation.

9-Those with light deeds are those who have brought loss upon themselves and have done wrong to Our messengers.

10-We have extended you so many amenities and so many means of earning your livelihoods; but very little you observe God’s rights.

11-We created you from soil and made you likeable through ethics and knowledge; ordered the angels to fall prostrate before Adam. All of the angels save Satan fell prostrate. (The evil humans do not yield to the divine guardians). (Footnote 126)


All such discussions between the Satan and Allah are just symbolic ones to explain certain realities since how the so called Satan can know Allah to talk to Him? It is only the spiritual and existential condition of the Satan that is explained here and the existential condition of Allah and his appointed guardians is described here too. These two folks cannot be joined together.

12-We told him: What prevented you from falling prostrate against Adam? Replied: I am superior to him; You created me from fire but created him from soil! (Nobody [amongst the interpreters] got the point that the devils burn everything like fire but the prophets are like soil that let flowers grow)

13-Allah declared to him: Go into the abyss; there is no room for arrogance in the sphere of the God’s religion! Exit this school and be demeaned and humiliated!

14-The Satan, in mute language (the language showcased by the devils’ nature) begged Allah for a reprieve till the hereafter. In fact, it is the devilish and deceptive behavior that is given time until the hereafter and not the Satan; (the simple mindedness of the ignorant is the cause of such a reprieve).

15-Allah uttered: you are given the reprieve!

16-(The Devils blamed God for their deprivation and said) Now that You deceived us, we will sit in ambush and deceive all of them!

17-Through allures and threats we will surround them from every angle and will prevent them from worshipping You; will drag them towards astray!

18-Allah uttered: Exit this sphere of sanctity; be deprived and driven away! I will fill up the hell with you and your followers! (The recognizable devils are in fact the carnal desires and ill willing companions. Satan means the nature of debauchery that is so prevalent).

19-Allah uttered to Adam: you and your wife dwell in paradise; go where you wish and eat what you like; but do not approach this tree of carnal desires lest you fall into darkness! (The carnal desires are dark)

20-Satan tempted them into committing disobedience and made the ugly traits of their carnal desires come to light; told them: the reason why you have been banned from this tree is to be deprived from taking the high position of the angels and from remaining in the paradise forever!

21-Satan swore he was giving them good advice!

22-Made them commit disobedience and become deceived and arrogant and when they approached their carnal desires, their inherent defects came to light. Then they immediately pretended to still have the characteristics of the people of paradise! Allah uttered to them: Didn’t I forbid you from approaching this tree? Didn’t I inform you that Satan was your greatest enemy?

23-Adam and Eve replied: O Lord! We did wrong to ourselves; if You do not elevate our wisdom and do not show mercy to us, we will be losers!

24-Allah uttered: dwell in this mental descent in which your task will be to argue and fight each other; such a world will be your dwelling!

25-You will be born in such a life and then will die and finally will be resurrected in the hereafter. (Life between birth and death is just a class for learning)

26-O the children of Adam: We have bestowed upon you clothing that covers your privy parts and is an ornament for you; but the best clothing is the clothing of ethics that covers up your ethical defects. The clothing of virtue is the great sign of Allah if you perceive the truth!

27-O children of Adam! Beware of being deceived by the devils as they made your parents be sent out from the heavens, pulled off their clothing of virtue and made their defects visible! The devils are aware of your simplicity but you are unaware of their wittiness. The devils can possess only those who are not believers in God.

28-Those who when are caught committing a sin say: Our parents were like this and God has wished and ordered us to do so! Say: Allah never orders debauchery and sinfulness; why you ignorantly ascribe lies to Him?

29-Say: My Lord orders justice and fairness and orders you to attend the mosques, beg Him and purify your faith for Him. In the same way that He has created you, He will return you back to life.

30-Some of them admitted the guidance and some persisted in going astray, stayed under the Satan’s guardianship and supposed that they had found guidance.

31-O children of Adam! Attend the mosques dressed in your best and well groomed; take advantage of God’s blessings but do not be wasteful since Allah dislikes the squanderers.

32-Say: Who has prohibited the material and spiritual embellishments bestowed by Allah to His servants? Say: the real owners of such embellishments in the world are the believers and once Imam Mahdi rises they will possess them in pure state. This is the way We explain Our ayahs for the scholars in detail. (Footnote 127).


As it was said before, this ayah regards the uprising of Imam Mahdi as the constitution of the hereafter and informs that with his rise, the true believers of all divine religions will attain complete salvation. The unaware and suppressed followers of the other religions are in fact true believers and their non-belief in Islam is due to their failure and not guilt. So they are included in the divine amnesty. The true disbelievers and the hypocrites are completely disabled> As per the ayah that says “… in a pure condition in the hereafter..” the material and spiritual bounties are bestowed to the believers in their pure condition. As it is mentioned in the supplication “Nudbah” the people of astray and hypocrisy are mired in total failure and disability so they cannot make use of any favors. The two types of torment mentioned in ayah 38 are the fruits of their wrong doing and the animosity of their followers towards them.

33-Say: My Lord has prohibited debauchery and sin whether committed openly or secretly; likewise, transgression, obeying someone or something that has not been accorded authority by Him or ascribing lies and superstitions to Him.

34-Any nation has been given reprieve to live until a certain period; once the period expires, it will not be delayed nor will be brought forward for a moment.

35-O children of Adam! When your messengers recite Our ayahs to you, you must know that whoever observes virtue as per their instructions and reforms his behavior will not have any concerns and fears for his future

36-Those who refute Our ayahs and regard themselves superior to the messengers, they are definitely en route to fire and the hell is their eternal abode. (The last outcome of the disbelievers’ behavior is the nuclear fire that will finally return to themselves in the reign of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and constitutes their own hell).

37-Who is a greater wrongdoer than he who ascribes lies to Allah or refutes His signs? Such people will enjoy their worldly gains till when Our agents take away their soul and tell them: How could you accumulate such a file of disbelief and paganism? They reply: we lost control; this way they testify against themselves about being disbelievers.

38-They tell them: Enter the hell along with your traitor brothers. Any party that enters, curses the previous parties till when they are all gathered together in the hell. The followers will say: O Lord! The former parties led us astray, so give them double torment! They are told, every party’s torment is doubled, but you do not know.

39-The former group who misled the others says to their followers: You were not better than us; so taste the outcome of your deeds! (Everyone altogether made the hell)

40-Those who refuted Our messengers and regarded themselves as too high positioned to obey them, will not find the gates of heavens opened to them [since it is] just like seeing a camel going through a needle’s eye!; this is how a criminal will be punished. (God’s religion and obeying the messengers is as tight as a needle’s eye and the arrogant disbelievers are like inebriated camels who cannot take the route.)

41-The basis of their training is creating the hell and they are dragged towards the hell by their own guardians; this is the natural and essential reward of a wrongdoer.

42-But those who are the people of belief and virtue (We do not charge anybody with a task that is out of his potentials), they will abide in a heavenly life forever.

43-We remove their inhumane and wrong traits; they are equipped with powers by which rivers of bounty and joy will flow. They cry: Praised be Allah who led us to this heavenly life; Hadn’t He himself led us, we would have never been guided; our messengers were assigned rightfully.  That is when angels tell them: hail! You inherited the paradise through your right deeds.

44-The people of paradise call on the people of hell telling them: We found the God’s promises true; did you find it true too? They reply: yes, we did! Then it is cried: God’s curse is on the wrong doers!

45-Those who used to prevent people to walk the God’s path, refuted His religion and would not believe in the afterlife.

46-A veil of ignorance and lack of knowledge visibly parts the people of paradise from the people of hell. There is a group who are between the two groups who recognize both groups in their prosperity and misery; they congratulate the people of paradise and salute them and are hopeful to join them, but they have not yet.

47-And sometimes they see the people of hell and beg Allah: O Lord! Do not join us with them!

48-This group, who are known as the people of heights (a’araaf), tell some of the people of the hell whom they know: where did all the wealth and power go that you had that do not benefit you now?

49-These are the same people of paradise that you used to swear that they were miserable and would not receive any blessings from God. Then they look at the people of paradise and say: O people of paradise! Enjoy the paradise and do not suffer any worries or sorrows!

50-That is when the people of the hell call upon the people of paradise and beg them: Please send us some water or some of the blessings that God has bestowed upon you! They reply: Allah has prohibited these blessings to the disbelievers. (Footnote 128)


The banning of the celestial food and beverages to the people of hell is like the banning of meat to horses and donkeys. Their terrestrial taste for the celestial foods is like the taste of animals for human foods.

51-All those who played games with the religion and their terrestrial life made them arrogant; We now forget them as they forgot such a day and denied Our signs. (Allah doesn’t forget anything but if man forgets Him, he cannot enjoy the blessing of His mercy and it seems that Allah has forgotten him).

52-We put at their disposal a scripture like Koran that contains a detailed and clear knowledge and was guidance and mercy for those who believed.

53-Do they expect anything save the day when the era of the innermost meanings of Koran (the rule of Koran) materializes? When the day of the rule of Koran by Imam Mahdi comes, regret and remorse overtakes those who forgot Allah. Then they cry: verily the messengers were assigned rightly; is there anyone who can intercede for us or is it possible that we return to our terrestrial life and act differently from what we used to be? They have put themselves to harm and have lost the control of all the fake means that they possessed. (Footnote 129)


Wherever the innermost layer of Koran interpretation is mentioned, it is referring to the governance and rule of the infallible Imams. Our prophet (SAWA) said: I fought for the revelation of Koran and after me Imam Ali (PBUH) will fight for the (teaching the) innermost layer of its interpretation. Striving for such interpretation means making the rule of the truth to realize and its rule is impossible without the rule of the infallible Imams. In this ayah and similar ones such interpretations has been said to mean the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and his rule that constitutes the hereafter in which the disbelievers and the hypocrites will be struck by regret and sorrow and wish somebody would intercede for them.

54-Your Lord is the One who created the earth and the skies (or the stages of the human beings’ perfection) in six stages and then settled on the throne of ruling them and all the creation. He imposes the night and the day (or the eras of truth and vanity) over each other so they swiftly succeed one another; the sun, the moon and the stars (or the scientists) are all under His control. Creation and rule is His; is the Lord of the dwellers of the world, is the source of blessing and compassion. (Footnote 130).


God’s settlement on the celestial throne means His rule over the human beings. Such governance will only materialize after the perfection of the humans and their readiness for the rule of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Here it is inferred that the meaning of the creation of the skies and the earth in six days is the six subsequent stages of the human evolution from the Adam’s descent to the Imam Mahdi’s rise. Four of these stages have passed before the prophetic mission of our prophet who is the last prophet and the next two stages will materialize after the emergence of Islam till the rise of Imam Mahdi. It is the people’s growing up that constitutes the throne of the kingdom of Allah and the infallible Imams. In the same manner that the people’s ignorance has made the Imams to stay away and live in seclusion, their knowledge and understanding will be a cause for the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and their emergence. In the innermost level interpretation of Koran, sky means the arena of correcting the humans’ thoughts and training them. Allah’s settlement on the throne means His rule and governance because His power and creation are inseparable from Him and do not need to materialize in six days [So the throne does not mean his power and ability to create]. Also, there are no days and nights before the world is created so that we use six of them as the duration of the creation. So His settlement on the throne means the kingdom and the rule that emerges after the termination of the worldly life. That is why the ayah “The owner or the king of the day of the religion” [Surah “Alhamd” has been revealed].

55- Secretly and openly, be in a state of supplication, begging and praying before Allah, since He does not like the arrogant and the transgressors.

56-Do not give rise to corruption and decay in the society after witnessing so much reforms and expediencies; beg Allah with fear and hope, God’s mercy is close to the virtuous.

57-He is the One who has made the winds carriers of His blessings. Winds fertilize the clouds (events too, lead to growth for man); We drive the clouds towards dry lands and make the rain pour down and make so much blessings rise because of them. We make the dead alive in the same manner; may you perceive the truth through these events.

58-In this regards, both land and the potentials of the devoted man bear their fruits with God’s permission; but the infertile lands and unprepared talents give few fruits despite earnest efforts. We clarify the truth for those who are thankful.

59-We sent Noah as a messenger towards his people. He said to his people: Worship Allah only since there is no God save Him! I am afraid you will be struck with a severe calamity due to ascribing partners to Him.

60-The leaders of the people said: We see you in abject deviance!

61-Noah replied: O people! I am not a deviant! I am a messenger sent to you by the Lord of the peoples;

62-I present you with the God’s message and advise you; by His mercy I know things that you don’t!

63-Are you surprised that God has given the mission to someone to inform you and warn you against the outcomes of sinfulness so that you may ward off evil and His mercy covers you?

64-They denied Noah’s message, so We rescued him along with his followers from the storm aboard a ship and drowned those who had confronted our signs since they were a deaf and dumb folk.

65-We also sent to the people of Ad their brother, Eber. He said: O people worship God only since you have no god save Him; why aren’t you scared from disbelief and sin?

66-A group of his people who were disbelievers said: we see you as having lost your intelligence or having resorted to lying.

67-He replied: I am not insane, but I am the God’s messenger!

68-I relay to you the God’s message; I am an adviser and trusty for you.

69-It is not strange that the God’s commands are given to a man from yourselves who guides you. Do not forget that you have taken the place of the people of Noah and have overtaken over their wealth and power. So remember the God’s blessings so that you may be saved.

70-The people said: Have you come to us to make us worship the only one God and abandon our gods? Make what you threaten us appear to us if you are truthful!

71-Eber the prophet replied: the abomination of disbelief and sinfulness has taken you over and the God’s wrath has surrounded you. That is why you argue with me while you count on the support of the names that have been fabricated by you and your fathers. These idols and those who make them have no proof. Therefore be waiting for the God’s punishment and I too, will be waiting. (Because the outcomes of disbelief and sin are inevitable).

72-We rescued Eber and his followers by Our kindness and blessings and annihilated those who didn’t believe and refuted Our signs.

73-Later, We sent as a messenger to the tribe of Thamud their brother Salah. He told his tribe: worship God only because you have no god save Him! Now you have received clear proof and reason and that is the God’s camel that has appeared miraculously. Let it graze as it wishes because it gives you blessings and do not disturb it lest you are imposed on the God’s punishment!

74- Remember God’s favor as He let you inherit the lands of the tribes of Ad, provided you with potentials that enabled you build on the highlands houses and castles by digging into the soft and hard rocks. Remember Allah’s blessings and do not corrupt your healthy lives.

75-The arrogant leaders of the people asked the vulnerable believers: do you really believe that Salah has been given mission by God? They replied: Yes, indeed we believe in his mission.

76-The arrogant said: We disbelieve in the mission of the one whom you regard as a messenger!

77-Finally they killed the Salah’s camel that was a divine sign and disobeyed His command and belligerently told Salah: make the doom you are threatening come down to us if you are really one of the prophets!

78-So, the God’s torment (trembling and earthquake) came down to them and they fell to the ground like lifeless objects.

79-Salih passed by them and said: I did convey to you the God’s message and gave you advice but you disregarded those who used to advise you.

80-And the story of Lot the prophet who said to his people: you commit a debauchery that is unprecedented in the past nations.

81-Do you make liaison with men rather than women? You are s shameless and over indulging people!

82-The shameless people had no response except saying: Expel this family that is in the path of purity and virtuousness!

83-We spared Lot and his family from any association with them; except his wife who joined them and suffered their doom.

84-We annihilated them under a rain of rock and dust; see what the wrong doers end up in!

85-And the story of Jethro whom We sent to the people of Midian; he told them: O people! Worship God that you don’t have any God save Him. I have come to you with clear proofs and reasoning. Fulfill the weights and scales and do not short sell; do not corrupt the people’s lives while they are healthy. The ways I advise you are better if you believe in God!

86-Do not block people’s route in order to scare them or make them deviate from the God’s path by misrepresenting His religion. Be reminded of God’s mercy to you that although you were a small group of people, He increased you in number; ponder what the fate of the wrong doers leads them to.

87-If a group of people believed in you and another didn’t, be patient till when Allah judges between you and them; He is the best judge.

88-The arrogant transgressors cried: O Jethro: we will expel you and your followers from our town unless you convert to our religion. Jethro replied: How can I convert to your religion while I regard it a false one?

89-If I convert to your religion, then I will have ascribed lies to Allah while He has saved us from disbelief. It is not right that we return to misfortune unless only if God wills. The knowledge of My Lord covers everything, we trust Him. O Lord! Solve the problems we have with these people, You are the best savior!

90-The leaders of the people threatened the Jethro’s followers and said: if you follow him, you will suffer a great harm!

91-Therefore, the torment of trembling befell them and they fell to the ground like dead corpses.

92-Those who confronted Jethro were like those who never benefited from their lives. Those who denied Jethro did lose.

93-Shu’ayb, passed by their corpses without caring about them and said: I did convey to you the God’s message and advised you; so why should I be sorry for a disbelieving folks?

94-We never assigned any prophet to a city or country except that we surrounded them by calamities so they might seek shelter with Us. (But they didn’t beg pardon from Him and did not seek shelter with Him).

95-After that, We changed their poor condition into prosperity and removed the effects of their doom; but, instead of thanking God they said: Such is the world; our past generations also suffered such difficulties! (They didn’t relate doom or prosperity to God). Thence We suddenly destroyed them and they never knew what was the cause of what happened to them. (Footnote 131)


Allah the High exalted, in His wise plans afflicts the transgressor nations with calamities several times so that they may go back to the divine rule and take refuge with Him. When the first, the second and the third rounds of afflictions prove futile, He gives them wealth and bounties and then suddenly drags them towards annihilation and the hereafter.


96-If the people of the towns believed in God and were virtuous, We would open to them the gates of blessings and prosperity [emerging] from the earth and the sky; but they denied the God’s religion, so We annihilated them due to disbelief and sin. 

97-Why do the habitants of cities and villages consider themselves safe? It is quite possible that our doom takes them over in the middle of the night when they are sleeping.

98-Or, how can they regard themselves secured, that our doom may take them over while they are busy with their games?

99-Why do they regard themselves spared from the God’s plots? Only the disbelievers who do not have any knowledge about Him regard themselves [being definitely] in safety. (But the believers are [only] hopeful of the God’s mercy).

100-Those who have taken the place of the past generations are oblivious to the fact that if We wished, We would bring down to them the same fate of the bygone people; would take away from them wisdom and intelligence so they could not perceive the truth.

101-We tell you the stories of the past nations; so many messengers came to them but again they would not believe in the God to whom they had disbelieved before. This is how Allah shuts the doors of wisdom and intelligence to them. (The love of this world replaces their love for God in their hearts).

102-The majority of the subsequent generations, just like the past ones, did not observe the God’s covenant and most of them turned to corruption and debauchery.

103-After them, We sent Moses to the Pharaoh and his people with so many miracles. They did wrong to our messengers; so see where did their deeds led them to.

104-Moses told the Pharaoh: I am a messenger from the Lord of the worlds.

105-It deserves me not to ascribe anything but the truth to God; I have come to you with wisdom and clear proofs; so free the Children of Israel from slavery!

106-The Pharaoh said: If you are telling the truth and if you have any miracles from your Lord, then show them!

107-Moses dropped his stick and it suddenly turned into a large dragon.

108-Also drew his hand out of his collar and it started shining like the sun.

109-The heads of the nation who had been frightened told each other: what a sorcerer he is; he is potent and knowledgeable!

110-He is intending to expel us from our homeland; so they held a council to decide what to do.

111-Their decision was to leave him for some time and asked the king to call upon all the magicians to gather together.

112-O king: order to all the potent and knowledgeable sorcerers to come to your court.

113-As per his order, all the sorcerers gathered together at his court; they asked: will we receive any rewards if we beat him?

114-The Pharaoh said: sure: you will also be favored by me.

115-The challenge started at the presence of many spectators. They told Moses: do you show your art first or we begin first?

116-Moses replied: you start first; so they demonstrated their magic and took possession of the people’s eyes in a way that they saw the ropes and sticks that they had dropped as moving creatures and were scared; the sorcerers put forth a great sorcery.

117-We inspired to Moses: Now you drop your stick! It turned into a great dragon and swallowed all of the ropes and sticks that they had dropped and then stayed on attention!

118-The truth emerged and their sorcery was nullified (A poet said: magic cannot compete with miracle; Who is Samiri [the inventor of the talking calf amongst the Children of Israel] to be able to outshine the shining hand of Moses?

119-They were defeated and humiliation and meanness took them over.

120-The magicians fell prostrate before Moses and cried:

121-We do believe in the Lord of the worlds!

122-The Lord of Moses and Aaron!

123-The Pharaoh said: Why did you believe without my permission? Evidently you have hatched a plot against me and are going to stage a coup, expel the habitants of the city and make yourselves rulers. You will see what I am going to do to you!

124-I will cut off your hands and feet crosswise and will hang you!

125-They countered: We do not care; we will return to our Lord!

126-The reason why you avenge us is that we believed in the God’s signs once they were revealed to us! O Lord! Bestow upon us patience and resilience and take us away from this world as Muslims!

127-The heads of the people told the Pharaoh: why do you give Moses and his people the freedom to make mischief in the country and disregard you and deny your divinity? The Pharaoh replied: don’t hurry! Soon I will kill their men and spare their women; I am dominant over them.

128-Moses told his people: seek help from Allah and be steadfast, since the earth belongs to Him; He bestows it to those whom He wishes and finally the earth will be in the hands of the virtuous.

129-His people cried: We were tormented by the Pharaoh before you came and still are [in fear] after you have come. Moses replied: There is hope that God annihilates your enemies and replace them with you and then sees how you will behave.

130-We imposed upon the Pharaoh, drought and lack of produce so they might perceive the truth.

131-When in relief, they would attribute it to their good luck and when a calamity befell them, they would say that this was due to the inauspiciousness of Moses and his followers. In fact the inauspiciousness was consistent with their disbelief, but they wouldn’t know.

132-They told Moses: Even if you show us miracles to spellbind us, we won’t believe in you!

133-As a result, We afflicted them with severe calamities like storms and locusts and lice and frogs and turning their drinking water into blood; yet they showed arrogance and didn’t yield to the God’s power since they were wicked and sinners.

134-Whenever one of the calamities would befall them, they would beg Moses to ask God on the basis of the covenant he had with Him to relieve them from their predicament so they would believe and let him take the Sons of Israel with him.

135-But, when We removed the calamity due to the agreement they had made with Moses, they would break their agreement and would persist in their disbelief!

136-Finally, due to their persistence in breaching their agreements, We took revenge from them and drowned them all in the sea. That was because they denied Our signs and disregarded all those miracles.

137-Then, We put the blessed lands of the east and the west into the hands of Moses; God’s decree for the Children of Israel was implemented due to their steadfastness. We destroyed the Pharaoh and his kingdom.

138-We safely let the Children of Israel [to walk and] pass through the sea. They reached a city that its people had an idol each; they told Moses: Just like the gods that each of these people have, please make a god for us too! Moses cried: How ignorant you are!

139-They are in the road to annihilation due to their idolatry; their path is wrong and their deeds are invalid.

140-Shall I look for a god other than God who saved you? He is the One who has given you superiority over the people of the world.

141-Allah saved you from the people of the Pharaoh; those who used to torment you in the harshest ways, killed your men and spared your women. How formidable was the calamity imposed on you from the king!

142-We made an arrangement with Moses to present himself to God for 30 nights and implemented it with another ten till he fulfilled a full forty nights period. Moses informed his brother Aaron about this arrangement and ordered him: Be my successor during this period, solve their problems and do not follow the mischief makers.

143-Moses went to the place decreed by Allah where He talked to him. He asked: O God! Demonstrate Yourself to me so I can see You! Allah replied: You can never see me. Look at this mountain; if it could stand My manifestation, then you can see me too! When the God’s light shone onto the mount, it crumbled and Moses fell unconscious. Once he regained his consciousness, presented to God: You are devoid of such characteristics [You are too purified]; I do repent and am the first to believe in Your grandeur! (Footnote 132) FOOTNOTE 132:


Moses, unlike the final prophet [Muhammad (SAWA)] had not gained full perfection when he asked to have a vision of Allah. In fact, Allah Himself lets the one who has gained the capacity of meeting God to have a vision of Him before he even asks for. Allah just showed him an example of the non-ability to resist Him. He could see that the mountain with such rigidity could not bear Him so he was convinced that he shouldn’t make such a request again. Any relationship with God, especially meeting Him needs His permission because Allah is more aware of a human being’s condition than himself. Meeting God becomes possible only at the final stage of the materialization of one’s capabilities. Amongst all the prophets, only the last one gained the honor of ascension to His presence -that is meeting Him. Since his holiness reached the climax of his talents, he could present the God’s religion to people in its perfect form and thus announced the termination of the process of sending down new messengers.

144-Allah stated: O Moses! I made you superior over all the others by appointing you as My messenger and talking to you! Take up My scripture and My word and be thankful to Me.

145-We inscribed on the Moses tablets decrees on all humane behaviors and details of all sciences and ordered him; O Moses! Take up the Torah by Our Compulsory decree and order your nation to act in accordance with its advices that are the best; I will show you the fate of the wicked and the sinner.

146-I will soon turn away the arrogant and the transgressors who oppose the truth from understanding the signs and the culture of their religion. No matter how many signs they witness, they will not believe; though they observe the path of religion and learning, they do not conceive, rather, they adopt the path of astray. They refuted Our religion and were negligent of it. (Footnote 133)


In this ayah Allah declares that He dissuades the arrogant from understanding His ayahs. This dissuasion is in fact a logical process of natural deprivation and not something imposed upon one by God. In fact Allah is very eager to teach and train people because science and knowledge is the ultimate goal of creation. He never makes obstacles on the people’s path towards understanding because it is against wisdom and is a sort of cruelty. However, when one willingly deviates from the school of religion, naturally another goal -that is the love of this world, replaces it and such a goal draws a curtain between him and divine knowledge. An adage says: love of something makes one blind and deaf. Goals rule over one’s sight and knowledge.

147-The right deeds of those who denied and refuted our signs and the afterlife will be in vain; such a vanity is the outcome of their wrong path. (A disbeliever’s deeds are performed in the wrong path)

148-The Children of Israel, during the forty day absence of Moses put together their gold and jewels and forged a golden calf that used to groan. (Samiri told them that it was theirs and Moses god!). Didn’t they notice that it would not talk to them and that they would not find guidance in their wrong path?

149-When the worship of the calf was cleared from the minds of the people and they noticed that they had gone astray, they cried: If Allah does not show mercy to us and does not forgive us, we will be losers!

150-Moses, after his forty day absence became furious; turned to the people and altercated to them saying: how wrongfully you behaved in my absence; why, rather than heeding my orders you obeyed Satan? He dropped down the tablets, grabbed the head and beard of his brother and shouted at him: why you didn’t stop them from going astray? Aaron said: O my brother, they oppressed me and were about to kill me; do not blame me for the sins committed by the enemy and do not count me amongst those who went astray!

151-Moses raised his hands in prayer and said: O my Lord! Forgive me and my brother and place us in the aura of Your mercy; You are the best Compassionate.

152-Those who worshipped the calf will soon be subjected to the God’s wrath, will be humiliated and servile in the world and the hereafter; this s how We punish those who ascribe partners to Us.

153-And as for those who committed the sin but later repented and were believers, the Lord is the Forgiver, the Compassionate.

154-When the Moses anger subsided, he took up the tablets; its copies were means of guidance and compassion for those who feared God.

155-Moses chose seventy people from his followers to meet Allah together with him, but since they asked to see God, thunder killed them all. Moses cried: O God! You could kill me with them too! Do you annihilate us for the fatuity of the fatuous? This is all Your own plots; You guide or send astray whom You wish; You are our Guardian, show mercy to us; You are the best Forgiver. (Footnote 134)


Moses followers were an annoying and troublesome people. Instead of thanking Moses for having saved them from slavery, they used to constantly nag him. When they saw the idolaters, they complained why they didn’t have idols like them; they asked Moses: Now that we heard the God’s words, take us to the Mount Sinai to see God with our own eyes. Even if they could have a vision of Him, only He knows what shameless words they would say. In fact, having a vision of God is possible only after having a perfect knowledge of Him not before that. When a thunder killed them all, Moses got angry and said: O God! You should have killed me with them because I will have nothing to tell their kinsmen! Some calamities even surpass the capabilities of Moses. Allah used to help him and solve his problems through miracles because his people were so troublesome and objector that the patience of the prophets would wear thin. As I said, the miracles given to Moses were not meant to be an ultimatum but were meant to end his people’s objections.

156-Please decree for us prosperity in this world also in the hereafter; we were guided due to Your compassion only. Allah declared: yeah! I will send My punishment to whom I wish, My compassion has enveloped everything; I place those who ward off evil and pay the poor due and those who believe in My signs in the sphere of My compassion constantly.

157-Those who follow this genuine messenger whose attributes they have found [described] in the Torah and Evangel; a messenger who promotes virtues and forbids vices; legitimizes the clean and healthy foods and bans the malignant ones; removes the heavy burdens of responsibility and the superstitions that have fallen upon the peoples’ necks like chains. Those who believe in this messenger and support him and follow the light of the Koran and the Imam that has been revealed with him must know that they are the delivered. (Footnote 135)


The light that has been sent down with this prophet is in fact the infallible Imams because Koran cannot guide independently without them and without their guidance, it will be a source of disputes because everyone will have his own interpretation. The silent Koran can be a means of guidance only in conjunction with the talking Korans.

158-Announce to people: O people! I am the God’s messenger for you; God to whom belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth; there is no god save Him! He gives life and takes it away; So O people! Believe in God and this gentile prophet who believes in Allah and His words; obey him so you may get guided!

159-A group amongst the Moses’ people was righteously guided and would promote justice in accordance with the truth.

160-We divide the Children of Israel who were twelve tribes into twelve nations. They were thirsty in the desert so they asked him for water. We told Moses: strike the rock with your stick! Twelve springs flew out. So, each tribe would recognize their own spring; We made the clouds to shade them; sent down for them the foods of manna and quail telling them to consume the clean foods We had provided for them. By not appreciating the God’s blessings, they did not do wrong to Us; but rather, they wronged themselves.

161-We ordered them: Dwell in this city and freely make use of the God’s blessings; enter the gate of the religion while falling prostrate and say: O God “Shed from us our sins”! So that We forgive you and augment the rewards of the righteous.

162-But, they altered the God’s word and said what their carnal desires ordered them; so We sent down upon them the calamity from the sky.

163-Ask them about their city that was located close the sea where they disregarded the law of the Sabbath. On that day of the week, the fish would come close to the shore abundantly but during the other days, in smaller numbers; so based on their greed, they played with the law (so We told them: be monkeys!). This is how We try people through debauchery and sin. (Footnote 136)


Those who are metamorphosed due to the God’s wrath and whose human faces turn into an animal, they maintain their human spirit and intelligence while they have an animal’s face. If their intelligence metamorphoses into that of an animal too, they will not suffer any regret or humiliation because regrets emanate from a human intelligence. Animals have no sorrows for their condition. If an animal turns blind, it will not have any sorrow: it is the human being that suffer regret and become sorry because of their intelligence. The metamorphosed people are like the people who become blind. The metamorphosed Jews could see the people and so they used to feel the humiliation and did not like the others to see them like that.

164-A party amongst the Children of Israel used to protest to the others who gave advice to those sinners who would inevitably be punished. They replied: We just mean to have an excuse in front of Allah or just make them observe the virtues.

165-Once they were oblivious to the God’s religion, We saved those who used to promote virtues and dissuade the others from vice and then afflicted the wrong doers with a sever calamity.

166-And We metamorphosed those who played with the law of Sabbath into monkeys.

167-Your Lord decreed for the Jewish people to live under the rule of their enemies till hereafter; Your Lord severely punishes the transgressors but is Kind to the believers. (Footnote 137)


This noble ayah is another one that guides us to know that his holiness’s uprising constitutes the hereafter because it says that the Jews will suffer torment and doom till the hereafter. If the hereafter is going to emerge sometime after his holiness’s uprising and during his term in this worldly life as it continues, we infer that Judaism and Christianity will continue to exist during his rule whereas this notion contradicts another ayah that says: “… and the religion will be completely that of God” (this ayah has been interpreted to mean the rule of Imam Mahdi (PBUH)] and also it contradicts the notion of a universal system of justice because without the elimination of the false religions and superstitions, such a universal system will not be established. The universal salvation is the result of the establishment of Islam for all mankind under the rule of the infallible Imams. Imam, while interpreting the ayah “.. Till the war lays down its burdens” added: Allah removes the obstacles to his cause in a single night.

168-We dispersed their communities; some of them were virtuous and some others were in lower degrees; We afflicted them with rounds of prosperity and hardship so they might return to the God’s shelter.

169-The subsequent generations inherited their scripture and religion; but they became materialistic and world worshiping assuming that God would forgive them and so continued with their quest for the worldly possessions. Didn’t We made a covenant with them in the Torah not to ascribe lies to God and to learn the lessons contained in the Torah and know that for those who ward off evil, the hereafter is better than this world? Why don’t they put their wisdom to use?

170-The Jews who adhere to their religious book and establish prayer should know that We do not disregard the reward of the virtuous and those who promote it.

171-We placed the Jews under the rule of the contents of the Mount Sinai, i.e. they had the obligation to accept the religion and the tenets of Moses; to discuss the contents of Torah between themselves so they might become virtuous. (The Jewish people were intending to refute the existence of the religion, but were forcefully obliged to accept it). (Footnote 138)


Admitting the Mount Sinai by force is like admitting Kaabah that has to stay as a monument and motto. People’s freedom in choosing their religion is limited to sending their own selves astray, but not to the extent of obscuring the path of the true religion. The Jewish people were intending to destroy the motto of religion that was the sayings of Torah. Allah by brute force protected it so that the path to guidance would be protected. They would be safeguarded as long as they would preserve the Arc of Covenant that contained relics of Moses in their societies, otherwise their enemies would overcome them.

172-Where thy Lord took the covenant from the descendants of Adam after they gained knowledge and wisdom asking them: am I not your Lord? And they obliged; lest they say in the hereafter that they were unaware of the covenant. (Footnote 139)


It relates to the religious covenant that Allah makes with the people of the world. Those who regard it as a covenant made before the creation are mistaken. Here Allah declares: “When I pulled off the offspring [seed] of Adam from his back and made them a witness to them  ...” The word “Zurriyah” [seeds] are Adam’s progeny and not particles before creation and the phrase “made them witness over themselves ..” means made them to become self-conscious and then We made a covenant with them related to divinity and guardianship lest they say in the hereafter that nobody invited them to the truth and so they were oblivious. No human being exists before creation so that Allah makes a covenant with. If such a covenant is related to the nature of creation, then it must be alongside the creation and after that when human beings find themselves compelled to obey and if it is legislative, then it must be after the man’s maturity based on the prophets’ teachings. Here Allah says “We made a covenant with the offspring of Adam so that they do not offer any excuses in the hereafter. So this covenant is a legislative covenant because Allah says: “.. And made them a witness against themselves..” i.e. after they were self-conscious.

173-Or lest they put forward the excuse that is worse than the guilt itself that their forefathers had been idolaters so they had followed their path and so they should not be punished for what the leaders of the wrong path had done.

174-This is how We clearly and in detail explain Our signs so that people return to the God’s shelter.

175-And tell them the story of Bal’am Ba’our who was given so many divine signs, but he disrobed himself of the truth, Satan made him to follow him and he was counted amongst those who have gone astray.

176-If it would be possible, We would influence him to walk towards Us, but he had been mired in the love of this worldly life and so followed his carnal desires. He was like a dog who throws its tongue out both when charging and when withdrawing. How despicable is the example of those who refute Our signs. Tell his story to the people so they may take a lesson.

177-How despicable are those who refute Our signs and so do wrong to themselves due to disbelief and sinfulness!

178-Only those are guided whom Allah guides and the losers are those whom He leaves them to themselves.

179-It seems that a large number of the Jinni and human being have been created for the hell; they do not intend to ponder by their hearts and to see by their eyes and to hear by their ears; they are like animals but even worse; they are oblivious!

180-To Allah belong the best names; ask him to bestow upon you His attributes. Those who regard themselves similar and partner to God in such names will be punished due to their false claims.

181-A number of God’s servants guide people truthfully and make judgment on the basis of justice and rightfulness.

182-But those who refute Our signs are dragged towards the hell little by little.

183-I give them a reprieve and they get busy with this world. My plot against the disbelievers is firmly rooted in wisdom and not perceivable.

184-Why do not they understand that this prophet is not a maniac, but is himself the essence of the perfect wisdom who warns people against disbelief and sinfulness?

185-Why do not they ponder the creation of the skies and the earth and other objects while possibly their death is imminent? In what story other than Koran would they believe?

186-Him who God abandons will not have anyone else to guide; Allah leaves them to be blind and arrogant and transgressor.

187-They ask you about the timing of the hereafter that how long it takes it to emerge? Tell them the timing of the hereafter is known by God only and nobody save Allah will make it emerge once the time comes. The emergence of the hereafter is something that is debilitating both in the skies and the earth; it emerges suddenly. They are persistent in asking as if you know it but do not want to say! Say: this knowledge is exclusive to God but most of the people do not know this. (Millions of people and worlds in the universe have coincident hereafters).

188-Tell them: Just like you, I cannot benefit or harm myself, only if Allah wishes; if I could know the unseen, I would accumulate a large wealth and would keep away calamities from myself. I just give glad tidings to those who believe and warn against disbelief and sinfulness.

189-He is God who created you from a single nature called soul and created the spouses from the same nature so you find solace in your relationship with your spouse. When the husband covered his wife, she grew pregnant gradually and got burdened after some time; then the spouses cried to Allah: If you bestow upon us a pious offspring, we will be thanks givers.

190-Then once Allah bestowed upon them a pious child, they treated it like a partner of Allah: Allah is too purified to have a partner!

191-Do they regard one who is created and cannot create anything as a partner to God?        

192-While the one they ascribe as a partner cannot help them or at least help himself and save from the calamities and death.

193-If you invite those idols or their guardians to the guidance, they will not follow you; it’s the same whether you invite them or not.

194-Such ascribed partners that instead of God you pin your hopes on them to help you are just God’s servants like you; ask them for help and let them help you if you are right!

195-Do they have moving legs to walk or hands to fight or eyes to see and ears to hear? Tell them to ask for help from the idols and strive against me and do not give me a chance!

196-My Guardian is God who has revealed this Koran and He is the Guardian of the virtuous.

197-These ascribed partners that you beg them instead of God cannot help you or themselves.

198-If you invite them to the God’s religion, they cannot hear you and although they stare at you, do not see.

199-Be forgiving and invite people to virtues and stay away from the ignorant. 

200-If Satan tempted you, seek shelter with Allah; He is the Hearer, the Seeing.

201-The virtuous, whenever are exposed to the Satan’s temptations, become aware instantly, since they are witty and intelligent.

202-At the same time, Satan drags their non-pious brethren towards astray and do not fail.

203-When you don’t bring them a miracle, they say: Why don’t you bring one? Say: I just follow whatever is inspired to me; this Koran is a source of wisdom and insight for you and is a blessing and guidance for the believers.

204-When Koran is being recited, just listen and be silent so that you perceive its meanings with the help of Allah’s blessings. (Foot note 140).


If you respect Koran and stay silent and listen well, the blessing that is promised here is the understanding of Koran that is bestowed upon you.

205-Secretly and silently, day and night with due humility and entreatingly beg Allah and supplicate to Him and never be oblivious to His remembrance.

206-Those who know Allah, they never show arrogance in remembering God, praising Him and falling prostrate before Him. 



              In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


“Anfal” is the plural from of the words “Nafl” and “Nafilah” in Arabic and means the natural resources like mountains, deserts, seas and mines that do not belong to the private owners and are submitted to the Muslims’ leaders without fighting.

1-People ask you about the public wealth. Say such wealth belongs to God and His messenger; you people mind Allah in handling them if you truly believe in Him. You reform your private affairs and obey God and His messenger. (Footnote 141)


Some people have objections against the likes of such ayahs in which the public property is declared as the God’s, His messenger’s and the Imams’ possession and also against some other tradition that say that the prophet has granted a property called Fadak to his beloved daughter and say: [in accordance with some narratives] Allah has granted rivers like the Niles and the Euphrates and Syr Darya and Oxus as a dowry to her holiness Fatima and it shows that they have been looking for personal wealth and is a kind of discrimination; it entails that the God’s messenger like the others has just been caring about himself and his family by allocating such possessions to himself and his family! They assume that the God’s prophets are like the world worshippers and their goal is to amass wealth and possessions. Why don’t they ponder on how God has declared the Imams as identical to Himself in religion and governance? Such introduction means that their governance is that of Allah and their possessions are those of God. When it is declared that the whole world and its wealth belong to the God’s messenger and the Imams, it is like saying that it all belongs to God. In fact their objection is an objection against God because everything truly belongs to Him. How does He handle them? What does He do with them? Whatever is possessed by God reaches the mankind as He wishes. The reason why Allah cedes the control of all riches to the guardians He has appointed is that He has bestowed the governance to them and they are like parents and all people are their children. Though a family’s possessions are registered in the name of the father, but all of the family members benefit from them through him. The Imams spend the possessions given to them by God for the progress and upbringing of the mankind in their governance and guardianship and make all of the God’s servants enjoy them. We must expect from them whatever we expect from God. And if one has any objections against them, it is an objection against God.  The relation between them, their knowledge and their deeds with God is like the relationship of a radio or a television set with the speaker.

2-The true believers are those whose hearts are overwhelmed by the fear of God when His name is mentioned to them and whenever Allah’s ayahs are recited unto them, their belief is augmented; they trust in God.

3-Those who maintain the relationship with God, they donate from what He has bestowed upon them.

4-They are the true believers and are promoted to high ranks by God; He bestows upon them wisdom and success and they are bestowed upon respectfully.

5-It is like when Allah made you go towards the battlefield despite your meager supplies and equipment; although a group of the believers were not happy.

6-Although it was clear that the instruction was from God, they argued with you; it was as if they were being dragged towards death and the site of martyrdom.

7-When Allah promised to let you overtake one of the two parties; you liked to face the merchant caravan but He liked you to enter the battle so that the truth would triumph and the disbelievers would be uprooted. (You wanted the caravan, but God wanted you to conquer the world).

8-Allah wishes to make the truth triumphant and eliminate the falsehood, though the criminals dislike it.

9-[Remember when] you were desperately begging God for victory and Allah obliged by reinforcing you by a thousand angels standing in rows.

10-This promise of helping you by angels was just glad tidings for you in order to strengthen your hearts since helping to victory is in the hands of God only; Allah is the Dominant, the Wise (Angels are just the invigorating powers that enhance the soldiers’ spirits).

11-[Remember when] for the sake of feeling safe and serene sleep took you over and then Allah sent down rain in order to wash away your dust, cleans you from the Satan’s temptations and conjoin your hearts and solidify the earth under your feet. (When you woke up you noticed that the earth was solid, the air was clear and your hearts were strengthened).

12-Allah gave mission to the angels to enhance the soldiers’ spirits, solidify their steps and infuse terror into the hearts of the disbelievers. The disbelievers succumbed to the hands of the believers who cut off their heads, hands and legs. (Footnote 142)


The function of the angels in the creation is like the function of electricity in the electrical appliances. Human beings are like the electrical devices or lamps and in the same manner that the devices are sped up or down by electrical fluctuations, God too, invigorates human beings and creatures by the angels. He takes the vigor off the disbelievers’ hearts and makes them fearful while at the same time enhances the power of the believers’ hearts so they become valiant and triumph.

13-It was because they caused so much hardship to Allah and His messenger; those who make trouble for God and His messenger will be severely punished by Him.

14-Behold your doom! You have to taste it; your final punishment is the fire.

15- O you who believe! Do not escape the battlefield in the heat of battle!

16-Those who turn their backs to the enemy during the battle –except for taking a new position or joining their comrades, must know that they enter the circle of the God’s wrath; the hell is the abode of the escapees and it is a bad destiny.

17-Now that you are triumphant, be it known to you that it was not you who killed them, but it was Allah; you didn’t shoot arrows but it was God who did. It was meant to try the believers in a noble manner; Allah is the Hearer, the Seeing. (The God’s prophet threw a handful of pebbles towards the enemy and each hit an enemy’s eye). (Footnote 143)


In the battle of Badr, the God’s prophet threw a handful of sands towards the disbelievers without taking aim. Each of the pebbles blinded an eye of an enemy as if an arrow had been shot at them! Here we must judge whether the one who aimed at their eyes was God or his messenger who sprayed them without targeting. Here Allah declared: “you didn’t shoot when you shot, but it was Allah who shot”.

18-This is how Allah foiled the disbelievers’ plots and tricks.

19-You disbelievers begged for victory and triumph in the battle of “Badr”; what you witnessed was the [real] triumph. So if you ward off evil and sinfulness it will be better for you, but if you go back to fighting, We too will turn against you and then your wealth and army will not benefit you; Allah’s mercy is with the believers only.

20-O you who believe! Be in the state of obedience to Allah and His messenger; do not leave this path.

21-Do not be like the past generations who told their prophets that they had heard the invitation -while they had never listened and had ignored it.

22-The worst living creatures are the deaf and dumb people who are not ready to recognize the truth as being true.

23-If Allah ever finds any traces of righteousness in them, He will grant them the hearing; but even if He thrusts the truth into their ears, they will ignore and turn away from it.

24-O you who believe! When Allah and His messenger invite you to what gives life to the society, oblige and know that Allah has full control over you; He comes between you and your will and drags all of you towards the circle of His rule.

25-Beware of calamities and torments that [if come to you], cover both the wrong doing and the righteous sections of the society and know that God severely punishes the wrong doers.

26-Remember that once you were a small group of people besieged by your enemies and were afraid of being abducted by them; He strengthened you and helped you to victory, bestowed upon you legitimate and clean possessions so you would appreciate His mercy.

27-O you who believe! Do not betray Allah and His messenger and whatever you have been trusted with while you know the problems associated with betrayal!

28-Wealth and children are means for trying you and your real reward is with God in the hereafter. (Do not be captivated by this world)!

29-O you who believe, if you be mindful of God in your deeds, He will bestow upon you the wisdom to distinguish between the right and the wrong and between debauchery and rightfulness; God removes your wrong traits and makes your wisdom and faith to grow; His compassion is infinite. (Footnote 144)


Begging for forgiveness in the face of sin has been declared as having the same value as the existence of the God’s messenger because Allah declares: “No calamities will befall you as long as the messenger is amongst you and you beg for forgiveness. In fact the Arabic term used here “Istigh’far” means begging Allah for wisdom and spiritual enhancement. One who commits a sin out of ignorance; he is in need of the power of wisdom and Allah bestows wisdom to those who beg for it; likewise, the God’s messenger offers wisdom to the sinner through his instructions. Wisdom and intelligence enhance one’s thoughts and let him recognize disbelief and sinfulness and return to the circle of God’s mercy. Therefore, both by the messenger’s advice and the act of begging pardon (wisdom) ones’ wisdom is enhanced and his knowledge is increased. The ayahs of Koran and the instructions of the infallible Imams are cash wisdoms that are bestowed upon one freely and the resulting intellectual growth is the meaning of the word “Ghufran”.

30-One example of the God’s mercy is when the disbelievers plotted to imprison or kill or banish you; they plotted to eliminate you but Allah plotted to save you; Allah is the Best Plotter.

31-When Koran is recited unto these transgressor Arabs, they arrogantly raise their heads saying that they, too could produce another text like Koran if they wished; [saying] this Koran contains nothing but sorcery and myths!

32-Even they display more audacity and shamelessness by saying: O God! If this Koran is really from your side, then rain stones on our heads or punish us with a more severe torment!

33-Of course Allah will not rain down calamities on them as long as you live amongst them or they beg Him for forgiveness!

34-Why shouldn’t Allah punish them while they ban His servants from the Holy Mosque whereas they are not guardians of the Mosque? Only those who ward off evil are the true supervisors of the Mosque but they do not know.

35-Their praying the Mosque consists of nothing but whistling and making noises; tell them to get ready for the God’s punishment due to their disbelief and debauchery. (Footnote 145)


A religion that only contains edicts for performing inspirited ceremonies and making noises and whistles does not make man grow. The God’s religion is a school for attaining perfection and worships like prayer and fasting are just mottoes of this school. Mottoes are only the initial steps toward gaining intelligence and Koran and the Imams are that school of wisdom and intelligence. The people’s religion and enlivening life gets created and then survives by knowledge and intelligence. People must intend to know the wisdom behind any tenet and must not stop at simply making noises and repeating the mottoes.

36-The disbelievers spend their wealth and possessions on preventing people from entering the God’s religion. Tell them to spend their wealth as much as they can; one day they will regret such spending when they are defeated and dragged towards the hell.

37-The reprieve the disbelievers enjoy is meant to let the well natured be segregated from the evil natured and then Allah in His rein will gather together all the evil, compress them together and drag them towards the hell; they are all loss makers.

38-Tell the disbelievers from the Quraish tribes that if they cease confronting the God’s messenger, Allah will forgive them for their past sins; but if they continue with their confrontation, then they know how God has dealt with the disbelievers in history.

39-Fight the disbelievers and continue the war till debauchery and sedition is removed from the world when the religious governance takes over; if they cease being disbelievers and mischief makers, Allah is well aware of their true condition.

40-But if they turned away from the religion, then you believers must know that Allah is your Guardian and what a good Helper is the High Exalted God!

41-Whateve spoils of war you get, be it known to you that a fifth of it belongs to God, His messenger, the messenger’s descendents, the orphans, the needy, and those who have failed to reach their destination. If you truly believe in God and Koran and that He helped you (when the two parties faced off in the battle of Badr), then observe the God’s decrees; He is Able to do everything. (Footnote 146)


Preserving the position of God, His messenger and the infallible Imams depends on two things: one is protecting the offspring of the prophet who are like signboards posted at the gates of the school of Islam and constitute a living slogan for the prophet and knowingly or unknowigly invite the others to the God’s religion. The second is preserving the school of Islam that consists of the scientific contents of Koran and the works of the prophet. As long as these two effects are preserved, the God’s religion is also preserved. Islam is the sole way for the social life and prosperity of the mankind in the world and the hereafter and if this road is blocked, the humanity will be dragged towards annihilation and astray. The God’s religion vanishes with the people’s ignorance and is revived by their being knowledgeable. All of the learned people of the world are unanimous in believing that the only means of the survival of the religion has been the teachings of the infallible Imams especially those of Imam Baghir and Imam Sadigh [PBU them]. It Suffices if you just observe how those who have been deprived from such teachings fallen into delusion and superstition. Despite the colonialists’ efforts to cut off the line of Koran and the God’s prophet, this knowledge has been preserved by the scholars of the God’s religion throughout the history. Oppressive exploiters like Bani Umayyah deprived the offspring of the God’s prophet from their rights to the Islamic treasury and social rights and made them escape from their towns and tried to cut off the line of this school. The infallible Imams, for the sake of preserving this and enlivening principles of religion allocated a fifth of the annual savings of the believers in Islam and guardianship to these two principles so that the God’s religion and the tree of the offspring of the prophet remains productive and fruitful and, thanks God, what they wished materialized.

42-When in the battle of Al Badr you were closer to the battle field and the enemy was farther. If you had agreed to go for war rather than the merchant caravan from the very beginning, you would have reneged on it; but Allah planned to take you out to war while making you covet for the merchant caravan in order to make His decree materialize. This way those who wanted to take the path of disbelief were distinguished from the thankful people who walk the path of belief; He is the Hearer, the Knower.

43-[Remember when] Allah made you regard the enemy [‘s army] too little whereas if He showed them to you too large, you would become irresolute and would spar on the subject of going to war; definitely Allah is Aware of your personalities.

44-Later, the God’s plot was to show you as a small party to them and show them to you as a large group so that both parties would take the war more seriously and then His goal of making Islam triumphant would realize; Only Allah decides the end of any event.

45-O you who believe, be steadfast and unwavering when you face the disbelievers! Remember God constantly so you may be delivered.

46-Obey God and His messenger; do not argue with each other since it breaches your unity and causes your wealth and power to diminish; be patient when walking the God’s path, Allah loves the patient.

47-Do not be like those who go to war for pretence and arrogantly and out of hypocrisy and at the same time ban people from the God’s path! Allah is in full control of their deeds.

48-The Satanic minded people made the battle of Al Badr to look too easy to the disbelievers of Mecca and made them feel that nobody could defeat them and assured them that they would be supported by them; but, once the two armies faced off, the first to flee were the Satanic minded and they told their followers: We are not responsible for you; we can see signs of defeat that you can’t see; we are afraid from God and His army and know that His punishment is very severe. (Footnote 147)


Always the Satanic minded people and the hypocrites attribute their own acts of war and peace to God in order to make use of the God’s popularity to advance their inauspicious goals. This is the difference between a disbeliever and a hypocrite; the disbelievers don’t believe in the God’s religion and are explicit in expressing their beliefs and so the believers know how to deal with them and are not deceived and will not let them rule over them. But, the hypocrites disguise their wrong as right and exploit the right seeking believers for their own ends. The Satanic minded people who were dwelling in Mecca dragged the dwellers of Mecca towards war against the God’s prophet in the disguise of preserving the dignity of the God’s edifice and the habitants of Mecca and escaped as soon as they were defeated. They told their followers: We are not responsible for your defeat; we do not fight because we fear God!

49-The hypocrites and the Muslims who had been overtaken by doubtfulness used to taunt the true followers saying: These gullible people have been deceived by their religion and that is why they are going to war despite their small number. They were unaware that everyone who trusts God, He is the dominant, the Wise.

50-If you could just be witnesses when angels pull off the souls of the disbeliever and slap them from behind and front telling them that they have to taste the torments of the hell;

51-And tell them that those torments are the results of their own wrong deeds; Allah does not wrong His servants.

52-Just like the followers of the Pharaoh and their predecessors who disbelieved in the God’s signs so He annihilated them by the outcomes of their disbelief and sins; Allah’s punishment is so severe.

53-Allah never alters the prosperity of a nation except when they themselves alter their moral traits; He is the Hearer, the Seeing.

54-[Their behavior was] like the behavior of the followers of the Pharaoh who disregarded their Lord’s signs and so We destroyed them through the outcomes of their own deeds; drowned the Pharaoh and his followers in the sea because they were all wrong doers.

55-The worst of the living creatures for God are those who disbelieve in Him and do not believe;

56-All those with whom you make an armistice, but breach it several times every year and do not refrain from it.

57-When you face them in the battlefield, rout them and suppress those who follow them so that they may find out the truth.

58-When you feel that a group of them are preparing to wage a war against you, order a general mobilization and besiege them before they move; Allah dislikes the traitors.

59-Let not the disbelievers suppose that they have overpowered the Muslims; they can never confound the Muslims.

60-Mobilze whatever horses and weapons you have and thereby scare the enemies of yours and the God’s away, also to dissuade your future enemies whom you do not yet know –but Allah knows them. Whatever investments you make in the God’s path will be returned to you and you will not be wronged.

61-If the God’s enemies were willing to make peace, then you accept their offer and put your trust in God, He is the Hearer, the Knower.

62-Even if they decided to betray their proposal of peace, God will support you; it was Allah you strengthened the people of belief by His help.

63-Allah conjoined the hearts of the people of belief whereas even if you had spent the whole world, not such amity of hearts would have materialized; Allah is the Dominant, the Wise.

64-O God’s messenger! Be it known to you that just Allah and the believers suffice you; no one can ever overcome the believers.

65-O God’s messenger, encourage the believers to go to war; just 20 steadfast people from you will overcome 200 of them and a 100 of you will overcome a thousand of them; that is because they lack wisdom and intelligence. (Footnote 148)


These two noble ayahs contain astounding secrets. Allah declares: Now that I witness the weakness of you Muslims, I lighten My invigoration forces; and so a hundred of you overcomes two hundred of them and a thousand of you overcome two thousand! When the number of combatants was too few, He said: Ten of you will overcome a hundred of them and a hundred of you a thousand of them; whereas once their number increased, He said that He regarded them too weak; so He decreed that a hundred of them to overcome two hundred of the enemies and a thousand of them win over two thousand. It must have been vice versa; i.e. when there were more of the Muslim combatants they must have been stronger and when there were fewer of them they must have been weaker. The secret is that when there are fewer soldiers, they fight more vigorously and rely more on God and their faith; so Allah strengthens them and so every one of them equals ten of the enemies. Conversely, when they are greater in number, they rely more on themselves and less on their faith and so receive less invigoration from God.

66-Now God knows your weakness so He relaxes the rule for you; if a 100 of you show patience in the face of the hardships of battle, they will overcome 200 of them and a thousand of you will overcome two thousand of them with God’s permission; Allah helps the forbearing.

67-No messenger should release the disbelievers against ransom; but, rather, he must annihilate the disbelievers by killing or injuring them. (Because releasing them will lead to strengthening their armies for the next battle). You seek worldly possessions but Allah seeks your victory; Allah is the Dominant, the Wise.

68-If it were not for the God’s decree that entailed your victory, you would be struck with a severe calamity. (Like what happened in the battle of Uhud).

69-Make use of the spoils of war, they are clean and legitimate; ward off evil, Allah is the Forgiving, the Compassionate.

70-O the God’s messengers! Tell the captives that if God finds any good intentions in their soul, will give back to them a better and more abundant bounty than what they have paid as ransom and in addition, will elevate their wisdom and intelligence.

71-And [that] if they betray again in future as they betrayed before in Mecca, God will make His prophet dominant over them as before; He is the Knower, the Wise.

72-All those who believe and immigrate towards God and fight for His cause by their wealth and life and also those who give shelter to the immigrants and help them are all each others’ friends. But, those who believe but do not immigrate to the Islamic state, they are not covered by the Islamic guardianship unless they immigrate too. If they sought help from you, do help them unless the help they are seeking is for fighting a people with whom you have made a treaty; Allah is Well aware of your deeds. (Footnote149).


In the same manner that everything has roots and branches (main and secondary sections) and the secondary sections take strength from the main ones, religion too, has main and basic principles and secondary ones that are preserved by depending on the basics. The principle of monotheism is centered on the guardianship of the God’s prophet and the infallible Imams. Every Muslim must be united with the principles of the religion and the infallible Imams and then practice his religious duties under the auspices of such unification that is the guardianship of the Imams. In this respect a conversation between Imam Musa-ibni-Jaafar and the Abbasids caliph is hereby quoted in order to know how the one who is secluded from the principles of Islam is deprived of the blessings of the Islamic guardianship. Hadi the Abbasid caliph was arguing with the Imam about the God’s messenger and the Hashemite clan. The caliph asks: When someone who has both uncles and cousins passes away, which of them are closer to the deceased to take his heritage? His holiness replies: when there are paternal children, the rest will not inherit. In this case the God’s prophet’s daughter is the inheritor; then continues: will I be safe if I present another argument proving that even without Fatima (the prophet’s beloved daughter) Abbas the prophet’s uncle would have not inherited from him, but rather, Ali (PBUH) his cousin would have inherited? The caliph replies: OK you are safe. Then the Imam reads the ayah related to the prophet’s immigration from Mecca to Medina that says: If a Muslim does not immigrate together with the prophet he will not take advantage from the guardianship of Islam. (“Those who were believers but did not immigrate with you there is no guardianship for them”). Then, since Abbas, the prophet’s uncle [and forefather of the Abbasids] did not immigrate with him to Medina; he could not enjoy the Islamic guardianship, part of which is the heritage. Accordingly, based on both arguments, Abbas would not inherit and the prophet’s heir was Imam Ali (PBUH) [the prophet’s son in law and cousin]. 

73-The disbelievers are all the same people; they protect each other. If you do not maintain your unity, a great disturbance and debauchery will rise in the world. (Since they are like fire that burns everything).

74-All those who believe and immigrate towards God and fight in the path of Allah and those who give shelter to the immigrants and holy fighters and help them are true believers; Allah bestows upon them power and potency and gives them their necessities in a noble manner.

75-And those who believe henceforth and immigrate and fight alongside you are from you and with you; However, the nearest of the kin have priority over the others; Allah is Aware of everything.


A preface to the surah “AT TAWBAH” (THE REPENTANCE)  

This noble suarh is the declaration of God’s wrath at the disbelievers from the beginning of the creation to the hereafter and contains Allah’s threats in the world and the materialization of His wrath in the hereafter. Islam and Koran have been created side by side with the human beings and continue to be with them in the world and hereafter till when make them reach the absolute perfection. The party addressed by Koran is the human being from the descent of Adam to the rise of The Standing Imam [Mahdi- PBUH]. The knowledge contained in Koran has been revealed in several stages through the messengers and has been completed by the last prophet. Human beings, although corporally distinct from each other, comprise a whole and unified society and are contained in each other’s knowledge. Allah invites them to the religion and moralities and accordingly are divided into two parties of disbelievers and believers in the face of such invitation. One’s lifespan is the course of the Allah’s patience and tolerance and the hereafter is the era of realization of His wrath or mercy. This noble surah is the God’s ultimatum and His declaration of wrath against the disbelievers. After this surah is revealed, God declares them as unclean and announces that He will not let them in the sanctuary of His religion. God’s sanctuary in this world is the inviolable place of worship [Mecca] and in the hereafter is the sphere of His guardianship and governance, that is His paradise or the circle of the guardianship of the infallible household of prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and his successors (peace be upon them). Our era is truly the last era of the man’s worldly existence when the life of both parties bears fruit. The ultimate fruit of the disbelievers’ oppression and tyranny is the nuclear devices and the nuclear war that will be initiated by them. It is undisputable that guns and tanks no more bring them their desired ultimate victory and so they have to resort to the nuclear war that will destroy life. In that war a third of the population will be killed, another third will die of its consequences and the remaining will be disabled and miserable. Neither the disbelievers nor the believers will have any vitality. The disbelievers, who have unleashed their ultimate weapon and have ignited their hell, will be disgruntled and the believers will pin their hopes on God and the Imam of the era [Imam Mahdi –PBUH] and will cry: “O Lord! Remove from us this torment, we are the believers!” And Allah answers their hope and replies: “We will be removing this torment shortly, verily you will return; the day When We stage our greatest assault when We will be Avengers”. That “greatest assault” is the great conquest that starts with the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). After that nuclear war, life will die out and nobody save Imam Mahdi can revive it.

[Since this surah is the declaration of the God’s wrath, it doesn’t open with the customary ayah “In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful”].


                Surah “AT TAWBAH” (THE REPENTANCE), NO. IX


1-This is a declaration of disownment and lack of any responsibility towards the idolaters with whom you Muslims have made a treaty.

2-You Idolaters have a reprieve of only four months to remain in this condition and be it known to you that you cannot stop God from enforcing His decree; Allah will defame the disbelievers.

3-This ayah, is a declaration of the lack of responsibility on the side of God and His messenger [towards the idolaters]; must be recited loudly during the hajj ceremonies. Allah and His messenger declare the lack of responsibility on their side. If you [idolaters] repent during this period, the better, but if you remain in your disbelief, then Allah and His messenger will be at war with you; you cannot confound Allah from realizing His will; give glad tidings to the disbelievers about an enormous calamity.

4-Exempted are those disbelievers with whom you have made an agreement and who have observed the terms of the agreement and have never aided anyone against you. In this case you too, observe your treaty till it expires since Allah likes those who observe virtues.

5-When the inviolable months [the 4 months during which Arabs would cease wars] are over, then kill the idolaters wherever you find them; surround them and sit in ambush for them. If they repented and established prayer and paid the poor due, then let them free; Allah is the Compassionate, the Merciful.

6-If an idolater seeks asylum with you, then grant him protection so he may hear the God’s word and then help him reach a safe place, since they have turned to idolatry out of ignorance and deserve leniency.

7-How can the idolaters’ treaty have any value to God? An exception is the treaty you have made with some in the Inviolable place of Worship (Kaaba). So as long as they honor its terms, you adhere to it too; since Allah likes the people who observe virtue.

8-How can they be trusted while if they overcome you will never observe their treaty even slightly? They try to keep you content with their words, but their hearts are resentful; most of them are sinners.

9-They sold out Allah’s ayahs for a paltry price and then barred the people from the God’s path; How despicable is what they do!

10-They do not observe any treaty or agreement with the believers; they are transgressing people.

11-If they do repent, make prayer and pay the poor due, then they will be your brethren; this way We clarify Our signs for those who seek knowledge.

12-If they breached their treaty and taunted your religion, then fight the leaders of disbelief since there can be no treaty or agreement with them; perhaps they give up disbelief and sinfulness.

13-Why shouldn’t you fight against those who breached their treaty and attempted to expel the God’s messenger from Mecca while they were aggressors and then started the war? Do you care about them? Then Allah much more deserves to be minded if you are true believers.

14-Fight them so Allah punishes them by your hands and disgraces them; let you overcome them and relive the tormented hearts of the believers.

15-He removes the grudges from the believers’ hearts by you.

16-Do you believers suppose that you will be left alone before the holy fighters and those who have had no affairs except with Allah, His messenger and the believers are distinguished? Allah is well aware of your deeds.

17-The idolaters are not allowed to repair the Holy Mosque through their presence and with their wealth; their charitable deeds are in vain and they will dwell in the hell for ever.

18-Only those have the right to keep the mosques lively with their presence who believe in Allah and the hereafter, establish worship and pay the poor due and regard no grandeur or importance save for God; they are those who find guidance.

19-Do you Arabs (boasting your practice of offering water to the pilgrims [of the holy mosque] and attending the Holy Mosque) regard yourselves equal with those who believe in God and the hereafter and fight for the sake of Allah? Never the two parties are equal; Allah does not bestow guidance to the wrong doers.

20-The position of those who believe in Allah and give up this world and fight for God’s sake by their wealth and life is higher and greater with God; only they are the triumphant.

21-Allah gives them the glad tidings of His kindness, compassion, consent and the eternal paradise that brims with so many blessings and joys.

22-In that paradise they will abide for ever; an infinite reward is decreed by Allah for them.

23-O you who believe! In case your parents prefer the paganism over the faith, don’t take them as your friends and guardians; he who accepts the guardianship of a wrong doer is a wrong doer himself. (Footnote 150)


Any means of attachment [to the worldly phenomena] is subject to waning and annihilation. Financial, material, genealogical and kinship, paternal and filial attachments are terrestrial and they finish and end with the end of one’s worldly life. In the hereafter, when people wake up from sleeping dead, all such attachments have but a zero or sub zero value because their worldly life has ceased to exist and the celestial life is exclusively based on belief and virtue. Only the attachment to God and His appointed guardians is right and lives on because only Allah and His guardianship is pre-existent and eternal. The only cord that does not snap is the cord of belief and virtue “.. And he who believes in Allah …. he has taken hold of the reliable cord which suffers no snapping..” [II- 256]. Therefore everything and everyone must be admitted in relation with God and His appointed guardians.

24-Tell Muslims: If you like your parents and children and brothers and spouses and kinsmen and your wealth and your business capitals which you are afraid of losing and the luxurious residences that you love, more than Allah, His messenger and fighting in His path; then be ready for the divine doom; Allah does not guide the sinful and wrong doing people.

25-Allah aided you in so many wars –especially the Hunain war in which you were initially proud of your numerical superiority and so escaped in the first charge and the earth, with its entire expanse, became so tight for you!

26-After the escape, some of you stood firm and resisted and then the escapees returned. Then Allah infused the spirit of serenity and steadfastness into the prophet and the believers and reinforced them through the invisible armies and defeated the disbelievers and doomed them; this is the disbelievers’ punishment.

27-Then He accepted the repentance of those escapees whom He wished; Allah is the Compassionate, the Merciful.

28-O you who believe! Be it know to you that the idolaters are unclean [untouchable] and so they are not permitted to enter the Inviolable Holy Mosque (Kaaba] henceforth and if you are afraid of poverty, [know that] it is Allah who gives you wealth; He is the All Knowledgeable, the Knower. (Footnote 151).


Unclean (untouchable) objects are those that are harmful to the man’s life and livelihood and cause one’s spiritual and corporeal illness. Allah’s creatures are two types; Clean and unclean (touchable and untouchable). The unclean objects are those that the human beings naturally despise them. There is no natural connection between man and the untouchable things because God has created man from the clean objects and has not infused the unclean in him so he is not attracted to them; that is why the human being’s nature hates the unclean and tends toward the clean objects. The unclean are like cockroaches and insects and the like that thrive on decaying corpses and microbes and excrements and their existence depends on dirt and refuse. Blood and dead carcasses and the non food [haraam] beasts that feed on blood and refuse are the unclean and despicable objects that the human beings must refuse to come in contact with. Also excrements of animals and human beings are untouchable and must be avoided. The disbelievers and the idolaters who are against God, are also untouchable because the culture of disbelief and sinfulness is harmful to the man’ soul and drags him towards a religious and cultural decay that is more dangerous that the unclean objects and microbes. The believers and the disbelievers can never comingle. A disbeliever’s contact with a believer only emanates from greed and betrayal because Allah declares that their nature is of fire. That Allah announces that the Jinni and Satan have been created from fire means that their nature is like fire and uncontrollably rages and transgresses; it is the faith that regulates one’s deeds. The disbeliever lacks that natural order; is like fire, is aggressive and must be avoided contact.

29-Fight those sections of the people of scripture who do not believe in God and the hereafter, do not regard what is forbidden as forbidden and do not resort to the right religion till they convert or pay the non believers’ tax in humiliation.

30-Jews claim that Uzair is the God’s son and Christians claim that Jesus is the God’s son. With such ignorant statements they make themselves resemble the pagans; May God kill them, how far away from the truth have they drifted.

31-They took their scholars and sages as lords to be obeyed rather than God and regarded Jesus as God! This is while they had been ordered to worship only the single One God instead of whom there is no other god and Exalts over having a partner.

32-They intend to put off the light of the God’s religion through such deeds and beliefs, but Allah refuses to let their wish come true and will make His religion triumphant although the disbelievers resist it.

33-It was Allah who gave mission to His messenger to convey the guidance and the religion of truth so His religion would triumph over all other religions despite the fact that disbelieves and idolaters disliked it.

34-O you who believe, many of the monks and priests unjustly take possession of the divine belongings in disguise of religion and ban people from the God’s path; be it known to them that whoever hoards the gold and silver that is the public wealth and refuses to donate or use them in productive activities for the God’s path will be doomed to a painful torment.

35-Tomorrow in the hereafter they will be in the hell along with their possessions; their foreheads will be hot branded by such a wealth and they are told: These are your hoardings converted into the hell fire, so enjoy the taste of the illegitimate possessions.

36-the number of lunar and solar months has been decreed by Allah to be twelve amongst which four are inviolable months [during which fighting is prohibited]. These numbers are eternal in the God’s religion; beware of wronging yourselves in these months. Fight against those who ascribe partners to Allah and know that the victory is for those who ward off evil. (This number of twelve months has been interpreted to mean the twelve Imams). (Footnote 152)


In this noble ayah, again Allah promises to make Islam triumphant over all other religions. Of course, with such a triumph no other nations [followers of other religions] will continue to exist in the world and they will not have the right to live except by converting to Islam led by the 14 infallible members of the prophet’s household (Peace Be Upon Them); and such a triumph will only materialize with the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH).

37-The act of replacing one [inviolable] month with another only augments the disbelief and deviation. They declare another month as being inviolable instead of one [mandatory] inviolable month and thus [claim to have kept] the number if the inviolable months intact. Accordingly, they legitimize what God has made illegitimate. Sinfulness and adapting religious innovations have been made desirable to them; Allah does not guide the disbelieving folks. (Footnote 153)


The calendars must always be based on the natural cycle of the creation. Devising years and months and numbers and laws that are contrary to the laws of creation is like recognizing deserts as seas and seas as deserts and ride a desert vehicle in the sea and a sea vehicle in the desert and so it will not take root. One of the problems that exist now is the difference between solar and lunar months that has no justification; lunar and solar months must be based on the creation. The beginning of each month must be when moon exits the solar rays and shows its face like a crescent. When people witness the crescent anywhere on earth, for all of the earth inhabitants it will be the first day of the month, whether such observation is made possible by sighting or through calculation. There is no reason why a country should regard a certain day as the first day of the month and another country regards the next day as the first day. Such a difference is against the nature; the same applies to the solar months. The first day of the solar month is when the equatorial line vertically faces the sun when the shades in all of the localities of the meridians of longitude tend to disappear. When such a phenomenon happens, it is the first day of the month all over the earth and there is no reason why people regard different days as the first day. Therefore all such differences in the first day of a month are against the nature. That is why in this noble ayah all such differences are called illegitimate. It is noteworthy that the only country in which the months are compatible with the nature is Iran. Here the first day of the year is the same day that the sun shines vertically to the equatorial line and the moon shows its face to people. The years and months used by other countries lack such compatibility with the cosmic phenomena and therefore are unnatural.

38-O you who believe! What is wrong with you that when holy war is decreed laziness weighs you down? Do you prefer this worldly life over the hereafter while the worldly gains are nothing compared to those of the hereafter?

39-If you do not march forward for the holy war then the enemy will overcome you and will severely torment you and then Allah will make use of other nations in your stead. Therefore your act of staying back at home will not harm Allah; He is the Able to do everything.

40-If you do not help God and His messenger, it is no problem; you witnessed how Allah helped him when the disbelievers of Mecca expelled him while he was the second of the two; when they were hiding the Thawr cave, the messenger told his companion: do not be afraid, Allah is with us! Then Allah sent down the spirit of serenity to His messenger and helped him with invisible armies; demeaned the disbelievers’ plots and made that of Himself superior; Allah is the Wise, the Never influenced.

41-Be mobilized for the Allah’s path with your heavy or light weapons while mounted or on foot and make holy war by your wealth and life. If you are wise, you will know that the holy war is much better for you since it brings you respect and grandeur.

42-If a journey for the holy war is short [and it is presumed that the war will be] brief and will bring enormous spoils of war, then they follow you; but for this journey, (the battle of Tabuk) that looks arduous, they linger. Once you return, they will swear that they would follow you if they could and with such an apology they put themselves to perish.

43-May God forgive you! Why did you left them out before the believers and the hypocrites were fully distinguished? (This way they regard themselves as Muslims without participating in the holy war).

44-Those who believe in God and the hereafter never ask you for permission to desert the holy war and will fight for Allah with their wealth and life; Allah knows the virtuous.

45- Only those people ask for permission to desert the holy war who are not believers in Allah and the hereafter; are doubtful and hesitating.

46-Even if it occurs to them to participate in the holy wars, they procrastinate; they do not deserve [the honor of] martyrdom and Allah does not bestow upon them the success of fighting for Him and lets them stay back alongside those who [out of disability] stay at their homes.

47-Even if they join you, they will weaken the will of the holy fighters by their nagging and scolding and drag them towards an atmosphere of disturbance and sinfulness; some people will listen to them. Allah dislikes the wrong doers.

48-They used to cause trouble before and used to cast doubt on your affairs till the truth was revealed and the God’s decree emerged contrary to their wishes.

49-Some of them beg you to give them permission to be exempted from the holy war without their claims being checked lest they become scandalized. In fact, by refusing to go to the holy war they have already entered into disturbance and scandal; the line towards hell governs the disbelievers. (Footnote 154)


 The hypocrites, whose all actions are contrary to the principles of nature, intend to show their facts of life contrary to realities. They ask God and His messenger to misrepresent their lies as true, regard their laziness and staying at home as participating in the holy war and finally their disbelief as belief [which is] just like regarding night as day and day as night. They beg: O God’s messenger! Regard our ineptitude and our act of staying back at home as participating in holy war and while such so called warriors are heretics, they want the God’s messenger to falsely declare them as Muslims and believers!

50-If you gain any success, they become upset, but if you are defeated, then they will say: Thanks God we already found out what to do and then go away laughing and with joy.

51-Tell them: triumph or defeat, whatever happens to us is the God’s decree; He is our Lord and the believers trust in God.

52-What kind of destiny you hypocrites expect to befall us? It will be either of the two fates of triumph or martyrdom; but what we expect for you is your being punished either in our hands or as God wills. You keep waiting and we also will keep waiting.

53-Tell them: Sacrifice as much as you can; it will never be accepted from you since you are sinners.

54-The reason why your donations are not accepted is your disbelief in God and His messenger; you pray whit tiredness and as you are bored and donate reluctantly.

55-Let not the abundance of their wealth and offspring astonish you; Allah puts them to torment through their own wealth and offspring and takes away their life while they are disbelievers.

 56-They swear that they are with you whereas they are not; they are disunited and discord making folks. 

 57-If they find a shelter or a cave or another safe place they will creep into it and shake their heads like a mulish horse.

58-When the alms are being distributed, they covet [to receive a share]; if they are given a portion, they will be happy with you, but if not, they are disappointed.

59-If they are not greedy, they must be content with whatever given to them by Allah and His messenger and say: suffices us the God’s and the messenger’s favor; Allah bestows what wishes and they must say: We are just eager for the God’s favor.

60-The alms [and the religious taxes] are for the poor and the destitute, the indebted, the agents who collect them, for warming the hearts [of the outsiders] and those who have been halted in the road to their destination or spiritual goals. The dispensing of the alms between those mentioned above is based on the God’s decrees; He is the Wise, the Knower.

61-Some hypocrites disturb the God’s messenger and say: How simple and believing he is! Tell them: My being simple and believing is a blessing for you; He believes what Allah and the believers utter and he is a source of blessing and abundance for the believers. Those who disturb the God’s messenger will be hit by a painful torment. (Footnote 155) FOOTNOTE 155:

The God’s messenger, whose policy was to gather people together and to leave their fate to Allah, had no alternative but to accept their untrue pretence as true and to disregard their true intentions and treat them nicely. While in fact they were his enemies, he would accept their pretention of liking him. They regarded themselves as smart people and the God’s messenger as naïve and used to say: “He is all ears; tell them his being all ears is more beneficial to you”.

62-They swear by God just to make you content whereas the right way is to make Allah content first if they truly believe in Him.

 63-Don’t they know that he who is hostile to God and His messenger will finally dwell in the hell and will stay there eternally? What a great humiliation and infamy is the hell!

64-They are always wary lest a surah is revealed in which their secrets are disclosed and at the same time they mockingly say: Speak quietly lest Gabriel hears! Tell them: Talk mockingly; however, God will discloses your secrets so the people know you. (Footnote 156)


Through such ayahs, Allah would report to the messenger their true intentions, but the messenger would not relate it specifically to those people lest the trust between the Muslims was breached. This way he created a strong army who made such brilliant conquests later on and attracted the civilized world of the era to Islam.

65-If you object to their ridicule they will say: We are just making humor! Tell them: Are you making fun of God and His messenger?

66-Don’t make excuses; you have become disbelievers after believing; if We pardon some, We will punish the others.

67-The hypocrites, whether man or woman, are members of the same flock; they promote vice and prevent people from good deeds; they are lifeless and bad tempered; they have forgotten Allah and He has forgotten them, a hypocrite is a wrong doer.

68-Allah threatens man and woman hypocrite and disbeliever with the hell and it is the best answer to their deeds; He has banished them from His compassion and they will always be in misery and torment.

69-Like the bygone disbelievers and hypocrites who were more powerful than them and possessed more wealth and children and benefitted from their hypocrisy in this world. You hypocrites in the Muslim nation behave like them; their deeds were inauspicious in the world and the hereafter.  The hypocrites are losers.

70-Haven’t you heard the stories of the bygone nations like those of Noah, Aad, Thamood, Abraham, Medyen and others who used to ascribe partners to Allah although the God’s messengers invited them to the right path by presenting clear proofs to ponder their fates? It was not God who wronged them, but they themselves did wrong to themselves.

71-The believers, whether men or women are all the same folks, they are friendly and obedient to the guardianship, promote good deeds and prohibit vice, strengthen their relationship with God and His servants by establishing prayer and paying the poor due and obey God and His messenger; they are those who will soon be granted Allah’s blessings. Allah is the Dominant, the Wise.

72-Allah promises the men and women believers that He will soon equip them with a knowledge and power through which rivers of wealth and blessings flow; a knowledge and power that is the basis and the source of all blessings, auspicious dwellings in paradise and greatest than all, the God’s consent that is an infinite prosperity. (Footnote 157) FOOTNOTE 157:

Pay full attention! If you interpret this ayah [and similar ones] about the paradise as pointing to a garden full of trees under which rivers flow, then you compare your belief as such to the God’s saying that your paradise is as vast as the heavens and earths. The latter ayah says that if you are a dweller of the paradise, the whole world of creation will be your paradise. When the ayah says that milk and honey and the cleansing wine is running there like rivers, it is a general statement that implies that whatever you wish will be accessible to you like a river. If one’s paradise is just a garden in which he or she dwells and at the same time the whole creation is his paradise, then how can one be free to move around in the universe? Does he or she have to drag his or her garden along? But if we interpret these ayahs as implying that one’s paradise is himself equipped with the supreme name of Allah and the power of miracle and like prophets has the power to create at will and so wherever he goes, whatever he wants is instantly presented, then the whole universe will be his or her paradise. For example, one can transfer millions of people with him to space and entertain them because he is equipped with the God’s knowledge and power or a condition in which all prayers are heard and obliged and so wherever one is and whatever he wants is ready for him. The true meaning of paradise is expressed in the prayer called: “Nawafil” [voluntary prayers] in which Allah is quoted as saying: My servant constantly approaches me through the voluntary prayers till I become his ear by which he hears and his eye by which he sees and finally to a state in which in the same way that I decree: “Be thou! And it comes into being”, he also decrees: Be thou! And it comes into being.

The narration in short means that Allah equips the believers with His own will by which wherever he goes and whatever he wishes will be ready. Accordingly, the dwellers of paradise in fact are the gardens of Eden themselves and the God’s servants must know that the relationship between God and His servant is like that of a professor and his disciples. Being God’s servant [“Abd”= slave] does not means slavery [as has been practiced]. In the school of guardianship, the believing servant [“Abd”] learns from God. In the same manner that a master teaches his disciple and finally lets him take his place, Allah the Almighty too, teaches His knowledge and art to His disciple and makes him His representative in which case the servant becomes equipped with the names and characteristics of God through which whatever wishes if ready for him. If people think that Imam Mahdi (PBUH) [who is alive and lives incognito amongst people] lives like us and for example has to wait in the grocery row for picking milk and cheese, or living in the Khadra Island and has a family, then they are wrong by imagining him as leading a worldly life. Imam himself is the Gardens of Eden through which rivers flow. Whatever he wishes is instantly ready for him and this is how a person of paradise lives. One of the myths about him is that when he rises, he will make rivers of blood to flow; they present him as a stone hearted man while he is the symbol of Allah’s compassion. They say that he will rule for seven years and then a bearded old woman will kill him! They don’t ask in a world that is supposed to be filled with justice and prosperity, what is more unjust than he himself being killed? How can he fill the world with justice and prosperity, bring back the murderers of the prophets to life and make them pay for what they have done? Such orators disregard so many narrations from the Imams that have been registered in the book “Ilzamun’nassib” by which our Imams have declared Imam Mahdi’s rise as the hereafter.

73- O God’s messenger! Make war against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and treat them harshly since the hell is their abode; what a despicable fate is the hell!

74-In order to prove themselves right, they swear while they are liars; they have returned to disbelief after accepting Islam and have strived against the God’s messenger. They used the wealth and power that they had received by the grace of Allah and His messenger against Islam. If they repent, it will be better for them and if they continue with their hypocrisy, Allah will severely punish them in the world and the hereafter and they will no more have any friends or helpers.

75-Some people make a covenant with Allah that if He bestows upon them wealth, they will offer alms for His sake and will be believers and virtuous.

76-But when Allah bestowed wealth upon them, they turned stingy, put the God’s covenant behind and turned away their faces from the God’s religion.

77-Breaking the covenant augmented their hypocrisy and it will stay with them till when they meet their Lord; that is because they lied and breached their undertakings.

78-Aren’t they aware that Allah is Aware of their secrets and what they whisper? Allah knows the unseen.

79-They taunt the believers by winking for the small alms that they offer because they do not have more to offer. In fact it is Allah who taunts them and keeps them in the path to a painful doom.

80-Whether you beg Allah even for seventy times to pardon them -or not, , He will not forgive them because they disbelieved in God and He does not guide the disbelievers (Because it is impossible).

81-Those who ceased fighting for the sake of Allah rejoiced in staying at their homes contrary to the messenger’s order and not fighting with their wealth and life; they say to each other: It is too hot so we better not go for the holy war! Tell them: the heat of the hell that is the result of disbelief and sinfulness if much higher if you are intelligent enough to understand.

82-Tell them: Rejoice a little bit in this world but suffer a lot in the hereafter because it is the fruit of your hypocrisy!

83-Once you return from war safe and unscathed then they ask for your permission to go to war! Tell them: Nay! You will never go to war with me and will never fight the enemy; you stayed back in your houses in the first stage, so stay there again.

84-If any of them passed away, do not make prayer before his corpse and do not stay up [for giving blessing] before his grave; they disbelieved in God and His messenger and died a disbeliever.

85-Do not be astonished at their wealth and children! Allah wishes to torment them through wealth and offspring in this world and take away their soul while they are disbelievers.

86-Whenever a surah is revealed in which belief in Allah and the messenger and fighting for His sake is decreed, the wealthy seek your permission to stay back at their homes.

87-They have contented themselves to stay with your adversaries; the gates to their intelligence have been closed shut due to their self- worshipping and so they cannot ponder on the true nature of themselves.

88-But [unlike them], the God’s messenger and his companions fight for the sake of Allah with their life and possessions so His blessings cover them and they are the saved.

89-Allah has prepared for them knowledge and power by which blessings flow like rivers and they will be permanently in that position; this is the true triumph.

90-The Arab excuse seekers come to you to get the permission to evade the holy war; some of those liars are staying at their homes. Those of them who are disbelievers will be punished with a painful doom.

91-The weak and the ill and the destitute who lack anything to donate are not held accountable; the virtuous [amongst them] are not condemned since they serve the prophet by their tongues and sayings.

92-Also the Muslims who come to you to be ordered to do a service while you do not have anything to charge them with; and they become upset and cry for not being able to do a service.

93-Those who are condemned for evading holy war are those who are strong but still seek permission not to go to war because they like to be with your opponents; the gates to their intelligence have been closed due to worldly goals and they cannot know.

94-Once you come back from the war, they come to you to offer excuses and apologies; tell them: do not apologize; Allah has informed us of your thoughts and beliefs! Before long Allah and His messenger will unveil your hypocrisy; then you will return to the God who is aware of the visible and the invisible and you will be informed of your deeds.

95-They swear and then beg you not to ignore them when you face them! Ney! Disregard them, they are unclean; their abode is the hell that is the result of their business and hypocrisy.

96-Again they beg you to be pleased with them and treat them nicely; even if you are content with them, Allah will never be content with the wrong doers.

97-The disbelief and the hypocrisy of the nomadic Arabs is more than everybody else and they are more prone to ignorance and lack of knowledge. Allah is the Knower, the Wise.

98-Some of the Arabs are looking for the compensation of what they have paid as poor due and they are anticipating a decisive defeat of the Muslims and the dismantling of the Islamic regime so they can avenge their human and financial losses; they are unaware that they are surrounded by calamities. Allah is the Hearer, the Knower.

99-Those who believe in Allah and the hereafter, the goal of their alms giving is to be close to God and receive the messenger’s blessings. They have gained favor and the God’s grace will cover them; He is the Forgiver, the Compassionate.

100-The pioneers in Islam whether the immigrants [to Medina] or those who admitted them to their homes [Muhajirin and Ansar] and those who followed them in the path of charitable activities are content with God and God, too, is content with them. Allah will equip them with such knowledge and power that blessings and abundance flow through them like rivers; they will abide in such a condition for ever and that is the great triumph [prosperity].  (Footnote 158)


The Gardens of Eden through which rivers flow are in fact the existential equipments of the human beings. Once man is equipped with the God’s knowledge and will, then he will become the Gardens of Eden –just like the miracle making people who are dominant over the natural phenomena of cause and effect. The human beings are equipped with the God’s names and characteristics and are able to do anything.

101-Some of the Arabs living in your vicinity are hypocrites and there are some others who follow them; you do not know them but We know them. Soon We will try them twice with worldly calamities and then We will punish them with a severe torment in the hereafter.

102-And some of them confess to their sins; their right and wrong deeds are blended. Allah may forgive them; He is the Compassionate, the Merciful.

103-Take alms from them; through such alms you cleanse them from worldly contaminations and make the society grow. Make prayers for them since your prayers calm them; Allah is the Hearer, the Seer.

104-Don’t you know that it is God who accepts the repentances and takes the alms? He is the Acceptor of the repentance and the Compassionate.

105-Tell the hypocrites that they are free to act as they wish; Allah and His messenger witness their deeds; soon they will be placed under the God’s rule who is Aware of the visible and the unseen; He is Aware of their deeds.

106-Some of the Muslims are [warily] hopeful [and are waiting to see] whether Allah accepts their repentance or punishes them; He is the Wise, the Knower.

107-Some Hypocrites have built a mosque just in order to use it as a place of ambush and for harming Islam; a mosque as a means of disbelief and a place of ambush to be used by those who are recognized as enemies of Allah and the messenger. They declare that their goal is to serve Islam! Allah is witness that they are liars.

108-Beware of paying attention to their mosque! The one you built from the beginning for the sake of virtue and obeying Allah is more meritorious for establishing prayer. The intention of those who attend your mosque is to gain cleanliness and virtue; Allah likes the clean and the virtuous.

109-Is the one whose basis of deeds is cleanliness and virtue better or the one whose foundation of deeds is built at a precipice and is prone to sliding down to the hell with the first trembling? Allah does not guide the wrong doers.

110-They spend their lives in doubt and hesitation; their hearts are never freed from doubts till they are annihilated. Allah is the Knower, the Wise.

111-Allah buys the lives and possessions of the believers against the paradise; they fight in the way of God; kill or get killed; this is the same promise that He has given to the believers in Torah and the Gospel. God’s promise is true; who better than Allah fulfills His promise? You must be happy with the deal you have made with God because it is an infinite happiness. 

112-On one side of the deal there are those who repent, are worshippers, praise Allah, are thinkers, bow in worship and fall prostrate, promote virtue and prevent vice and those who guard the God’s religion; glad tidings for the believers due to their divine deal!

113-Neither the God’s messenger nor the believers are allowed to pray for the notorious idolaters who are condemned to hell, even if the idolaters and hypocrites are their relatives.

114-The prayer you have heard Abraham offered for his idolater uncle was only for a short period of time and its purpose was to let his uncle repent; but, once it was clear that he was an enemy of God, disavowed him. Abraham was a man who would seek refuge with Allah and was patient.

115-Allah never sends a people or persons who have been believers astray; this is to highlight the means and methods of being virtuous; He is Aware of all cases.

116-The kingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah; He gives life and takes to death; you have no supervisor or guardian save Allah.

117-Allah has favored His messenger, the immigrants and the helpers who accompanied him in the war of Tabook; although the hearts of some of them was about to become shaky, the God’s favor covered their hearts; He is the Compassionate, the Merciful. (Footnote 159).


In the last years of the venerable prophet’s life, Allah devised a trial to segregate those of the prophet’s followers who were God seekers from those who were looking for worldly gains. This trial was the battle of Tabouk that had to take place in a distant battlefield in the borders of Syria with very little supplies available for the Muslim army. They had very little food and every Muslim would deliver one or two kilos of dates to the logistician. Sometimes a woman would bring a handful of dates and would donate to him and he would offer prayer for her.  The hypocrites would poke fun at her saying: what is the use of this fistful of dates? The Muslims followed the God’s prophet and eagerly accepted the pain of such an arduous journey. At the same time, there were those who lingered saying that their family and their flock of sheep needed tending. It was an arduous journey that his holiness called it “the course of hardships”. The food supply was meager and the weather was hot. The story of the three people happened then. The three men were “Mararah Ibni Abi Rabi’e, Ka’ab ibni Malik and Hilal ibni Umayyah. They refused to go and when the prophet returned from the war, they approached him and apologized. His holiness did not accept their apology and ordered his followers to ignore them and not to greet them. All the people of Medina stayed away from them and refused to even say hello to them; even their family members ostracized them and although they were free, they were like prisoners. This is why Allah says: “and the earth was tightened to them with all its vastness”. So they tied themselves to the pillars of the mosque and staged a so called hunger strike and declared that they would not exit the mosque before Allah accepted their repentance and revealed an ayah for them. The prophet declared that he would wait for the God’s instruction and would not attend them. After three days and nights this ayah was revealed and Allah accepted their repentance. Then the God’s messenger himself untied the ropes and freed them.

118-Also God’s favor covered the three persons who had deserted the Tabook war when life, with all its vastness became too restricted for them; they felt the straitened circumstances and understood that there was no escape for them from the God’s decree except going back to Him. Then Allah favored them; Allah is the compassionate, the Merciful.

119-O you who believe! Take the course of warding off evil and be with the trust worthy and rightful people.

120-The city of Medina and its suburbs are not allowed to disobey the messenger’s orders and distance themselves from his thoughts and his culture, because under his guardianship and in the God’s path, any hardships (like hunger and thirst) they encounter or any military maneuvers they attend in order to dissuade the disbelievers and even any wishes they have against the enemy will be registered with Allah as rightful deeds and He does not disregard the rewards of the virtuous.

121-Also their donations whether small or large, wherever they go to or come from, all their conditions and movements are registered so Allah lets them receive their rewards.

122-It is not possible for all the believers to go to the centers of science to attain knowledge, so it is imperative for some people from each nation to gain knowledge through contacting the knowledgeable people and guide their people when they return to them so as to let them desert the path of disbelief and sinfulness.

123-O you who believe! Fight the disbelievers who are around you so they taste your wrath and harshness; be it known to you that the God’s help is with the virtuous.

124-Whenever a surah is revealed, some of the hypocrites mockingly say: whose faith amongst you was augmented by it? Say: those who are the people of faith have augmented their belief and have rejoiced.

125-But those who are contaminated with the illness of hypocrisy are afflicted with double contamination and die disbelievers.

126-Why don’t they look at themselves while being tried once or twice every year so they may repent? But only their hypocrisy is augmented and they do not get the intelligence to be grateful and know the truth. (Footnote 160)


Such trials from the High exalted Allah is meant to let people create such high positions by their own hands so that the differences in ranks are the result of the knowledge and deeds they have themselves gained and taken up; it is not Allah or the Imams who create such differences. Allah has decreed freedom for the human beings in this world so they recognize how their carnal desires drag them towards annihilation and how their materialistic souls move them around at will. This way they will eventually blame themselves for any torments they suffer. 

127-When a surah is revealed by which the hypocrites are betrayed, they look at each other and ask: who has been watching you?  Allah keeps away their hearts from perceiving the truth; they do not put their wisdom to use.

128-O mankind! I have sent to you a messenger who has spiritual connection with you; a messenger for whom your sufferings and troubles are hurtful; he is too eager to guide you and is compassionate to the believers.

128-If they refused to accept your religion and your invitation, tell them: suffices me Allah; there is no god save Him, in Him I trust; He is the Great and Powerful Lord!



             SURAH “YUNUS” (JONAH), NO. X


              In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


This surah has been named Jonah because of this prophet’s name in it. The alphabetical letters of the first ayah, as usual refer to the basics of creation and the events. The letters are finite but the words are infinite.

1-Alif. La’m. Ra’. Letters are miracles of this wisely themed scripture (that recounting and understanding them is out of reach of the God’s creatures).

2-Why is it astonishing to people that We raise one of them as a messenger in order to warn people against disbelief and sin and give the glad tidings to the people of belief that they will have the best lives in their life in the hereafter established by Allah? The disbelievers say: clearly this prophet is a wizard!

3-Your Lord is the One who created the skies and the earth -or the stages of the people’s perfection- in six stages and then ascended the throne of governance. No one can intercede without His permission. This is your Lord; obey Him! Why don’t you perceive the truth? (God’s ascension to the throne means His governance and it only realizes subsequent to the people’s mental and religious perfection). (Footnote 161)


Regarding this surah and similar ayahs revealed in other surahs, it has already been said that they are related to the perfection of the human being to the point where the ground for the establishment of the divine government after the rise of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) based on the people’s wisdom and common sense is prepared. The God’s throne that emerges after six stages is the position of God’s kingdom and rule. The subjects of a kingdom are intelligent creatures -that is the human beings. The reason why the infallible Imams have been introduced as the God’s throne is that God rules through them. It is not the creation of the skies and the earth as we see them that is gradual, but it is the training of the mankind to gain knowledge that is gradual. From the descent of Adam to the rise of Imam Mahdi that is the God’s rule, the human society passes through six courses and faces six evolutions that prepare the ground for his rise and the emergence of the great and infinite kingdom of the infallible Imams. The phrase: “God’s ascension to the throne” means the establishment of the divine kingdom over mankind; that is why He is called “the Owner of the day of religion” [surah Al Hamd]. The allocation of the role of intercessor to the Imams implies that ascension of Allah to the throne is His ascension to the governance that is the hereafter. The subsequent ayahs explain the events of the hereafter i.e. the God’s rule.

4-Your return is all but towards Him; God’s promise is true; it is Allah who initiates the creation of the human beings and finally returns them to life in order to reward the people of belief and virtue through His compassion; but the disbelievers will have no gains save boiling drinks and painful torments.

5-Allah is the one who made the sun shining and the moon bright and decreed the lunar stages so that you can have account of the days and months in your life. Whatever He has created is meant to make the truth rule; We clarify Our signs of creation and the scripture for the knowledgeable in detail.

6-The variation in the length of day and night and whatever He has created are all Allah’s signs for the virtuous.

7-Those who do not believe in the afterlife and meeting Allah have contented themselves with this worldly life and have found solace in it and live in ignorance and have no regards for the religion and God’s ayahs.

8-Their abode is the hell which is the terminal product of their business.

9-But as for those who are the people of belief and right deeds, Allah equips them with a knowledge and power from which celestial blessings and riches flow. (They will be equipped with the divine will that once they say: be it! It comes into existence).

10-Their knowledge and expression there will be praising God and sanctifying Him and their relationship with each other is all peace and health and with every blessing they utter: Praise is solely to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

11-If Allah wished to let the punishment and doom reach people as prompt as His act of bestowing bounties and blessings to His servants, He would have to terminate their lives [instantly], but Allah lets those who do not believe in the day they when are going to meet Him to continue their lives blindly (so that they may finally repent).

12-Whenever an evil or calamity befalls man, he seeks refuge with God in all positions –seated, standing or laying; but once the evil is removed, he acts so carelessly as if he has never asked Us anything. This is how disbelief and sin shines in the eyes of sinners.

13-We annihilated the past transgressors due to their wrongdoing and sinfulness. Their prophets invited them to the right path through reasoning and miracles, but they would not believe and would continue with committing sins and crimes; so We finally punished them with the outcomes of their own sins and crimes.

14-And then We replaced them with you the people of this era so We could witness how you would act; would you take lessons?

15-When our ayahs that are clear and bright are recited unto them, those who disbelieve in the hereafter say: bring us another Koran and replace this one with another one! Say: I have no authority to alter the God’s scripture on my own; I fear the torments of the hereafter caused by disobeying Him.

16-Hadn’t Allah ordered me, I would have not recited Koran unto you nor would have I taught you. I have spent my life among you, so why you don’t use your brains to see that I have a divine mission?

17-Who is a greater wrong doer than the one who ascribes lies to Allah or denies His ayahs? The fact is that a wrong doer will never be saved.

18-The criminal worship instead of God someone who has no benefit or harm for them; they say: [these idols] are intercessors on our behalf with God! Tell them: are you ascribing to Allah something that He has no regards for? Devoid is Allah from being ignorant like you!

19-When the human life started, people were all in the same road and style and then they became different. If it weren’t for God’s decree (that belief and disbelief had to finally bear fruit), He would have judged against them.

20-They say: why don’t you show a miracle? Say; the unseen phenomena are all in the hands of God; you lay in waiting, I, too will be waiting. (Footnote 162)


Allah’s rule always means the termination of this worldly life and the emergence of the life in the hereafter. In this ayah, Allah declares that He is not taking them to the hereafter in their condition of disbelief and sinfulness, but He gives them reprieve and the field to move freely so they may have the chance to repent and die while having been covered by the God’s forgiveness. Most people commit sins at their early stages of life in their youth, but they find a tendency towards God at the latter part of their lives and repent before they die. Here it says that whatever wealth, power and position you have in this world is like the spring grass that very soon loses its glitter and freshness and moves towards death and annihilation and likewise, the autumn of your life comes to you.

21- When, subsequent to calamities and harms I bestow upon them My mercy, rather than being thankful and obedient they play tricks with Our religion. Tell them: the God’s plots are swifter than your games; Our agents record your deeds.

22-It is Allah who lets you travel in sea and on land; He seats you in ships that move by favorable winds and in the desired direction. The ship’s passengers (without thanking God) rejoice. Suddenly a severe storm blows and high waves surround them. That is when with pure hearts they sincerely beg Him saying that if Allah saved them from the whirlpool they would be thankful to Him.

23-AS soon as We save them from the waves, they return to their path of disbelief and sinfulness. O mankind! Such disbelief and sinfulness harms only you; you will enjoy the worldly life for a short period and then will return to God and the torments resulted from disbelief and sinfulness will befall you.

24-This worldly life resembles a land on which rain pours down and mixes with the plants and makes it look beautiful. The land owner assumes that he can safeguard that beauty and then during night or day the autumn wind blows and destroys those plants so no trace of them remains as if no such a beauty or spring has ever existed. This is how We explain Our signs for those who are thinkers.

25-Allah invites you to the circle of peace and health and takes you towards prosperity through the right path.

26-He rewards the right deeds of the righteous with more than what they have done; humiliation and misery never overtake their faces; they are the people of paradise and will eternally dwell therein.


The black and white faces in the hereafter mentioned here represent the person’s social life. The believers on their path of belief and virtue find respect and grandeur while unlike them; the disbelievers on their path of wrongdoing go towards humiliation and degradation.

27-And as for the wrong doers, their gain equals their sins; they are not under the God’s protection, they are humiliated and miserable; their faces are dark like night and they will dwell in the hell fire for ever.

28-The day when we gather together all disbelieves and sinners and tell them: be as you really are; showing oneself with a fake face is impossible. We segregate the followers from the followed ones; then the leaders of idolatry will tell their followers: you never actually followed us! (It means that they do not recognize their obedience).

29-They reply: God’s testimony between us and you suffices; we were oblivious to [the real outcomes your worship.

30-This is when the fruits of belief and disbelief are distinguished; all return to their true Lord and the false symbols of the worldly life are out of their reach.

31-Say: who is the one who bestows upon you the necessities of life from the earth and the sky? Who owns your sights and hearings? Who brings out the life from the dead? Who is the One who manages the life of His servants? They will all reply: Surely it is God! Tell them why don’t they refrain from sinfulness and disobedience then?

32-This is your true Lord; is there anything save astray barring the truth? So where are you headed to?

33-It is in such a deviation from the truth that the condemnation of the sinners becomes certain so they will not be believers.

34-Say: Which of these idols and transgressors can create anything and let it bear fruits; make it die and relive it? It is only God who takes His creatures to the world of the dead and brings them back to life; how far you deviate from the truth!

35-Say: Is there anyone of these idols and transgressors whom you regard as partners to Allah who can guide mankind to the truth? It is only God who guides mankind to the truth. Is the one who guides more eligible to lead or the one who is not guided except if he is guided? What is this judgment you are making?

36-Most of those who ascribe partners to Allah merely surmise and then follow it, while supposition never leads anyone to the truth; Allah is Aware if their deeds.

37-This Koran exalts over being related to anyone save Allah; it is a scripture that recognizes the contemporary sciences, clarifies whatever summarily exists in the scriptures and there is no doubt that it is sent down by Allah.

38-They say that he is ascribing lies to Allah by saying that the ayahs are revealed by Him! Say: if you assume that it is the word of a human being then present a surah like it and summon the help of everybody save God if you are truthful.

39-You are denying something you have no knowledge of and the true fruits of it have not emerged yet; the bygone nations too, rejected the God’s religion out of ignorance so see what the wrong doers are headed to.

40-Some of them are those who will be believers and some of them are not; your Lord knows the mischief makers well.

41-If they rejected your message, say: my deeds are for me and yours are for you; I am not responsible for your acts and you are not responsible for what I do.

42-Some of them just listen to you [saying: look what he says]; can you make the deaf a hearer without him using his brain?

43-Or they just look at you to see the prophetic mission! Can you make a blind to see while he is not using his brain and common sense? (Of course it is impossible).

44-Allah never does wrong to mankind; it is them who do wrong to themselves.

45-The day when they all gather together in the hereafter, they assume that they have been asleep for just an hour and then have woken up; they recognize each other and know who is their father and who is their brother; all those who denied the day of meeting Allah bore huge losses:

46-Whether some of the prophesies We make in respect of victories or calamities materialize before or after your death; their final destiny is the divine governance; He witnesses their deeds.

47-Each nation has a messenger sent to them by God; when their messenger attends the hereafter alongside them, then they will be judged rightfully and nobody is wronged.

48-They say: if you are truthful, then when and where will the God’s promise materialize?

49-Say: I do not have the power to cause any profit or loss to me except what Allah wills; each nation has a decreed respite and once it elapses, it will not be reduced or added even for one hour.

50-Say: you judge; if the God’s doom befalls you during the day or night, then what difference does the criminals’ haste or lack of it make?

51-Then [you disbelievers] will be told: Now that you are befallen by the calamity become believers while you used to mockingly say: where is the calamity, where will be that calamity?

52-Then the wrong doers will be told: Taste the eternal torment; your punishment is the result of your business.

53-They ask you: are the torments of the hereafter true? Say: yes by God; it is true; you cannot prevent it.

54-It is a torment that will not be removed even if you spend a whole world’s wealth. When they see the torments then they will be regretful, then judgment will be made between them and they will not be wronged.

55-Be it known to you that whatever exists in the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah; His promises are true but most of the people are ignorant about it.

56-He is the One who gives life and then takes to death and all of you will return to Him.

57-O mankind: Koran contains moralization and homily and is a prescription for curing your mental and spiritual illnesses; it is a cause of guidance and beneficence for the believers.

58-Tell them: God’s compassion is your only eternal possession; only rejoice in God’s blessing and compassion because it is much superior to the worldly possessions.

59-Tell them: Ponder has Allah ordered you to regard some of the blessings He has bestowed upon you as legitimate or illegitimate or you have just ascribed lies to Him? Reply to me!

60-What do those who have ascribed lies to Allah think? God’s blessings cover the people although most of them know not and are not thankful to Him.

61-Whether you people recite Koran or tend to other tasks, in whatever condition you are, Allah witnesses your entering or exiting such different positions; no event or particle is hidden from God; all events, whether large or small are registered in the God’s scripture.

62-Be it known to you that in any condition, the God’s friends are never overtaken by sorrow or dismay;

63-Those who are the people of belief and virtue.

64-Theirs are glad tidings that they must be happy in the world and hereafter; Allah’s decree does not change and this is a great prosperity.

65-Don’t get upset by what the disbelievers say; all honor and grandeur is God’s; He is the Hearer, the Knower. (Those who are related to God should feel comfortable).

66-Be it known to you that all the human beings who live in the skies and the earth are owned by Allah. All those who invent partners for God and seek refuge with them are just trapped in imagination and speculation.

67-He is the God who created the night for your taking rest and the day for your observation of your ways of life; all of which are signs of the God’s grandeur for those who are listeners.

68-The idolaters claimed that Allah had taken someone as His son! Allah is pure and needless; all that exist in the earth and the heavens are His. You have no proof for your claim so why do you ignorantly ascribe such things to God?

69-Tell them that those who ascribe lies to Allah will not be saved.

70-They just get a paltry amount of riches in the world and then once entered into the circle of God’s rule are punished by the severe torments that are the results of their disbelief and sinfulness.

71-Read to them the story of Noah when he told his people: If you cannot stand my way of life and invitation to the God’s religion, then in God I trust. You consult with your friends and take whatever decision you wish; don’t put yourselves in trouble because of me; Make a decision against me and do not give me any reprieve.

72-Even if you do not accept my religion and invitation, I have not asked you for any reward or payment; my reward is with Allah, I am instructed to be fully obedient to Him.

73-The Noah’s people refuted him; We rescued Noah and his followers and made them a substitute for them and drowned those who denied Our religion and signs. See what the fate of those who were warned was.

74-After Noah We sent other prophets who invited the people through reasoning and showing miracles but people did not accept the invitation that they had rejected before; this is how We cut off the road to understanding and knowledge to the transgressors. (Those who take the world as their goal, their path to knowledge are blocked).

75-Later, We sent Moses and Aaron to invite Pharaoh and his people but they regarded themselves as higher and superior to the God’s friends and religion because they were sinners and criminals.

76-Once the truth was revealed through the miracles shown by Moses, the uttered: this is all wizardry!

77-Moses replied: Now that the religion of truth has come into light, you call it wizardry? A wizard is never able to perform so.

78-They countered: You have come to us to turn us away from our forefathers’ religion and seize the kingdom for yourself; we will not be believers.

79-Pharaoh said: Summon all the skillful wizards!

80-When the sorcerers got ready; Moses said: You put forward your magic first!

81-Once they demonstrated their magical acts, Moses said: God will soon obliterate your wizardry; He does not let the works of mischief makers be vindicated.

82-Allah makes the truth triumph even if the mischief makers dislike it.

83-Only a small group of the young men from the Moses people believed; they were afraid lest Pharaoh and his people killed them; Pharaoh regarded himself superior to all people; he was a transgressor.

84-Moses told his followers: If you believe in God and are Muslims then trust in Him.

85-They replied: Sure, we do trust in God; O Allah, do not let us be game for the wrong doers!

86-And save us from the disbelievers by Your grace!

87-We ordered Moses to settle his people in houses built close together and facing Kiblah in which they would establish prayer. Give glad tidings of a successful life in future to the believers!

88-Moses cried: O my Lord! You bestowed upon Pharaoh and his people so much wealth and power [that they use them] to deviate people from Your path; O Lord! Obliterate their living; harden their hearts so they cannot be believers and therefore finally taste the painful torment!

89-Allah replied: I accepted you and your brother’s request; be steadfast and do not follow the path of the ignorant!

90-After that We let the Children of Israel to walk through the sea, the Pharaoh and his people followed them through the avenues made in the sea as transgressors. Then the walls of water collapsed and they were all drowned. The Pharaoh, when being drowned exclaimed: Now I believe in the God to whom the Israelites believe and I am a Muslim now!

91-(We uttered): Shut up; you are a Muslim Now? You disobeyed all the time before; you are a criminal.

92-Today We let your corpse with all jewelry wash up [in the shore] so it is a lesson for the future generations.

93-We let the Children of Israel to be in a suitable condition and bestowed upon them clean and halal foods; they were a uniform nation but once they knew the truthfulness of the religion, they made discord between themselves. Allah will judge on their differences in the hereafter.

94-If you have doubt about this religion and the scripture that has been revealed; ask the people who have received the celestial scripture before you. The true religion has been revealed unto thee from thy Lord; beware of having any doubts and of skepticism!

95-Do not be of those who refuted the God’s signs and bore losses!

96-Those who received the certain condemnation from God and will never be believers;

97- Even if you show them thousands of miracles, except when they witness the painful torments of the hereafter.

98-Why don’t the nations become believers like the people of Jonah so they benefit from their belief? When the people of Jonah witnessed the first signs of the calamity, they became believers so We spared them the doom and let them enjoy till the end of their decreed lives.

99-If Allah wills, He can make the whole world to be believers. Do you want to force the people to become believers while Allah wants them to have the choice? (Whoever attempts to be a believer through his or her own wisdom, then Allah helps, otherwise it is impossible to help him or her).

100-Nobody can be a believer unless with the God’s permission; Allah makes wretchedness overcome those who do not make use of their common sense for realizing the truth.

101-Tell them to ponder over the evidences of the God’s power in the earth and the heavens; yet those who are not intent to believe will not benefit from the God’s threats and signs.

102-Just like the bygone generations, they are in waiting for a calamity to befall them; tell them: be in waiting; I will be in waiting too!

103-Once the calamity befalls; it is Our task to save the prophets and the believers.

104-Tell them: If you have doubts about the God’s religion, I harbor no doubts; I do not obey those whom you obey in contradiction to the God’s orders. I exclusively worship God in whose hands lie my and your lives; I am instructed to be a man of belief.

105-Allah instructs me to rise up for the establishment of the progressive religion of Abraham the God’s friend and prohibits me from ascribing partners to Him.

106-My God tells me: Beware of being dependent on someone who has no benefit or harm for you; if you do, then you will be amongst the wrong doers.

107-If Allah decrees harm for you, nobody can remove it except Himself, and if He decrees a benefit, them nobody can dissuade Him; He harms whom He wishes; He is the One who elevates and perfects and He is the Compassionate. (The Arabic “GHUFRAN” means removing one’s existential defects [and not pardoning as it is commonly translated]).

108-Say: O mankind! The religion of truth has been sent down to you by Allah; him who is guided has benefited and him who goes astray has harmed himself; I am not your attorney! (Mind your own duties)

109-Obey whatever is revealed unto thee, wait until the God’s decree takes over; Allah is the best of the rulers.

               SURAH “HOUD” (HUD) NO. XI


              In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


In this surah too, after explaining some facts about knowledge and moralities, the stories of the prophets are recounted. In Koran, always the man’s thriving is given precedence over the thriving of the world because the world will not flourish before man thrives.

1-Alif, Laam, Mim, Raa, this is a scripture that contains wisdom based ayahs; has been revealed by Allah in detail and with clarity.

2-The message contained in it is: Worship none but Allah; I warn you against the outcome of sinfulness and give you glad tidings on the outcomes of being believers.

3-Also that you must beg for wisdom and talent from God and repent to Him; He will make you beneficiaries of His blessings in the world and hereafter and bestows upon every believer the status that suits him. If they rejected your invitation, tell them: I am afraid of your being punished by the great torment of the hereafter.

4-The returning of all of you is towards Allah; He is Able to do all.

5-Be it known to you that they turn back their heads and torsos in order to avoid the religious thoughts; they are unaware that when they creep into their hiding places Allah is aware of whatever they demonstrate and whatever they conceal; He is aware of the people’s thoughts.

6-There is no living creature on the earth unless Allah feeds it; He knows its location, its business and its future; all such knowledge is registered in the God’s book.

7-He is the One who created the skies and the earth (or the stages of man’s perfection) in six days and then settled on the throne of ruling on the basis of wisdom so He tries you to make it known which of you performs better. If you tell them that they will come back to life after death, the disbelievers will say it is all but sorcery. (Footnote 164)


In the deeper interpretation of Koran, the word “Maa’e” means both water and science. Water is the basis of life as Allah says “..And We made everything alive by water.. {Al-anbia’e-30]” That the visible life is based on water is clear, but the deeper meaning of water is the spirit of life, that is the spirit that turns the listless matter into water; the spirit that causes our corpses that are made of water and other matter to sleep and die and then relives it and creates the social and faith based life. The same spirit that Allah says: “.. We inspired unto thee a spirit from Our command.. [Shoora- 52]” and in this ayah says: “.. and His throne was established on water..” The throne referred to in Koran is the position of Allah’s rule; He rules the human beings through their knowledge. The knowledge of the God’s friends is the throne of His rule. God’s act of creation that is performed on water and soil is not His rule, but, it is His creation and building activities; His rule and decree is the kingdom and governance. Allah rules man through the knowledge of His friends and the human beings. That is why the Imams who have been known as the carriers of the God’s knowledge are also called the carriers of His throne. This phrase of the ayah saying: “.. and His throne was based on water..” is also related to the beginning of the creation when building the world was based on water.

8-If We postpone their punishment for a short period of time, they will ask: where is that punishment? Be it known to you that once the punishment befalls them, it will not be removed and that is when the outcomes of their disbelief and sinfulness will surround them.

9-If We bestow upon man wealth and prosperity and then take it away from him, instead of pinning his hope on Allah he will be disappointed.

10-And if subsequent to poverty We let him gain wealth and prosperity, he will be overjoyed and will say: the period of my poverty is over. (He regards wealth as his God).

11-Excepted are those who are steadfast in both phases of poverty and wealth and are people of belief and right deeds. Allah will bestow upon them success and they will enjoy a great reward.

12-Perhaps you have lost your patience and are going to give up some of your assignments because they say why he is not given a large treasure or why angels are not accompanying him. Your task is just to let the message reach them and it is Allah who is in charge of the events.

13-Or perhaps you are disappointed because they say that you are ascribing lies to Allah. Tell them if you suppose that I am inventing these messages then you too seek help from anyone other than Allah and invent ten ayahs if you are truthful.

14-If they do not take up the challenge, then they must know that these ayahs are revealed by God; there is no god save Him; can you become Muslims?

15-He who is looking for the glitters of this world, We will let him get it and he will not suffer any deprivation; he will reap the fruits of his deeds and will not lose.

16-But such world seeking people must know that they will not get anything save fire in the hereafter; their deeds will be futile there.

17-Is there any doubt about the truthfulness of the one whose proof and reason prove him a messenger and at the same time the witness to his prophetic mission accompanies him and also the scripture of Moses that has been revealed before him and is a beneficence from Allah confirms him? The benevolent believe in him and those from other groups who disbelieve in him will dwell in the hell. No doubt he and his followers are righteous although there are many who do not believe.

18-Who is a greater wrongdoer than he who ascribes lies to Allah? They will be presented to Us together with their deeds and the witnesses to the truth bear witness that they have ascribed lies to God. Damned are the wrongdoers!

19-And they are those who have deviated people from the God’s path and have regarded it as wrong and have disbelieved in the life in the hereafter.

20-They cannot stop Allah from His task and they have no guardian save Him and they will suffer multiple torments in the hereafter. They could not prevent their ears from listening to the falsehood or see the truth as it is.

21-They have only harmed themselves for being disbelievers and all the unjust means that they have possessed will be out of their reach.

22-There is no alternative for them save bearing the greatest losses in the hereafter.

23-But those who are the people of belief and the right deeds and are fully related to God as believers will be the people of paradise and will dwell therein forever.

24-An example for these two groups of right and wrong is the blind and deaf and the seeing and the hearers; are these two groups equal? Why don’t they recognize the truth?

25-We sent Noah as a messenger to his people to tell them: O people! I warn you against the outcomes of disbelief and sinfulness!

26-I tell you not to worship anyone save Allah; I am afraid of a severe torment befalling you!

27-The leaders of the Noah’s people countered by saying: Who are you? You are just a human being like us; your followers are the deprived members of the society in the first glance and you have no superiority over us to be the God’s messenger; you are a liar!

28-Noah replied: What will you say if I have some clear proofs and enjoy the God’s grace that you are unaware of? I will not force you if you are not interested in accepting the religion.

29-I am not asking you any rewards; my reward is with Allah and I am not going to drive away my friends and companions; they will go to meet their Lord. I see you are so ignorant.

30-If I drive them away, then I will be condemned; who will help me then? Why don’t you perceive the truth?

31-I am not claiming that treasures of wealth are with me or I know the unseen; I am not saying that I am an angel or that these people whom you regard as outcasts will not get any rewards from God; Allah is aware of their minds. If I do so I will be among the wrongdoers.

32-They countered: O Noah! You bored us! Let come down to us whatever you are threatening us to!

33-Noah replied: If God wishes will show you His punishment; you will not be able to stop Him from doing what He wishes.

34-If Allah decided to leave you in your state of astray, none of my advices will benefit you; your trainer is Allah and everyone will return to Him.

35-You allege that I have ascribed lies to God; in that case only I will be responsible; I am not bearing any responsibility for your crimes and sins.

36-We informed Noah that no more any one save those who have already believed would be believers and he shouldn’t be upset for their disbelief and sinfulness.

37-Build your rescue ship under Our supervision and do not meddle with Me on behalf of the wrongdoers because they must be drowned!

38-Noah started building his ship and the people used to go and watch and taunt him. Noah would say: soon it will be our turn to taunt you just as you are taunting us.

39-Soon you will see that those on whom the God’s punishment befalls will be humiliated and then will be placed in a permanent doom.

40-Once the ship was built, the God’s decree materialized; water gushed out from the furnace and We instructed Noah to put on board one pair of every animal and his family - save the one who had been doomed, and all of those who were believers in him. Only a small number of people were believers.

41-Noah instructed them to board the ship and told them: the route and the destination of the ship are under Allah’s command; He is the Compassionate, the Merciful.

42-Water carried the ship on waves as large as mountains; Noah called upon his son who was standing aside and said: O my son! Get on board and do not accompany the disbelievers!

43-His son replied: I will climb the mountain where I will be safe! His father said: nobody can be saved from the God’s decree today save those to whom Allah shows mercy; suddenly a wave came between them and drowned him.

44-Once the decree had been realized, the earth was ordered to swallow the water and the sky to absorb the humidity; the water drained and the vessel settled on mount Al-Judi and they all cursed the wrongdoers who had caused such a calamity.

45-Noah cried: O God! My son is a member of my family and your promises are true; You are the best ruler!

46-Allah replied: O Noah! Your son had no compatibility with you and was a wrong act; do not blame God for what you do not know! I advise you against being ignorant about the wisdom behind the God’s decrees!

47-Noah apologetically said: O my Lord! I seek refuge with you against protesting against you ignorantly; if you do not pardon me and show not Your mercy I will bear losses.

48-Allah told Noah: disembark the Arch safe and with blessing along with the people who are with you and there are other nations whom I will bless and then will afflict them with a severe calamity.

49-These are stories that I tell you about the events of the past none of which have been witnessed by you and neither you nor the Arab tribes had any information about them. Be steadfast in the path of the God’s religion and know that the salvation belongs to the virtuous.

50-We also sent to the A’ad tribes their brother Hud to tell them: O people! Worship Allah only; there is no god save Him; how could you falsely regard yourselves religious people?

51-I am not asking you for any rewards for my message; my reward is with God who has created me; why don’t you put to use your wisdom?

52-Beg Allah to bestow upon you wisdom and knowledge and them repent to Him; He is the One who sends down upon you the blessing of rain and augments your power; do not be disbelievers and do not exit the God’s religion!

53-They replied: You have not shown us any sign or miracle; we will not abandon our gods just because of what you say and will not believe in you!

54-It seems that our gods have put a spell on you and that is why you talk nonsense. Hud said: I call Allah as witness and you also witness that I hate your idolatry.

55-You, as worshippers of objects besides Allah, make your utmost efforts against me and do not give me a reprieve even for one minute.

56-I trust in Allah who is God of mine and yours; every moving creature’s life is in His hands. My Lord’s will realizes in the right path.

57-If they refused; tell them that you are just acting on the basis of My assignment to proselytize you. If God wills, He will replace you with another nation; your disbelief does not harm Him; my Lord is the Protector of everything.

58-Once Our decree for punishing them was issued, We rescued Hud and his companions by Our own compassion and rescued them from the severe torment of the storm that befell those people.

59-Such was the fate of the A’ad people who refuted the God’s signs, didn’t obey the God’s messenger and was obedient to the transgressors.

60-They left as a legacy the God’s curse in the world and the hereafter. The A’ad people disbelieved in God; may the A’ad people who were the nation of Hud be deprived from the God’s blessings.

61-We sent to the nation of Thamoud their brother Salih as a messenger. He told his people: worship Allah since there is no god save Him; He created you on the earth and colonized it by you. Beg for wisdom and intelligence from Him; seek refuge with Him; He is so close to you and he answers your prayers.

62-They replied: O Salih! You were a good man and we had pinned our hopes on you. Do you prohibit us from following our forefathers? We have doubts about you and your religion!

63-He replied: What if I have been bestowed clear proofs and reason by Allah and his mercy has covered me; then who will save me from His wrath if I disobey Him? You cause nothing but a great loss to me.

64-Behold this camel that is a miracle sent by God! Let it graze on land and give you abundance; don’t disturb it lest the God’s doom befalls you.

65-They assassinated the camel that was a sign from Allah out of envy. Salih told them: You will have a reprieve of just three days. This reprieve has been decreed by God and it is not false.

66-When the God’s punishment befell them, out of Our mercy We saved Salih and his companions from the humiliating doom; your Lord is the Able, the Respected.

67-The roar of punishment befell the wrongdoers and they fell to the ground like lifeless corpses in their settlements.

68-They were annihilated as if they had never lived. The Thamoud people disbelieved in God; away be the Thamoud from the God’s mercy!

69-Our agents bore glad tidings for Abraham; they greeted him and were responded in kind. He immediately offered them a roasted calf as food.

70-He noticed that they would not eat; he hadn’t recognized them and so was afraid that they had an evil intention. They responded by saying: Don’t be scared; we have been assigned to punish the people of Lot.

71-Abraham’s wife laughed at their not eating the food; The angels gave her the good news of bearing a son called Isaac and a grandson named Jacob.

72-Sarah was surprised and exclaimed: Oh! How can I bear a child whereas I am an old woman and my husband is so old? This is really strange!

73-They told her: Are you surprised at the God’s power? God’s mercy and blessings covers the members of this household; Allah is the Praised, the Magnificent.

74-Little by little, fear left the Abraham’s heart and was happy that they had an assignment to give him glad tidings; then he started arguing with them about the people of Lot (saying why the good and bad people should be punished all together).

75-That was because Abraham was an accommodating and patient person and used to supplicate to Allah and seek refuge with Him.

76-The angels replied: Do not defend them; Allah’s verdict is final and their doom cannot be stopped. (Footnote 165)


Abraham argued with the angels who had been assigned to annihilate the people of Lot by saying that not all those people were corrupt and there might be some good people amongst them; so why all of them should be annihilated while one in every ten of them might be a pious person? The angels replied: Even if one in ten of them is a good fellow we will avoid punishing them all. Abraham said: perhaps one in a hundred of them is pious! They replied: even if one percent of them are virtuous we will halt the calamity! He said: What if one in a thousand of them are good? They said that they would give up punishing the rest in that case! Abraham pleaded: Lot and his family are a group of pious people then! They countered: Lot is the God’s agent and so we will take him and his family –save his wife- out of the calamity. That is the argument mentioned in this ayah when Allah says: “… he started arguing with Us on the people of Lot..”. Allah takes away the calamities from the wrongdoers for the sake of the pious people [who live amongst them]. In another ayah He tells the prophet: “.. He is not going to punish them as long as you are amongst them..” [Anfal 33]; i.e. as long as you or the effects of your presence in your nation persists, calamities cease to befall them.

77- They went to the people of Lot; he was upset that such handsome guests had arrived; lost his patience and said: what an inauspicious day it is today! (He was upset because people would say that he himself had taken handsome young men home).

78-Once the people of Lot saw the guests, rushed towards his home because they were addicted to the most despicable act. Lot cried: You shameless people! You can marry my daughters because it is cleaner and more suitable!

79-They replied: We have nothing to do with your daughters; you know what our goal is!

80-Lot wished that he could have power himself or he could seek refuge with a powerful personality and so could counter those shameless people. (Once Imam Mahdi rises, they will all come back to life and Lot puts them under his thumb. Imam Sadigh (PBUH) said: what Lot had wished had been receiving help from Imam Mahdi –PBUH.)

81-The guests told him: Don’t be afraid, we are the same powerful people whom you wish; they cannot overtake you. Hold the hands of your daughters and exit the town at midnight and let nobody save your wife know; she will suffer the same fate of these people. The punishment will befall them in the morning; isn’t the morning coming soon?

82-Once the God’s verdict was issued, We turned the town upside down and stones and debris rained on them.

83-It was as if each piece of stone had specifically been targeted at one of them; such punishments are not far away from the wrongdoers.

84-We also sent as messenger to the people of Medyen their brother Shu’ayb who said: O people! Worship Allah only because there is no god save Him. Do not shortchange people in weights and measures; I am a well wisher of you and I am afraid of the God’s blanketing punishment to befall you.

85-O people, observe fairness in delivering goods to people as per measures and weights, do not shortchange them and do not cause mischief on earth!

86-The God’s reminders and prophets are better for you if you truly believe in Him! I will not be able to protect you from the calamities.

87-They said: O shu’ayb! Is it your religion and prayers that make you tell us to abandon the religion of our fathers and ancestors and not to do what we want with our possessions? Sure you are forbearing and steadfast!

88-Shu’ayb countered: (what will you say) if I present proof of my message and [tell you that] my livelihood is provided by God? I am not intent on just opposing you by banning you from your deeds; I just want to reform you, and Allah will grant me success. I trust in Him and I seek refuge with Him.

89-O people! Let not your tormenting me lead you to becoming such criminals and condemned people who deserve the same punishments like those of the people of Noah or Salih or Hud! There isn’t much time gap between you and the people of Lot! (You have witnessed their punishment).

90-Beg Allah to give you the success and repent to Him; my Lord is the Compassionate, the Merciful!

91-Those people too, like the bygone nations said: O Shu’ayb! We do not understand what you are saying! You are regarded so weak amongst us and if it were not for your tribe, we would stone you; you do not enjoy much respect amongst us!

92-Shu’ayb replied: Woe on you! Is my tribe more respectable to you than God that you have no regards for His consent? Allah is in control of your deeds.

93-You walk your path and behave in your own way and I walk my own path too; very soon you will come to know who is wrong. Be you in waiting and I will wait too.

94-When the God’s calamity appeared, We saved Shu’ayb and his companions by Our compassion and Our verdict of punishment befell the wrongdoers and they all were motionless in their homes.

95-It was as if they had never existed and had never had a life; be they deprived from the God’s blessings just like the Thamoud people!

96-We also assigned Moses as a messenger to Pharaoh and his people with so many miracles.

97-Those people followed Pharaoh whereas he lacked wisdom and intelligence.

98-[Pharaoh] will lead his people in the hereafter and will drag them all to the hell; what an evil abode in the hell!

99-In this world and in the hereafter God’s curse will follow them and how despicable and demeaning will be their treatment!

100-These ayahs contain stories that you weren’t aware of. Some of those nations are still dwelling on their schools of thought and some of them have perished.

101-It was not Us who did wrong to them, but it was them who did wrong to themselves; none of the gods that they worshipped and begged them had any benefit for them and they had no way but to perish.

102-Such is the God’s policy; He takes revenge from the disbelieving folks; His revenge is so severe and painful.

103-These stories are God’s signs for those who are wary of God and the hereafter; it is a day when all human beings gather together and everything is visible to everyone. 

104-[A day that] We have postponed it for a predetermined period of time.

105-Once that day is established, nobody will talk without God’s permission; some people are blissful and some are vicious. (Footnote 166)


Naturally human beings move without using their wisdom’s judgment because of the freedom granted to them by Allah and based on the impulses of their nature. Such a movement is walking in the road to astray and naturally leads to villainy. Conversely, some other people put the implications of their nature under the light of their wisdom and so attain guidance. Therefore, prosperity and wickedness depends on making the right and wrong choices.

106-The vicious will be tormented in fire and the sound of their screams and cries will be so loud.

107-That torment will persist as long as the earth and skies exist unless if Allah puts an end to it; Allah does what He wills quite rapidly. (Footnote 167)

FOOTNOTE 167:    

These two ayahs by which Allah declares being eternally in hell or paradise is dependent on His will raises questions. We may ask: is it possible that Allah expels someone whom He has taken to paradise from it or takes someone whom He has taken to hell to paradise? What is indisputable is that Allah’s decrees are all based on the right and wrong outcomes [of one’s deeds] and He never commits any cruel acts without any wisdom behind it. Allah never expels anyone from the paradise unless he takes himself out through disbelief and sinfulness. What is meant by paradise here is the celestial condition that is knowledge and not the gardens of Aden. If one is in the condition of belief and yielding to God, then he or she is in the paradise, otherwise he or she is out of it. Those who have gone through a period if disbelief and sinfulness and then have entered the rays of belief and virtue are not possible to return [to their past] condition of disbelief and sinfulness but those who are in torment can possibly succeed in repenting and being saved from the hell.  Many of the dwellers of the hell exit to paradise, but none of the residents of paradise go to hell. This noble ayah declares that eternity in hell or paradise is dependent on the God’s will and it means that the residents of the hell and the paradise are not intrinsically people of paradise and hell and are not like Allah who has existential eternality. Allah wants either of the two groups be eternal and then annihilates them or expels them as He wishes.

108-But the blissful are in paradise; their life will continue as long as the skies and the earth persist except if Allah wishes; God’s blessings never end.

109-Donot harbor any doubts about the invalidity of the idolaters’ way of life; they pave the same route that their ancestors have gone and the outcomes of their disbelief and sinfulness will reach them.

110-We bestowed upon Moses the scripture but his nation fell into disarray about his religion and scripture. Wasn’t it for the God’s decree to extend their life, He would have terminated their life. They are in doubt about the truthfulness of their religion and scripture.

111-All of them will meet the outcomes of their deeds; Allah is aware of their activities.

112-As you have been ordered, you and your followers must be steadfast and do not breach the boundaries; Allah is aware of your deeds.

113-Be careful not to be the pillars and empowering followers of the wrongdoers in their wrongs since in that case the fire of their wrong doing will take you too and in that case you will not have any guardian except Him and you will not be helped.

114-Pray at both ends of the day and at part of the night and know that the right deeds destroy the evils; prayer is a reminder of God for those who follow the truth. (Footnote 168)


This noble ayah specifies the prayer times and then the reason for praying. The prayers performed on both ends of the day are the noontime and afternoon prayers and the prayers ordered to be performed at a part of the evening mean the sunset and late night prayers. The reason for decreeing prayer is that it makes one remember God constantly and strengthens God’s remembrance inside man. Naturally, remembering God who is the source of infinite power and grandeur prevents man from disbelief and committing sins. The only agent that makes man useful and helpful is the knowledge of God. Allah is the only power that controls and dominates man and there is no other power save Him who can regulate man’s behavior because man regards himself as superior to everything else and of course something inferior to him cannot regulate him; so it must be the dominating and overpowering God.

115-Be steadfast in paving the God’s path since Allah will not nullify the rewards of the beneficent.

116-Why didn’t the past nations left behind generations from themselves –save a small group who were saved- who would prevent others from corruption? The wrongdoers only care about eating and sleeping and spend their lives in disbelief and sinfulness and are criminals.

117-Allah never lets the people of a city or village who walk the line of piousness and making amends to go towards annihilation.

118-If God wills, he can make all people uniform like a single nation; but people always live in disparity.

119-Except those whom Allah shows mercy upon (make them successful in the right way); but Allah decreed differences between them so they would themselves look for the truth. Then His verdict was issued by which He would drag all the human beings and Jinni towards the hell so that they would become afraid and would return to the right path (By putting aside their egocentricity).

120-We recite unto thee the stories of the past prophets so that you become steadfast in your belief; such stories are advice and guiding for the believers and make them remember Allah.

121-Tell the disbelievers: You go ahead with your beliefs and behaviors and I, too will do so.

122-Be in waiting for the emergence of the rule of the truth, we, too will be waiting.

123-The fates of all what exist in the earth and the sky belong to God, He is the reference in all affairs, be His servant and put your trust in Him; He is not oblivious of what you do.

               SURAH “YOUSOUF” (JOSEPH), NO. XII


               In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


The story of Joseph the prophet (PBUH) teaches us that in the same way that Allah turns a worthless drop of semen into a handsome human being, He can let a believing servant of Him to reach the apex of grandeur from the depth of a well dug by the people for him due to his being a believer.

1-Alif: Laam; Raa. (These alphabetical letters are the ayahs of the book of creation)

 2-We revealed this Koran in the language of Arabs so that you can refer to your common sense. (Footnote 169)


One of the ayahs that raise questions in the surah Joseph is this ayah in which Allah declares: “We revealed this Koran in Arabic so you people activate your wisdoms and perceive the truth”.  The question is what the relationship between the revelation of Koran in Arabic and activation of brains is and why this would not happen had Koran been revealed in another language. The question can be replied from several angles; one being that Koran is a scientific and rich scripture that has no compatibility with that era of ignorance and it is not perceivable how a scripture and a scholar like this could rise in that environment. Also, the emergence of such a regulated and disciplined literature amongst the illiterate and ignorant Arabs who were not even self conscious about how they had developed it was incompatible with that era. Did the ignorant Arabs have any knowledge of the grammatical rules? Did they know that for example the vowel signs of the last letter of a word had to change depending on its role in the sentence? It is unimaginable how those people could invent a system of word derivation by which from a single word root 12’000 derivatives each of which bore a specific meaning could be made. Even if a large number of the scientists of the time would collaborate, they would not be able to create a literature with such an astonishing regularity notwithstanding the ignorant Arabs who had no compatibility with such a literature and grammar. The only answer is that Allah, the Almighty who knew that He would one day reveal such a great scripture in Arabic, let such a regulated and perfect language flow through their tongues so that this content that is Koran could have a container that would suit it. If we put our wisdom to use when considering the Arabic literature, we will understand that the creator of these words could have been the Almighty only. Allah, in order to let some kinds of knowledge to emerge, makes man an instrument for the materialization of His will without him being aware of it. Then people, by using their common sense only, can come to know that the emergence of such knowledge has been by God’s will. One of the characteristics of Arabic is that the words have been formed in a way that they fit their meanings and the essence of the meaning is reflected in the word. Two examples are mentioned here. In the words “sheeb” and “Shabab” that mean “old man” and “young man”, the former has a lean core (vowels) in Arabic grammar and so is used for old people that are leaner and the latter that has a solid (consonant) double letter core is used for the youth that are more rigid. Therefore we see that the condition of the subject has been reflected in the form of the word and perhaps few people have noticed this case.

3-We read to you the best story although you didn’t know about it before. (Because his holiness had not been alphabetized)

4-When Joseph told his father: O my father! Last night I dreamt eleven stars and the moon and the sun falling prostrate before me.

5-(His father who predicted a brilliant future for him) replied: O my son! Beware of telling your brothers about this dream lest they take action against you; there is the Satan who is a great enemy!

6-Allah will give you superiority; will teach you how to interpret the events; will complement His beneficence to you and to the Children of Jacob in the same manner that He complimented it for your forefathers Abraham and Isaac. Allah is the Wise, the Knower.

 7-The story of Joseph and his brothers is a sign of the God’s grandeur for those who enquire.

8-When the brothers sat together and said to each other: Verily Joseph and his [full] brother are more loveable to our father than us in spite of the fact that we are stronger and the protectors of the family; our father is mistaken.

9-We have to kill Joseph or take him away to a faraway place so that our father does not see him anymore and we become endeared to him.

10-A wiser brother suggested: No! Better we do not kill Joseph; let’s drop him into a well so the caravans take him away; this is a better plot; just if you put it into action.

11-Once reached consensus, the brothers came to their father saying: O dad! Why don’t you trust us? Let Joseph accompany us [when we go to graze the cattle] and play with us; we wish well for him!

12-Let us take him to the pastures tomorrow and play, be sure! We will protect him!

13-Their father said: My dears! If you take him away from me I will miss him; I am afraid that you neglect him and wolves devour him.

14-They replied: O dad! How can wolves devour him while we are strong and powerful men? We will be quite inept people if that happens.

15-They took him with them to the plains tomorrow and attempted to drop him into the well. We inspired to him that [one day] he would remind them of what they were doing then; but they didn’t know.

 16-Then they put some false blood on his shirt and returned home at night crying!

17-They said: Dear father! We were busy playing and so we neglected him and wolves snatched and devoured him; we are sure you will not believe us although we are telling the truth!

18-Then they presented the Joseph’s shirt which had been stained with a false blood. Their father who knew they were lying replied: I am sure you have been tempted by Satan; [however] being patient is more beautiful; I beg Allah to give me patience.

19-A caravan approached the well; they sent a man to fetch water for them. Once he dropped the bucket into the well, a beautiful boy was pulled up with it. He cried: Good news! I have found a beautiful boy that is very precious. Allah was witness to their act. (The brothers, watching the scene from some distance, approached and said: He is our slave who has escaped!)

20-Then they sold him for a paltry few coins they were inattentive of.

21-The caravan took Joseph to Egypt where the Egyptian leader purchased him. He told his wife: Treat this boy that looks noble with respect so we may benefit from him or adopt him. This is how We let Joseph assume power and taught him the interpretation of events; Allah is capable of realizing what He decrees but people are oblivious to it.

22-When Joseph grew up, We taught him knowledge and science; this is how We reward the virtuous!

23-Due to his handsomeness and mental beauty, he was endeared to the Egyptian leader. The leader’s wife who had fallen in love with him made some liaison with him; took him to a private room, closed all doors and told him: I am for you! Joseph replied: I take refuge with Allah! The king has respected me and made me a trustee in his household. Allah does not let the wrongdoers succeed!

24-Zulaykha (Potiphar’s wife) attempted to embrace him and Joseph would have given in had We not demonstrated to him Our signs in order to keep away from him debauchery and wrongdoing; he was a devout servant of Us.

25-Joseph escaped and Zulaykha, in pursuit of him pulled his shirt from behind and tore it off! They faced the woman’s husband at the gate. Zulaykha immediately concocted an accusation against him and said: What will be the punishment of someone who has attempted to molest your wife? Will it be anything save prison or a severe torment?

26-Joseph countered and said: It was this lady who tried to have an affair with me! Then someone who was witnessing judged: if the Joseph’s shirt is torn from the front, then Joseph is guilty (and Zulaykha has been defending herself).

27-But if the shirt has been torn from the rear, then it has been Zulaykha who has been pursuing him and so Joseph is truthful and is innocent.

28-The leader inspected the shirt and noticed that it had been torn from the rear so he declared: this is one of you women folks’ tricks; you women are very naughty! (It has been said that the witness has been a baby; it sounds true because if it was a grown up person, he would be scared and wouldn’t dispute the Zulaykha’s claim).

29-He told Joseph: stay away from this lady. You lady too, beg for pardon for your guilt.

30-The Zulaykha’s affair turned into a scandal and women started gossiping that the Egyptian queen had fallen in love with her court’s servant and has gone astray.

31-When Zulaykha heard about the gossiping, she arranged a party and while each woman was leaning on a cushion, gave each of them a knife and an orange and then ordered Joseph  to go in and entertain them. Once the women saw his beauty, they were so captivated that they cut their own hands instead of the oranges! Then they said: Praised is God! This boy is not a human being; he is an honorable angel!

32-Zulaykha said: This is the gentleman for whom you are blaming me. I offered him my love but he spurned it. If he does not oblige I will imprison him or will put him into servility and abjectness!

33-When Joseph heard the word prison, he cried to God: O my Lord! I prefer prison to having an affair with these women; if you do not deflect their plots from me I will become interested in them and then I will be regarded as ignorant and sinner!

34-Allah answered his prayer and deflected their plots from him; He is the Hearer, the Seeing.

35-These events caused quite a stir, so the members of the court found it expedient to imprison him.

36-Joseph was sent to prison with two other inmates. One of the inmates told him: Last night I dreamt I was concocting drinks and wine and the second of them said to him: Last night I dreamt I was carrying a bread basket over my head and birds were pecking at it. O Joseph! We see that you are a pious man so please interpret our dreams.

37-Joseph replied: Sure; I will interpret before we are served our dinner; this dream interpretation is a knowledge given to me by God because we distanced ourselves from the behavior of those who do not believe in Him and who disbelieve in the hereafter. (Footnote 170)


Joseph delayed telling them the interpretation of their dreams because he understood that one of them would be condemned to death and so didn’t want to upset him. Even when he told them, he only said that one of them would be executed and the next would regain his previous position. Prophets are always mindful of the people’s sentiments.

38-We follow the beliefs and behaviors of our ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is contrary to our dignity to ascribe someone or something as partner to Allah. This is the God’s favor offered to us and our people but most people do not appreciate His favor.

39-O my fellow inmates! Is having so many varied lords better or [worshipping] just the only One [who is] the Omnipotent, the Dominant?

40-You and your ancestors have baselessly invented some names and have called them gods and worship them whereas no power has been given by Him to these names. Rule and governance belongs to God only and He has never authorized anything or anyone to be worshipped save Him. This is the only infinite and stable religion but most people do not know.

41-O my fellow inmates! One of you will be reinstated in his original position of offering the king wine and drinks and the second will be hanged and then birds will feed on his brain; this is the interpretation of your dreams. (He didn’t name any of them specifically so as not to upset them).

42-He secretly told the one whom he knew he would be freed: Tell your king about my innocence! However, Satan made him forget to remind the king about him and so Joseph’s stay in prison continued for seven years. (Satan took over the prisoner’s mind); however, Joseph was right in trying to clear himself from the accusation). (Footnote 171)


The interpreters how surmised that the phrase “remind me with your lord” leads us to believe that the word “lord” in the next phrase “Satan made him to forget to remember his lord” refers to the Almighty and so have inferred that Satan took over Joseph’s soul and made him to forget his Lord and made him to ask for help from a human being and so Allah punished him for this mistake and made him to stay in prison for seven years and accordingly Joseph has been punished due to his sin. They have not noticed that the word “lord” here means the ruler of Egypt and not Allah the Almighty. IN fact Joseph told the inmate to remind his lord i.e. the king of him and to ask him what crime had Joseph committed. However, Satan made the inmate to forget the message given to him by Joseph. In this ayah the phrases “your lord” and “his lord” refer to the Egyptian king. The Egyptians regarded the king as their lord; like when Allah tells the Children of Israel “….a torment from your lord so great…[Bagharah- 49].” However, logically and as per the religious tenets Joseph had the right to remind the Egyptian king of his innocence because it is an obligation for a wronged person to defend his rights so that the oppressor is proved to be a wrongdoer and be prevented from claiming that he has been right in sending him to prison. So the Joseph’s resorting to the inmate is an act of self defense and is legitimate and in this case the phrase means that Satan had taken over the soul of the inmate and not that of Joseph. Satan cannot possess the prophets and so Joseph did not deserve to be punished by God, but was oppressed by a tyrant.

43-After some time, the king dreamt that seven skinny cows were devouring seven fat ones and alongside them there were seven green clusters of wheat alongside seven dry ones. He was scared and summoned the dream interpreters and told them: Interpret my dream if you really know your job!

44-The replied: these are distracted dreams and we cannot interpret them.

45-The Joseph’s inmate [who had survived] remembered the interpretation he had made for him and said: Allow me to bring you an interpreter right now and then immediately went to the prison and said to Joseph:

46-O Joseph the righteous and truthful! Tell me about the interpretation of a dream in which there are seven skinny cows devouring seven fat ones and seven green bunches of wheat alongside seven dry ones; the king and people are waiting for me to return and inform them!

47-Joseph replied: Go and tell the king that for the first seven years there will be abundant rains so they must sow as much wheat as possible and store them in their husks (and consume only what they need).

48-After that period there will be seven dry years with famine when they will eat all what they have stored save a little bit that they will leave [as seed].

49-After the dry years, there will be abundance and it will rain and Allah will save the people.

50-The king was pleased and told them to bring Joseph to him and so an agent went to the prison to take him. Joseph told the agent: First you go and ask your king what my fault was; what the story of the women who cut their hands in the party was; Allah is aware of the ladies’ plots. (The king summoned those ladies);

51-Asked them: What was the story of your liaison with Joseph? They replied: high exalted is God! We did not find any fault with him! Zulaykha immediately said: Now the truth was revealed; it was my fault that I tried to have an affair with him; he is right!

52-Joseph said: The reason why I asked the case to be reviewed was to let the king know that I had not betrayed him behind his back; Allah does not guide the betrayers.

53-I do not spare my soul, one’s soul orders him to debauchery unless if God shows mercy to him; My Lord is the Compassionate, the Merciful.

54-Once the king noticed his humbleness said: bring him to me so I appoint him as my special adviser. When he attended, the king talked to him and said: today you are close to me and will enjoy power and are my confidant.

55-Joseph, based on the king’s dream said: please let me manage your granary and your treasury and rest assured that I am a learned man and a good protector.

56-This is how We brought Joseph to power on earth; he had absolute authority and was successful in all his tasks. We let anyone whom We wish to enjoy Our blessing and compassion and will not put to waste the efforts of the virtuous.

57-For those who ward off evil and care about God, the hereafter is better and of a higher value. (Joseph stored large quantities of grains during the years of abundance and once the dry years emerged, all neighboring nations had to come to him).

58-Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt to procure grains when Joseph recognized them but they didn’t. (After some questioning, he asked them: why you didn’t bring your [half] brother with you?).

59-Then he supplied their caravan and when letting them go told them: bring your [half] brother with you the next time you come here. As you see, I supplied you with more and better grain and treated you with dignity.

60-I will not supply you any grains next time and will not entertain you if you do not bring your brother with you!

61-They replied: certainly; we will discuss it with his father and will bring him with us.

62-Joseph ordered his agents to conceal the goods they had brought with them as merchandize in their cargoes so they were encouraged to come back once they found out the grains had been given to them free when they reached home.

63-When they reached home, told their father: the Egyptian authority told us to take our brother with us when we go back to procure grains otherwise he won’t deliver any grains to us so let us take our brother with us this time; certainly we will guard him

64-Their father replied: of course I can rest assured as I was in the case of Joseph! Allah is the best Protector and He is the most Compassionate of all.

65-When they opened up the camel loads; they found out that the price they had paid for the grains had been returned to them so they gleefully told their father: O father; what could we be looking for? The price we had paid has been returned to us so that we can lead our lives more comfortably. The quantity of grains we have procured will not be sufficient and so we need more! You can feel secure; we will take care of our brother!

66-Their father said: No! I will not let you take this brother unless you swear that unless you are overpowered, will return him to me. Once they made solemn promises, he said: I let you take him now, Allah is our Guardian.

67-He advised them not to enter the city all from the same gate but, each two of them enter through a separate one. He continued: I cannot change any of the God’s decrees about you, He is the one who rules; I trust Him and we all have to trust Him.

68-The brothers returned to Egypt and entered the city the way their father had instructed them. Their father’s instruction wouldn’t deflect the God’s decree on them but would just give him peace of mind. Jacob had become aware through Our inspirations although most people know not. (Probably he had felt that Joseph was there).

69-When they entered the court, Joseph felt how lonely was his brother feeling, so he secretly introduced himself to him and told him not to be upset due to his unruly brothers’ behavior.

70-He devised a plan to keep his brother with him, so he arranged for the brothers to go back, but hid a drinking cup inside his [full] brother’s camel load. Then an announcer announced: You brothers are thieves!

71-the brothers approached him and asked what was missing.

72-The announcer replied: we have lost the king’s drinking cup so anyone who delivers it will be rewarded with a camel load’s grain and I guarantee it!

73-the brothers replied: You know us well; we are not criminals and are not here to steal.

74-Joseph told them: What will be your punishment if you are liars?

75-They replied: the thief’s punishment is the finding of the king’s cup in his luggage, we punish the wrongdoers. (Footnote 172)


Nobody should ask why a prophet has caused an innocent servant of God be disgraced by plotting to make him look like a thief. In fact it has not been done openly and in the plain view of the public, but has been a private interaction between brothers in order to make them get hurt in the same way that they had hurt him. Also, it was not expedient to let his [full] brother who had known him and would have not liked to depart him go with the brothers and possibly reveal his secret to them. So whatever the reason, he had to stay in Egypt. The only way has been to keep him somehow and at the same time let his father get ready to meet him. In order to acquit Joseph, Allah says:  “.. and in this manner We plotted on behalf of Joseph…” meaning that He Himself had made the plot.

76-They started with searching the brothers’ loads first and then pulled out the king’s cup from the cargo of the Joseph’s brother. This was the plot We had made as otherwise Joseph would not arrest his brother for theft according to his principles; he would do that only if he had been permitted by God; We elevate the position of whom We wish; there is always a scholar superior to others.

77-the brothers said: If this boy has done theft [it is not weird since] his [full] brother had also stolen before! The old memories came to Joseph’s mind but he didn’t disclose them and said: You are in a worse condition; Allah is Aware.

78-The brothers said: Your honor! This boy has an old father; so you detain one of us brothers in his place and free him; we find you compassionate and charitable.

79-Joseph said: I seek refuge with Allah! We can detain only the person with whom we have found the cup as otherwise we will be wrongdoers.

80-When they became hopeless; they attempted to spare themselves from facing their father’s severe anguish. The elder of them said: Don’t you remember that our father made a solemn covenant with us? We have a despicable record with him for the case of Joseph. So I will not leave this place unless I obtain our father’s permission or Allah makes a new judgment against us since He is the Best of Judges.

81-You return home and tell or father that his son has committed a theft and has been detained and you truthfully bear witness that were not aware of the secrets of this event.

82-{Tell our father:] if you do not believe us you can ask the people of the city where it happened or the people of the caravan in which we were travelling so you can know that we are truthful.

83-Jcob replied: Again you have been tempted by your carnal desires in this case and have made a new plot. Therefore I will be patient so that Allah returns to me both my sons; He is the Wise, the Knower.

84-He turned his back to them and cried: Woe to me for Joseph! His eyes turned white due to grief and crying but he was still patient.

 85-The sons protested against him and said: You are always mentioning Joseph and have turned so skinny that you are going to die!

86-He replied: I take my complaints to God as I know from the God’s decrees what you do not know.

87-O my sons! I feel that my Joseph is alive and is there. So go there and enquire about Joseph and his brother; do not lose hope in Allah because nobody loses hope in Him except the disbelievers.

89-The sons returned to Egypt and told the Egyptian ruler: Honorable you! Both we and our clan are suffering severe afflictions; we have brought forth a little capital but please grant us full loads and be kind to us since Allah loves the benevolent.

90-When Joseph witnessed how upset they were, told them: do you remember what you did to Joseph and his brother when you were young and ignorant?

91-They replied: are you that Joseph of us? He replied: Yes, I am Joseph and this is my brother and Allah did us a great favor; he who takes up piety and be patient then Allah does not disregard the reward of the steadfast.

92-They said: Now Allah has given you superiority over us and has made you dominant; we were truly wrongdoers!

93-He said: There is no blame on you; Allah will pardon you; He is the most forgiving.

94-Take my shirt, drape it over our father’s face and he will regain his sight, then you all return to Egypt together.

95- The caravan moved towards Canaan; Jacob smelled the Joseph’s shirt [being carried towards Canaan] and said: If you don’t taunt me I would say I smell my Joseph.

96-People said: We swear by God that you are still harboring your old dreams.

97-The announcer of the caravan arrived with good news about Joseph; threw the Joseph’s shirt on the Jacob’s face and his eyes immediately gained sight. He told his family: Didn’t I tell you that I knew from the God’s decrees what you didn’t know?

97-The brothers apologized and said: O father! Please beg pardon from God for us; we were guilty.

98-Their father replied: All right; I will beg Allah on Friday night to pardon you; He is the Forgiving, the Compassionate.

99-Jacob’s clan moved towards Egypt; Joseph went out to welcome his father and entertained him. He told them: welcome to Egypt; you will dwell here in safety and security if God wills.

100-He let his father settle to the throne of power and they all attained glory and grandeur; the brothers fell prostrate. Joseph said: O father! This is the interpretation of the dream I had before and Allah made it materialize. How kind was Allah to me! He released me from prison, let you come to me and incited love between us even after Satan had cast animosity between me and my brothers. How Graceful is my Lord! He makes whatever He wishes to materialize; He is the Wise, the Knower.

101-O Lord! Praise to you for bestowing kingdom upon me and teaching me the wisdom behind all events; O you the Creator of the heavens and the earth! You are my Guardian in the world and the hereafter! Let me die a Muslim and let me join the virtuous of Yours!

102-(At the end of the story, Allah addresses the prophet and tells him that such was the story of Joseph), a prescience that you did not have and you were not present when they were plotting against Joseph.

103-Although you are enthusiastic to invite and teach them, most of them will not be believers.

104-You do not need them so as to ask them for a reward, this religion and Koran is an advice for the people of the world.

105-How many signs of Allah’s grandeur are in sight in the earth and skies that they see but do not pay attention to?

106-Most people do not believe in Allah and regard themselves or the God’s creatures as partners to Him.

107-How can they regard themselves secure from the sudden befalling of calamities by God or the moment of the hereafter and their being taken over even before they perceive the emergence thereof?

108-Say: This Koran is my path; I and my followers invite you to it with full insight. Allah is High exalted and we do not regard anyone or anything as His partner.

109-We did not assign anyone as messenger before you except that they were habitants of the cities and villages to whom We inspired Our orders. Study history so you can understand what the fate of the disbelievers was and what happened. The hereafter is better for those who ward off evil, why don’t you make use of your common sense?

110-We gave the disbelievers respite in their lives till when the prophets turned desperate and cried: when the God’s promise will come forth? They suspected that We had given them untrue promises. Then the God’s triumph emerged and whom He wished was delivered; God’s wrath will not be turned away from the idolaters.

111-The stories in Koran are bridges for the wise people to pass through. The Koran’s stories are not lies, but, rather, they are confirmed by the previous scriptures and contain details of knowledge and rules and are means of guidance for the believers.


                SURAH “AR RA’AD” (THE THUNDER), NO. XIII


                        In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


This noble surah discusses the creation of the sky and the earth, gravity, sending down of the knowledge by Allah and other wonders.

1-Alif, Laam, Mim, Raa. These letters are from the signs of the book of creation; whatever is revealed unto thee is right but must people do not believe.

2-Allah is the one who raised the worlds of the sky and the earth without any visible columns and settled on the throne of kingdom after the creation and upbringing. He took control of the sun and the moon so each is moving for a designated period. He regulates the affairs of the world and human beings. He explains the signs of His power in detail so that the people become certain about the day of the meeting.

3-He is the one who expanded the earth and stalled the mountains thereon; He has made the rivers to flow and has created all types of fruits in pairs; He covers the night by the day and covers the day by the night. All these phenomena are signs of the God’s power for those who think. (Footnote 173.)


Surah “RA’AD” explains that all these evolutions and changes that happen in the human beings’ life are related to the training and perfection of humans. Human beings move and get perfected and these evolutionary movements continue till they reach their destination that is the absolute perfection. The earth, the sky, the moon and the sun, the inanimate objects, the plants and the animals have no evolutionary movements and their initial and final condition has always been the same and will remain the same; they have been created for the sake of the human beings. They have not been created imperfect so as to need evolution. Likewise, humans too attain scientific and talent enhancement in their lives and, together with the evolution of their knowledge, the quality of their lives gets enhanced. For example, you may ask how will the human beings’ biological and spiritual condition in their celestial lives be. The only difference will be that the creation will be much more beautiful and their imperfections like illnesses and pains and other traits like emitting excrements and feces are removed. It has been said that digested foods of the people of paradise are emitted from their bodies as a fragrant sweat. The structure of their bodies will not change and will still comprise of body and soul; but the quality will be much higher. The earth, the sky, the moon and the stars will stay but will turn into paradises and every place will be lush green without any weeds. When Allah describes the [lives] of the people of paradise and the hell says: ..they will dwell therein for ever as longs as the skies and the earth exist.” [Hud-108] So the skies and the earth will remain the same and only the qualities are enhanced, the imperfections are removed but the structures remain unchanged with enhanced characteristics.

4-He has arranged the earth in separate sections side by side; has created orchards of diverse plantations and vine and palms similar to and different from one another that are all made from the same water and soil and some are preferable to others by people in taste. All such variations are divine signs for the wise.

5-If you are surprised at their disbelief and sinfulness; it is more astonishing that they doubt the God’s power saying: Is it possible that we come back to life once we die and turn into dust? They are those who have been disbelievers in their Lord and the chains of the worship of the worldly possessions have dragged them towards the hell and in fact, they are the people of fire in which they will dwell forever.

6-They walk the path of viciousness and sinfulness before they walk the path of righteousness and prosperity despite having seen so many examples of viciousness and wickedness repeatedly. Thy Lord makes use of [the tool of] pardon and empowerment against their disbelief and sinfulness and at times, punishes them severely.

7-The disbelievers object by asking why you do not show them miracles whereas your task is just to teach and inform; any nation needs a certain guide.

8-Allah is aware of the fetus of every human being and every animal; he is aware of the womb that destroys an embryo or reduces or grows it. Anything is based on certain calculation and structure by Allah.

9-He is the knower of the invisible and the visible is the Highest, the Greatest.

10-For Him, it is the same whether you talk in secret or openly; or if you move in the dark of the night or in the light of the day.

11-Those appointed by Him are guarding you from the front and behind under His command; Allah never alters the fate of a nation except if and when they themselves alter their moral and scientific condition. If He decrees a calamity or a doom for a nation, no one else can repel it; people have no guardian or supervisor save Allah.

12-He is Allah who demonstrates thunder and lightning; scares or makes to covet; makes the heavy and rain laden clouds to emerge.

13-The thunder and lightning demonstrate the praise and exaltation of Allah; angels are subdued to His will and He strikes whom He wishes by thunderbolts. Despite so much demonstration of power, they still argue in conceding or denying Him.

14-Invitation to the truth is exclusive to Allah. Those who beg from anyone save Him are like someone who tries to put water into his mouth by his palm but fails; the dreams and wishes of the disbelievers are in absolute vanity.

15-Whoever and whatever exists in the skies and the earth willingly or unwillingly, corporally or spiritually fall prostrate before Allah.

16-Ask them: Who is the Grower of the celestial and terrestrial worlds? Say; it is Allah; so why do you obey those other than Him -others who do not have any control over their own loss or benefit notwithstanding over the others? Are the blind and the seeing and the darkness and lihgt the same? Or perhaps they have they invented gods who have created creatures similar to those of Allah and so they are confused and cannot know which creator’s creature they are? Tell them the creator of everything and everyone is Allah; He is the Only one and is the Omnipotent.

17-He is the One who sends down from this sky the rain and from His side knowledge and science to you; then the valleys take water based on their capacity and the hearts take up knowledge depending on their potential. Through these valleys, raging floods take with them dense foam together with other things that are used to make fire and items that are used to adorn life. Allah gives examples for demonstrating the right and the wrong. Then the foam vanishes and whatever is useful for people remains. This is how God gives examples to show the right and the wrong. (The word of truth is useful and stays while the wrong disappears like the foam over water.) (Footnote 174)


This very same ayah too, is one of the astounding ayahs of Koran; is the key to the closed doors and clarifies the unveiled secrets of it. As it looks, it is so simple and clear that the nomads understand it like the scientists while beneath the surface, it is so profound that nobody save the perfected friends of God knows its secrets. The sciences nestled in Koran are equivalents of the God’s knowledge that is an infinite knowledge. Koran repeatedly mentions that it explains the facts through examples; so in this ayah too, the sphere from which knowledge is revealed is likened to the sphere from which rains fall.

[The following explanations interpret this ayah].

The initial part of existence is our body that contains millions of secrets and philosophies.

The second part of existence is the spirit of life that flows into the body like electricity, enlivens and in the end leaves and turns the body off.

The third part of our existence is the tape of the heart on which whatever is seen or heard till the last moment is recorded. This tape is in the existence of a sphere from which judgment appears and tells one that something is bad and another is good; something is untouchable and another is clean; such a sphere that tells about the bad and the good and creates the judgments in the sphere of monotheism i.e. the sphere of the God’s existence from which knowledge and wisdom comes down into the human beings’ hearts. In this ayah, Allah likens the source of the revelation of knowledge to the sphere from which rains pour down. It is a sphere from which so much knowledge and wisdom is infused into the human beings’ minds on which the creation has been based and is constantly under construction. This interpretation is based on the Imam (PBUH)’s saying that “.. Knowledge and wisdom comes down to the hearts from the God’s existence”.  The part of this ayah (“it floods valleys according to their capacity”) means that the hearts soak up those sciences as per their capacity.       

18-For those of people who accept their God’s invitation, a prosperous future is decreed while those who do not accept His invitation [in the hereafter] would like to have possessed a wealth equivalent to several earths to donate it all so they could be saved from the torment; they suffer an evil doom. I.e. what an inauspicious school lies in the path of hell.

19-Is the one who is aware of the truthfulness of the religion and the scripture that has been revealed unto thee equal to the one who is ignorant and blind? Only the wise can perceive the truth.

20-Those who are adherent to their covenant and do not break their undertaking;

21-And make themselves dependent to those to whom they have been ordered to be dependent and perceive the God’s grandeur and are afraid from the consequences of disbelief and sinfulness.

22-Those who practice patience in their pursuit of the God’s consent, establish prayer and bestow openly and secretly from what We have bestowed upon them and obliterate misdeeds through good conduct; they are those who benefit in their end of life.

23-That prosperous destiny is a knowledge and power through which blessings and wealth flow like a river. They will enter that life together with their virtuous forefathers and children and angels will be at their service all the time.

24-[The angels] are agents of safety for them in all aspects and tell them: hail to you for the patience you showed in the God’s path; what an auspicious fate you are enjoying!

25-But those who break the covenant they have had with Allah after they have reaffirmed it and cut off their relationship with those with whom they are ordered to establish relations and promote corruption on earth; Allah’s curse and an awful doom will accompany their existence.

26-It is Allah only who expands your livelihood or limits it. The disbelievers merely rejoice in their worldly life whereas it is just bait compared to the afterlife.

27-The disbelievers argue: Why isn’t a miracle performed through our hands? Say: Allah sends astray whom He wishes and guides those who come to Him.

28-The guided are those who believe in Allah and their hurts calm down by remembering God; surely only by remembering God the hearts find serenity.

29-blessed are those who are the people of belief and right deeds; how great will be their fate!

30-We assigned you as a messenger for nations who have replaced the past nations so you recite to them the scripture that is inspired unto thee although they disbelieve in Allah the Compassionate. Tell them: He is my Lord; I trust in Him and He is the reference of my repentance.

31-If you are looking for a scripture in the light of the training of which the course of the material and religious powers come to an end or the nations diverge or converge in its light or the dead find life in its path of perfection; then that scripture is this Koran. (It means that Koran is a great scripture within the sphere of which [both] disbelief and belief bear fruit). All affairs are in the hands of Allah; so don’t the disbelievers know that if He wills, He will make all mankind guided? Always the disbelievers pound themselves and demolish their own homes by their war machines till the God’s promise (Imam Mahdi –PBUH-) rises; Allah does not renege on His promises.

32-They taunted the past prophets too; so I first granted a reprieve to the disbelievers and finally took revenge from them, so look what was the God’s punishment.

33-Do they ascribe partners to the God who is so in control of their deeds? Tell them to explain what their position is! Probably they are going to inform Allah of something that He doesn’t know or just feel satisfied with their false statements. The disbelievers’ plots and deceptions have been made to look beautiful in their eyes and so they turn people away from the God’s path. All those who are sent astray by God will find no guides.

34-They will be tormented in their worldly lives and their torments in the hereafter are much more severe; they have no protectors save Allah.

35-The example of paradise that is promised by God to the people of virtues is knowledge and power from which blessings and joys flow like rivers (A will power that when says: be it! It realizes). Such blessings and the pleasant shades of Allah’s rule are eternal; such is the fate of those who ward off evil but the fate of the disbelievers is the hell fire.

36-Those who have been blessed with understanding the God’s scripture are happy for the revelation of this Koran; and there are some parties who refute part of the ayahs. Tell them: I am assigned to be obedient to Allah, not regard anyone as His partner, invite people to His religion and always be related to Him.

37-This is how We inspired unto thee the tenets in Arabic language; if you still follow them after you have been acquainted with it, then you will have exited the circle of the God’s guardianship and His protection.


38-Befor you, We also assigned prophets who were ordered to have wives and children; no prophet shows miracles without God’s permission; everybody’s life has its own arrangements.

39-Allah cancels some of His decrees and reinstates some; the principles of decreeing are in His hands.

40-Whether We materialize some of Our decrees during your life time or after you pass away (like the subsequent triumphs), in any case, your duty is to relay [the God’s ayahs] and the God’s task is to measure.

41-Hoven’t you noticed that We terminate the worldly life with the death of the great people? Governance is solely with Allah; nobody can take Him to task and he audits His creatures’ books promptly.

42-The past nations plotted so many tricks but all their deeds benefited the God’s religion; Allah knows everyone’s tasks and the disbelievers will come to know who will benefit at the end of his life.

43-the disbelievers claim that you are not the God’s messenger; tell them that God’s testimony and that of the one who holds the knowledge of the God’s scripture just suffice me.

              SURAH "IBRAHIM" (ABRAHAM), NO. XIV


               In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

This noble surah has been named Abraham because a part of the prophet Abraham (the God's friend)'s history has been revealed in it.

1-Alif, Laam, Raa; this is a scripture that We have revealed unto thee so that you guide people out from the darkness of ignorance and towards Allah the Dominant, the Praised. (Footnote 175)


One of the purposes of these Alphabetical letters is to demonstrate that the knowledge contained in Koran is infinite because the written words are finite but the [potential of] the letters that are the bases of the words never ends. The creatures that have been created are countable words that constitute the book of creation but the fundamental principles of creation that are light, matter and the God's power are infinite.

2-Allah to whom belongs whatever exists in the skies and the earth. Woe to disbelievers for the severe torment that awaits them!

3-The very those people to whom the worldly life is more desirable than the life in the hereafter, who turn away others from the God's path and regard the God's religion as wrong; they are so far away from the truth!

4-We assigned every prophet [to relay the message] in his people's language so that his message is quite clear to his people and once the religion has been clarified, then naturally whoever disregards it is sent astray while those who have a tendency towards it are guided by God; Allah is the Dominant, the Wise.

5-In this way, we gave the assignment to Moses for his people to guide them out of the darkness towards the light of knowledge and make them to look out for the days of the God's rule. This assignment and propagation is the God's sign for the patient and thankful people. (The God's days are when Imam Mahdi rises and the rule of the infallible Imams begins).

6-Moses told his people: remember the God's favors when He rescued you from slavery and torments. Pharaoh used to kill your men and keep your women; what a great calamity had befallen you through the hands of the king!

7-Allah announces to you that if you respect His blessings, He will let them continue for you; but if you disregarded them, then His torments will be so severe.

8-Moses told them: If you the Children of Israel and the whole world turn into disbelievers, Allah is not needful of you and He is the unique Praiseworthy.

9-Haven't you heard the stories of the past nations of A'ad, Thamud and the other disbelievers who came after them and whom nobody save God knows when their messengers went to them with miracles and propagated for them but they put their hands into their mouths as a show of disbelief in their message and were doubtful about their religion and propagation and would not concede?

10-The messengers told them: Do you have any doubts about the existence of God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth who invites you to let Him remedy you existential defects, elevate you and let you reach your destined age? They replied: who are you [to guide us]? You are just human beings like us but you intend to turn us away from the religion of our forefathers; then show us your miracles if you are truthful!

11-the messengers replied: We are just human beings like you but Allah does favor to whom He wishes and inspires to him; we cannot show miracles except with the God's permission; the people of belief trust in Him.

12-Why shouldn't we prophets trust in Allah while He has guided us towards felicity? We stay firm against your harassments; the believers trust Him.

13-The disbelievers said: We will expel you from our cities and lands unless you convert into our religion. Allah uttered: We will annihilate the wrongdoers.

14-We will yield their cities and lands to you; this transfer of ownership is destined for those who perceive the God's grandeur and are afraid of His punishment.

15-The prophets asked for help from Allah and the oppressors and adversaries grew disappointed.

16-After this terrestrial life, they will be tormented by the hell fire; will drink contaminated and dirty drinks.

17-They will gulp down such waters without any enjoyment; death comes to them from every side, but there is no death for them and finally a severe torment befalls them.

18-The deeds of those who disbelieve in Allah are like ash at which a storm blows and sweeps it away; they make no advantage from them and are way away from a triumphant fate.

19-Don't they see that Allah has created the skies and the earth truthfully and if He wishes, will take you away and create a new people?

20-And such a re-creation is not difficult for Him

21-Tomorrow when they all are brought together in the arena of the hereafter, their weakest folks will tell their arrogant elite: We were just  your followers in the world, can you lighten our torments a little bit today? The arrogant will tell them: Had Allah guided us, we would have guided you too; however, whether we cry and moan or not, there is no way out available.

22-Here, the great Satan will tell them: Allah gave you true promises but I gave you false ones and reneged on them. I was by no means dominant over you; I just invited you to my rule and you obliged. So do not blame me; but blame yourselves! Neither I can do anything for you nor can you! I do not accept the blame for your having regarded me as a partner to Allah and obeying me at all! The disbelievers are in a severe torment. (Footnote 176).


The Great Satan is in fact the human being who is the root cause of all corruption and disruption in every era. He draws the main plan or delivers it and the rest put it into action. In the same manner that in the nature the effects are embedded in the cause and millions of leaves and branches and roots is attached to one stem, the same phenomenon is observable in the human society. The thoughts and ideas of millions of people have their roots in a single person; just like millions of Muslims whose thoughts and ideas are related to a single personality. Likewise, the Satanic acts of millions of evil people are traced to a single Satan who is the reference person of the evil people from the beginning to the end and who will join them all in the desert of the hereafter. That single Satan is the one to whom this noble ayah applies.

23-Those who are the people of belief and right deeds will attain a paradise (or knowledge and power) through which blessing and wealth flow like rivers. They are eternal in that condition and the relationship between them is peace and health.

24-don't you see that Allah gives examples for explaining the facts? A knowledgeable believer is like a clean and good tree that has firm roots with branches and leaves rising up into the skies and into the people's thoughts.

25-It constantly delivers the fruits of its knowledge and power that is the paradise to the God's servants with the God's permission. Allah likens His friends to a clean and good tree so the people can recognize them. (Footnote 177)


The infallible and clean tree and its enlivening fruits is the sacred religion of Islam with the fourteen infallible members of the prophet's household (peace be upon them) as its leaders. The fruits of this tree are knowledge and belief. Whenever a human being begs God for knowledge and belief, God's blessing immediately covers him and he becomes equipped with knowledge and belief. The stable and enduring root mentioned here means the infallible household of the holy prophet. Now and always these two principles of Koran and Imam Mahdi [PBUH] are enduring and present and the events of time never affect them.

26-And on the other side the evil people are like an evil tree that has been uprooted and has no firm stance.

27-Allah makes the people of belief and right deeds to dwell on firm sayings and beliefs but sends the wrongdoers astray; He puts into action whatever He wishes wisely.

28-See what kind of people are those who turn the God's blessings into disbelief and drag their people to the areas of doom and annihilation!

29-It is the area of the hell; what an evil settlement is the area of the hell!

30-They were those who invented partners for Allah and obeyed those other than Him in order to stop people from walking His path! Tell them: Take pleasure in your life as much as you can; your abode is the hell!

31-Tell my believing servants to establish prayer and donate from what We have bestowed upon them for the God's religion secretly and openly before the day when businesses and friendships are abolished.

32-Allah is the One who created the worlds of the earth and skies, sent down water from the sky, created so many fruits as your food, put the vessels that move on sea as per His command under your control and put so many river of water and rivers of knowledge at your disposal.

33-Likewise, put at your service the sun and the moon and the sources of guidance and made the night and the day and the right and the wrong subdued to you.

34-He created whatever you wished and needed; if you decided to count out all of the God's blessings you would never manage to do it; man is wrongdoing and ungrateful.

35-After building Ka'bah, Abraham begged Allah: O my Lord! Make this city safe and secure; keep me and my descendents away from worship of idols. (Footnote 178)


Although it is said that the building of Ka'abah has been done by prophet Abraham the God's friend, as a matter of fact it must be said that it has been the repair of the House done by him as here Allah declares that he raised the walls of it. When Abraham took Hajar and Ishmael to the site, he told Allah: O my Lord! I placed my family in your safe and secure inviolable place under Your protection; please make the people's hearts to have tendency towards them and let them get their livelihood. So it is understood that the House has been there before Abraham.

36-O Lord! These idols and their makers sent a large number of your servants astray; whoever follows me, he is from me but whoever disobeys me, then his fate is in Your hands, You are the Compassionate, the Merciful.

37-O Lord! You are witness that I settled a line of my descendents in Your safeguarded place of worship in an arid land that is devoid of any plants so that they establish prayer there; so You make their hearts have tendency towards You and let them earn their living so they may be thankful to You.

38-O Lord! You know whatever we conceal and whatever we unveil; nothing is hidden from My Lord.

39-I praise my Lord who bestowed upon me at such an old age two virtuous sons that is Ismail and Isaac; My Lord answers the prayers of His servants.

40-O My God! Bestow upon me and my descendents the success of establishing prayer and answer our prayers!

41-O Lord! Please include me and my parents in Your mercy and pardon the day when You bring Your servants to account.

42-Allah uttered: Do not suppose that He is oblivious to the deeds of the wrongdoers; nay! But He preserves them for the day when eyes become transfixed from its horrors and grandeur.

43-They will turn around their heads in haste and with horror; will not blink and their hearts and thoughts are wavering.

44-Make people afraid of the day of resurrection when the God's punishment appears to them! On that day the wrongdoers make vain attempts and say: O Lord! Delay our death and return us to the world so we answer Your call and obey your messengers! Tell them: weren't you the ones who had sworn that you would be virtuous in the world? Returning to the world is impossible; you will kindly stay here!

45-You did put your thoughts and activities at the service of the wrongdoers' path and methods while you had witnessed their ways and behaviors and so many historical examples We had made available to you.

46-They executed their plots as much as they could; Allah has their plots and tricks under control even if such plots are so great that uproot the mountains and topple the super powers.

47-May you never think that Allah will renege on His promises to the messengers! Allah is the Dominant and such a delay is just meant to take revenge from His enemies by their own hands;

48-The day when the life of the people on earth and the skies becomes different from what it is now and everybody exits his grave and is put under the full control of the Almighty and Determinant God. (The alteration of our terrestrial lives into the celestial ones is like the transference of one's life in the womb into this worldly life). (footnote 179)


The alteration of this earth to another one means the alteration of the peoples' lives to another one. the earth never changes but it is the peoples' lives that do. This noble ayah is identical to the ayah : " He revives the earth after its death" [Ar-room- 19]; when life dies out. When the earth is filled with cruelty and tyranny is when life has died. In all interpretations of this ayah it has been said that Imam Mahdi (PBUH) revives the earth after its death and fills it with justice and fairness. The ayah : "The day when the earth is altered to another earth" too, has the same meaning. The difference between the life on earth and the life in the hereafter is like the difference between life in the womb and life after birth that is 180 degrees different.

49-On that day, you will see the criminals try to hide behind rocks due to the fear of their doom.

50-They are enveloped in a heat like that of tar and their leaders are surrounded by fire. (All the fires they have created in the world will be returned to their bodies).

51-So that everybody can find the outcome of his business; Allah is quick to audit their accounts.

52-This Koran announces the realities to people so they are afraid and know that Allah is One and Unique and so that the wise people come to earn the deepest levels of knowledge.




               In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


This surah has been named after a place called Hijr (a land between Medina and Syria) where Thamud tribes [had] dwelled.

1-Alif-Laam-Mim. (The Alphabetical letters point to the principles of creation). The proof to the comprehensiveness of Koran is these letters that describe both the basics and minutia of the creation.

2-[In the hereafter]; the disbelievers, how much will wish if they had just been Muslims!

3-Leave them to themselves to eat and graze and be captivated by their wishes; very soon they will see the truth and will be remorseful.

4-We will never annihilate any people before the proofs of the truth is fully made evident to them.

5-No people’s fate will precede their decreed term nor will their decreed term be postponed.

6-The disbelievers used to cry: O the man who claims that Koran has been revealed to him; you are a psychotic;

7-Why don't you reveal the angels to us if you are truthful? (Footnote 180)


The angels are agents of creation just like the electricity that moves the electrical appliances. The whole universe, from particles to the stars, the seas and plains are like electrical industries that are run by the angels. The Imams’ existential guardianship is in fact employing the angels. When Imam Mahdi (PBUH) rises, he conquers the world by employing the divine power and conquest and not by killing and massacring. In the book “Tuhaful Oghul” Imam Baghir (PBUH) is quoted to have said: “Allah organizes his rule in one night”.

8-We will not reveal the angels to people except for the realization of the divine rule in which case their terrestrial leeway will be terminated (the angles are controlled by the Imams like the electrical power and the hereafter begins once they are employed by them),

9-It is Us who has revealed this Koran and it is Us who will protect it.

10-We sent messenger before you to the people too.

11-But the people satirized any messenger We sent to them.

12-This tendency to satirize the messengers constantly flows through the hearts of the criminals.

13-Likewise, your contemporary disbelievers refuse to believe in Koran and walk the same path of the bygone people.

14-Let them ascend to the heavens if We open the roads to them!

15-(Even then) they will say: we have been bewitched and fooled!

16-We have created in the skies the stars and in the school of religion the stars of guidance and have let them look mesmerizing in the people’s eyes.

17-By means of the stars of guidance, We dispel the forgeries of the evil folks from the sphere of religion and protect it.

18-Unless when some people steal some religious tenets; then we annihilate them by the meteors of logic.

19-We have expanded the earth and also the ground of training for people; have planted mountains and also scholarly personalities therein whereby We have grown all types of material and spiritual fruits.

    20-We have also created so much means of livelihood for you people and for those for whom you are not providers of daily bread.

21-The supplies of all of the blessings and joys are in Our hands and We let all those blessings reach you in predetermined amounts.

22-By means of winds We fertilize the trees and plants on earth; We send down water from the sky and irrigate you and the plants. None of the supplies of such blessings and waters are in your hands.

23-It is Us who relives the creatures and We inherit the outcomes of their actions and deeds.

24-We do know you peoples’ past and future generations.

25-The other day, after resurrection, We will gather them all together in one location; Allah is the Knower, the Wise.

26-We created man from dried and wrought clay. (Here, dried clay means the [basic dark] matter that is devoid of attributes like quality and quantity).

27-Before that, We had created the Jinni from the destructive fire. (The Jinni and man are both human folks and are identical in their basic creation; but later, due to upbringing, one takes the nature of soil and the other that of fire).

28-When Allah declared to the angels: I will create a human being from this dried silt and clay;

29-Once I make it balanced and infuse in him from the spirit of My knowledge, you all fall prostrate before him. (The word spirit here means the God’s knowledge).

30-When man gained the knowledge; all angels fell under his command; (Footnote 181).


The disbelievers, in their path of disbelief and sinfulness are trained as per the nature of fire; are fire flames. To the contrary, the believers who are in the system of obeying Allah gain the nature of soil. They are growers while the lawless disbelievers have the nature of fire and burn down everything. That is why they have invented so many fire armaments. The nuclear war is the hellfire that Allah informs us that they will create it and will destroy this terrestrial life themselves and then the very same fire will be concentrated in them in the hereafter. So the meaning of creating the devils from fire means their training as per the nature of fire. Training is like creating. The believing people are trained divinely and fit into the divine system while the disbelievers lack any logical and divine discipline.

31-Except Iblis (the great Satan) and the devils (man’s deviationist soul) who never put themselves under the control of the perfect man). (Right now the angels and the true believers have put themselves fully in control of the Imam Mahdi [PBUH] but the devils never do so).

32-Allah told Iblis: why didn’t you fall prostrate before Adam?

33-He replied: I will never fall prostrate in front of man who has been created from silt and clay!

34-Allah commanded: exit the sphere of My mercy; you will be degraded!

35-And you deserve being cursed till the day of resurrection.

36-Iblis told him: So please give me a reprieve till that day so I can live till then!

37-Allah told him: Accepted; you have a reprieve! (Footnote 182)


Such conversation between Allah and human being is hypothetical because he devilish people have no understanding of God have no contact with Him so that He talks to them. Have you ever heard of God talking to a disbeliever? A disbeliever is like an animal in the context of relationship with Allah and has no understanding of Him so as to be able to talk to Him. Such scenarios in which Satan talks to God is just hypothetical because how is it possible for Satan to recognize God in order to talk to Him?

38- But till a decreed time when the ground for Satanism diminishes.

39-Satan said: now that you sent me astray, I will make the terrestrial life look alluring to them and will deceive them all!

40-Save your purified servants whom I cannot deceive.

41-Allah declared: This road to Me and towards Me is straight and clear.

42-You will not be able to overcome those servants of Me who ply this road; only those who go astray.

43-The gathering place of you and your followers is the hell fire!

44-Seven gates will be opened to the hellfire through each of which a certain party will enter. (Against eight entrances of paradise, seven gates are opened to the hell, because the path of disbelief is a dead end).

45-The people of paradise live in gardens besides the springs of life, knowledge and wisdom.

46-Always the gates of salvation are open to them and they are told: Here you are! Here you are! Enter in health and security.

47-Darkness and impurity is removed from their hearts and they lay back on thrones of power in an environment of fraternity.

48-They live an eternal life and no pain or suffering will ever touch them.

49-Inform My servants that I am Compassionate towards them.

50-But, if you turn to disbelief, them My punishment will be so severe!

51-Inform the people about the story of the Prophet Abraham’s guests.

52-They entered the Abraham’s house as guests and greeted him. Abraham greeted them and then said: I am afraid of you!

53-They replied: Don’t worry; we are giving you the glad tidings of having a knowledgeable son!

54-He replied: Are you telling me that I will have a son at this old age?

55-They said: We are giving you true good news; don’t be so hopeless!

56-He said: Nobody is disappointed of Allah save the deviants!

57-It seems that you agents are here for a certain mission!

58-They replied: Yes, we are here to punish those people;

59-We mean the people of Lot; spared will be Lot and his family whom we will rescue all;

60-Excepted is that anile that is his wife who will suffer the same fate of those people.

61-They left the Abraham’s home for the people of Lot.

62-They met Lot the prophet outside the town. He told them: I do not know you!

63-They said: We are on a mission to punish your people because they are doubtful of Allah’s punishment.

64-We are telling the truth! We have an assignment to annihilate these people.

65-Take your family out of the town and do not look back! Let not anybody know! Go to where you have been ordered to go and follow up their news from there!

66-We told Lot about Our decree that those people were to be annihilated the next morning.

67-Those shameless people surrounded the Lot’s house and gave each other good news that there were handsome young men therein.

68-Lot begged them: these are my guests; don’t humiliate me in front of them!

69-Be mindful of God! Don’t disgrace me in front of them!

70-They replied: Didn’t we bar you from adopting the habits of other people?

71-He said: I am ready to let you marry my daughters!

72-I swear to your life O My prophet that they had been overcome by lust and were moving ignorantly.

73-The next morning, before sunrise, the God’s wrath befell them.

74-We turned their city upside down; pummeled them with a rain of stones and clay.

75-Such calamities are divine signs for the intelligent people.

76-This is the God’s everlasting decree against the cruel and transgressing people!

77-Such events are divine signs for the believers.

78-The people of Aika (the Prophet Shu’aib’s people) were cruel and transgressing like the people of Lot.

79-We took revenge on them by sending down on them calamities and made them an example for the coming people.

 80-Also the people of Hijr (the Thamd people) who rejected Our prophet;

81-They didn’t respect that great miracle (the prophet Salih’s camel) that was a source of blessings for them and killed it.

82-They used to curve houses for themselves into the mountains so they could be safe and secure.

83-One morning the God’s punishment befell them.

84-None of those belongings and activities benefited them.

 85-We created the skies and the earth and whatever exist between them justly. They took the creation lightly; the moment of the hereafter will very soon come forth. Study the pages of history in a nice manner!

86-Your Lord is a Knowing and Omnipotent creator.

87-We revealed unto thee the two scriptures of the surah Al Hamd and Koran.

88-Ignore the world and worldly possessions, do not be regretful for them and be humble to the believers.

89-Tell them: I am a knowing and able messenger.

90-Do not be like the people of scripture that separated the God’s scripture into fractions!

91-They adapted some parts that would benefit their world and abandoned the other parts that appeared to have no worldly benefits.

92-Swear to your Lord that tomorrow they will be held responsible for that.

93-They will be punished for such a fracturing and discrimination.

94-By accomplishing your mission, let the peoples’ mind bloom; don’t mind those who ascribe partners to Allah.

95-We deflected the evil of the trouble making scoffers;

96-The same people who erected idols against Allah and will soon know the evils of what they have done.

97-We know that you are frustrated because of their sayings and objections.

98- To get rid of such a frustration, praise and exalt Allah and fall prostrate in front of Him.

99-Walk the line of worshipping God and bewaring the wrongs so that you become certain of the hereafter!



                         An-Nahl (the Bee) Surah XVI        

                      In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

This dignified surah is called “the Bee” because [in a few ayahs] it refers to bees. The disciples of the school of the Imams’ guardianship have been likened to bees because they emit the knowledge that is cure for all. In fact, the only curing knowledge that is a natural food for soul and cures man from the disease of disbelief and hypocrisy is the knowledge contained in Koran as taught by the infallible Imams.

1-O mankind! Do not be impatient! God’s decree for the establishment of the universal justice has been issued. Allah exalts over having partners they ascribe to Him and over complying with the superstitions they have fabricated about the hereafter!

2- Allah reveals knowledge and power to whom He wishes amongst His servants and assigns them to warn people that there is no god save Him and to tell them that they should avoid disobeying Him.

3-Allah created the skies and the earth righteously. He exalts over whatever is ascribed to Him as partner.

4-He created man from semen and bestowed upon him speech; how well he defends himself!

5-We created livestock for you that you make use of their wool and fur for clothing and other uses and consume their flesh.

6-You enjoy riding them and going around for entertainment and you gain glory and adorn yourselves with them.

7-Or you carry on them your heavy burdens from town to town while you would suffer a lot if you had to carry yourselves; Allah is Kind and Compassionate to you.

8-He created horses and donkeys and other beasts of burden for you and will create other things that you don’t know right now so you can ride them and gain glory (Like the modern vehicles and the means of travelling to space.)  

9-The right path takes you towards Allah (It’s economical and balanced) whereas some other paths are deviations. Allah, if wills will guide you.

10-It is Allah who rains down upon you His mercy by which you produce wine and beverages and grow trees and pastures.

11-By this rain, He grows farms and olive and palm and vines and all types of fruit trees. All these [blessings] are divine signs for the wise.

12-He has put the night and the day and the moon and the sun at your service and has put under control the stars; all of them are God’s signs for the wise people.

13-He has raised for you so many blessings and other creatures in different colors from the earth all of which are signs of Allah’s greatness.

14-He has put the sea under your control so that you can extract from it fresh meat and so many different ornaments by which you can adorn yourselves. Ships sail in it so you can earn God’s blessings and be thankful to Him.

15-So many deep rooted and sturdy mountains so the movements of the earth are balanced lest it makes you tremble; therein are streams and roads so you can find your way.

16-Mountains for the recognitions of places, stars for orientation towards east and west (and the stars of guidance for being guided to the [right] religion).

17-Is the One who has so much power to create equal to what cannot be a creator? Why don’t you perceive the truth?

18-If you try to count God’s blessings in detail you will never succeed. Allah elevates you in order to let you attain His blessings.

19-Allah is Well Aware of what you conceal and what you reveal.

20-All those whom you have regarded as partners to Allan are creatures themselves and have no power to create anything.

21-They are dead, have no humane or faith based life; are unaware of their fate and their resurrection.

22-Your God is Unique and the Only One; those who do not believe in Allah and the hereafter are God deniers and are arrogant.

23-However, Allah is Well Aware of their pretence and their hearts; He dislikes the arrogant.

24-When they are asked about their opinion of this revealed Koran, they say: it’s nothing but the tales of the bygone peoples.

25-They are unaware that in the hereafter, they will be held responsible for sending themselves and the other misled people astray; what a bad burden will be such a responsibility!

26-The past generations too, devised such plots; Allah made the foundations and roofs of all what they had built to collapse over their heads and they were surrounded by calamities coming down upon them from where they couldn’t imagine.

27-Allah will put them to shame in the hereafter and will ask them: where are all those whom you chose as partners to God in obedience and sacrificed yourselves for their success? The learned people will say: only shame and misery is what the disbelievers will gain!

28-Those who are under the angles’ hands of power, while subdued by them will say: we did not commit anything wrong! They are replied to: sure! Allah is Aware of your deeds.

29-Enter through the different gates of the hell and dwell therein forever! What despicable fruits bear the deeds of the arrogant!

30-The virtuous believers are asked: how well did Allah treat you? They reply: it’s all blessing and abundance; Allah bestows to those who are benevolent; the hereafter is better than this world; how prosperous is the life of those who ward off evil!

31-It is a paradise that is the source of all blessings; they are equipped with a knowledge and power by which blessings and joys flow like rivers; whatever they wish is available; such is the reward of the virtuous!

32-Those whom the angels take away their souls while they are clean and impeccable are told: hail! Enter the paradise through the path of cleanliness and innocence!

33-Do the disbelievers have more leeway than till the time when they are held under the angels’ hands of power or when the hereafter is established? The past generations enjoyed this respite too. Allah did not wrong them, but they themselves did wrong to themselves.

34-The outcome of their wrong deeds reflected on themselves; all the mocking and blaming was reflected on themselves.

35-The idolaters blamed God for their ascribing partners to Him and their sins, saying: if God wished, neither us nor our ancestors would ascribe partners to Him nor would regard anything illegitimate! So did the bygone idolaters too. Our messengers’ task is to propagate the religion and they are not responsible for reforming anyone [by force].

36-We sent a messenger to every nation in order to ask them to worship God and refrain from worshipping the idols [or the tyrants]; some of them were guided by God and the rest went astray. Study history to know what was the fate of those who denied Our message.

37-Even though you are enthusiastic to guide them, Allah does not guide him who goes astray (because it is impossible) and those who go astray will not have any support or helper.

38-They profusely swear that God will never resurrect the dead; nay! God’s promise is true but most people do not know.

39-He will gather them all together after their terrestrial life in order to remove their differences so the disbelievers come to know that they lied when they regarded God as non effective.

40-We are not disabled! Whatever We will, will materialize upon being willed.

41-All those who immigrate towards God and His messenger to escape the wrong doing of the tyrants, We will provide for them fairly and they must know that what they will gain in the hereafter is much better;

42-Those immigrants who immigrate in the path of God and trust in Him.

43-We have not assigned any one except those whom We have inspired to as messenger. If you do not know, you may ask those who have the knowledge.

44-We equipped them with miracles and clear proofs. We also bestowed upon you this Koran and your infallible household so you explain its realities in order to let them ponder on the truth.

45-Are all those who make so many plots safe from being swallowed by earth or be surrounded by torments in a way that they do not foresee?

46-Or calamities befall them while they are moving around?

47-Or be kept in fear and duress? It is your God who is the Compassionate, the Merciful.

48-Don’t they ponder the condition of creatures and that how they are subdued to God in all their motions and they fall prostrate before Him and are under His full control?

49-Whatever exists in the earth and the heavens –all angels and animate creatures, surrender to Him and bear no arrogance.

50-They are wary of the God’s will that is imposed upon them and act as they have been assigned to.

51-Allah has ordered you not to believe in dual gods, Allah is the only One; be fearful of Me as your Only God.

52-Whatever exists in the earth and heavens belong to Him; His religion brings order to your communities. Do you obey any other god while you have God?

53-Whatever blessings and riches exist belong to Allah; even if a calamity befalls you, you have to seek refuge with Him.

54- Once He deflects the calamity from you (after seeking refuge with Him), a group of you ascribe partners to Him again and obey those other than Allah.

55-They do not want to be thankful to God. Tell them: go on eating and grazing! Very soon you will witness the outcome of your deeds.

56-They invest a part of what We have bestowed upon them for idols and false and vague dogma. By God they will be held responsible for what they wrongly do.

57-They say that daughters are for God because they despise them and call their sons and whatever else that they like their own belongings! (With such superstitious sayings they insult Allah).

58-When they are told that their wives have given birth to a girl, their faces turn dark (what a bad event!) and they just try to calm down.

59-They walk away from their communities and ponder what to do with the disgrace of having a daughter; keep her in disgrace and despise or bury her alive! What a wrong and stupid judgment they make!

60-What bad examples those who do not believe in the hereafter make! Allah offers the best examples; He is the Dominant, the Wise.

61-If Allah had willed to punish people for such wrong deeds, there would have remained no animate creatures on earth but He gives them respite till a predetermined term and once the time comes, it will not be delayed or brought forward even for a minute.

62-They dedicate whatever they dislike to God and wrongfully boast of being benevolent and so whatever is good belongs to them! Inevitably they are moving towards the fire because they are people of extremes.

63-Swear to God that We sent messengers to all of them [idolaters] in the past, but Satan made heresy and sinfulness attractive to them, so now Satan is their lord and they must expect a painful torment.

64-We sent down Koran so that you explain to them the right of [the infallible household’s] guardianship from which they have diverted and in order to be a means of guidance for the believers.

65-Allah is the One who sends down rain from the sky and relives the dead earth thereby. The rain is a divine sign for those who listen.

66-Beasts of burden are subjects of pondering and learning for you, We provide you with their milk that exudes from their bellies through a mixture of blood and excrement.

67-Also you make so many types of wine and drinks from grapes and dates; these are all divine signs for the wise.

68-Allah inspired bees to make beehives in the mountains and slopes and under the roofs (Made them to do so).

69-He makes bees to feed on flowers and fruits and they move in the path of obeying God. He brings out from their bellies syrups with different colors that are a cure for ailments. All of these points are divine sigs for the thinkers.

70-Allah creates you and then takes away your lives. He lets you reach such an old age that you lose even your basic knowledge! Allah is Able to do everything.

71-It is Allah who elevates some in terms of wealth and earnings .Those who are wealthy do not want to make their subordinates equal to themselves in wealth since they regard wealth as  means of their own grandeur; so why you deny the God’s power?

72-And Allah created spouses for you from your own species and bestowed upon you from those spouses children and grand children; He allocated to you clean and dignified foods and yet you take the wrong path and disbelieve in God!

73-Rather than obeying God, you obey objects or persons that actually have no power to provide you with any foods from the sky or the earth and cannot do anything.

74-Do not compare anything to Allah by camparing that you are so and so [so God must also be like that]; Allah knows while you do not know.

75-Allah gives an example about Himself and the partners you ascribe to Him; [imagine] a slave who lacks any wealth and a God’s servant to whom He has given an enormous legitimate wealth and he donates openly or secretly as he wishes; are these two people equal? Praise God; these people lack any wisdom and intelligence.

76-Again God gives another example of two people one of whom is deaf and dumb and is unable to do anything  and his lord provides his livelihood, wherever he is sent returns empty handed and another person who is free and acts rightly in Allah’ path; are these two people equal? (It means that what a disbeliever worships is a deaf and dumb slave and the One whom a believer worships is Able and Knower).

77-To God belongs whatever is hidden in the skies and the earth; the hereafter can be established like a blink of eye or easier; Allah is Able to do everything.

78-Allah brought you out of your mothers’ wombs while you had zero knowledge, then He equipped you with sight and hearing and knowledge so you might remember God’s blessings.

79-Don’t you see how birds are under God’s control in the sky? Nobody save God can keep them flying; all of these observations all divine signs for the people who believe.

80-Allah has made your wives’ housekeeping means of comfort and serenity and has made light dwellings for you out of the hide and wool of animals so you utilize while you are travelling or are stationary; also has provided clothing for you from their skin and wool and hair.

81-Allah has provided serenity and safety in the shade of trees and under the rule of the just rulers; has made shelters for you in the mountains and under [the rule of the] superpowers and clothing that protect you in the cold and heat and armors that protect you in wars. Allah perfects His blessings for you so that you yield to Him.

82-Even if they still refused to accept the religion despite all these reminders, your task is just to propagate.

83-They recognize the blessing of the God’s guardianship and their guardian and yet they deny it; most of them are disbelievers.

84-In the hereafter, when We resurrect a virtuous believer from every nation as a witness to the right path, We will not let the disbelievers apologize and there is no grounds for them to talk.

85-When they [finally] face the fire in their path of tyranny and wrongdoing, their torments will not be lightened and they will no more have any respite.

86-The idolaters who have been their followers, when they see their leader will cry: O Lord! These are our leaders whom we obeyed instead of You! Let our cries and questions as to why they misled us by telling us lies reach them!

87-On that day they are inevitably held by God and all the fake interceders are out of their reach.

88-Those who chose to disbelieve and prevented people from taking the God’s path, their torments in their path will be augmented day by day. (Footnote 183)

Footnote 183:

Deviation from the God’s path is like leaving the right way for the wrong way; the more one paves that way, the further he will be from destination and so will suffer more torments. The only solution is returning to the right way; the cure for the illness of disbelief and sin is repenting.

89-In the hereafter from the followers of every religion We will raise rightful witnesses against themselves; you will also be a rightful witness against Muslims. We revealed this scripture unto you as a manifesto of truth and glad tidings about [the God’s] compassion and guidance for Muslims.

90-Allah orders people to justice and benevolence and being in touch with the [prophet’s] kinsmen (the infallible household) and forbids cruelty and sin and violation of others’ rights so that you may find out the essence of religion through such orders and prohibitions.

91-When you make a covenant with Allah to obey Him, fulfill your obligations and do not break it once you have made the pledge; you have made Allah witness to and guardian of your covenant and He is Aware of your acts and deeds.

92-Do not be like a spinster who unweaves the thread that she has woven; you breach your treaties and sow discord in the society of Unitarianism. You tie your treaties to your [short term] profits because [you see that] a certain nation is more prosperous than you! Allah tries you through such worldly splendors so that He clarifies to you the reason behind the difference between your characters. (Footnote 184)

Footnote 184:

In the same way that the a thread is strengthened by spinning and is weakened by de-spinning, the right religion unifies mankind towards Allah but obeying people other than God puts that unity in disarray.

93-If God wills can turn you all into a single nation but He gives you the freedom in order to guide whom He wills and misguide whom He wills; of course you will be responsible for your deeds.

94-Don’t make your treaties and promises bound to your carnal desires and wishes because by such breach of promises your faith will be unsteady. You turn away the people from the God’s path and therefore you will face ill fate and misery and are doomed to face the torments of the hereafter.

95-Don’t sell out the God’s covenant for a worthless worldly gain because what you save with God is superior to the world.

96-Whatever you save in this world will fade away and what you save for your afterlife will be permanent. Those who show persistence in this world seeking the blessings of the afterlife will be rewarded for the best deeds they have done.

97-Any man or woman who is a person of the right deeds must know that Allah will prepare for them a clean and worthy life and rewards them for the best of their deeds.

98-When you recite Koran; seek refuge in God from the evil of your carnal desires and Satan.

99-Man’s self that prods him towards lustfulness cannot overcome those who believe in God and trust in Him.

 100-Carnal desires drag towards the wrong path only those who are under the Satan’s rule and regard him as a partner to Allan. (Footnote 185).

Footnote 185:

Satan means the disbelieving and atheist rulers who give up belief in God and religion and any responsibility for the sake of their own material goals and in order to fully subdue people, make them abandon their religion and disobey Allah. In fact, any deceitful man in any cloak is a Satan. The carnal desires are the greatest devils.  

101-When Allah replaces a decree with another or an ayah with another ayah, they say: you ascribed this ayah to Allah falsely; verily the majority of them are ignorant.

102-Say: it is not as you allege; the ayah was brought down by the Holy Spirit from Allah in order to make the believers steadfast and as glad tidings for the believers.

103-We do know that the disbelievers allege that Koran is being taught to you by some people; say: your linguistic skills are too low! This Koran is in eloquent and clear Arabic.

104-The truth is that Allah does not guide those who do not believe in Him to distinguish between right and wrong; a painful doom awaits them.

105-Only those ascribe lies to Allah who disbelieve in God; they are the liars.

106-Those who revert to disbelief after they have been believers are spoiling themselves; except the one who has been forced to utter disbelief but still is a believer in heart. But those who enthusiastically propagate disbelief and sin will be exposed to the God’s wrath and curse and will be doomed to a permanent torment.

107-They chose this worldly life over the hereafter; Allah does not guide the disbelieving people.

108-Love of this terrestrial life comes between them and the divine knowledge so they cannot see the other side of the curtain or listen; they are oblivious to minding Allah and their destiny.

109-Inadvertently they lose the great hereafter for the terrestrial life; they are real losers.

110-Allah lets those who immigrate towards Him from the evil of calamities and make steadfastness and holy war their objective know that He is the Compassionate, the Merciful.

111-They will receive the God’s mercy on the day when everyone is minding his own fate only; on that day God’s mercy and blessing reaches them and nobody will be wronged.

112-Allah gives an example for those who abandon His guardianship; it is a comparison between those people who live in a safe and secure country and live in abundance and peace and those who do not take into account the God’s mercy and in turn are covered with hunger and insecurity by Him as a punishment that arises from their paving of the wrong path.

113-Messengers from themselves emerged amongst them but they rejected them and so were surrounded by calamities; they only did wrong to themselves.

114-If you are really God’s worshippers, make use of what Allah has bestowed upon you in a legitimate manner and always remember the blessing of the guardianship and leadership [of the prophet’s household].

115-Allah has prohibited consuming the carrion of the dead animals and blood and pork and whatever that drags you towards anything other than the God’s religion; but if you had to consume them out of emergency and not for pleasure, then it is acceptable; Allah is the Forgiver, the Compassionate.

116-Never declare something legitimate or illegitimate by ascribing lies to Allah for the sake of ostentation or pretending to be knowledgeable! Those who ascribe lies to Allah will never attain salvation.

117-They gain very little in this world and will face a terrible doom in the hereafter.

118-As We informed you, We made some blessings taboo to the Jewish people; We did not do anything wrong to them, but they themselves brought it upon themselves.

119-Your Lord is Forgiving and Compassionate to those who commit something wrong out of ignorance but later repent and make amends for what they have done.

120-Although Abraham the God’s friend was one single person only, in fact he was a whole nation. His goal was to win the God’s consent and was progressive and truth seeking and never ascribed partners to Allah.

121-He used to recognize God’s blessings [was thankful to Him] so Allah selected and guided him to the right path.

122-We decreed reputation and a record of right deeds for him and he will be one of the elite in the hereafter.

123-We inspired to you and the Muslims to follow him; he would never ascribe partners to Allah.

124-The story of the prohibition of the Jews to fish on Saturday was decreed by Us just to let those who would create discord be recognized; God will judge about their controversies in the hereafter.

125-Invite people to the right path through wisdom and logical sermons and discuss with them by reasoning rightly; Allah knows better the misguided people and is Aware of those who have found the right path.

126-If you decided to punish someone do it in the same manner that he has hurt you; but if you show patience will be much better.

127-Be patient as much as you can; it will be possible by God’s help. Do not be sorrowful for them and do not get upset of their abuse.

128-God’s mercy and blessings is always with those who ward off evil and are benevolent.


                      Surah “ISRA’E” (the Night journey) No. XVI

               In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the Merciful


This surah has been named so because a derivative of it in the form of 3rd person past tense “ASRA” [made to ascend] has been mentioned in its first ayah. Another name given to it is “BANI ISRAEL” [The Children of Israel] that appears in another ayah. Because the ascension of the prophet is a very important event, it is better to use the first name. In Arabic, the verbs “Sara” and “Yasri” [past and present tenses of the same infinitive] mean scientific transmission and permeation and also infer a journey through the creation that includes both an evolutionary and physical journey.

1-High Exalted is Allah who journeyed and made infiltrate His servant in one night from the Inviolable place of [ka’abah] to the furthermost mosque (the end point beyond the world of creation, the blessed scientific town) in order to demonstrate to him Our signs of power, Allah is the Hearer, the Seer.

2-We revealed unto Moses the Torah as a means of guidance for the Children of Israel so they would not take anyone other than Me as their defender.

3-The Children of Israel were descendants of those who survived the storm by boarding the Noah’s Ark; Noah was Our thanksgiving servant.

4-We decreed that the Children of Israel’s fate (based on their inherent manners) would be allowed to make mischief on earth twice and take their supremacist behaviors to the extremes. (Footnote 186)

Footnote 186

This is a general decree on their lives and fates. Allah the High exalted grants every disbelieving nation or person three chances. In the first stage, after the warnings are given and the right path has been clarified, they are given wealth and power. If they fulfill their religious obligations, their prosperous life will continue and their worldly prosperity will be followed by salvation in the hereafter; but, if with that wealth and power they turn to disbelief and take the path of tyranny and wrong doing, He afflicts them with poverty or other calamities so they may take a lesson. If they repent, their fate is relegated to the resurrection day but if not, gives them wealth and power again so they may become thankful and take the right path; but if like the first phase they take the path of perversion and become disbelievers rather than being thankful, for a third chance -after being merged in poverty, He grants them wealth and blessings and in case of taking the same wrong path, He abruptly terminates their life and drags them towards the hell. All of the disbelievers, both personally and socially, have the same destiny and our contemporary disbelievers are in their third term and if they continue taking the present path, an annihilating torment is decreed for them.

5-Once the time to avenge your first stage of mischief making comes; We will let a ruthless and violent nation to conquer your lands and towns and to take your faith and mosques in jest. The God’s decree as such will surely materialize.

6-In spite of that, We save you once more and give you power; aid you by wealth and offspring and increase you in numbers.

7-With such a triumph, if you take up the path of benevolence then you have been benevolent to yourselves, but if you do wrong, you have wronged yourselves. Once Our second promise as such has been fulfilled, your social dignity will deteriorate and once again your enemies will dominate you and will desecrate your places of worship and lead you to the point of annihilation.

8-But, for a third time it is likely that you are favored by the God’s mercy and He lets you attain the wealth and power; but if you revert to the same pattern of disbelief and mischief making, We will resort to the same pattern of avenging and you will be surrounded by the hell.

9-This Koran guides you to the best ways of stability and steadfastness and gives glad tidings to those who believe and do the right deeds that they will enjoy a great reward.

10- And threatens those who do not believe in the hereafter that a severe torment has been prepared for them.

11-Human beings, rather than gaining success, get themselves in trouble due to their hurriedness.

12-We decreed the night and the day and likewise the intervals of the dominance of the right and wrong as evidence of Our power. We obliterate Our sign of night and also the symbols of the wrong and make the day and the symbols of right luminous so that you attain merits by these lights and foresights and also keep track of your months and years; We are explaining everything with such detail and clarity.

13-We made every human being’s destiny complying with his existence and responsibilities and in the hereafter We will provide him the results of his activities in detail.

14-Behold the outcomes of your deeds! Read them and keep record of them!

15-Anyone who finds guidance, it is to his own benefit and whoever goes astray, he has harmed himself. Nobody accepts responsibility for another. We never punish any society before sending prophets to them.

16-When we decree to annihilate a town; we set free its careless wealthy people and let them commit mischief as much as they can so they are terminally damned and then We fully annihilate them.

17-So many nations were annihilated after Noah the prophet! Sufficient is Allah’s knowledge of their disbelief and sinfulness.

18-Whoever is looking for worldly gains, We let whatever We will reach whomever We will; but it must be known that the end point of those looking solely for worldly joys is the hell that is ignited by themselves and their collaborators and finally they will face humiliation.

19-But those who wish [prosperity in] the hereafter and strive for it while they believe in God, We will take into account their business.

20-We help both groups –those who seek the world and those who seek the hereafter to reach their destination; God’s favor to His servants is not restricted.

21-See how We give superiority to some people over the others through Our blessings! The ranks in the hereafter are better and broader.

22-Beware of worshipping any other god alongside your God! In that case you will face horrors and will be blamed.

23-God’s basic command is that you must not worship anyone save Him and be benevolent to your parents. If both or either of them reaches an old age, beware of making grim faces against their requests; never use harsh words for them and talk to them respectfully.

24-Spread your hands of kindness in front of them and pray: O God, include them in your blessings and compassion as they raised me out of infancy!

25-Allah is more aware of your secrets; if you are virtuous, be sure that He augments the potentials of those who seek refuge in Him. (The word “GHUFRAN” that is a blessing granted against seeking refuge in God means strengthening [and not pardon]).

26-Be observant of the rights of the kinsmen and those who have failed to reach their destination (both physically and spiritually) and avoid spoiling property.

27-Those who put to waste the property are Satan’s brothers and Satan is ungrateful towards his Lord.

28-When you seclude yourself from the society looking for the God’s blessings, make them content by kindness and grace.

29-When donating, neither be frugal and nor spread about your belongings like weed seeds so that you are not blamed for acting at the extremes.

30-Matterial welfare or poverty is both in the hands of God; Allah is more aware of the conditions of His servants.

31-Do not do infanticide for fear of destitution! Allah is in charge of the daily bread of yours and theirs. Killing one’s offspring is a capital sin.

32-Do not approach adultery and out of wedlock liaisons since it is an ugly sin, is a despicable path and is cause for the God’s wrath.

33-Do not kill anybody illegally and be it known to you that if someone is killed unjustifiably, We will grant his nearest kin the power to avenge; do not kill anyone unlawfully since We will give power to his nearest of the kin! (The real wronged person is Imam Hossain [PBUH] and his next of the kin is Imam Mahdi [PBUH].

34-Do not approach an orphan’s heritage before he or she grows up –unless you attempt to save it or make it to increase; fulfill your undertakings since people are responsible against their undertakings.

35-In financial transactions, observe the measures and weights; justice is the best path to a prosperous future.

36-Do not take a path which you don’t know where it leads to; an ignorant person is sometimes condemned and punished through what [he assumes that] he knows or hears or sees.

37-Do not march on earth arrogantly! You are not as tall as the mountains and you cannot pierce the earth [by stomping]!

38-All these sins and wrongs are despised by Allah.

39-The above mentioned advices are parts of Allah’s knowledge that are inspired unto thee; never obey anybody save God since finally you will be hated by all of His servants!

40-Do you regard men as Allah’s sons and women as His daughters? How ignorantly you ascribe things to God!

41-We provided them with all types of advices and admonishments so that they could perceive the truth; but, instead of showing more enthusiasm towards them, they stampeded away!

42-Say: if there existed any other god as they say, then they must have intruded into the God’s realm with their defective intelligence!

43-He is High exalted over their attempts to conceive His grandeur of existence by their imperfect intelligence.

44-All the habitants of the seven skies and the earth regard Him as High exalted; all what exists praises Him but you cannot hear their praising.

45-When you recite Koran, We raise between you and the disbelievers a veil of material desires. (If the truth is not one’s goal, then he has to take up this world as his [ultimate] goal).

46-Their hearts are veiled so they can not perceive, their ears are deaf so they cannot hear; therefore, when you mention Allah As the only one God, they turn their backs to the truth and stampede away.

47-We are more Aware of their minds when they eavesdrop to hear and of what they say when they whisper their secrets to each other when they say these people [the believers] are following a sorcerer.

48-See what they liken you to and how thereby they mislead themselves and are led to a void.

49-They are amazed at hearing the fact that they will be recreated after they have been dead and turned into rotten bones.

50-Tell them no matter if you are stones or iron;

51-Or you are turned into something that is Impossible to be relived; soon they will raise their heads in disbelief and say: when will com the hereafter and who will bring us back to life? Say: the same One who created you in the first place. Then they will mockingly say: when it will be then? Say: perhaps it is so close.

52- The day when He summons you out of your graves you will start talking His praise and thanks and you feel that you have not been in the soil for long.

53-Tell My servants to talk wisely; Satan drags their thoughts towards absurdity. The Satan’s animosity is evident and clear.

54-Allah is more Aware of your characters; He will show mercy if He wills or will drag you towards the hell. You [Muhammad] are not assigned to be their attorney.

55-Allah is more aware of the people of the heavens and the earth; We bestowed superiority to some messengers over the others; We bestowed upon David the (book of) Psalms.

56-Say, go to any door other than that of Allah and ask anybody for whatever you want; nobody can turn away any calamity from you or alter the condition of your life.

57-The party of believers are those who only ask God for whatever they want; pin their hopes on the God’s mercy and are looking for the best means towards Allah and are afraid of the His punishments. The God’s tribulation is really frightening.

58-there is no city or village on earth unless We destroy it before the hereafter or afflict it with the most severe calamities. This is a fate that has been registered in the God’s books. (The hereafter in this ayah is the rise of Imam Mahdi [PBUH]).

59-The only obstacle in history that was an impediment to the [effectiveness of] the God’s signs and miracles was the disbelief and sinfulness of the bygone nations. We sent to the Thamud nation the camel as a means of their enlightenment, but they did cruelty to it. We sent down the miracles to the past nations in order to stop them from tyrannizing Our messengers.

60-We inspired unto thee that Allah is Well Aware and Dominant over people. We showed you in your dreams the seditions that would occur after you–including the deeds of the damned tree of Bni Umayyah clan who would augment their disbelief and transgression despite all of Our warnings.

61-We instructed the angels to be under the command of Adam (the God’s appointed guardian). All of them admitted save Satan and the devils that showed arrogance by saying why they should fall prostrate in front of Adam who has been created from soil.

62-More than that, they threatened that if they were given respite, by threats and incentives, they would send astray –save a few of the purified servants of Allah, the offspring of Adam who had been given superiority over them.

63-Allah decreed: accepted; whoever follows you will be punished by the hellfire that is a perfect and fulfilling punishment.

64-You devils! Through jangle and fuss and by using your infantry and cavalierly forces attract anyone you can; exploit their wealth and children and tempt the people. Your promises are nothing but deception.

65-[But] you cannot dominate over My purified servants; sufficient is Lord as their supporter. (Footnote 187)

Footnote 187

Ayahs 61-66 express the condition of the disbelievers and the hypocrites who try to exploit the God’s servants. The leeway Allah gives them is inevitable since human beings’ elevation and perfection depends on their freedom so the deceitful people come to the understanding that their beguile leads them to nowhere; also the deceived people earn the wisdom to know that they have no [true] guardians save Allah and His friends.

66-Your Lord is the One who makes the ships move on the seas and the knowledge seekers to ply on the sea of the science inherent in Koran so as to let them earn His material and spiritual blessings; Allah is kind towards you servants.

67-Whenever a danger approaches you in the sea when all means of rescue are out of reach, you seek shelter with Him, but once He rescues you, you evade Him! Man is an ungrateful being.

68-For what reason do you [dare to] walk in safety while you may be swallowed by the earth or stones may rain down on you from the sky in which case there will be no one to defend you?

69-Or God may make you swept back to sea and make you overtaken by a severe storm while you are helpless and then drown you due to your ungratefulness.

70-We dignified the Children of Adam and put the seas and lands under their control, bestowed upon them clean and dignified foods and possessions and made them superior to many other beings.

71-In the day of resurrection We will drag each nation together with their leaders to account. All those whose deeds in the path of righteousness have born fruits, will enjoy the outcomes and they will by no means be wronged.

72-Those who have spent their lives heart blinded and have not recognized the truth, they will face a more abject blindness of heart in the hereafter.

73-Perhaps the hypocrites try to stop you from introducing the one whom We have assigned as your successor so that you assign another person instead; while they have such wishes they enthusiastically pretend to be your friends.

74-If We do not grant you patience and steadfastness, you may tend to accommodate their wishes a little.

75-In such a case We place your religion in a condition between life and death and stop it from reaching completion and you will have no way of enjoying the God’s help. (An interpretation of the contents of this ayah has been written in the general interpretation of this surah and again I briefly mention that if a non infallible person succeeds the prophet, the God’s religion will be put to death by him and so another prophet will have to be assigned in future to relive it). (Footnote 188)

Footnote 188

If Islam is properly studied, it will be known that this religion sans the teachings of its infallible leaders is an imperfect religion that cannot stand the test of time and so makes the idea of prophet Muhammad (SAWA) being the last prophet sent by Allah irrelevant because humanity in its development and progress will go far beyond its teachings. Without the Imams, this religion will die out and therefore another heavenly man is needed to emerge and revive it. However, this religion under the rule of the infallible imams will be a perfect religion that leads mankind under its heavenly rules forever and no death befalls it so that it may need any renaissance.

76-They make so many attempts to abduct you and take you out of life; they are unaware that without you, they will lose the right to live.

77-Such have been the ways and methods of the past messengers; based on creation, the God’s traditions are not alterable.

78-Keep your prayer lively from the time the sun inclines towards west until the dark of the night; similarly your prayer between the dawn and the rise of the sun since is being viewed by angels.

79-keep vigil part of the night, establish the voluntary prayers so Allah elevates you to a dignified position.

80-Say: O Lord! Make me base all my acts of entrance into and exit from the paths and tasks on truthfulness and righteousness; bestow upon me a power that helps me obey You!

81-Announce to people that with the revelation of Koran, the pure truth has come forth and the falsehood is invalidated; falsehood is like darkness and goes away against light.

82-By revealing Koran, We send down upon you ethics that are means of healing and compassion for the believers, but bring forth nothing but loss to the disbelievers.(Footnote 189).

Footnote 189

The tenets and rules of Koran are always means and ways of earning benefits and prosperity in the world and hereafter and any path other than that is nothing more than calamity and poverty because the opposite of existence is the nonexistence and the opposite of blessing is evil. [Losing touch with it causes] material loss since any worldly possession will vanish after the death and humane loss since any deviation from the right path leads to the peoples’ animosity towards the person and finally spiritual and moral loss since the God’s compassion to him or her and his or her divine knowledge will decrease to near zero. Koran without the knowledge derived from it by the infallible Imams and transferred to the people is like a scientist that cannot convey his knowledge. Accordingly, and Islam void of the teachings of the infallible Imams is like a dead religion. (Allah declares to the prophet: In that case We will place your religion in a condition between life and death and will stop it from reaching completion).

83-When We offer the blessing of the [infallible imams’] guardianship to man, he turns his face away and rejects it and once evil and calamity befalls him, he becomes desperate.

84-Say: everyone acts on the basis of his nature and carnal desires; Allah knows better the enlightened.

85-They ask you about the nature of spirit; say: the spirit is bestowed by the creational will of Allah. You have been granted but a small portion of the truth.

86-If We will, We will take away the knowledge We have bestowed upon you; thence you will not have any helper against Us;

87-Unless if the God’s mercy shrouds you. The God’s compassion towards you is great.

88-Tell your adversaries: Even if the Jinni and man collaborate to create a book like Koran, they will not succeed; even if all of them join hands.

89-In this Koran, We have mentioned examples of all sciences and facts; but most people rejected it and rather augmented their disbelief.

90-They say that they believe in you only if you make a spring flow on earth!

91-Or you possess orchards of vine and dates and make streams flow through them!

92-Or, as they assume, you make the ceiling of the sky collapse over their heads or make the angels appear [to them] in droves!

93-Or you own a fully furnished and decorated golden house or fly to the skies! Even in that case they say that they will not believe your flight unless you bring back with you a letter from God so they can read it!

94-The only thing that hindered the people from believing after the means of guidance were revealed unto them was their surprise at the fact that a human being had been assigned as a messenger.

95-Tell them even if the earth is crowded with angels standing orderly and in rows, We will assign an angel in order to elevate them [spiritually and scientifically].

96-Say: Allah is witness to the truth [of what goes on] between me and you; He is the Insightful and Aware of the conditions of His servants.

97-He is guided whom Allah guides and him who has been left to himself can have no guardian save Allah and in the hereafter will be resurrected like reptiles; blind, deaf and dumb, they will reside in the hellfire that whenever tends to recede, erupts more ferociously.

98-This punishment is the outcome of their disbelief when they refuted the hereafter and said: how it is possible that we are revived after we have been rotten and hollowed?

99-Don’t they know that God who has created the skies and the earth is able to recreate the likes of them? They have a predetermined term in which there is no doubt; but the only thing that the disbelievers are familiar with is the disbelief and ungratefulness!

100-Say: even if you possess the whole skies and the earth, still you will be afraid of donating because man is close fisted and non benevolent.

101-We bestowed upon Moses nine prominent miracles; ask the Children of Israel about what they witnessed when the Pharaoh told Moses: I suppose that you are a skillful sorcerer!

102-Moses replied to the Pharaoh: you know well that these are miracles and the craft of the Lord of heavens and not sorcery. I suppose that you have been possessed by the perdition caused by disbelief and sinfulness. (Footnote 190)

Footnote 190

The nine Miracles of Prophet Moses were [offered by] his walking stick that was an aid that would solve numerous problems that he faced like enemies, predators, hunger and thirst and whatever else; it was a source of divine blessings and power and would remove any obstacle from his path. He would place it over his head and then he would sleep. Whoever looked at the stick would be overcome by fear. Imagine a shepherd in our time that uses his stick to overcome the superpowers! He would point it towards them and it would turn into a dragon or would fill Egypt with swarms of locusts or with lice. He would turn the Nile into a river of blood with another pointing or would cause swarms of frogs to overrun the city or would bring forth storms. Once it swallowed all the sorcerers’ tools of sorcery and in another occasion made an avenue to emerge in the middle of sea. He would raise his hand and it would emit light and would terrify the enemy. In a few years he rendered the enemy wretched.

103-The Pharaoh decided to annihilate Moses and his people so We drowned him and his followers in the sea.

104-Thence We allowed the Children of Israel to settle in the land; God’s ultimate promise is the hereafter that once it materializes, We will gather you all together. 

105-We revealed Koran righteously and the peoples’ minds noticed it as the truth; We assigned you to explain the outcomes of the right and wrong deeds.

106-We clarified the contents of Koran in detail so that you would take your time reciting them to the people; it was revealed in an unprecedented manner.

107-Tell them: You believe or not believe; those who have been blessed by knowledge and belief fall prostrate against the grandeur of Koran and their humility is augmented.

108-They proclaim: high exalted is our Lord; His promises will be fulfilled!

109-They rub their faces to the ground and cry and their humility is augmented.

110- Tell them: beg Allah or the symbols of His mercy (the infallible Imams) for your wishes; all of the righteous people and right names are associated with God; do not be exigent in making people to pray or in announcing the [infallible household’s] guardianship; also do not give up; but propagate rather patiently in accordance with the level of people’s preparedness. (In the narration: “The revelation of Koran”, Imam Ali –PBUH, declared: prayer is in fact establishment of my guardianship).

111-Say: praising Allah by the Arabic word “ALHAMD” is exclusive to God who has no kinship with His creation, has no partners in His kingdom, does not need anybody’s guardianship; praise Him in His grandeur as much as you can!



          In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

“Al-Kahf” (The cave) means a shelter that is related to God and His representatives –the clear proof for mankind. It means God or His representative when they give refuge to one of His servants. These people of the cave were those who went into a cave in the mountain and sought refuge with Allah. Any country or town and any religion or ideology or law that is related to God, the people taking it as a place of refuge, is under the God’s umbrella.

1-Praise and thanks is exclusive to Allah, the One who revealed Koran to His servant and never issued any wrong commands therein.

2-It is an everlasting scripture; warns people against the severe torment that arises from deviation, gives glad tidings of a good reward to those who believe and do the right deeds.

3-They will live with those blessings forever.

4-And warns those who say that Allah has adopted someone as His son.

5- Just like their ancestors, they have no true knowledge of the reality; what a capital sin is the word they pronounce! They are liars.

6-It seems that you are killing yourself due to grief for what they say and do and the fact that they do not believe in this Koran.

7-Do not hurt yourself! It is Us who has made this worldly life attractive to them so as to see who amongst them behaves better.

8-In the future, We will annihilate all these decorations and ornaments and will turn the earth into an arid desert.

9-Do not be surprised! The story of the people of cave and Raquim is one of Our astonishing signs.

10-When that liberty seeking group who were escaping from a tyrant sought refuge in a cave and prayed: O Lord! Let your compassion and mercy cover us and guide us towards a healthy life!

11-In order to alleviate their fears, We put them into sleep for several years. (For the frightened fugitives, sleep is the best tranquilizer).

12-After some time, We woke them up so that the God’s plots could be witnessed; We woke them up so that it is known which of us is more aware of the time they were sleeping.

13-We recite unto thee their story as it really happened. They were chivalrous men who believed in God and We provided them with enhanced guidance.

14-We connected their hearts to Ourselves so they rose against the wrong system of their time and said: our Lord is the Lord of the skies and the earth; we never worship anybody save Him and we will never be contaminated with idolatry and belief in absurdity.

15-Our contemporary people who worship others than Allah have no clear proof for what they do. Who is a greater wrongdoer than he who ascribes lies to Allah?

16-Now that [you believers] have parted ways with them and their idols, leave your fate to Allah in this cave; He will cover you with His mercy and will provide you the means of comfort.

17-In the cave, they are in a position that when the sun rises, moves towards the right side in their cave and when it sets, its rays shine towards the north and they are laying in the open space of the cave. This is one of the stories of the God’s astonishing signs. Whom Allah guides, he is truly guided and whom Allah abandons, nobody can guide him. (The deeper level interpretation of this ayah refers to the cave of the [infallible imams’] guardianship. Its great and delicate meanings are found in the deep level interpretation of it that refers to the guardianship and those who seek refuge in it).

18-When you see them, it seems that they are awake, while they are asleep; We roll them to right and left. Their dog too, has stretched its forepaws forward in a state of alert. They are in a condition that if you see them, you will run away in horror. (Footnote 191)

Footnote 191:

By the God’s will, they became asleep while alert and watching their surroundings. Their appearance is like a person who is awake and is carefully watching his surroundings because he is being chased. Their dog too, is asleep but in a position of alertness. Their hearts are in the condition of sleeping but their eyes are open.

19-After some time, when We woke them up so that they could get aware of their condition. They asked each other: how long we have been asleep? One of them replied: a day or half a day! Another one said: God knows better; we are hungry right now, one of us take some money to the town and see what food is better and buy it; he must be careful so nobody gets to know our location;

20-They are after us, if they catch us they will stone us to death or will make us reconvert to their religion in which case we will not be saved.

21-In this way We made the people know about their fate so that from [this long period of] being asleep and awakening they come to know that Our promise regarding the hereafter is true. The dwellers of the town who followed them [after noticing that they had come from another era] and then lost them started to argue about who they were and where they had gone. Their leader suggested: Allah knows more about them; let’s build a mosque as a monument to them.

22-People argue about the number of them; some said they were three and the dog was the forth, some said they were five and the dog was their sixth; they have all shot arrows into the dark; some say they were seven and the dog was the eighth! Say my God is more aware of their condition, only a few know them. You pretend not to know about them and do not ask anybody about them!

23-Never declare that you will do something tomorrow unless you leave it to the God’s will;

24-and say: if God wills; and if you forgot, utter it promptly and say may be God guides us to a path better than that.

25-They were asleep in their cave for three hundred years; people added nine years to that period.

26-Say: Allah is more Aware of the duration of their sleep; the knowledge of the unseen in the skies and the earth is exclusive to God; How Hearer and Seeing He is! People have no guardian save Him and He never shares His rule with anyone.

27-Do recite whatever is revealed unto thee from the God’s scripture and be it known to you that whatever is inspired unto thee is true and not alterable and you have no refuge besides Him!

28-Sit down and join those who remember Allah in the morning and at night. Beware of refusing them your compassion and kindness and following those who neglect God, obey their instant desires and go to the extremes in deeds and tempers for the sake of the worldly gains.

29-Notify the people the truth openly so those who are interested believe in it and those who are unwilling disbelieve. The disbelievers must know that a fire that will envelop their lives is sitting in ambush on their way. In that fire, when they complain of thirst, water that is like molten copper is provided for them that fries their faces; what a bad beverage and distasteful life it is!

30-But those who are the people of belief and right deeds should know that We will not disregard the rewards of their deeds.

31-We will provide them with wealth and power and a paradise through which blessings and joys flow like rivers; they are decorated with ornaments of gold and silver; they will wear gold bracelets and green dresses made of silk brocade; they will lie on the throne of power. How desirable is the result of their deeds and their prosperous life!

32-To explain the truth, tell them the story of the two one of whom was bestowed upon by Us two gardens surrounded by palm trees with vine and farmlands inside.

33-The orchards and farms would provide abundant produce and a stream was flowing between them;

34-(The gardens would bear) tender and sweet fruits. He used to boast to his friend that his possessions, wealth and subjects were far more than those of him.

35-He used to stroll in his garden arrogantly and gently and would say: “such a wealth and power will never diminish”!

36-“I don’t think that there will be any hereafter and resurrection and even if there is, I will meet God who will bestow upon me a far greater wealth and power.

37-His friend used to argue with him saying: Do you disbelieve in God who has created you from soil and semen and brought you to equilibrium?

38-Unlike you I believe that He is my Lord; I don’t assume that anyone or anything is partner to Him.

39-Why you did not say: “[this is] what Allah has willed, there is no movement nor any power unless it is caused by Allah!” when you were walking in your garden? As you see, I have fewer children and a smaller wealth than you.

40-Perhapse Allah bestows upon me better than this garden and life; or maybe He sends down to this garden a calamity right from the heavens and turns it dry and annihilated.

41-Or the water of these rivers immerse into the soil so that you cannot use it.

42-His garden was destroyed by a heavenly calamity and the next morning he was rubbing one hand on the back of the other in grief for losing his wealth as his garden had been reduced to dust and was saying: I wish I had not ascribed partners to Allah!

43-There was no one except Allah to help him and he did not have the ability to reorganize his life.

44-Once your life is taken, you are under the rule of Allah; His approval of you is the best outcome and future for you. (The interpretation of this story is the fruits of the garden of guardianship that some people went exclusively after its fruits and trees and some looked for the guardianship of the gardener of the religion)

45-Tell them that this world in its appearance resembles a rain that comes down and mixes with soil and plants and shows up as green plants and flowers; however, tomorrow the autumn storms make it wither and move it around [uprooted]. Allah is Able to do anything.

46-Wealth and offspring is just a decoration for the worldly life whereas ]it is] the right deeds that [their outcomes] remain and last, yield better gains and make man yearn for God.

47- [That is] When We make the mountains (the superpowers) reach the end of their course where and into a condition in which they fully realize their powerlessness and that is when all the outcomes of their deeds come into view. Then We will relive all the people and will not let anybody remain in the soil.

48-They are all presented to their Lord in a row; We will tell them: today you have entered the hereafter empty handed like when you were born; you used to assume that We had not decreed any destination or due date for you!

49-The book of evaluation of deeds is placed in front of people; the criminals are horrified and say: woe upon us, what is this book that demonstrates all deeds whether small or large? They witness the outcomes of their behaviors and are sure that Allah does not do wrong to anybody.

50-(Know the devils)! When We told the angels: fall prostrate before Adam! They all fell prostrate except Satan who was one of the Jinn and inclined towards sinfulness and debauchery. Do you people take him and his followers as your masters whereas they are your stubborn enemies? What a wrong rule you have chosen rather than of the God’s!

51-I did not make them witnesses to the creation of the skies and the earth and to their own creation; I never chose the seducers as helpers.

52-The day when it is announced to the idolaters: seek help from those whom you opted to obey rather than Allah! They ask them for help but are not accommodated and they see their superiors mired in destruction.

53-The tyrants face the same fire that they have themselves ignited and assume that they will be tormented and will not have any escape.

54-We have demonstrated all the examples of the right and wrong, but man argues more and more in favor of evading the truth.

55-What hinders them from believing in God and begging Him for the power to eliminate their personal and social ailments after the messengers and guidance have been sent to them? Are they waiting for the same fate of their pagan predecessors or facing the hereafter?

56-By sending the messengers We intended to give glad tidings for the right deeds and warnings against the wrong doing to people; but the disbelievers attempt to argue with you in order to put off the light of truth, flout the God’s religion and His signs. (Footnote 192)

Footnote 192:

This argument is a fake and controversial argument that in fact is a playing with words. They ask: where or when the hereafter will be, where Allah is and also make other ignorant arguments that are put forward without the intention to find out the truth. The right and counter argument that is put forward by a believer is that knowing God does not mean seeing Him. In order to know God one has to think about His creations and comprehend His characteristics.

57- We have sheathed their heats (with material goals) so they cannot understand and have made them hard of hearing so they are not guided when are invited towards the God’s scripture.

58-Your Lord is the Lord of compassion and forgiveness; If He wishes to take to task His servants right after committing a sin, will avenge immediately; but He prefers to grant the sinners some respite so that they can witness the outcomes of their right and wrong deeds because once their time over, they will not have any other refuge save Allah.

59-How many times We annihilated the bygone nations once their leeway had expired due to wrong doing and sinfulness!

60-Exlain to them the story of Moses and Elias the prophet when Moses told his companion: I will not attend any job before I reach the confluence of the two seas (the Mediterranean and the Red sea) even if it takes a long time. (Footnote 193)

Footnote 193:

The story of Moses and Elias provides the knowledge seekers with the fact that first of all, prophets are students in the God’s school and they are different in terms of talent and knowledge. Secondly, those who do not know the reason and logic of the God’s rulings and the benefits and harms may protest against some of the prophet’s actions and ask why they have done so and so. Although it is better for them not to protest, but if they do, it will not be a capital sin because it is due to their shortcomings and not rebellion. In this regard a story has been told about Imam Sadiq (PBUH) in relation to his disciple Zurarah when Imam –in his absence, told something unfavorable against him to his other disciples (Like: I don’t like him because he is not a good person and is neglectful of the manners I have instructed him). Those who heard it informed him that Imam has said such and such against him. He got upset because he had been at the service of Imam all his life. When he met the Imam, he complained and asked when and how he had done anything wrong. The Imam replied: the God’s enemy that is caliph Mansour of Abbasids is always investigating to find out who is the most favored person to the Imam in order to arrest and kill him; that was why I tried to downgrade your popularity. This story is like the story of Moses and Elias in the ship that he wrecked it in order to spare it from being confiscated.

61-When they reached the confluence, they forgot about the fish they were carrying and it slithered into the sea and escaped.

62-When they put the place behind, they were hungry so he told his friend: bring out the food; I am way hungry and tired.

63-His companion replied: Alas! You remember where we were sitting by the sea? There I forgot about the fish! Satan made me to forget it and it slithered into the sea and went away!

64-Moses replied: this is the sign I was looking for! This is how the relationship between Moses and Elias formed.

65-There he met one of Our servants who had enjoyed in Our compassion and We had given him some knowledge.

66-Moses told that virtuous servant of Us: Is it possible that I accompany you and benefit from your teachings?

67-He replied, no problem, but you cannot tolerate my behavior and what I do!

68-How can you tolerate the sayings and actions that you don’t know their reason?

69-Moses replied: God willing I will be patient and will not make any objections.

70-Elias replied: if you want to accompany me, you must not criticize what I do and must wait until I explain to you the reason.

71-They boarded a vessel together. Elias broke the hull of the ship. Moses protested and said: Why do you made a hole into the hull of the ship? The passengers will get drowned; how wrong is an act of sabotage!

72-Elias countered: Didn’t I tell you that you could not accommodate my actions and show patience?

73-Moses replied: Sure! I forgot; don’t blame me and don’t make me suffer having to leave you!

74-Then they continued their journey. They encountered a boy. Elias pressed the boy’s throat and strangled him. Moses protested saying: do you strangle an innocent child? What a despicable act you committed!

75-Elias replied: You protested again! Didn’t I tell you that you could not tolerate my actions?

76-Moses replied: all right; if I protest for a third time, you send me away since in that case you will be right.

77-They continued their journey till they entered a village. They asked the residents for food but they refused. There they found a wall that was about to collapse. Elias repaired it. Moses suggested: you could ask for a pay for repairing it!

78-Elias said: now it is the time to part ways. Now I tell you why I did what you couldn’t grasp.

79-The case of the ship was that the ruler of the town was confiscating all the ships and that ship belonged to a number of poor people on which they worked and earned a living. I damaged it so that the confiscator would not be interested in it. (Because some damage is better than a total loss).

80-And the boy; He had virtuous parents. God and I were afraid lest he dragged them towards disbelief and mischief.

81-So we decided that it would be better if God bestowed upon them a better son who would be more virtuous and would serve them better.

82-And repairing the wall was because there was a treasure under it that belonged to two orphans whose father was a virtuous believer. (If the wall collapsed, the treasure would be revealed). Your Lord, out of compassion willed that the orphans grew up and found their treasure then. I did not do any of those acts on my own discretion. These are the reasons are what I did but you could not tolerate. (Footnote 194).

Footnote 194:

The profound and noble knowledge embedded in this story can be discovered by its interpretation. Our Imam Ali (PBUH) when talking about the story of Zulqarnain points to himself and says: “and amongst you is the one similar to him”. He means that he is the Zulqarnain of the Islamic world and his territory is the sphere of the Islamic countries. He continues and says: I am equipped with the two divine and scientific powers and have also built a strong barrier of science and politics that entails the concealment of [the Shi’its] true beliefs amongst their friends and enemies. No mind can reach its heights in terms of grandeur and superiority and is so scientifically and logically strong that no one can find any faults with it. It fits the narration that says: “Islam is superior and nothing can overcome it”. The directives issued by the infallible Imams for the protection of their followers and the teachings issued by them are perfect evidences of the ayah that says: “They [the adversaries] could not overpass it and would not manage to bore a whole into it” [Al-Kahf- 97]. The barrier that will stay upright till the day of resurrection is their teachings. Our master Imam Ali [PBUH} knew that Mu’awiah [the usurper caliph after Imam Ali] would fight his followers and those who loved him and would force them to either insult Imam Ali or be killed, allows them to insult him if necessary so they are spared being killed. Imam says: “Verily Mu’awiah will coerce you after me to insult me and declare yourselves unrelated to me. As for insulting, please [feel free to] insult me because it will be an elevation for me and a rescue for you, but in terms of disavowing me [in your hearts], please do not distance yourselves from me because I was born a Muslim and preceded everybody in believing in Islam and immigration”.  

83-About Zulgharnain whom they asked you about, We tell you a part of his story.

84-We bestowed upon him power and means of governance and he possessed means for every task.

85-Zulquanain made use of all of them.

86-He reached the westernmost part of his territory by the Black Sea. He noticed the sun seemed to be going down into a muddy spring and there he faced a people who had been subdued. We bestowed upon him the choice to punish them or be charitable towards them.

87-Zulquarnain proclaimed: whoever of them who does wrong we will avenge it and will send him towards his Lord who will severely punish him.

88-And whoever of them who is inclined towards belief and right deeds, our rewards will reach him and we will provide him with amenities.

89-He further took advantage of his power and the powers that he had.

90-He moved towards the eastern parts of his territory where he found an oriental people who had no shades save the sun; they were living under the sunshine.

91-Here too, We were aware of all what was going on.

92-Again he made use of his powers.

93-He mobilized his armies towards the north and reached two mountain ranges that were standing in front of sea like two dams. There he faced a people who were devoid of knowledge and a comprehensible language.

94-They complained to him that the savage tribes of Gog and Mogog were making mischief on earth and offered to pay him some valuables to build a barrier between them and the savage tribes in order to stop their aggressions.

95-Zulqarnain replied: what God has provided to me is better; you just provide me with your manpower and I will build the barrier.

96-Prepare Iron slabs! Then he placed them over each other to build a wall up to the height of the two mountains. After igniting a fire under the pile and making it red hot, they poured molten copper over the iron wall and turned it into a solid block of iron and copper.

97-It was a solid and high wall that the enemies could neither breach nor pass over it.

98-He offered his thanks to Allah and uttered: This was Allah’s grace. This barrier will last till the resurrection day and once it is the God’s decreed date, He will breach it. The God’s promises will [definitely] materialize.

99-On that day all the people will mingle after the second infusion of life into their corpses has taken place. The dead will rise and will all gather together in the same place.

100-On that day the hellfire is astoundingly demonstrated in the face of the disbelievers;

101-The same people who were neglectful of mentioning Allah while were engulfed in a curtain of ignorance so they could not stand hearing the truth.

102-The disbelievers, when obeying the God’s creatures rather than God, suppose that they are left to themselves; nay so, We will entertain them by the hellfire!

103-Tell them: Shall I inform you who are the greatest losers?

104-They are the same people who walk the wrong path and suppose that they are salvaged and their deeds are reliving.

105-They are those who disbelieved in the God’s signs and the day of meeting Him. Their right deeds will not bear fruit and on the day of resurrection We do not value them.

106-Their reward, i.e. the ultimate outcome of their deeds is the hell; they disbelieved in Our signs and mocked the messengers.

107-But those who are the people of belief and the right deeds must know that We have prepared the paradise to entertain them.

108-There they are forever immersed in the God’s blessings, never experience any troubles or failures and do not desire anything other than the life they have.

109-Tell them they should never worry that those blessings might diminish; even if the seas turn into ink to write down the God’s blessings, they will end before the blessings are counted even if they are refilled. (Because something countable cannot cover the infinite)

110-Tell them: do not be surprised, I am a human being like you; I am just inspired that your Lord is Unique and the only One God! Whoever pins his hopes on Allah must do right deeds and not ascribe any partners to Him.


                                         SURAH “MARYAM” (MARY) NO. XIX

                      In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Kaaf, Haa, yaa, Ayn, Saad. (These alphabetical letters point to the story of Karbala. It refers to Zachariah the prophet who used to mention the event of Karbala and shed tears for the calamities that Imam Hussain (PBUH) would suffer there. (Imam Hussain [PBUH] is regarded as the God’s extended compassion).

Allah proclaimed: these letters point to the God’s compassion towards His servant Zachariah.

When Zachariah used to say silent prayers to God secretly.

He used to pray: O my Lord! I have grown old, my bones have turned frail, my hair has whitened and I have never failed to offer prayers.

I am afraid that I will not leave any heir and leader after me; my wife is sterile, so please grant me an offspring out of Your compassion;

Who will inherit from me and the Jacob’s descendents; a son who will be virtuous and approvable to You!

Allah replied: O Zachariah! I admitted your prayer and I give you glad tidings of a son named Yahya (John); a name that has not been given to anybody before.

In order to become certain, Zachariah cried: How can I have a son while I am too old and my wife is sterile!

Allah replied: In the same way (without any natural cause) I created you while you were nothing before that.

Zachariah offered: Please send me a sign of Your acceptance of my prayers! Allah replied: the sign is that you will not be able to talk to anybody for three days and nights.  

In order to inform those who used to frequent the mosque, he went to them and by sign language asked them to be praying day and night.

We created John and bestowed upon him the scripture and wisdom by Our supreme power. (Footnote 195)

Footnote 195

As a child, a range of words and knowledge were recorded on the tape of his heart first and they were the source of his message later on. Allah let those words that were the philosophy of creation come to his tongue. When other children told him to play with them, he would say: “We are not created to play”.


He grew up in the shade of Our compassion and kindness; he was a virtuous believer who used to ward off evil.

He was compassionate to his parents and used to treat them well; he was not obstinate and enforcing towards them.

He was [decreed to be] healthy and peaceful at birth and life and resurrection.

Mention the story of Mary (Jesus’ mother) in this scripture; when she secluded herself from people and began to pray in the eastern flank of the Holy Mosque. (Footnote 196)

Footnote 196

In the same manner that on the earth we have the east and west directions and there is a direct line towards the space in relation with the sun, a human being too in his attention towards prosperity has a westerly and easterly orientation and an orientation towards God. The triple directions of the sun are aligned with the sun and the man’s three directions are aligned with the God’s religion. Its easterly orientation points to purity and staying away from the worldly gains and absolute concentration on the religion implying abandonment of the world and tending to prayers and hymns like one who has fallen in love with the sun. Such a person only stares at the sun and warms up himself rather than valuing it for food production. Mary, Jesus and nuns just adhered to the sanctities of the religion and prayers and avoided tending to the material and spiritual aspects of life simultaneously. Allah, when describing Mary says: “She chose an easterly location away from her folks” meaning that she opted for the sanctities of the religion that is praying. Contrarily, Judaism gives priority to materialism and worldly gains and gives little value to purity and virtues. Allah when describing them says: “and you were not at the westerly side” or “found it going down into a muddy spring”. Unlike the two above mentioned tendencies, Islam raises both spiritually and materialism together and that is the right path that leads man towards paradise from the first step to the last one.


She used to vigorously keep herself veiled in front of the people and kept herself in contact with Allah only. We sent down to her the Holy Spirit who appeared to her as a human being.

Mary, thinking that he was a real human being, said: I seek refuge with God from the evil of you; what are you doing here if you are a man of virtue?

He replied: I am an angel sent by Allah with some instructions; I intend to give you an infallible son.

Mary countered: How it is possible when I have never been touched by anyone and I am not a wicked woman!

The angel replied: so simple, without any spouse! Allah says: it is so easy for Me! I will make it a sign of My grandeur and compassion -and that was the High exalted God’s inevitable decree.

Mary conceived Jesus and when she felt it was the delivery time, she wandered away to a place far from the town.

The labor pain made her to shelter under a palm tree where the child was born. Mary cried: I wish I had died a long time ago and there was no memory of me in the people’s minds!

The child called upon her from below her skirt and said: O mama! Do not grieve! I will be a cause of Joy for you! Look! There is a stream flowing under your feet!

Pull the branches of the palm tree down and shake it; fresh dates will fall for you!

Eat the dates and drink the water and brighten your eyes [be joyous]! If anybody taunted you, say: I am observing a fast of silence and will not talk to anybody.

She took the baby in her arms and went towards the people who were looking for her. The people altercated at her saying: O Mary! What a wrong thing you committed! Where is this baby from? You have committed a despicable action!

O sister of Aaron! Your father was not a non virtuous man and your mother was not a wicked woman!

She pointed to the baby meaning that they should ask him! They said: how can we talk to a new born baby of cradle?

The baby declared loudly: I am the God’s servant and He has appointed me as His messenger.

I will be blessed wherever I go; Allah has instructed me to do prayers and pay the poor due as long as I live!

He has made me benevolent and kind to my mother and has not made me wicked and tyrant.

I will be spared and will be devoid of any defects and sins till the day of resurrection.

This is the truth about Jesus son of Mary; a true statement on what you people are in disagreement about.

It is against the God’s grandeur to take a creature as His son; He is devoid from such attributes. Whenever He wills something, it will realize so upon His will!

He is the Lord of mine and yours, worship Him only; the straight path to the [eternal] prosperity is indeed this path.

The bulk of people fell into doubt and disagreement about the creation of Jesus and each group made a statement. Woe to those who disbelieved in the God’s power! What excuses will they present in the day of resurrection?

How sharp eyed and discerning will they be about the person they levied accusations at when they come under the God’s governance!

Warn them against the day of regret and remorse; the day when their lives suddenly come to an end while they are negligent of the belief in God.

It is only Us who inherits the outcomes of the human beings’ deeds; everything and everyone will come under Our rule.

Mention the story of Abraham in your scripture too; he was a messenger admitting the God’s promises.

When he told his father: why do you worship something that does not hear or see and has no benefit for you?

O my father! By God’s will I have attained a knowledge that you have not attained; obey me so I take you to the right path towards the paradise.

O my father! Do not obey Satan because his is rebellious and disobedient against God the High exalted.

O my father! I am afraid that the God’s wrath overtakes you and you come under the rule of Satan and become obedient to him.

His step father altercated angrily against him saying: Do you want me to disregard my gods? If you do not stop propagating your beliefs, I will stone you to death; stay away from me so I do not see you!

Abraham countered: may God heal you; I beg God to forgive you, the High exalted Allah is compassionate towards me.

I stay away from you and your idols and seek refuge with Allah. I hope I am not so wretched that I stop begging Him.

When he departed them and their beliefs, We bestowed upon him sons like Isaac and Jacob and appointed them as Our messengers.

We let them be covered by Our special favors and granted them a truthful tongue along with a superior and better reasoning.

Also mention the story of Moses who was a purified man and a messenger sent by Allah.

We called upon him from the direction of Mount Sinai (a blessed mountain from the tree of [the infallible imams’] guardianship), let him be close to Us and saved him from all perils.

We appointed his knowledgeable brother Aaron as his assistant.

Also mention Ishmael who was an assigned prophet, truthful and adherent to his undertaking.

He used to order his family to prayer and paying the poor due; he was a popular person and approvable by God.

Also mention the story of Enoch; he was a prophet who used to assert [adherence] to the God’s religion.

We elevated him to an exalted position.

They were part of the [group of] prophets to whom We bestowed the blessing of prophetic mission and guardianship; they were descendents of Adam, those who had boarded the Noah’s Ark and also Abraham and Jacob and those whom We had guided and given superiority. Whenever the God’s revelations were recited to them, they would fall prostrate crying.

After [each of] them, there would be people who would neglect prayers and relationship with God, obeyed their carnal desires and went down the path of astray.

Spared from the hell will be those who repent after committing a sin and take the path of belief and righteousness; they will enter the paradise and they will not be wronged even the least.

A paradise that is the source of blessings that has been promised by God and will be established in the unseen future. God’s promises will sure materialize.

There they will not commit any vain act or utter any absurdity and all what they will utter will be “Salam” [Islamic greeting] and safety and security.

That paradise is a heritage of the right deeds reaching them.

We, the paradise building angels are not at the disposal of anyone except as per your Lord’s commands. Whatever has come or will come into existence belongs to Allah; your Lord will not forget. (Angels are the agents who build the paradise and are provided for the believers like the electric power).

Your Lord is the One who raises the skies and the earth; worship Him only and be steadfast in this task; can you ever find anyone similar or identical to Him?

The human beings are surprised at how they will be relived after their death.

Why do not they think about how Allah has given them life while they have been nonexistent before?

Yes by Allah! We will resurrect them all together with the devils and drag them towards the arena of the hereafter and then We will bring them to their knees against the fire that they have themselves set up. (Footnote 197)

Footnote 197:

Allah the High Exalted, attributes the making and building of the hell to the disbelievers by employing the Arabic words “Sala” “yasloo”[ Setting up fire] and their derivatives in Koran. The same fires that they impose on the oppressed people will be reflected on themselves in Allah’s justice based government.


Then We will summon the aggressors and the law breakers for trial and auditioning.

And We are more informed of which people are more deserving of the hell fire.

There is no alternative to the fact that under the inherent rules of life, everyone will enter the fire that is an outcome of disbelief and sinfulness.

Once they are inside, We will rescue those who are virtuous and will abandon the tyrants of the history therein.

When Our clear ayahs were being recited unto them, the disbelievers would arrogantly tell the believers to see whose life was more luxurious [compare their lives with those of the believers].

Why don’t they remember how We have destroyed so many wealthy and powerful people in history?

Tell them that the God’s plot is to give respite to the powerful and the wealthy till they negligently face the God’s promise and the hour of the hereafter when it will be known which of the two groups are in a better condition.

Allah gives better and more guidance to the virtuous people. The right deeds are better and more everlasting because they bear fruits in the hereafter.

How absurd is the reasoning of those who disbelieve in the God’s signs and say they will gain more prosperity and greater number of children in the path they have taken!

Do they have knowledge of the unseen or have they made a covenant with Allah that they will gain what they expect?

We will register all these wrong ideas in the tablet of their hearts and drag them towards their goal that is the hell!

The outcome of whatever they say and do will surely serve Our cause and they will enter the resurrection arena empty handed.

Rather than Allah, they worshiped fake gods in order to attain dignity and grandeur.

Those gods are oblivious to their prayers and will contradict them.

Don’t you see how devils overcome the disbelievers and drag them towards where they wish? (If we don’t obey God, obeying Satan is inevitable.)

Do not rush to capture and punish them since We have given them some leeway.

Tomorrow, when the virtuous people move towards God in droves;

We will herd the criminals and sinners towards the hell in droves.

Nobody has the power to intercede on their behalf except those who have made a covenant with Allah.

Christians claimed that Allah has chosen Jesus as His son.

They make an ugly and false statement.

It is as if the skies (or the order of knowledge and science) are going to disintegrate and the earth is going to crack due to such a false claim. (Footnote 198).

Footnote 198:

Superstitions and myth based beliefs deprive people from knowledge and science and take them towards ignorance and stupidity. To believe that God has wives and children like people downgrades God from His divine position that exalts over any similarity to His creation and puts Him in the position of His creatures and thereby deprives people from proper recognition of God and His creatures and stops them from earning the true knowledge that is the goal of creation. In that case, creation will be in vain and so it will be justifiable if the skies disintegrate.


They have regarded giving birth and being born as an attribute of Allah.

It does not befit Allah to have offspring.

Whatever exists in the skies and the earth is His creation and His servant.

He knows them all one by one and has taken them into account.

In the hereafter they will be under the God’s rule lonely and empty handed.

As for those who are the people of belief and virtues, Allah will make them lovable to the hearts as a reward for their right deeds.

We inspired this Koran into your heart simple and easy so that you give glad tidings to the virtuous and warn the obstinate and rebellious people thereby.

How many of the past nations were destroyed by Us! Do you see any traces of them or do you ever hear their voices?





                In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

TA, HA. (These are letters that make the words. The ayah points to the fundaments of creatures and the elements of creation.)

We did not mean to put you into hardship by revealing this Koran.

This scripture reminds those who perceive the Allah’s grandeur of His knowledge and doctrine.

It has come from God who has created the earth and the heavenly worlds.

God the Compassionate who is settled on the throne of rule and power.

Whatever exists in the skies and the earth and whatever is concealed in the earth and space is His.

Whether you talk loudly or whisper, He equally knows the secrets and the evident.

He is God; there is no god save Him. All good names and characters are exclusively His.

Tell Me if you have heard the story of Moses’ assignment and his relationship with Allah.

When he noticed a fire and told his family: I have seen a fire, let me go in order to bring you a flame or perhaps be guided to some other place.

When he reached there, he heard the God’s voice from within the fire saying: O Moses!

I am your Lord and this place is the sacred location of the mountain of the guardianship; take off your sandals! (Footnote 199)

Footnote 199:

The sacred area is the place where you contact God and He contacts you and the sandal you have to take off and throw away is the love of worldly possessions so you have to drive out the love for the non-divine from your heart.


I have chosen thee as My messenger; listen to what I inspire unto thee!

I am the only One God; there is no god save Me! Be My servant and establish prayer to remember Me!

The moment of resurrection will come forth; I have kept the moment a secret so that everyone is presented with the outcomes of his own deeds.

Do not let refuting the hereafter by those who do not believe in it and who follow their carnal desires stop you from remembering that day; in which case you will perish.

O Moses! Tell me what is that you are holding in your hands?

Moses replied: this is my walking stick; I lean on it, herd my flock by it and have other uses for it.

Allah said: drop it and see what happens.

He dropped the stick and then he saw it turned into a snake slithering on the ground.

He was frightened; Allah said: do not be afraid; pick it up and We will return it to its original form.

Moses picked it up, and it turned into the same stick. Then Allah said: put your hand in your pocket and see how it shines without hurt! (This is another miracle)

I wanted to show you My power (so that you become certain).

Now you are assigned to go towards Pharaoh who has risen like a volcano.

Moses prayed: O Allah, augment my knowledge and insight!

Facilitate my job of invitation and prophetic mission!

Make my speech clear and simple (remove my impediment of speech)!

So people can get my message!

Also appoint someone from my clan as my assistant and deputy!

[I mean] my brother Aaron as my helper!

Strengthen my position by him!

Make him my partner in the prophetic mission!

 So that we praise and exalt you more and more!

And remember you all the time!

You are more Aware of our weaknesses and strengths.

Allah declared: it is accepted; I accepted your request.

It is the second time I am covering you by My mercy. (Remember your infancy);

When I inspired what was necessary to your mother in order to protect you.

I told her to put her baby in a case and leave it to the sea waves. The waves would take it to the safe shores where that enemy of Mine and yours will pick it up. I made your face attractive to them so that [you are adopted] and are trained under My eyes.

When they were looking for a surrogate mother; your aunt told them: would you like me to guide to a family who will supervise him? With this plot I returned you to your mother in order to brighten her eyes and not to let her suffer being apart from you. Additionally, remember when you killed someone and were indicted and so you escaped. I dragged you out of the grief and hardships. So many times I tried you; for a long period you served Shu’ayb (Jethro) the prophet and finally I decreed to bring you near this shining plant.

O Moses, I have trained you to be My messenger.

Go to Pharaoh you and your brother with all these miracles and do not fail in your mission.

Definitely go to him since he has transgressed.

Invite him and give advice to him with a simple speech and modest tone so he may perceive the truth and fears God!

Moses and his brother replied: O Lord! We fear that he may attack us or revolt [against you]!

Allah uttered: Do not be afraid! I am with you; I hear and see!

Go and tell him: We are the God’s messengers and our mission is to ask you leave the Children of Israel to us, not to torment them and set them free! We are carrying the God’s signs; peace and safety is bestowed upon him who follow the God’s guidance.

We have received a message from God that whoever denies the God’s religion and goes under the rule of his carnal desires will face calamities from God.

Pharaoh arrogantly said: let me see who your Lord is!

He replied: our Lord is God who has created all creatures and given them guidance!

Pharaoh countered: where have the bygone peoples of the history gone?

Moses replied: Allah knows about them; their name has been registered in a scripture and will not be lost; Allah will not forget them.

Allah is the One who has made the earth a place of training and has created so many ways of earning one’s living and says: We send down water from the sky and create for you so much crops and fruits;

So that you consume those foods and graze your animals; these creations are divine signs for the wise.

Allah says: We created you from water and soil, later We will return you all to the soil and finally We will raise you [again] from the soil.

We demonstrated so many signs and miracles to Pharaoh but he denied them all and refused to accept the religion.

He altercated against Moses and Aaron saying: are you here to expel us from our land by your sorcery?

We will bring forth sorcery and magic too. Allocate a time and place where we will face off.

Moses said: let our appointment be the day of festival when all people will gather together in the light of the day.

Pharaoh prepared all his plans and plots as he wished and got ready.

All of the sorcerers arrived; Moses advised them saying: do not ascribe your sorcery to God lest He punishes you; whoever ascribes lies to God will be disappointed.

The sorcerers and the members of the Pharaoh’s court entered into a discussion saying:

These two people are skillful sorcerers bent on driving you out of your country and take away your excellent civilization.

Pharaoh told the sorcerers: take your job seriously and attend the show off tomorrow with all your means and be it known to you that whoever scores better will be regarded as the most skillful.

The sorcerers told Moses: do you show your art first or we start first?

Moses said: you start first. They dropped their ropes and sticks and to the eyes of the spectators it looked as if they were moving.

Moses got worried that lest the people get influenced and attack him.

We told Moses: don’t worry! You will prevail!

Drop your stick and it will devour all what they have fabricated! That is because sorcery is just a fake demonstration, and the wrong will go away against the right.

The sorcerers gave up and said: we are believers in the God of Moses and Aaron!

Pharaoh countered: why did you believe in him without my permission? Apparently this is a trick that your master has taught you. I will cut off your hand and feet on the opposite sides and will hang you from tree branches and you will know which of us is more steadfast and whose torment is more severe!

The sorcerers said: we will not prefer your opinion to God who has created us now that the truth has been unveiled and it is clear that Moses is right. Make judgment as you wish; your judgment only prevails in this world!

We believed in our Lord so that He may forgive us for the sins, mistakes and sorceries that you made us to commit; God’s compassion is better and more everlasting.

The truth is that whoever is presented to the God’s court with a file full of disbelief and sinfulness will be caught up in a fire in which he can neither live nor will he ever die.

And whoever enters the hereafter with a file of belief and the right deeds, he will be positioned in the celestial high ranks.

That paradise is a power with which man is equipped and ij which blessings flow like rivers; and that is the reward of the one who purifies oneself.

In spite of all those miracles, Pharaoh stuck to his disbelief, We ordered Moses to move his people towards Palestine; Allah would open for them avenues through the sea so they shouldn’t be afraid of Pharaoh and shouldn’t care about that.

Moses [and his people] migrated and Pharaoh chased them with his army and entered into the sea avenues with high water walls as high as a hundred meters which then collapsed and drowned him.

Pharaoh led his people astray; did not guide them.

O Children of Israel! I rescued you from the evil of your enemies; revealed unto you the scripture from the side of Mount Sinai and sent down the manna and sage as food for you!

I let you consume those clean and nutritious foods; so do not transgress the God’s rules since My wrath will overtake you and such people will perish.

I am Compassionate and Instructing for those who repent, believe, do the right deeds and are guided.

(Moses went to Mount Sinai as arranged with Allah); Allah told him: you left your people behind and rushed towards the place!

Moses said: O my lord! They will come after me; I just rushed so that you become content with me!

Allah said: You are unaware O Moses! I put them to test and the Samaritan misled them!

Moses returned to his people in a rage and sorrow and bawled at them saying: didn’t Allah promise you the best? Did he delay the realization of His promises or perhaps you wished to be exposed to His wrath by breaching your covenant and going astray?

They replied: We didn’t go astray at our own discretion but the Samaritan made us to collect all the jewelry that the people had with them and then cast them.

And thereby crafted a calf that would make a certain noise and then told us: This calf is the god of yours and Moses! He disregarded his covenant with Allah.

Didn’t they notice that the calf would not talk nor would cause any harm or benefit to them?

Before, Aaron had told them: O people! You have fallen into trouble by the Samaritan’s plot! Your Lord is Allah the Compassionate; so follow me and obey me!

They replied: We will persist in this worship of the calf till Moses returns to us.

Moses returned from place designated by Allah and then argued with his brother that why he hadn’t stopped them from going astray.

(Telling him) why you did not follow my orders and disobeyed me?

Aaron countered: O my brother! Do not grab my beard and do not hurt me! I was afraid that you would berate me for causing discord amongst the Children of Israel and not waiting for your instructions.

Then Moses argued with the Samaritan about the turmoil he had caused.

Samaritan said: I noticed something that you had not noticed; under my carnal urges I crafted a calf for them. (Before, when the people of Moses had seen others worshipping crafted gods had asked Moses to make for them gods like those ones. Moses had bawled at them saying: the idolaters have gone astray! Samaritan had found out that the Sons of Israel were looking for artificial gods so he crafted a calf for them. That is why he said: I noticed something that you had not noticed). (Foot note 200).

Footnote 200:

When the Samaritan noticed that the people of Moses lack the wisdom to know God and tell Moses why he wouldn’t make a god for them like the ones the others had for themselves and worshipped, he took advantage of their weakness of character and while Moses was absent, crafted a golden calf for them and said that indeed it was the god of Moses and themselves.

Moses told him: leave the society and nobody should ever contact you! As per the God’s decree you have a fate that will not be altered. See what I will do to the god that you made! I will burn it and will pour its ashes into the sea.

Your Lord is the God save whom there is no other Lord; His knowledge covers everyone and everything.

These subjects are parts of the stories of the bygone people that I am telling you. Koran is a new knowledge that We have inspired unto thee.

Whoever refrains from following this Koran, he will face the bad outcomes of his deeds.

He will dwell in that ill fate for ever; what a despicable and heavy burden will there be on his shoulders!

The day when the spirit of life is blown into the corpses, We will resurrect the criminals with blackened and dark blue faces.

In that situation, they will put their heads together and will tell each other that the total length of their life has been no more than some ten days!

We are more Aware about what they are telling each other; the wisest of them will say: no, we didn’t live more than one day!

They ask you about the mountains (the superpowers) that how their fate will be; say: Allah will pound them till they turn into dust.

He will level the world like a flat surface.

Then you will see that He will flatten them like a plain. The earth (the society) will be flattened so there will not remain any highs and lows. (Footnote 201)

Footnote 201:

In the same manner that Allah has created mountains on the surface of the earth to protect it from instability and tremble, He has created material and religious superpowers in the human society to protect people from material and spiritual turmoil. All such superpowers will disintegrate as a prelude to the hereafter and will lose their position because the same rulers and superpowers are an impediment to the emergence of the divine governance led by the infallible imams. So they must lose their popularity and be stopped from influencing the peoples’ minds. In fact they have lacked any true privilege to ride on the peoples’ backs and in the hereafter they will be shown in their true status and people will see that they are at the same level or even inferior to them.


On that day all people will be exposed to the invitation of that Godly inviter who is the caller to the truth. All noises and claims and pretentions will be subdued still against the symbols of the divine mercy and no sound except hushed voices will be heard.

 On that day, no one’s plead for a person will be beneficial except that of those who Allah has consented.

Allah is Aware of the outcomes of what they do at their lifetime in their future life whereas they have no grasp of the divine knowledge.

On that day, the superpowers will be submissive and humiliated in front of Allah, the Living, the Eternal; only those will be hopeless who have been oppressors and wrong doers.

But those who have been the people of belief and right deeds should not fear being wronged or their right deeds being futile.

Thus We have revealed this Koran in Arabic wherein We have threatened the sinners so they might gain the spirit of virtue or perceive the truth.

Lord who is the King of truth is beyond the people’s minds. Do not rush to put to action the Koran’s decrees before you are ordered to do so and beg Allah to elevate the level of your knowledge.

Before you, We made a covenant with Adam that he should be obedient to the God’s appointed guardians but he neglected; We did not find him with a firm resolve.

We ordered the angels to be subordinate to Adam; all of them fell prostrate save Satan who refused.

We told Adam: Satan is the enemy of yours and your wife, be careful not to be expelled from paradise and not to face hardships due to him!

If you stay in paradise, you will never face hunger or nudity.

Nor will you face thirst or sunburn.

Satan tempted them saying: do you want me to guide you to a tree by which you will turn eternal and will enjoy a non decadent kingdom?

He led them to the shade of the tree of carnal desires where the ill aspects of their characters appeared. Fearing disgrace, they covered themselves with the noble traits of the people of paradise. Adam disobeyed Allah and was led astray.

After that, he repented; Allah promoted and guided him;

And told him: O Adam! It is decreed that you dwell in this world to which you have descended where you will take to quarrelling and fighting against each other. I will bestow upon you My scriptures and guidance. Whoever follows My guidance will not go astray and will not suffer any ill temper and fate.

And whoever refuses My religion will be in a life of hardships and will enter paradise blind.

Where he will cry: O my Lord! I was seeing; why have I been resurrected blind?

He is replied: you disregarded Our signs in the world and so today you are disregarded by Us.

This is how We punish the extremists (wasters) and those who disbelieve in Our signs in this world, but their punishment in the hereafter is way more severe and long lasting.

Didn’t you see how We annihilated the past nations whose dwellings now people pass through? The historical events are lessons to learn for people.

Hadn’t Allah decreed that all people must gather together in the hereafter and see the outcomes of their deeds, they would have [instantly] been punished in this same world.

Be patient in the face of what they say and do and praise God before dawn, sunset, midnight and during the day by taking advantage of Allah’s favor so that you may be graced by Him.

Beware of being astonished by the worldly wealth and posessions We have bestowed upon them! These worldly gains are just fake presentations by which We try people but the celestial wealth is better and more lasting.

Order your household to prayer and you yourself too; be steadfast in praying. You are not tasked with providing your own livelihood; but We are in charge! The final triumph is that of the virtuous.

They say: why doesn’t he offer miracles from his Lord? Didn’t We demonstrate so many proofs of the prophets’ righteousness to them?

If We annihilate them before final notice, they will protest that why We did not send to them a messenger before they were afflicted with misery and humiliation.

Tell them: All nations are in waiting for their final destiny; you too wait; very soon you will come to know those who have taken the right path and been guided.



                         SURAH : “AL ANBYA’E’ (THE PROPHETS). NO. XVI


                            In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

1-The era of bringing people to account has neared while people are oblivious to and stay away from it. (Footnote 202)

Footnote 202:

Everywhere Allah informs us that the hereafter is established too soon whereas actually as people count years, it takes it too long to realize. So much time has passed and yet it has not materialized and yet Allah in this surah declares that peoples’ time to be brought to task comes so soon! The truth is that everyone must count his or her own duration of life and then see if the hereafter will be coming soon or not. The past and future years in which I have not lived or will not live have nothing to do with me. The years I have to count on begin with my birth and end with my death. So the time gap between me and the hereafter is my life time. The average lifetime of man is about sixty years so everyone is about 60 years away from the hereafter; that is why we can tell everyone that the day of your being brought into task is so close.

      2-  There is no new story revealed by Allah except that people just listen and then go after      their usual games.

They yield their hearts to vanity and games; the wrong doers just whisper into each others’ ears saying: this man is just a human being like you who claims to be a prophet; so why do you go to watch his sorcery while you know that it is no more than sorcery?

The prophet tells them: Allah knows what you say; He is the Hearing, the Seeing.

Or they will say: All what he says are dreams and imaginations; he is either a poet or someone who ascribes lies to God. Why does not he offer miracles like the past prophets if he is truthful?

We obliterated the bygone nations because they refused to be believers; do you expect these people to believe [instantly]?

The past prophets too were just men whom We inspired unto them; ask the learned people if you people do not know about them.

They too, were human beings like you who used to eat and liked living in this world eternally

We fulfilled what We had promised them; saved them from their peoples’ torments and annihilated the oppressors.

For you Muslims too, We have revealed a scripture that contains theological sciences and God’s decrees so that it may activate your brains.

How many oppressors were obliterated during the past eras and were replaced by other nations!

Once they felt our punishment, they ran away.

We called upon them: Where are you running away to? Return to your homes and all those wealth and bounties you have amassed so that you are taken to task!

While escaping, they say: Woe to us! We were wrong doers.

They were talking with remorse when they were silenced by Our will.

We have not created the skies and the earth and whatever exist between them for game.

Even if it were a game, We would play it at will and not as the disbelievers wished!

We target the wrong with the right word and expression and obliterate it.

Whoever exists in the skies and the earth is a God’s servant. The closest servants to God will not pride away from worshipping God and will not regret it.

They are busy praising and thanking God day and night and do not fail.

Have they found gods on earth that they propagate their divinity?

In case there were any other gods in the heaven or the earth, both of them would perish; God who is dominant over the throne is too high exalted to be characterized like that!

Nobody objects the right deeds (because they are based on wisdom); but, rather, it is what people do that can be questioned and objected!

They have chosen other gods in Allah’s stead! Tell them: present your evidence!  This Koran contains the knowledge of mine and the past prophets; most people do not recognize the truth and stay away from it.

We did not send before you any prophets unless We inspired to them that there is no God save Me and that they should worship Me only.

Some people said: Allah has adopted someone as His son! High Exalted is Him; all of the prophets are dignified servants of Him!

They did not bypass Allah in their words and deeds and act exactly as per His commands.

Allah knows the conditions of their era and future; they never intercede on behalf of anyone on their own discretion except for those whom Allah has consented! They are submissive to Allah.


In case any of the God’s messengers claimed to be a god then We would drag them towards the hell; We punish the wrong doers!

Why don’t the disbelievers ponder over the fact that the skies and the earth were initially a neutral and inefficacious substance then We made them blossom by Our design and construction and then We made water as the source of the life for everything; why don’t they believe in God?

We created deep rooted mountains on earth lest the earth movements be felt and devised so many ways and means of life so you may be guided.

And We made the sky (and likewise the shade of guardianship) a roof against the falling calamities so that you find protection in its shade; they are but neglectful of all these signs.

He is the One who created for you the day and the night; the moon, the sun and the stars are all floating in the space.

We have not granted the permission to anyone to live on earth for ever so although a person like you will die, they expect to live eternally.

Everyone will taste death; We try you in this world by blessings and evils and by right and wrong; finally, you will all return to the circle of Our rule.

When the disbelievers see you, they mock you saying: is this the man who talks ill of your gods? They are disbelievers in Allah the Compassionate.

Human beings have been naturally created impatient; tell them: do not hurry; very soon We will demonstrate the signs of Our power!

They say: where and when will all those promises materialize if you are truthful?

If they could only know that finally they will get themselves surrounded by fire while they cannot deflect it from themselves nor anyone will help them!

Once the hour of the hereafter suddenly emerges they will be dumbfounded; they cannot push back the hereafter and they have no more any leeway.

All the messengers before you were mocked too; finally the outcomes of their mockery returned to themselves.

Tell them: who is protecting you from all those dangers that approach you by God’s decree? Nay! They refrain from remembering God.

Perhaps they think that they have gods who protect them from the decreed dangers in spite of Our will? Those [imaginary] gods cannot even help themselves nor are they supported by Us.

We bestowed blessings to them and their ancestors in this world and they had long lives and this made them egoistic! Don’t they see that We take a group of them to the arena of death every day? Can they overcome Us?

Say: I warn you against disbelief and sinfulness as per what is revealed unto me; the deaf are not alarmed by my invitation to the truth.

Once they feel the effects of the God’s punishment they will cry: woe to us; we were wrong doers.

On the day of resurrection We will set up the scale of justice to bring them to account. There will be no injustice; We will reveal whatever exists whether right or wrong; enough is Our being Auditors.

We bestowed upon Our messengers Moses and Aaron a scripture that was a means of distinguishing between the right and the wrong and an illustrator for the people of virtues.

It means those who think about the unseen God’s grandeur and are wary of the reckoning in the hereafter.

This Koran too, is a reminder of the truth and is blessed and is revealed for guiding you people; how can you refute it?

Before, We bestowed upon Abraham the maturity to recognize the truth; We were Aware of his condition.

When he told his stepfather and his people: what are these statues that you worship and are dependent on?

They replied: we are just following the footsteps of our forefathers who used to worship idols.

Abraham replied: clearly both you and your forefathers have gone astray.

They replied: O Abraham! Are you truthful of just playing a game with us?

He replied: Your God is the Lord of the skies and the earth who has created them and I bear witness that your true God is Allah.

He said: I swear to God that I will take advantage of your absence and will do something against them!

When they left the town to participate in their festival, Abraham smashed all of the idols except the biggest one and then hanged the axe from its neck!

Tomorrow, when they returned, they cried: indeed the one who has committed this has been a wrong doer!

Others testified: we heard this man (Abraham) talking behind the idols.

Summon him to the